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stenurOn my box lynx 2.8.9rel.1 compiles just fine.13:14
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pedja_hpminibtrfs is kind of confusing14:02
pedja_hpminican't see the relation between 'btrfs fi df /' and 'btrfs fi show'14:03
stenurI am with you here.14:03
pedja_hpminithere is probably a nice explanation soemwhere :)14:04
stenurLikely kind of performance thing, many things delayed, in queues, not yet cleaned up, whatever.14:04
stenurNow i am more interested, but download excessed until 22nd, just downloaded a file with 7kb/s. :(14:05
pedja_hpminione of those 3g stick thingies?14:06
joacimi've used btrfs for years, and only had some hours or so with zfs14:06
joacimi feel the zfs tools are much easier to work with14:07
pedja_hpminiI played with zfs on freebsd a while back, btrfs is still new to me14:07
stenurdf is obsoleted in favour of usage says the manual14:08
pedja_hpminiand I have both of zfs books :)14:08
pedja_hpminiwell, had14:08
pedja_hpminiwho knows if that survived...14:09
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pedja_hpminithanks, stenur, bookmarked14:14
pedja_hpminiheh. I can see why 'btrfs fi usage /' is preferred, much cleaner output14:15
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joacim    Free (estimated):   2.37TiB(min: 2.37TiB)14:23
joacimtime for some new HDDs14:23
pedja_hpminiyeah :)14:24
pedja_hpministill waiting on mine14:24
pedja_hpminiif it ever gets here14:24
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joacimthink ill keep an eye out for november14:39
joacimthe 8TB drives are often discounted then14:39
joacim10TB drives too, but 12TB drives around here is more expensive than 2x 8TB drives14:41
jaegerI use 8TB currently, got some time before I need to upgrade :D14:42
jaeger4x 8TB14:42
jaegernot btrfs, though14:47
joacimthink i'll get a larger case too for the next setup. so i can add vdevs if i need more storage14:48
pedja_hpminivdevs? so zfs box?14:49
joacimyeah i think so14:50
pedja_hpminifreenas or some solaris clone?  :)14:51
joacimhavent decided on os yet. smartos with alpine and crux guests is tempting14:51
jaegerpool0  29.1T  11.0T  18.0T         -     6%    37%  1.00x  ONLINE  -14:51
jaegeryeah, it's ZFS14:51
jaegerThis same pool has gone through 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, and 8TB drives on Solaris, OpenSolaris, OpenIndiana, FreeBSD, and finally Linux14:52
jaegerWithout ever losing data14:52
pedja_hpminifbsd and ZoL have feature parity these days?14:53
pedja_hpminigiven that fbsd switched to ZoL as upstream?14:54
pedja_hpminior are about too, iirc14:54
joacimi still think openzfs should be the upstream for both.14:55
jaegerI'm not sure if it's at parity yet, haven't really kept up14:55
pedja_hpminijoacim, ZoL has many more developers14:55
joacimand they should work on openzfs =)14:55
pedja_hpminimuch more*14:55
joacimif it was up to me, they'd work on openzfs, or sent to work in the coal mines14:56
jaegerZoL and ZoF are both listed as distributions of openzfs on the wikipedia page, for what that's worth14:56
jaegerer... wiki page14:57
jaegertyping is hard today14:57
pedja_hpminiit's interesting that ZoL has that many developers14:58
pedja_hpminifor a fs that is unlikely to ever get merged into the kernel14:58
pedja_hpminifor both technical and licensing reasons14:59
joacimyeah it is odd15:00
joacimwhy i think the non-shim solution in illumos should be more of a first class citizen15:00
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pedja_hpminihate to break it to you, but no one cares about illumos anymore :)17:00
joacimi'm nobody :(17:13
joacim"ASUS ProCool connector"17:14
joacim"ASUS ProCool is designed without hollow area, this enables lower impedance, facilitates faster heat dissipation, resulting in cooler operating temperature. Reduces power loss and increases cost savings."17:14
pedja_hpminimarketinf on some nice mind enhancing substances would be my guess17:18
joacimare those drugs legal?17:20
TimB_only for use during business hours, i suppose  :)17:20
pedja_hpminidepends on who you are17:20
TimB_reminds me of
pedja_hpminiI've met and worked for people whose brains are in neraly mint condition...17:24
TimB_means infantile? :P17:25
pedja_hpminibarely used17:25
pedja_hpminione of the phrases people use to describe mint or flwaless conditions is 'like glass'17:28
pedja_hpmininever understood the reasoning17:28
joacimnever heard that up here17:29
TimB_mh, i always knew it from stuff like "mint condition", which would translate to something "like new" or "flawless" in my mind17:29
joacimi see people say clear like glass when something is very certain or obvious17:30
pedja_hpminimust be a local thing.17:33
pedja_hpminimy guess is that either people picked it up from some wannabe celebrity scum17:34
pedja_hpminior there is meaning to it I just can't see. both are plausible :)17:35
TimB_seems like you can also say "to make a mint" (make a fortune)17:44
pedja_hpminior 'mint money'17:46
pedja_hpminiEnglish is full of fun idioms17:46
pedja_hpminispeaking of mints, 'La casa de papel' Spanish show is great17:48
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pedja_hpmini'High seas', too17:48
tilmanpedja_hpmini: unlike the ending of travellers s3? }:<17:48
pedja_hpminiI realize they had to wrap it up, but damn17:49
tilmanwhat, s3 was the final one?17:50
pedja_hpministill better then Dark Matter finale17:50
tilmanor do you mean wrap up the season only?17:50
tilmanah fuck me17:50
joacimdid that channel ever finish anything?17:51
joacimoh ok17:51
tilmanjoacim: showcase in CA, netflix elsewhere17:51
tilmanpedja_hpmini: i feel stupid for not realizing it's a wrap when i saw it :D17:52
pedja_hpminithe story can pick up, with different faces, but that wouldn't be the same17:53
pedja_hpminijoacim, stargate almost got another season or 2, but syfy wanted to 'modernise'17:54
pedja_hpminior 'expand the audience'17:54
pedja_hpminiSci-Fi is too niche, apparently17:54
joacimand with that we got attempt at drama with sgu17:54
joacimwhich they also canceled17:54
pedja_hpminitoo expensive :)17:55
joacimhow expensive can it be to shoot in some warehouse and have someones nephew do the external shots in blender? =)17:55
pedja_hpminiand one of the reasons sg-1 and sg:atlantis were axed17:55
joacimactor budget maybe17:55
joacimi assume robert carlyle is one of the more pricy ones17:56
pedja_hpmininow? yes. back then? not really17:56
joacimhis better known movies are 90s i think17:57
pedja_hpminiwhen was Full Monty?17:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: pulseeffects: 4.6.7 -> 4.6.817:57
pedja_hpminijoacim, have you heard of 'Beforeigners'?18:00
joacimfirst time hearing about it now18:00
pedja_hpminiNetflix Norway production, iirc18:00
joacimoh jesus nicolai cleve broch18:00
joacimis there anything the guy isnt in?18:00
pedja_hpmininever seen him before. great show, imho18:01
tilmanconsidering i've never heard of him -- probably18:01
joacima few handful of actors play in every single norwegian movie18:02
pedja_hpminisame here, apparently. not that I know any of them :)18:03
pedja_hpministopped watching movies made here 20+ yaers ago18:03
joacimsaw this recently18:04
joacimwas entertaining enough18:04
joacimmonster effects from syfy channel18:04
pedja_hpminiI've watched a couple of disaster movies from...Norway, I think18:08
joacimi havent seen the recent ones18:09
joacimones about a wave or something?18:09
pedja_hpminithat ones18:09
tilmanpedja_hpmini: Occupied is fun (series; on netflix here at least)18:09
joacimthink the only movie somewhat close to your end of the world is from romania/france18:11
pedja_hpminitilman, I think I watched a season of that. preety nic18:12
pedja_hpminican't type today....18:12
jaegerI'm watching "Better Than Us" currently... it's ok... not amazing18:12
pedja_hpminijoacim, 'the wave/the quake(sequel)'18:13
joacimoccupied, as in the russian thing?18:13
joacimane dahl torp is also a commonly seen norwegian actress =)18:14
joacimas if every great action movie had stallone, schwarzenegger, and van damme in it18:15
pedja_hpmini'The Expendables' has all of them, but it still sucks :)18:20
pedja_hpmininot fun at all18:20
joacimi like the smaller action movies18:21
joacimsome of those are getting older too tho18:21
pedja_hpminilike 'The Raid'?18:21
joacimlike blood and bone18:21
joacimhavent seen the raid18:21
pedja_hpminiit is amazing18:21
pedja_hpminiI am pretty sure Karl Urban's Dredd would easily kick Stalone's Dredd ass18:25
joacimi watch that once in a while =)18:26
joacimgood movie18:26
pedja_hpminiDredd? Oh, yeah18:26
pedja_hpminigreat cast in The Boys18:27
pedja_hpminiUrban was sure having fun :)18:28
joacim wouldnt mind seeing him in more good stuff18:30
joacimlast i remember was doom18:30
pedja_hpminiand new star trek18:30
pedja_hpminiwell, 'new'18:30
pedja_hpminihe should be a much bigger star18:31
joacimmaybe they just had too many recurring actors in sgu18:31
joacimx-files just had scully and mulder18:32
joacim+ skinner once in a while18:32
pedja_hpminicancer man and those 3 nerds18:32
joacimthe alien bounty hunter showed up often enough to be recognizable too.18:33
pedja_hpminino more dark matter, st:d is meh, the orville changed network18:35
joacimaccording to imdb, anderson and duchovny were in twice as many episodes as pileggi18:35
joacimsmoking man and the lone gunmen were in far fewer episodes again, and far fewer scenes18:35
pedja_hpminibut we are getting 5? sequels/prequels to GoT, yay18:35
pedja_hpminiwell, they *were* the stars of x-files :)18:36
pedja_hpminianderson will be in The Crown, afaik18:37
joacimlooking at got, there are a lot of actors with somewhat equal episode numbers =)18:37
joacimand probably screen time too18:37
pedja_hpmininone of them are making any career after GoT, afaict18:38
pedja_hpminiwell, maybe the Mother of Dragons18:39
joacimwhile x-files got a movie, and two new seasons =)18:39
pedja_hpminiwhich weren't...very good...18:39
joacimlena haedey maybe. already seen her in a few stuff outside of got18:39
joacimand  the other older actors18:39
pedja_hpminishe had a career before that18:39
joacimat least got didnt kill it for her18:40
joacimimdb has Friends listed under "more like this" on their entry for GoT18:40
pedja_hpminithey are rebooting that too18:42
joacimreboot of roseanne died somehow18:42
joacimwonder what happened =)18:42
pedja_hpminidrunk roseanne tweeting is what happened18:43
joacimSG-1 is similar. loads of episodes for just a few actors18:44
joacimjust how those monster of the week shows are i guess18:44
joacimcheap to make, a few big stars18:45
pedja_hpminitbh, I miss shows like that. MoTw, with the season long arc18:45
pedja_hpmininitty gritty has been done to death and beyond18:46
pedja_hpminiit's not either/ot18:46
pedja_hpminithis netbook keyboard is killing me18:47
pedja_hpminiI am curious how will The Old Man's War look on TV18:50
pedja_hpminiScalzi is producing, so fingers crossed18:51
joacimnever read those18:52
pedja_hpmini(he wrote several stories for Love, Sex & Robots)18:52
joacimnever been to old man's star either =)18:52
pedja_hpminiit's an interesting premise18:52
pedja_hpminiold mind in brand new, badass green body :)18:52
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