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Worksterraph_ael, could you add a cron job for that?04:48
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: hfsutils: initial import05:53
ryuoWorkster: good idea. -adds a cron job to remind raph_ael to add a cron job-06:16
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raph_aelWorkster: for what ?08:29
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: libnl: update to 3.5.009:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: [notify] samba: update to 4.10.809:37
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Romsterraph_ael, for the rsync of crux.nu11:14
Romsterjohn_cephalopoda, oh i hadn't been reading that. i used to maintain tor, i don't think i did torsocks. well if they up for adoption go for it john_cephalopoda , i got more than enough as it is.11:18
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frinnstSubject: RE: INVOICE 4109 & PACKING LIST & TNT/FedEx TRACKING NO.11:58 W32/VBKrypt.SQ.gen!Eldorado11:58
frinnstit never ends...11:58
raph_aelRomster: it's already in a planification system for years, that's not the problem11:59
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frinnstcool a pair of vuzix were just delivered12:53
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daftaupestenur, what do you call basic repositories ?13:15
daftaupeI mean basci in what sense ?13:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: hfsplusutils: initial import13:27
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frinnstfirefox release notes always lag 2-3 days behind crux' update of firefox14:29
frinnstso never have any security info when i push an update :(14:29
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joacim"set the toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets preference to true to restore this ability."14:52
joacimsince they marked that feature as legacy, what are the new modern way of achieving the same thing?14:52
pedjaafaik, there isn't any14:56
pedjaas far as what the use of TreeStyleTab requires, hiding default horizontal tab bar thingie14:59
pedjaAPI that will provide addons access to that was promised a while back, iirc...15:00
probably_uplimehas anyone tried to run crux on the pi 4 yet?15:06
joacimnot me. thought about ordering one tho15:07
joacim+ a poe hat15:07
ryuojoacim: why? i always thought they were better looking bald. ;)15:07
probably_uplimemy dads tried them out and was telling me about them. they sound neat, but im not a huge fan of raspian15:07
joacimi run alpine on my pi 3, and that works well15:08
joacimgetting a disk install going was a bit fiddly tho15:08
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raph_aelsource distrib on a pi sounds painful15:18
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frinnsti run crux on rpi 1,2,3 :-)15:41
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linnodehello I am new to crux I am trying to install LXQT but I get signature mismatch how to reslove this issue? thank you for you help18:07
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TimB_linnode: welcome. have you installed the pubkey for the repository?18:10
linnodeI think not, I downloaded httpup file and added to ports directory and did ports update wouldn't that add pubkey. if you can let me know how do I add public key that would be great help thank you18:15
TimB_the repo does not use a signature it seems18:15
TimB_you can use prt-get -is which will ignore anything signature related18:16
linnodeok let me give it a try, just a moment18:17
linnodeit gives me MD5sum mismatch found18:19
TimB_how did you get the port on your system?18:19
TimB_he supplies a git file you should put in /etc/ports18:19
linnodeok I will clone it in my repo and give it a try18:20
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TimB_ you download that file and put it in /etc/ports/18:21
TimB_it then should be synced with the next ports -u18:21
TimB_to /usr/ports/18:21
TimB_edit /etc/prt-get.conf to include that prtdir and then you can do prt-get depinst lxqt18:22
TimB_is that what you are doing?18:22
linnodeYes I will do it, following your steps18:23
stenurdaftaupe: what comes with a default install in /etc/ports, core,xorg,opt,contrib.  I do not understand the effort put into compat-32, but that, too.18:32
TimB_stenur: steam18:32
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TimB_for me, at least.18:32
stenurTimB_: steam? You mean compat-32? Ok, needs some -32, i see.18:34
TimB_some is nicely put :)18:34
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stenurNo irony from my side, needs two -32; unfolds to many, then? hmm..18:35
joacimmight be doable to download the few games that can play without steam with steamcmd18:35
TimB_ this was what was needed for steam native, some redundant ports to be frank18:35
joacimfiguring out which will play will require effort tho. so many in my library that wont even launch without an active internet connection18:36
stenurThat is many, yes. Seems to need even packages with/out -32, pff.18:37
TimB_stenur: well, it needed some ports that haven't been around before, so yeah, it's clean to have the non -32 counterpart around since compat only installs the libs18:37
joacimsome emulators also only support 32-bit18:37
joacimpcsx2 is one of them (the last time i checked)18:38
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TimB_there was some reason for that, i forgot o:)18:53
stenurNo HTTUP for base repositories?  I wonder too, i never liked rsync myself.  I have read the algorithm stuff, but why plant over all those many files and dirs if you have a single file summary available?18:55
stenurThat is one cool thing with git; even better now i think, there is a new algorithm for sync i have heard one or two years ago, did not look yet.18:56
stenurI.e., with many tags and branches many many kilobytes cross for the up-to-date check, i heard that has been improved.18:57
stenurThere is now also a .bitmap in .git/objects/, sometimes, not looked at the background of that either.18:57
stenurNo time for nothing!!!  What a mess.18:58
stenur.git can now also loose history iirc (also did not look yet), so you could shallow clone with depth 1, and then after updating your ports cleanup behind, too.18:59
stenurWhich gets rid of one point of criticism for using git for such things like /usr/ports, imo.19:00
stenur"Loose history" easily, that is, out of the box.  Now i forgot what i was going for.19:01
stenurAh ja.  It would be cool if the git repos would have some "symbolic current master" which switches when releases are made.19:02
stenurLike "git update-ref refs/heads/current-release refs/heads/3.5" in a git hook.19:02
TimB_mh, no idea really :) I am still19:04
TimB_learning git19:04
TimB_that ansi keyboard is very unusual for me, missing some keys here :)19:05
stenurAh lucky you. Have forgotten all of it again, only going through aliases!19:05
stenurThat was _so_ hard!  After decades of German keyboards, going to a US layout on that MacBook Air!!!19:06
TimB_yeah it19:06
stenurI shot the sheriff.19:07
TimB_this one can be reprogrammed, i have to use that feature to bring those keys to layer two19:07
stenurAnd _that_ is so hard to do when you go back to German layout and got used to love C programming on US keyboard!19:08
stenurDoes not work for me -- those []{}++ i just don't get right on this Lenovo.  Only []{} on FN+[öä] work, but not if in the flow.19:09
stenurThat would be a cool new thing coming up (before simple thinking is sufficient to enter data), a really reprogrammable keyboard.19:10
stenurLike a touchscreen aka. painting of stuff (the way you wanna), but with real keys.19:11
stenur(I for one want real things i can press down.)19:11
TimB_well, i haven19:13
TimB_ffff.. have not touched the firmware yet. plugged in and it still uses the german layout, so i can type all the umlauts19:13
TimB_but the key next to enter just misses, and the one next to y19:13
TimB_those two mainly for me19:14
jaegerstenur: I don't think there's a provided httpup file but you CAN use httpup for core, opt, xorg, compat-32, contrib.19:40
jaegeruse urls like<repo>/19:40
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linnodeTimB_ I tried your steps I still get signature mismatch for packages19:49
TimB_yeah, because there is no signature19:50
TimB_the repo doesn19:50
TimB_god damn god damn! doesnt provide these files so you cant do anything about it19:50
TimB_-is for that part is your only choice, there are .md5sums though19:51
linnodeTimB_ I tried with -is then its gives MD5sum mismatch :D19:54
TimB_well, thats unfortunate. you can do -im, but its advisable to check what you are getting into19:55
TimB_im not the maintainer btw, i cant do nothing about it. is timcowchip still around?19:58
linnodeTimB_ if I use -im it gives signature mismatch found. so I think its not going to budge its best if I report to git user hope he can fix it19:59
TimB_you have to combine both19:59
TimB_if there is a signature to check, this is all that pkgmk will do. but if there is none, you still need to disable the check since its critical20:00
linnodeTimB_ ok now its compiling thank you tim,20:03
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stenurjaeger: ah, indeed there is a REPO file!! Now that is mysterious, yesterday i looked at multiple mirrors, REPO was missing there.20:21
stenurSo maybe in the end my gut was right and REPO does not get down via rsync which mirrors use to clone the master. Or so.20:22
stenurNow have i removed .httpup files for the base repos in /etc/ports, or are they missing on the ISO?20:23
stenurI should switch to either HTTPUP or git for them, still have not done that, sigh; no lxc yet, either.20:25
daftaupeit's for sure the REPO file is excluded when syncing a repo through rsync20:26
stenurAnd HDMI sucks; the TV monitor is a bit too large, 1941x1099 or whatever, no solution for that available at all. Only using 1400x???, but that is scaled and looks fuzzy.20:26
stenurdaftaupe: seems so, i would say. But a pity it is i would add.20:28
stenurAh, jaeger said "no provided httup file".20:29
TimB_stenur: can you create a custom modeline or whatever with xrandr, maybe? no idea if there is a proper solution for that20:33
stenurTimB_: can sure, but cannot. Not an electronician, tried some but did not work out. And scaling sucks so much it is a pain in .. there.20:40
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stenurYep. Maybe cable is bad, too, font hurts in the eye if looking too long, as in analogue times! Even with brightness 0.6 or what it was.20:44
stenur30 or even 39.95 Euro for that cable. I should have looked before i bought it, but did not spend a thought that cable still matters in HDMI times.20:44
stenurNot had time to watch a video, but i think it will have to be in a window, then.20:46
stenurInterestingly ALSA had problems with HDMI plugged in, too. Same video with clicks and stuttering with HDMI, without problems without.20:47
dbrookeI use rsync to upload my ports repository to my web server and it transfers the REPO file20:48
jaegerBeen a long time since it was set up but looks like rsync excludes REPO among other things on the server side... so that's why the REPO file doesn't show up on mirrors mirrored with rsync20:49
jaegerI haven't put a lot of thought into it yet but a possible solution would be to move that exclude to the client side (in ports) instead of the server side20:51
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joacimTVs is a pain to make look right20:53
joacimseem some that come very zoomed in from the factory. have to dig through the setting to see the entire frame20:54
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joacimi guess they call it overscan, but TV manufacturers have different words for it20:54
dbrookemine Just Worked™ but I had to mess with settings in MythTV for my mother's20:59
jaegerI have a samsung TV that handles overscan in a REALLY stupid way21:17
jaegerIt's on by default with no option to disable, EXCEPT that if you change the name of an HDMI input to "PC" then it turns off overscan21:17
jaegerwhoever thought that made sense should be flogged21:18
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jaegerTimB_: haven't seen him recently, maybe email him21:24
stenurOverscan. I will look when i try it next, thanks.21:27
stenurThat Philips 5863 series has really, really bad software. It does not really come as a surprise that this is messed if software can mess it.21:27
stenurWas on market for at least a year before it has been bought; tv guide and such are not cached, looking into that silents sound, too.21:29
stenurBluetooth audio is turned on, then volume etc properties are applied.21:29
stenurI unplug the power cord because with bluetooth turned on the monitor wakes up at times it seems.21:30
stenurFrom stand-by. And monitor is black with backlight on, then. Gets pretty hot like this.21:31
stenurAnd i could continue. That is modern times. Our family had a Philips fan for over thirty years. Including sports, school sports, whatever.21:32
stenurThe water kettle at least is still real quality.21:33
stenur(I usually unplug TV anyway. But now as Bluetooth sound station i got laxe once.)21:34
TimB_jaeger: ah, just a general question. i dont use the repo21:37
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