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dlcusaRomster, pedja, I'm back, and I rebuilt everything, then created a repo of pedja's xfce ( only), mage romster's Depends on changes to to that, and after switching to -is, they all built!!!01:21
dlcusaThat was pedja's repo as of Sep 1.01:22
dlcusaAnd, yes, startxfce4 brings the desktop right up!  I may become emotional...01:34
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cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: [notify] curl: update to 7.66.008:58
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: dhcpcd: update to 8.0.409:06
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ryuoi remember people joking about refs. microsoft failed last time with filesystems so now here we go again.10:56
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lealapshello everyone, is there a reason that post-install and pre-install scripts are not running by default?12:48
lealapsI managed to run flatpak, but it took me some time to figure out that it relies on p11-kit; I had p11-kit installed before, but it didn't run 'post-install' scripts and didn't generate certificates12:48
lealapsso it didn't work until I started them manually, which is true for most of ports I think; lightdm doesn't work without pre-install script that creates user etc12:49
frinnstlealaps: yeah. it's partly due to how easy it is to include destructive commands in pre/post scripts. especially with 3rd party repos etc13:00
frinnstalso most things in CRUX won't do stuff automagically - atleast not by default13:01
frinnsta lot of crux users doesn't run these scripts by default. so it's a safe default not to do it13:02
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frinnst<@frinnst> lealaps: yeah. it's partly due to how easy it is to include destructive commands in pre/post scripts. especially with 3rd party repos etc13:02
frinnst<@frinnst> also most things in CRUX won't do stuff automagically - atleast not by default13:02
frinnst<@frinnst> a lot of crux users doesn't run these scripts by default. so it's a safe default not to do it13:03
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lealapsI kind of agree, but it would be nice to have some list of trusted repos or something similar, so I could choose to run scripts from 'core', etc13:08
AnselmoI mean, if you wanted to you could alias or write little wrapper scripts that do just this13:10
stenurjohn_cephalopoda: yes; don't know why they do not offer <64KB ogg vorbis, would have better quality at smaller rate.13:14
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john_cephalopodastenur: What is the "<64KB ogg vorbis" thing about? My backlog doesn't go that far back and I don't remember what exactly we talked about.16:03
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: thunderbird-bin: updated to 68.1.017:02
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joacim64 kbps ogg vorbis should be enough for everyone17:54
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pedja_hpminijoacim, iirc, you were looking for 'do maths as a normal person' application :)?18:05
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cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: [notify] openssl: updated to 1.1.1d. Fix for CVE-2019-1549, CVE-2019-1563 and CVE-2019-154718:19
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lealapsI managed to start flatpak but couldn't manage to get sound running; I found those IRC logs but it seems that issue was not resolved there: I finally found out what's the problem, "flatpak" looks for PULSE_SERVER env variable that needs to point to the pulseaudio server and it's empty by default, after setting that it just works18:54
TimB_lealaps: hey, you got everything sorted out?18:56
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lealapsI think so, thanks18:57
TimB_cool, great18:57
lealapsbut honestly, you need more QA in Crux :D18:57
lealapsbut in general I really like the distro18:57
TimB_well, see it like that, crux tries to provide an as lean as possible approach to things18:57
TimB_what you do with it is up to you mostly18:58
lealapsyeah, that's actually why I like it18:58
lealapsI'll try to setup some repo with CI I mentioned some time ago as a PoC and see how it goes18:59
TimB_that sounds like a cool thing to have19:00
TimB_in regards to that: pulseaudio is not a dependency for flatpak itself. sound will require further tinkering (maybe? i dunno) if you want to use alsa. I can add it as a soft dependency if it helps, but neither prt-get nor pkgmk will make use of that, it's up to you to spot it in the pkgfile19:02
lealapsyeah, but I tried to run spotify and it tried to use pulse and I ran into "PulseAudio: Unable to connect: Connection refused" error19:05
lealapsPULSE_SERVER variable solved it, I don't know if it's a flatpak thing or just a spotify flatpak package think19:06
TimB_well, some flatpaks might need it19:06
TimB_you might hack around that in some cases19:06
TimB_do you run pa?19:06
TimB_or just alsa?19:06
lealapsyes, I run pa19:06
lealapspavucontrol etc works fine without any hacks and workarounds, it's just flatpak19:07
lealapsI found some hints here19:08
TimB_this might help19:10
lealapsthanks :)19:10
TimB_last time i tried (discord via flatpak) I used some of those options described there and it worked iirc, but not sure19:10
lealapsdiscord worked for me out of the box with flatpak19:10
TimB_seems to be a bit flaky hu?19:11
lealapsactually starts instantly etc19:12
lealapsit is a bit slow in general, I guess because it's probably written with "electron"19:12
lealapsbut it doesn't work slower than on other distros or windows19:13
TimB_it does? :D try okular for me if you don't mind. this one took like 30-40 sec on both my desktop and my notebook19:13
lealapsok, I'll check19:13
lealapsactually started instantly :D19:20
TimB_maybe something clogged up on my end?19:20
TimB_thanks for checking19:20
lealapsI have no idea19:20
lealapsno problem19:20
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dlcusaAnd, yes, startxfce4 brings the desktop right up!  I may become emotional...20:46
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dlcusaRomster, pedja, in Romster's patch there are indications of a libxfcegui4 port in the repo that is depended on by xfce4-{cpufreq,time-out,weather}-plugin and xmfpc; but the bitbucket repo doesn't have that port now.20:55
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dlcusaIs the proper fix to convert them all to libxfce4ui?21:14
joacimlooks like hans reiser will be out on parole next year21:33
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stenurjohn_cephalopoda: that jazz radio station uses mp3; that quality "shall not be good" is somehow ok for me if they have to pay less21:42
stenur..but they could get that quality with a much smaller network bandwidth via OGG.  What i wanted to say.21:43
pedja_hpminidlcusa, i am no longer maintaining that or any other repo,so have fun :)21:50
pedja_hpminionce I get the desktop running, I'll orphan few of my ports from contrib too21:51
dlcusapedga_hpmini, thanks for sharing what you've done!22:01
pedja_hpminiapologies for not doing a better job with it :)22:11
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jaegerpedja_hpmini: why not?22:12
pedja_hpminisystem hd failure22:12
jaegerwell, that's not a permanent problem, at least22:12
john_cephalopodastenur: Some operating systems/browsers still haven't got proper support for ogg.22:12
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pedja_hpminii finally realized that using source based distribution on my old and failing hw is silly :)22:16
pedja_hpminiso I am switching to oS Leap, probably22:16
pedja_hpminiI'll still hang out here, thou, nice community22:16
Anselmousing sourcebaseed on old and failing hardware is silly ?22:17
Anselmowhat a notion :322:18
TimB_i might take some off your hands pedja22:20
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jaegerpedja_hpmini: ah, bummer... well, you should do what you want to :)22:22
TimB_and thanks for contributing from me as well, sorry to see you leave crux22:22
pedja_hpminionce I get my grubby little hands on some nicer hw, I'll be back :)22:23
TimB_sounds like a plan22:23
pedja_hpminiTimB_, if you see something of interest, feel free to take it over22:24
stenurjohn_cephalopoda: i have no idea; my MacOS/Safari really did not, which made me really angry, also.22:24
pedja_hpminijaeger, :)22:25
pedja_hpminiapparently, '3 working days' wait for delivery has a '...if we even have it' caveat22:26
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jaegerpedja_hpmini: well, thanks for your contributions. :)22:31
pedja_hpminimy pleasure22:32
pedja_hpminiit was*22:33
jaegerunrelated to that, does anyone here still use the overlay at ?22:36
also_uplimeACTION runs `sudo prt-get sysup` on a new install22:37
also_uplimeACTION twiddles thumbs for the next hour22:37
TimB_jaeger: i don't22:39
jaegerI wonder if I should update it for 3.5 or if it's no longer useful22:41
jaegerI haven't had any 32-bit only x86 hardware in years22:42
pedja_hpminibest way to find out if anyone is using it is to remove it :)22:43
TimB_maybe there is some machine still being hold alive somewhere? but i dunno if it makes sense to support that case if you don't even use it yourself?22:43
jaegerI generally don't advocate maintaining things you don't use, which is why my ports collection stays pretty small22:44
jaegerbut in the past I'd been asked to update it for previous versions22:44
jaegerMaybe I'll make 3.5 the last update, I've already spent a fair amount of time on it22:45
also_uplimeis there an issue with running `prt-get sysup` and installing a package while it's running?22:49
also_uplimei guess not since sysup only works on out of date software22:50
TimB_i think it's only 'not working' if there is pkgadd already working on installing a package, otherwise, no22:50
TimB_but it whatever you add is a soft dependecy for what you are building it won't be 'just picked up'22:51
also_uplimeoh, hrm, good point22:51
stenurInteresting question. prt-get seems to use lock files from having a look. This should mean that at least through it, it should work.22:52
also_uplimeguess it can't hurt to try on my vm22:53
also_uplimesince thats what its there for22:53
stenurHm. Database corruptions are likely a thing of micro or nanoseconds in todays world, so it may work for you in the one shot anyway.22:54
pedja_hpministop sysup, install package, start sysup? it should pick up where it left off22:55
also_uplimethat works too, thanks22:57
stenurHm, it seems the lock only applies to the logfile, i.e. "writelog" of prt-get.conf.22:58
pedja_hpminialso_uplime, I'd avoid doing that majority of the time, thou :)23:03
jaegerpkgadd locks the package database, another pkgadd happening at the same time will fail safely under normal circumstances23:04
stenurAh, good to know. And can stop looking.23:06
also_uplimeoh cool23:06
also_uplimepedja_hpmini: yeah i held off just to be safe. it finally finished23:06
pedja_hpminifeed the cat, then sleepy time. gn23:10
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stenurgood night.23:30
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