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SiFuhQuestion. Intel J4205 Processor is not a Celeron right?10:00
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ryuo... lol11:50
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ryuoSiFuh: technically no, but celerons aren't made equal.14:30
ryuoSiFuh: nor pentium for that matter. the branding tells you nothing about the cpu family it comes from.14:30
ryuothe ones that start with a letter come from atom typically.14:30
ryuothe rest are usually 'core'.14:30
ryuothough obviously not the case for xeons, but those aren't your typical cpu.14:32
ryuoSiFuh: so looks like you got an apollo lake atom.14:33
ryuoi hope it isn't acting funny. atoms tend to be flakey under Linux, especially recent ones.14:33
ryuoa core celeron is generally better and more reliable.14:34
ryuo3865U for example.14:34
SiFuhryuo: cheers   just thought was strange that people kept calling it a celeron.14:45
ryuoSiFuh: it's actually called a pentium.14:45
SiFuhwill be running OpenBSD on it14:46
SiFuhryuo: yeah I saw that on a wiki dev site14:46
ryuowhat kind of device? openbsd isn't ideal if it's going to be used like a regular PC.14:46
SiFuhmin pc    beelink j4514:48
ryuoi see.14:49
ryuoi'd personally try an alix apu2 first.14:50
ryuothey've added some interesting variants.14:51
ryuocost reduced 2 ethernet port version.14:51
ryuocases with 6 SMA slots instead of 3.14:51
ryuogood if you wanted to make a dual band router i guess?14:51
SiFuhI will be using for multimedia and portability because I do a lot of travelling. Originally I was using a Gigabyte S10M with OpenBSD on it, but it died the other day and I cannot find a replacement main board. So I decided to replace it with a mini PC box and scrap the entire touchscreen slate idea.14:54
SiFuhWith that being said. I found OpenBSD was so much better on touchscreens than linux (If configured right).14:55
ryuothat would be a surprise given Linux's wider variety of hardware compatibility.14:57
stenurOne plus; Matthieu Herrb does a great job with integrating X ever since i watch OpenBSD.14:57
stenurThat is also true, ryuo.  But you simply install that X package as part of the installation and that is basically it.14:58
SiFuhLoved it, shame the aweful Gigabyte died. Was very handy to have a tablet like PC with RJ45, VGA, HDMI, USB 315:02
ryuoSiFuh: looks unique.15:07
ryuonot many tablets like that.15:08
SiFuhI paid $88 USD and brand new. I just looked online to see if I can replace it and I found only 1 available in Taiwan. $465 USD :-(15:08
SiFuhAnd it is second hand.15:09
ryuo ?15:10
ryuosaw those used for $100 here15:11
SiFuhYeah but full sized HDMI, RJ45 and USB are important15:12
SiFuhryuo: I was looking at dell last night. Didn't find anything that was of interest.15:13
ryuoamusingly some smart phones were based on x86 but...15:18
SiFuhI had a lava xolo x900 intel cpu   loved it15:18
SiFuhit flew 5 meters bounced of a concrete wall hit the bricks foot path, slid under my car onto the road and was fine. One day i was sitting near the road and it fell from my knee and shattered :-(15:20
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pedjawell, smartctl says that my system hd will fail in less then a day. yay21:14
joacimbuilt in time bomb21:15
pedjabunch of errors in dmesg when I try to install stuff, so I am inclined to believe it :)21:15
pedjabeing nearly broke certainly doesn't help...21:16
pedjait's the disk where ~ is, so I better backup the essential stuff21:18
joacimdrive failure sucks21:20
joacimso much time and effort21:20
pedjawhat do I use to copy over data when I get it? rsync?21:33
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pedjafor system files and all. that should take care of right permissions, afaik21:34
pedjadon't think crux iso has it, so I'll need to write systemrescuecd to a usb stick21:36
pedjathe important thing is DON'T PANIC :)21:37
joacimi usually use rsync, tho had to use ddrescue once21:46
pedjaI've done data recovery for other people before, so I know a bit about it, if it comes to that22:02
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obarunpedja: maybe testdisk can help? i don't know, just an idea22:45
joacimthats more of a recovery application tho23:08
pedjayeah. scalpel is fast, too, but it can miss stuff23:10
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