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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: obs-studio: footprint update12:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: p5-locale-gettext: update footprint12:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: allegro4: 4.4.2 ->
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: ant: 1.10.5 -> 1.10.612:49
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: clang-distcc-bindings: update footprint for new clang version12:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: clang-ccache-bindings: update footprint for new clang version12:50
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bored_raptornot bad, 55 euros for toshiba p300 2tb hd15:20
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stenurHey. Inspired from Iggy went to Ferrari, looked at some spider, Firefox 69 made the X session of that user account stuck.16:44
stenurLuckily could switch to user session 1, and pkill firefox via sudo.16:44
stenurMan. Ferraris sucks.16:44
stenurFor that price! You know what i mean????16:45
john_cephalopodaYou get so many MB of website and JS for free!16:46
stenurMan. Am i happy i cannot spent money for that mess, and get itching testicles when i am in the restaurant, just someone pi...s that car on the street!16:46
john_cephalopodaI block all JS by default.16:47
stenurHa. That is _the_ reason why i have a firefox account here.16:47
john_cephalopodaSome websites use JS in reasonable ways, like the Ava's Demon comic. But most don't. A majority of sites I see use google analytics. This is so horrible.16:48
stenurOh yes. You get over that, guaranteed.16:48
stenurNah. Need to, webblocker tests for, die zeit, need it for kachelmann wetter and whatever else.16:49
stenurI mean, hey, Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Erdogan.  What do you mean by reasonable???16:50
john_cephalopodaI just don't visit sites that do stuff like that. JS - especially in random ads - is a security risk. There are a lot of drive-by viruses, trojan horses and worms distributed through shady ad services.16:51
stenurAlso: over 100000 AMG Mercedes, flies to Carribean Sea for a week, New York over the weekend. Reasonable, tsts.16:51
john_cephalopodaI don't see much value in most analytics. If the would work, then a website would load in a fraction of a second and not hide what I am looking for.16:52
stenurYes, that is true.  That is why i use different accounts for this. One for browsing only, without credentials.16:52
stenurBut still bad, but still not tried out LXC. Damn.16:52
stenurOh yes. It is a pity.16:52
john_cephalopodaI don't use firefox accounts. I just use the browser regularly.16:53
stenurAeh, no firefox account here; i meant Unix user account.16:53
stenurAnd no, from my real user account web only download via cURL, and some lynx.16:54
stenurNo graphical monster at all..16:54
john_cephalopodaAh. I just got a single user account. My browser is configured to not leak any information between sessions.16:55
stenurI would not dare this. You use chrome, that --site-per-process thing?16:57
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john_cephalopodaNah, I use Tor Browser.16:59
stenurThat is of course a fuzz.17:00
stenurMatthias announced release candidate of new bogofilter.  Old maintainer died of heart attack after 74 Mile bike ride in 2013.17:03
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frinnst not sure what's happening but its brilliant19:12
frinnststenur: yeah I saw that :(19:13
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stenurfrinnst: and shortly before home. I did not know that, but it is a sad story.19:25
stenurI did not know about this sport beforehand. I'd rather do the dervish instead of focusing on a small plane.19:28
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stenurThat is how rat men die when they recognize they have to, after having broken their arms in the usual fights for example.19:29
stenurLying in pain and then spinning on their back like the breakdancers did.19:30
stenurEver and ever again, until they heart does no longer make it.  Very sad.19:31
axgood evening19:31
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stenurBuona sera.19:34
axstenur: ciao :)19:35
Anselmobuna seara :P19:38
stenurYeah, my italian is entirely non-existing (yet).  Which is such a shame, given how wonderful it is.19:38
stenurThe radio station i listen to had a one hour feature about Teresa de Sio's new album last friday night, which put me into this wonderful italian groove.19:40
Anselmoah, this wasnt a comment on your italian, and mine is probably worse than yours19:41
Anselmobut, its sometimes close enough to romanian that one might think they were weird accents of the same language :P19:41
stenurNo, dear Anselmso, surely not.19:41
stenurThat man is dead.  Yes, i thought he was Italian, stupid, stupid me.19:43
stenurBut he is united with his wife again, i really presume this.  I loved watching these two together.  Guess that is why he was like that.19:43
Anselmoah yes, I think he was italian19:44
Anselmoa sad life but I suppose a purposeful ending, we can hope19:44
Anselmoalas he is not me19:44
stenurYou _are_ italian, are you, Anselmo?19:44
axstenur: ti piace charlie parker?19:45
Anselmononono, so far as I know not even a little bit italian19:46
axim from napoli, i know Teresa :)19:47
stenurOh!!! How nice!!!19:47
AnselmoI should one day go to italy. . . .19:48
axshe is ok but I prefer the music of Charlie parker :p19:48
stenurJazz is not my thing, mostly. Mingus's sinner lady i sometimes here.19:49
stenurI had a short time where i listened to
stenurAnd we had "the hundred greatest pieces of Jazz" in 2006 (the Mozart Jahr). Was a good year in Germany.19:53
stenurUnfortunately i only recorded Mingus, Hawkins and Coltrane.19:53
stenurRecognized it too late.19:53
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john_cephalopodastenur: Thanks for the link, nice music.21:15
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