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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: pulseeffects: 4.6.6 -> 4.6.709:12
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: p5-role-tiny: 2.000008 -> 2.000_00909:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: qownnotes: 19.9.5 -> 19.9.609:18
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: dbus-python: updated to 1.2.1012:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: pango: updated to 1.44.612:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: gtk3: updated to 3.24.1112:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: cmake: updated to 3.15.312:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: libjpeg-turbo: updated to 2.0.312:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: btrfs-progs: updated to 5.2.212:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: glib: updated to 2.60.712:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: gdk-pixbuf: updated to 2.38.212:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: atk: updated to 2.34.112:28
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pedja_hpmini01000's of servers cryptolocked because of exim vuln? that didn't take long12:34
daftaupeHello, I notice a lot of pages from the Wiki are rather old, for example, is there a more up-to-date documentation somewhere ?12:50
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ryuohuh. good thing i never installed exim.12:52
frinnstall software is shit. just update and you will be fine12:53
frinnstwonder if someone has patched our servers now when i'm home with manflu12:53
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chinarulezzzafaik, a little earlier, exim announced the vulnerability, but did not disclose. (To give the maintainers time to fix the vuln, etc).12:56
frinnstthey always do12:56
chinarulezzzLater, they reveal the vulnerability, and announce what can be written in the config as a temporary solution12:57
pedja_hpmini0red team doesn't have to wait for upgrade window :)12:58
chinarulezzzFor two weeks the server was vulnerable, and then we find out that there was a workaround.12:59
pedja_hpmini0what's the workaround? use a different MTA :)?13:03
^speaking of security, has anyone tried to port selinux to crux?13:04
TimB_"Please send a physical letter instead"13:04
TimB_^: there is a port for it, even though, I am not sure if i keep it around much longer13:04
^(im not trying to do it, was just curious)13:05
TimB_i never did it myself13:05
TimB_compiling it isn't the problem I guess13:05
^yeah, if i really wanted it i'd switch back to centos13:06
pedja_hpmini0apparmor would be an interesting experiment13:06
TimB_uhm, that one site had instructions for all of that tailored to crux 3.413:06
chinarulezzzpedja pmini0:
TimB_not selinux it seems, but apparmor13:07
pedja_hpmini0still haven't played with it on Leap13:08
pedja_hpmini0or systemd :)13:08
pedja_hpmini0thanks, chinarulezzz13:09
pedja_hpmini0'don't offer TLS' nice13:09
chinarulezzzthere should be 'don't offer exim'))13:11
pedja_hpmini0exim has been around for a while, I am surprised no one found this so far13:14
pedja_hpmini0then again, so were openssl and bash13:14
pedja_hpmini0frinnst, manflu? I expected some bike-related injury, not that :)13:17
pedja_hpmini0over the weekend, I was hit more then once by that baby/small kids vehicle thingie13:22
pedja_hpmini0proud parent are too busy with their facebook feed on the phone to actually watch where are they going, apparently13:22
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TimB_had a couple pushing their caddy on the bike lane, while walking on the pedestrian side.. asked them if it was normal for them to do so.. got a weird look for it, nothing more... maybe i expect too much13:51
pedja_hpmini0were you on a bike?maybe they thought "how far can I get on that, this parenting thing sucks" :)14:06
TimB_yeah i was14:06
TimB_it happens so much14:06
pedja_hpmini0tbh, altough they can be annoying, parents of the baby/small child have my respect14:16
pedja_hpmini0that has to be one of the scariest things someone can do, taking care of small bundle of flesh14:17
pedja_hpmini0small human bundle of flesh14:18
TimB_really? people that adopt one of the many children without parents are my personal heroes14:19
pedja_hpmini0I prefer my cat, thou. She, of course, doesn't really care for me :)14:19
pedja_hpmini0their own or adopted, same thing. scary and brave14:21
daftaupeor slave to the society, making them believe having kids is a necessity14:22
TimB_daftaupe: pssh14:22
TimB_everybody needs to leave something behind that outlives him/her or something like that14:22
TimB_very important14:22
daftaupereal heroes are the non-parents that reckognize they would not be able to raise a kid properly14:22
daftaupewell one could leave some interesting writings or other things, no need for it to be a human being14:27
joacimthought you were on about a vw caddy with engine trouble...14:30
TimB_joacim: I meant those baby tanks14:33
joacimyeah i got that eventually =)14:35
joacimbiggest hazard here is cyclists going the wrong way in bike lanes14:36
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TimB_an all time favorite as well :)14:39
TimB_i like those that do that, then begin to hectically pull on the handlebar, looking like they would crash any second14:40
lealapshello everyone, I am trying to get snapcraft running, which is tricky without systemd, but I still think it's possible with some facade that acts like systemd, did anyone try this yet? :D on the other hand running .appimages is pretty simple14:42
TimB_hi, no idea. there is a systemd shim, but if it helps in this case..? i would doubt it14:43
lealapsI found this topic, someone managed to do something similar on MX with limited success:
lealapsbecause it's fun to compile ports all the time, but having something like snap would make it actually much easier to use the system while preserving how simple it is in general, so I'm experimenting with that14:44
lealapsdo you remember what is this shim maybe?14:45
TimB_there is flatpak14:45
lealapsyeah, flatpak is also nice but I didn't try it yet on crux14:45
TimB_no idea, last time i read about it it wasn't maintained iirc?14:46
lealapsalso I checked snapcraft code and it relies too much on systemd internally to make any kind of patches or abstract that in a sensible time14:46
TimB_it's the same with libratbag and whatever it's frontend is called.. what a shame :)14:47
lealapsyeah, I'll try to pick up from what that mx linux person did and see if it makes any sense to try more14:49
lealapscrux is not planning to implement systemd, right?14:49
TimB_not really :)14:49
lealapsok, so it makes sense to try at least I think14:49
TimB_I guess14:49
TimB_is it a client or a server or what exactly are we talking about?14:50
TimB_how about running it in a container?14:50
lealapsclient actually works without much issues14:50
lealapsyeah, I think it's possible, but it kind of defeats the purpose form e14:50
TimB_which is?14:50
lealapsfor example to have ubuntu docker container to run snapd inside crux to run desktop apps14:51
TimB_is crux your host in that example?14:51
lealapsyes, I am using crux now and I am trying to get snapd running and work around systemd14:51
TimB_i never looked at snap, really, but it's not that different from flatpak, isn't it?14:52
lealapsI didn't check flatpak yet, but now I know snap relies heavily on systemd14:52
lealapsbut it's possible and not that hard to intercept some systemd calls it makes and create some facade to not use systemd with snapd14:53
lealapsconceptually flatpak it's not that different it seems, I'll also try to run that later, but that systemd issue with snap seems like an interesting problem to me in general :D14:54
TimB_i see :D14:54
TimB_i try to avoid depending on such solutions14:54
TimB_i used okular from a flatpak because it was the only kde app, but i hated waiting for it to start up, also it's a bit of a hussle to write to your ~14:55
TimB_i gave in an installed that, there is a great kde repo that supplies it14:56
lealapsyeah, I don't have problems with compiling stuff from repos and getting things to work that way, but if it would work it would kind of make crux easier to use while preserving its simplicity14:59
lealapsalso is it normal that in many packages footprint checks fail?15:00
lealapsI mean ports15:01
TimB_like how? only new footprints or missing/new or just missing..?15:01
lealapsidk, I tried to install flatpak from contrib and 'ostree' footprint didn't match15:02
lealapsso I ended up actually installing most things with 'prt-get -if' out of convenience : P15:03
TimB_i maintain ostree, can you paste a diff somewhere?15:03
TimB_*the output :)15:03
lealapsok, sure, sec, it scrolled out of my console buffer15:03
lealapsare there any logs stored in /var from installations?15:03
TimB_only if you enabled it i think, not sure but i think it's off by default15:04
lealapsok, I can try later in a clean installation but I promise there was a mismatch :D15:04
TimB_no worries, if there is a problem with it I will fix it15:05
lealapsI am using xfce4-terminal and it has 1000 lines buffer so I lost it I think15:05
TimB_i'll try to build it right now in a clean container..15:05
lealapsI can help with ports if you want, I have some spare time now to do some maintenance15:05
lealapsthe first thing I thought of would be setting some CI with crux container that installs every port on top of a clean system15:06
TimB_it's not really up to me :) but sounds great for me. the steps would be: maintain a repo of your own, get it listed in the portdb, apply to contrib I guess15:06
lealapsso it would show such issues in an automated way15:06
TimB_sounds good15:07
TimB_never tinkered around in that area myself15:07
lealapsyeah, because it's hard to check everything manually all the time15:08
lealapsespecially when packages with code are downloaded from 3rd party servers15:09
lealapsand anything can theoretically change slightly anytime15:09
TimB_the clean build is running, let's see15:10
lealapsok, I'll check later, but I definitely had some signature mismatch, maybe it was something else then15:23
lealapsif you have a clean install, can you try with prt-get depinst flatpak?15:23
TimB_signature checks out for me as well15:25
TimB_i know flatpak will work, i have to get some other work done now15:25
lealapsok, maybe it was some different flatpak dependency, I'll check later15:25
TimB_ok, let me know15:26
lealapsbtw, if I set up some proof of concept with that containerised ports QA on CircleCI or something similar, would you be interested to take a look if it would be useful with CRUX?15:37
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