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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: nvidia: updated to version 430.5000:46
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: nvidia-32: updated to version 430.5000:46
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TimB_how many users does xfce have over here?09:18
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TimB_at-spi2-atk fails to build over here, anyone else?11:22
TimB_frinnst: a simple bump to 2.34.0 does the job11:34
frinnstyeah noticed some updates yesterday evening but was too dead to push11:44
TimB_no problem11:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: qownnotes: 19.9.6 -> 19.9.811:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: mediainfo: 19.07 -> 19.0911:51
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frinnst just lovely12:09
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TimB_man, i love this channel12:20
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TimB_should be flagged NSFW12:21
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dlcusaTimB_, I'll guess 3-6, but the real question is how many would there be if it was in contrib, let alone opt.  Of course, mate is in neither--how many mate sites are there?14:14
TimB_dlcusa: I dunno.. maybe it would be good to have it in contrib, yes. but i am not sure if i want to take care of it, tbh14:22
TimB_I already do have a number of ports and I won't use the complete xfce suit, I switched from mate to whatever xfce needs to manage themes, that's it14:23
lealapsby the way, does anyone from here maintain this docker image?
lealapslatest version is 3.414:24
frinnstits orphaned14:24
TimB_lealaps: i can recommend using lxc.. i have a working port in my personal repo, contrib is broken14:25
TimB_but it's easy to create your own crux image with an official iso14:25
lealapsI'm setting up crux build tests for my repo on CircleCI, I need docker image there14:25
lealapsit would be nice to use some official image14:26
frinnsti think both jaeger and romster run crux in docker. stick around and wait for them (timezones)14:26
TimB_ok, no idea then, it has been prologic in the past who created the docker image14:26
jaegerI use
frinnstits awake!14:26
lealapsI'll try to contact maintainer from also14:26
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jaegerThough it looks like maybe something is wrong with the automation for the update... but there's one from 2019-08-20 at least14:27
dlcusaI might bite the bullet and maintain xfce, but first I need to get it working on my boxen.14:32
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dlcusaThere is also the jolupalabs repo, but I haven't been able to get that working, either, and it's still based on 4.12, I believe.14:33
TimB_he has been active for a short while, did he update anything yet?14:33
frinnst looks fun14:33
TimB_frinnst: indeed14:34
lealapsI am using xfce from jolupalabs, but I think I had to add some other repos to complement some dependencies14:34
lealaps./configure might be complaining, but some missing dependencies are scattered around some other repos and ports : P14:35
lealapsI can't find a way to contact maintainer here: ; does anyone has any kind of contact info I could use to ask about maintainer about that docker image?14:37
frinnstthere is no maintainer for that image14:37
frinnstthey should remove it14:37
lealapsok, I found some commits with username here:
lealapsbut the maintainer hompage leads to some jenkins instance14:38
frinnst16:39 <@frinnst> there is no maintainer for that image14:39
frinnst16:39 <@frinnst> they should remove it14:39
jaegerNo idea who that is... may not be anyone here14:39
lealapsI get it, but I guess they won't remove it without some kind of validation from previous owner14:39
frinnstprologic created it i think14:40
lealapsok I have some email here:
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: pavucontrol: changed maintainer14:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: gtkmm3: changed maintainer14:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: pugixml: changed maintainer14:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libcanberra: changed maintainer14:40
frinnstbut he hasnt been around since 3.3 or something14:40
lealapsI'll try to ask14:40
lealapsok, some data is here, so I guess it could be enough to issue some PR:
lealapsbut I also sent an email to the previous maintainer and asked if there is any way we can push updates there14:46
lealapsI'll wait and see what happens14:46
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jaegerTo be completely honest I didn't want to go through the process to get my image made the official one. Wasn't worth it to me14:59
lealapsok, if nobody maitains it it's better to take it down, but in general some kind of reference one would be useful I think15:02
jaegerYou are welcome to use the one I linked on github a bit ago, that's the one I use regularly15:02
lealapsthanks, I think I'll use it15:05
jaegergoing to push an update manually15:06
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jaegerok, the dist-amd64 branch is updated15:16
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jaegerfrinnst: got my home lab 10GbE set up and vSAN moved over to it :)15:20
pedja_hpmini10gbe? nice15:27
jaegerYeah :) Pretty cheap as such things go. Mikrotik CRS305 switch, 3x Intel X520-DA1 from ebay, 3x 1m DAC cables from amazon15:28
pedja_hpminiare Intel nic's still recommended for linux, wrt support?15:30
jaegersure. They're rock solid in general15:31
pedja_hpminiI had to get ralink NIC when the one on my m/b died15:33
pedja_hpminiintel is hard to find on a local e-bay-ish sites :)15:33
pedja_hpminifew I found had some insane price, not sure what's that about, tbh15:35
pedja_hpmini1gbit nics15:35
jaeger is what I bought15:36
pedja_hpminijaeger, how was wmworld? anything interesting coming from vmware and friends?15:43
jaegerIt was good. The most interesting thing to me is Project Pacific15:45
jaegerAlso Tanzu, mostly related15:45
pedja_hpminik8s. of course :)15:47
jaegerMostly interested in that for work15:48
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pedja_hpminihm. so ProjectPacific does something like Rancher? UI on top of k8s?16:00
jaegerpartly that but more importantly kubernetes becomes a first-class citizen built into esxi/vsphere16:03
pedja_hpminiah. so vsphere can manage it along the usual vm stuff?16:04
jaegeryeah, and monitor, plus access control, etc.16:05
pedja_hpminithat's nice, one app to rule them all :)16:05
pedja_hpminiso customers can run different workloads and manage them from one place, presumably16:07
pedja_hpminivendor lock-in at its finest :)16:09
jaegerthe corporate world is all about vendor lock-in :D16:10
pedja_hpminiwell, much easier to shout at just one when s*it hits the fan, i guess16:14
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: at-spi2-core: updated to 2.34.017:31
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: at-spi2-atk: updated to 2.34.017:31
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: dbus-python: updated to 1.2.1217:34
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also_uplimecan anyone see what I'm doing wrong with my start-stop-daemon usage?
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lealapsit looks like it expects you run your service as 'gitea' user, so you need to create a new user21:40
lealapsyou can try checking by running the app with "sudo -u gitea" to run it as 'gitea' user21:40
also_uplimeyeah, at the bottom should have an example of that. it looks to work with sudo -u gitea, though i dont know why ssd -u gitea wouldn't work :/21:42
lealapsit looks like app specific thing, it checks which user is running it21:44
lealapsdid you get gitea from some port or installed it by yourself?21:45
lealapsbecause I don't know how your rc.d script looks like21:45
also_uplimeright, my question is why start-stop-daemon isn't running as that user21:45
also_uplimethe bash -x shows what the usage looks like21:45
also_uplimeisn't running env as that user*21:46
lealapsmaybe something inside rc.d/gitea encapsulates app as another user21:47
lealapscan you paste rc.d script somewhere?21:48
also_uplimei mean, sure, but the bash -x output shows you all of the commands being run21:48
also_uplimeah, i misread the docs. i want -c not -u21:51
lealapsyeah, I think '-u' is just for checking21:54
also_uplimeyeah, i saw user and jumped the gun21:55
also_uplimethanks for checking anyways lealaps21:59
lealapsno problem21:59
lealapsI was a rubber duck :D21:59
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