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pedja_hpminiAWS has a gazzilion of services13:28
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popstar777Hello, I have have made clean installation and tried to set locale to en_US UTF-8 but localedef is not setting up the locale its still POSIX17:28
TimB_popstar777: hey, you need to generate the locales first17:28
popstar777I followed this documentation and ran localedef and restarted my PC but its still POSIX17:31
stenurWhat do you mean by "tried to set locale"? "LC_ALL=en_US.utf8;export LC_ALL", and all further programs started in this shell should adhere.17:32
joacimi define my stuff in /etc/profile17:33
stenurMe too (even portably!)17:34
joacimexport CHARSET="UTF-8"17:34
joacimexport LANG="en_US.utf8"17:34
stenurNa, i use $LC_ALL since it is the super-sledghammer, and as such inspected first :)17:34
popstar777ok I give it go setting it in /etc/profile17:35
stenurIf you set LANG then LC_ALL, and the specific LC_XY are looked up for nothing.17:35
joacimand i have a small script that create my locales with localedef whenever that is needed17:35
stenurs/sledghammer/sledgehammer/. Nice video.17:36
joacimLC_stuff inherits from LANG i think17:36
joacimLC_ALL is theo nly thing that is blank on my system17:37
TimB_i only set LANG as well17:38
stenurjoacim: no, not so.  man 3 setlocale.17:39
popstar777ok that worked, this should be mentioned in documentation17:39
joacimrtfm is only effective when someone cares =)17:40
stenurThe GNU people push LANG for long, i do not know why.17:41
joacimi made my system this way due to bullshit. it works, and is reliable17:43
joacimused to have issues with ssh when i used LC_ALL17:43
joacimdont know why17:43
stenurHm. Mysterious. I never did anything else, all this time. Always LC_ALL. But ssh i started using no earlier than 2009, so maybe that explains things.17:44
joacimmy stock openindiana and freebsd systems are like that too. blank LC_ALL. the openindiana having a defined LANG17:45
stenurOr maybe ENV white-/blacklist hit you.17:45
pedja_hpmini"LANG-The locale set for this variable will be used for all the LC_* variables that are not explicitly set."17:46
stenurYeah, that i can understand. If you set LC_ALL you are fixed. If you set LANG, then you can say, e.g., LC_TIME=en_US and get _that_.17:46
joacimwas worse when connecting to old debian servers with my modern unicode-capable systems. so many admins didnt install unicode locales =)17:46
pedja_hpmini"ASCII should be enough for everyone" :)17:48
popstar777kind of think of it now I set UTF-8 just to have emoji on terminal17:50
pedja_hpminiand that's a valid use case17:51
pedja_hpmininever bothered to set locale to sr_latin17:51
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pedja_hpminiapparently, LC_ALL is unset because it's supposed to be used for debugging only17:59
pedja_hpminisome applications get weird with some locales17:59
pedja_hpminiand then you need a sledgehammer like that :)18:00
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pedja_hpminiwatching yt on ~10' screen is fun18:20
joacimwish that was me18:20
joacimdid you play quake on it yet?18:21
pedja_hpminidamn imperial. 10 inch :)18:24
stenur"My big ten inch."18:24
joacimyeah heard about it18:37
stenurWhat was the cause; illness?18:39
tilmanread TFA?18:39
tilmanhe wrote stupid shit on an MIT internal mailing list that got leaked18:39
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tilmanlawrence lessig on MIT accepting epstein donations:
pedja_hpminiI missed all that epstein stuff18:41
joacimmed "Pardon the interruption." ium18:42
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stenurOh god. What a mess. Epstein. This is all very annoying.18:42
stenurHere in Germany things calmed down, luckily.18:42
joacimafaik, he has been saying stuff like that for ages18:46
joacimthat it only gets an outrage now is pretty lame18:46
stenurThat entire shit is fascistic to the core.18:47
TimB_stenur: agreed.18:47
pedja_hpminitilman, thanks, that was a great read18:49
pedja_hpminibefore reading all of this, I thought rms left MIT to join MS :)18:53
pedja_hpminihe was supposed to do a talk there recently18:53
joacimmit/fsf -> ms -> fun software foundation18:57
joacimit'll happen18:57
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pedja_hpminiwho will replace linus when he retires? gkh?19:17
joacimillumos =)19:18
also_uplimethe linus clone they made in bell labs19:26
john_cephalopodaPlan L from Bell Labs.19:29
john_cephalopodaAlso, why does GamingOnLinux report about Stallman?19:31
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stenurThat pendulum will surely swing back.  Let's just hope it won't hammer away the suffragettes.19:41
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