IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2019-09-18

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SiFuhhmm where did that j sneek up from?07:19
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: curseofwar-sdl: unmaintained13:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: curseofwar: unmaintained13:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: crawl-tiles: unmaintained13:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: crawl: unmaintained13:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libdbusmenu-gtk3: fix build13:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libdbusmenu-gtk2: fix build13:33
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Rudolphis npm provided by any package? `prt-get depinst nodejs` only installs node, and `prt-get search npm` doesn't turn up any results, but just wanted to make sure16:02
joacim there is a package in one of the user repositories16:03
joacimit is up2date too16:03
Rudolphah, handy16:04
TimB_never cared to push npm to contrib because it's such a clusterfuck16:04
TimB_i am even thinking about ditching what i need npm for16:04
lealapsyou can also try "yarn" instead of NPM, should be easy to setup also16:05
Rudolphi don't blame you. its my last choice for this project, except the community only seems to write in node/python16:06
Rudolphlealaps: oh interesting. does yarn use the same packages?16:06
lealapsyes, it uses the same repo16:06
lealapsit's developed by Facebook because16:06
lealapsnpm causes issues with CI16:06
Rudolphah, ok16:06
Rudolphill give that a try then, thanks16:06
lealapswhen you run npm several times simultaneuosly16:06
lealapsbut it uses packages by default16:07
lealapsand you don't have to modify package.json etc16:07
lealapsI just dropped yarn to /opt/bin, it's a single binary without dependencies16:08
TimB_lol, that sounds nice. but does it also come with a shitload of security holes?16:08
lealapsI switched to yarn when I tried to setup several Bamboo workers on one machine and it helped a lot16:09
lealapsbut if you mean JS package ecosystem then16:09
lealapsyes, it's almost the same thing16:09
TimB_i see. i only use it for zotero, which depends on it.. aaaaand i hate it, because zotero is itself an old firefox branch16:10
lealapsit makes it a bit better because16:10
lealapsit tries to flatten 'node_modules' more than npm16:10
lealapsso there are less duplicates of the same modules scattered around16:10
lealapsI know nothing about zotero : P16:11
TimB_that itself sounds nice16:11
lealapsyeah, later npm started to copy features from yarn, added lock file etc, but yarn was first16:11
TimB_yeah i don't know what i will do16:18
TimB_the alternative to zotero/npm is jabref (java) or writing my own bib-files16:19
TimB_i might even go for the latter..16:19
Rudolphnpm repo has a mismatch anyways, so yarn it is \o/16:20
TimB_have you copied the key?16:21
Rudolphwhere does it need to be copied from?16:21
Rudolphi just downloaded the httpup file and dropped it into /etc/ports, then ran ports -u16:22
TimB_sudo cp /usr/ports/tb/ /etc/ports/16:22
Rudolphyep, that did it16:23
Rudolphyou can safely label this one under pebkac16:23
TimB_lol, np16:23
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: firefox-bin: updated to 69.0.117:38
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: mesa3d: updated to 19.1.718:02
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SiFuhI had a partion set as 100GB and fdisk/cfdisk showed it as 100GB. But then I got an error saying it is full. I looked and saw that df (diskfree) showed it as 4.9GB. I trippled checked, and rebooted and tried other versions of linux and yet, still it came up as 4.9GB in df and 100GB in fdisk/cfdisk.18:54
SiFuhI am curious if it has anything to actually do with the ext4 fs rather than partitioning.18:54
SiFuhI do remember having an older 5GB partition exacty where I set the 100 GB start point18:55
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ryuoSiFuh: probably an old FS.18:58
ryuoyou can either reformat it or expand it.18:58
ryuothat's to be expected when you change a partition size but not the filesystem.18:59
SiFuhI reformated it and the problem was solved.18:59
ryuoyou also could have expanded the old filesystem.19:00
SiFuhI didn't change partition size19:00
jaegeryes, definitely an fs thing19:00
ryuooh, then a stale FS.19:00
jaegerI run into that regularly when increasing the size of a disk on a virtual machine19:00
SiFuhI deleted all partitions and used cfdisk to make new partitions and then mkfs* each of the partitions19:00
jaegerresize the disk, then grow the partition, then grow the fs19:00
ryuothat's why i'll sometimes clear a disk before repurposing it for a new install.19:00
jaegersome filesystems can even grow on the fly (xfs, ext*, etc.)19:00
ryuoyou can have issues with old superblock crap.19:00
SiFuhas in dd if=/dev/zero ?  I have do that alot19:01
ryuoyou could use that or urandom even.19:01
ryuourandom is a better choice if you want to make it harder to recover residual data from a conventional drive19:01
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SiFuhall is good, it was a test install but honestly it was the first time I had seen that in a couple of decades.19:02
ryuoi've run into it before.19:02
ryuowith flash based drives you can just do a whole device discard.19:02
SiFuhthis was on an M.2 SSD19:02
ryuoI see.19:03
ryuowell next time you could try blkdiscard.19:03
ryuoif you want to blank the whole drive for a new install19:03
SiFuhI step away from Linux for 16 years and everything changed19:03
ryuoeverything changed?19:03
ryuotech has but the software not so much unless you mean systemd.19:04
SiFuhthat is cool19:04
SiFuhsystemd is gay19:04
ryuoa lot of conventional software is still alive.19:04
SiFuhi think only my father and my girls notebook/PC has systemd19:05
SiFuheveryone else uses openrc and runit19:05
ryuofor that matter Linux is still used in embedded.19:05
ryuoopenwrt notably19:05
ryuoi found a chinese vendor that bases all their networking products on it.19:05
ryuomakes it at least a little less awful than other vendors19:06
SiFuhI will check it out since I am in Asia for a long term this time19:06
ryuotheir main store ships out of china though they have resellers elsewhere19:06
ryuoi recently ordered 3 of their microuters. they're tiny basic wireless N routers.19:07
ryuopowered over USB19:07
SiFuhI was looking at the DPRK and RU linux distros. I don't know why they choose KDE/qt   although QT is slightly better than in 2001 ;-)19:07
ryuoKDE has features no other DE has to date...19:07
ryuonotably session restore after a reboot or so.19:08
ryuounless you know of any others with that feature.19:08
SiFuhsaw that and honestly... I still go old school. I love my fluxbox  although I use xfce on tablets19:08
ryuoi restored some older laptops awhile ago and maxed their hardware out.19:09
ryuo16G of RAM in both.19:09
SiFuhwith KDE?19:09
SiFuhthat was a joke19:09
ryuoNah, they're not being used right now.19:09
ryuoMostly to have some powerful spares.19:09
ryuoOne has an ivy bridge mobile quad core.19:10
ryuomost in that era were only dual core19:10
ryuoi still remember my first quad core. it was a llano in 2010.19:10
ryuoparallel power is awesome for building stuff.19:11
ryuounfortunately there's not many jobs that benefit from that many cores...19:11
SiFuhyou made me want to cry19:14
SiFuhmy awesome laptop is dying after only 3 years  in fact the 3rd birthday is in October19:15
jaegerunder warranty?19:15
SiFuhhell no19:15
ryuoit's possible for them to still be under warranty after 3 years but that's not usually the case.19:16
SiFuhthis week I buy 3 new fans for it19:16
jaegerI need to replace a fan in my notebook, much rattling under load19:16
jaegerknown issue with the xiaomi mi notebook pro19:16
SiFuhbut still   it is not as it was in it's prime19:16
ryuojaeger: how hard is it to get to? sometimes the fan is a pain or sometimes easy.19:16
jaegernot hard at all in this one19:16
ryuomy probook 6475b has an easy to reach fan.19:17
SiFuhjaeger: yes  I actually added a pinch of oil and crc(similar to wd40)  but that was a temp fix. Bearings are gone.19:17
ryuothe latitude i have though?19:17
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ryuomuch harder.19:17
ryuocomplete disassembly pretty much.19:17
SiFuhryuo: cpu fan is fine for mine. GPU fan going to take a couple of extra minutes ;-)  chinese tape everything up19:17
jaegerIt's the one above the SSD in that picture19:18
ryuois xiaomi a major enough brand as far as finding parts is concerned?19:18
jaegerSiFuh: yeah, it would be a temp fix for me as well, there's some fin damage there19:18
ryuoit's usually not too hard to find old Lenovo, HP, Dell parts.19:18
jaegerryuo: seems easy at least for the fans. I've not had to look for other parts yet19:18
jaeger for example19:19
SiFuhaliexpress vomit19:19
SiFuhjaeger: i had no time to fix the fan issue by replacing the fans. I returned to Asia with crc filled fan bearings. Worked well.... started to make noise yesterday when I accidentally bumped the table the laptop is on..19:21
SiFuhryuo: warranty? I destroyed that by putting a powered by linux sticker on it ;-)19:22
ryuoSiFuh: lol19:22
SiFuhanyways   in the future I will go consider the Razer Blade 13" stealth with the intel UHD 660 (NOT Nvidia)19:22
ryuoSiFuh: suggestion. if you buy anything from GL.iNet, keep in mind they use primarily atheros and mediatek SOCs. the atheros ones are more open source friendly in their wireless drivers. the mediatek ones have poor open source drivers for now. you'd have to use the proprietary one to have best results.19:23
ryuomaybe will change but that's the situation for now.19:23
SiFuhryuo: aware about the cards  OpenBSD lover here19:23
ryuoi see. ok, just saying.19:24
SiFuhhence  Intel UHD 660 instead of Nvidia19:24
ryuodoes openbsd even support any non-x86 platforms?19:24
SiFuh16 years on OpenBSD  bought a laptop with Nvidia and my life has been hell19:24
SiFuhryuo: yes19:24
ryuooh? like what?19:25
ryuoin theory anything supported by OpenWRT should be doable with a BSD variant too.19:25
ryuobut there was a FreeBSD router project but it had issues.19:25
ryuothey had trouble fitting in the small space available to them.19:26
SiFuhmy best server was a sparc that caught fire and filled the uni computer machine room with smoke and flames.. Still ran fine after removing the melted plastic panels and .. yes.. cpu cover (Plastic cpu cover?)19:26
ryuosounds like it sparked that one.19:26
SiFuhI myself wouldn't want a router with OpenBSD19:27
SiFuhtoo slow19:27
ryuoif i was going to do that, i'd probably base it off an x86 platform.19:27
jaegerI still use a freebsd-based one (pfsense), but never tried openbsd for that19:27
jaegerI do have an old openbsd on my sparc LX in the closet, though19:27
ryuofar less specialized so it should work with almost anything.19:27
SiFuhjaeger: openbsd's pf is the best19:27
ryuoopenwrt has its own init, no systemd.19:28
ryuobased on busybox19:28
SiFuhif i was to have a router linux/unix based   i would want something stable and fast.   OpenBSD solid and strong but the system is too slow for a router. My personal opinion for now.19:29
jaegerwhy's it too slow for a router?19:29
SiFuhit is too slow for everyone19:29
jaegerI mean what does it do differently from freebsd or linux in that respect?19:29
ryuoOpenWRT can be pretty stable, it also has x86 ports, but it's primarily for embedded devices.19:29
ryuoIt's optimized to run in low resource environments.19:30
ryuoincidently the gl.inet devices have a lot of resources for a networking device.19:30
ryuothe ones I ordered has 16M of flash and 128M of RAM19:31
jaegerI gave my mom a WRT54G with openwrt or dd-wrt for years, solid little box until just a month or so ago19:31
ryuoSiFuh: if you don't mind second hand gear, you could try something from the linksys wrt1200ac or others in that family.19:31
ryuoopenwrt compatibility was a selling point for them.19:32
ryuothey use marvell ARM chips.19:32
ryuomade back in 201519:32
TimB_ryuo: those are great19:32
ryuothey have so much RAM and storage it's not even funny.19:32
ryuo256M of flash, 512M of RAM.19:33
SiFuhjaeger: sorry  I am in console now. The thing is OpenBSD targets security over everything, even comprimise the speed. Check out server benchmarks. I will always use OpenBSD as a server. But if I am supplying internet to a large group of people... then you are your own. I will give a router and chuck a firewall behind it. You want directly to connect to router, ok, you want security, then connect to my OpenBSD19:33
SiFuhryuo: I gave up on linksys when cisco bought it out19:33
SiFuhI now use cisco ;-)19:33
ryuoI see. Well, this linksys i own has been reliable at least.19:33
SiFuhwhat model?19:34
jaegerSiFuh: fair enough. I have limited experience with openbsd, just played with it now and then19:34
TimB_the openwrt support for this series is great19:34
ryuoyou have one TimB_?19:34
TimB_i own a wrt3200acm19:34
ryuoah, the high end model.19:34
SiFuhjaeger: I love OpenBSD it is the almost perfect OS19:34
TimB_got it for a fair price, figured why not go for it. i was looking into mikrotik i think19:35
TimB_not sure if i got the name right.. would have cost a fair bit more but those come with openwrt by factory and some nice hardware as well19:36
SiFuhjaeger: funny that, isn't crux almost an OpenBSD style Linux distro?19:36
jaegerin some ways, sure19:36
TimB_SiFuh: i loved pf for some years as well19:36
ryuobrb. rebooting.19:36
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TimB_until my box that i ran in a cardbox died (shame on me)19:37
TimB_had another fling with pf on netbsd for a while after that for a more recent ports system19:37
TimB_having a look at, i think i got the wrong brand there..19:39
SiFuhi am using nft these days but that is because I am waiting for the new box to arrive so I can kill it and install OpenBSD on it ;-)19:39
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TimB_SiFuh: i choose the wrt over that option because it's just easier to use, honestly19:40
TimB_but i loved obsd as a whole19:40
SiFuhand if I buy a new laptop I an going to make sure OpenBSD is supporting the hardware19:40
SiFuhi have been using linux now for 3 years only because my laptop has a Nvidia card :-P19:41
TimB_fair enough19:42
SiFuhTimB_: I will look into it but honestly nft is really simple. In fact, insanely simple and it scares me if it is actually working properly19:42
TimB_nft? in what regard? openwrt? I think they use iptables?19:43
SiFuhno  nft the linux firewall that is kind of replacing the iptables firewalls19:43
TimB_i didn't look into that topic yet, really19:43
ryuoit'll take awhile. too much is embedded in iptables.19:44
SiFuhTimB_: is scaringly simple19:44
TimB_i am not too much into it as is. but i remember that pf was quiet nice to work with19:44
TimB_grew quiet a bit of a pf.conf over time, i still have it around somewhere :D i wonder if it would still apply19:44
ryuoiirc, nftables may have optimizations that compile the rules to native code where applicable.19:44
SiFuhI remember using iptables, then going BSD for almost 2 decades, then back to linux and I was wondering where is this iptables shit? and found nft. I was like, wtf?19:45
SiFuhI am sure nft is built into the kernel? don't promise you on that but I did read it somewhere19:45
ryuoit's partially kernel, partially userspace.19:46
ryuobut its stated purpose is to unify the disparate ways to configuring networking rules.19:46
ryuoit tries to combine iptables, ip6tables, ebtables, maybe some others.19:47
SiFuhryuo: thank god(s)?19:47
SiFuhiptables was so bad. I actually taught a class on it back in 2002.19:47
SiFuhanyone know a good roxterm replacment ?19:49
ryuodefine replacement. nearly any VTE based one is viable.19:49
TimB_i dunno what made roxterm special but i use termite and it's working great19:49
ryuoSiFuh may have special requirements like CJK.19:50
SiFuhI want a simple terminal with tabs that can remember the names of the tabs, the size of the terminals  ( i do not care about the programs in the terminals as I plan to run them indivdually)19:50
ryuonot all terminals properly support it.19:50
TimB_this might work with termite19:50
TimB_oh, uhm. i pair it with tmux, i don't think it can do tabs19:50
SiFuhCJK aint an issue as I can always find a way around it19:50
TimB_no idea though19:50
ryuotabs? you want terminal tabs or multiplexer tabs?19:51
john_cephalopodaACTION . o O ( mlterm with tmux )19:51
SiFuhI don't even know what that means19:51
SiFuhterminal tabs19:51
ryuoterminal tabs, the terminal emulator has the tabs. they're not part of a separate program.19:52
ryuoit spawns a separate terminal each time.19:52
ryuoa multiplexer integrates multiple programs into a single terminal.19:52
ryuoso it can also simulate tabs.19:52
SiFuhoh the first but now I am curious as the last one can also do as I wish19:53
ryuoit's basically a window manager for terminal programs.19:53
SiFuhryuo: thanks dude  gave me an idea   tmux and screen could do what I wish19:53
john_cephalopodaSiFuh: I've been using tmux for a long time, and it's great.19:53
ryuoi use both.19:53
ryuoa multiplexer for remote sessions and regular tabs for local.19:54
SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: I love screen   tmux kills my brain cells ;-)19:54
SiFuhI will use tmux19:54
ryuotmux is easier to use i found.19:54
ryuoand i started out with no experience with either.19:54
jaegerI love tmux, use it every single day19:54
john_cephalopodaSiFuh: I am mostly using it to keep my IRC session alive and for tab-style navigation.19:54
SiFuhtell that to my tumor19:54
jaegerswitched from screen many years ago19:54
TimB_tmux is the best19:54
SiFuhi use screen for my irc19:54
TimB_i just switched last year from long time using screen and wow19:55
TimB_what a difference in ease of usability19:55
john_cephalopodaI am actually using tmux right now. It runs the weechat instance that I ssh into to have an always-on client.19:55
ryuoyou might also like byobu, SiFuh.19:55
SiFuhTimB_: I am jealous and many swear words arrived before my sentence19:55
ryuoit uses tmux or screen to provide a session of sorts.19:55
ryuoit has some default configurations that are friendlier to beginners.19:55
ryuoit ships with ubuntu server.19:55
SiFuhI have used tmux before  many times  and I still find screen easier.. I must be old19:56
TimB_SiFuh: what for? :O19:56
TimB_sorry, i dunno, i do think it needs some tinkering around the config, but i got it all configured to the way i like it. easy keybindings and stuff19:56
SiFuhi ubuntu so much i don't even allow its font on my pc19:57
SiFuhi hate19:57
ryuo... uh19:57
SiFuhreminds me of knoppix and kde ;-)19:57
ryuothis is just something that originated on ubuntu but can be used anywhere else.19:58
SiFuhso did the font19:58
ryuobut fine, whatever.19:58
TimB_we may have found a new spokesperson for the fsf :)19:58
SiFuhand by the way I was in Malaysia promoting the Ubuntu Distro when it first popped up on the scenes and that was also the day I realized how much everything ubuntu sux19:59
SiFuhso tmux it will be20:00
TimB_i do not find the router i was thinking about.. snap.20:00
SiFuhsnap or snappy?20:01
TimB_ my tmux conf if it might help20:01
SiFuhi am cursing20:01
pedja_hpminiI've tried byobu long time ago20:01
SiFuhbecause I must write this down by hand with a pencil and paper20:01
SiFuhpedja_hpmini: hahaha  hp mini   so cute20:02
pedja_hpminitmux proper with the sane config is much nicer, imho20:02
pedja_hpminiSiFuh, yeah, main desktop is dead atm20:02
SiFuhso sad, sorry for your loss20:02
pedja_hpminithanks :)20:03
SiFuhwelcome :-(20:03
ryuopedja_hpmini: what happened? it decided to take a leap into your bathtub?20:03
SiFuhryuo: hahah  he is not Kevin Mitnick in the Hackers Takedown movie20:03
pedja_hpminisystem hd decided it had enough after ~10 years :)20:04
SiFuhTimB_: wrote that damned long url down with my pencil and paper...  I will check it tomorrow maybe  so don't delete it please20:04
TimB_SiFuh: i think the default policy is 7 days, no worries20:04
SiFuhpedja_hpmini: and my laptop is dying before its 3rd birthday20:04
SiFuhyeah that i7 with 64gb of ram20:05
TimB_mostly keybindings that help with the workflow, color scheme might not be your thing, and it does do some heavy modding on the defaults, so you might not want to copy those directly or without taking a deeper look20:05
SiFuhTimB_: pretty much I design everything myself. Ideas are good though20:06
TimB_so you know what you are up to20:07
SiFuhanother URL20:07
TimB_this is showing tmux inside tmux btw20:07
TimB_oh, fuck. sorry, look it up the log when you have X?20:07
jaegerSiFuh: you can always see it in the logs20:08
TimB_the url is in the topic20:08
SiFuhTimB_: I wrote it down by pencil20:08
SiFuhjaeger: yes, I could ;-) but the long dormant skills of using a pen/pencil has expired and someone in the human race may need to re-aquire the skill to teach to the stoneage future ancestors after the long awaited nuclear war20:09
jaegerhopefully that won't be in our lifetimes20:10
SiFuhwhats that bright light I see over yonder?20:10
pedja_hpmini'I don't know how the ww3 will be fought, but ww4 will be fought with rocks and sticks'20:11
john_cephalopodaTimB_: Nested tmux in a tiled WM? Style! :D20:11
TimB_john_cephalopoda: lol :P20:11
TimB_yeah but three sessions is a pain tbh :D20:11
pedja_hpmini(paraphrasing Einstein)20:12
TimB_don't try that20:12
jaegerctrl-b for days20:12
TimB_it only works for two20:12
SiFuhpedja_hpmini: ask Tom Lehrer he even wrote a song about it20:12
TimB_after that you have to send commands with tmux command over shell to the session20:12
jaegerI've never tried deeper than 2 myself, heh20:12
TimB_yeah i was bummed at first :D20:12
SiFuhpedja_hpmini: that will probably be true    rocks and sticks20:12
TimB_but tmux is just great.. tmux <command> -t<session>20:13
pedja_hpminiSiFuh, never heard of him, I'll check it out :)20:13
SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: don't spoil it for me  I haven't seen it yet20:13
TimB_i use tmuxinator to set up and manage default sessions as well20:13
jaegerTom Lehrer wrote many great songs20:13
john_cephalopodaThe song "New Math" was really popular here a few years back.20:14
SiFuhpedja_hpmini: he was a mathematician who decided that the money he earned as a maths teacher in Uni was so little he could earn more with satirical  music    I like his songs  New Math, Old and Gray, Polution, Woernervon braugn.  I probably spelt them all wrong20:15
stenuri wish i could split windows the way you can do with panes (eg side by side).20:16
john_cephalopodaWernher von Braun20:16
stenurDanke nein.20:16
SiFuhTimB_: if I want to open multiple Tmux sessions  can I have a config file to do it? or do I need a script?20:16
TimB_stenur: take a tiling wm20:16
john_cephalopodastenur: Doch.20:17
jaegerPoisoning Pigeons in the Park20:17
TimB_SiFuh: i use tmunixnator for that, which is a ruby script20:17
john_cephalopodajaeger: Oh, that one is great, too.20:17
SiFuhjaeger: Tom Lahrer is a legend in my books. Always will be.20:17
TimB_SiFuh: you can create session configs and save them, then start them. attach them with tmux att -t<NAME>20:17
stenurThat is stolen from Georg Kreisler.20:17
stenurTauben vergiften im Parl.20:18
SiFuhI liked his song about world war 320:18
stenurTimB_: I do not want a tiling wm, i have only one terminal window open.20:18
SiFuhTimB_: so like I do with screen?     screen -c .screenirc20:18
stenurjohn_cephalopoda: sigh.20:18
jaegerjust make your terminal your "wm" :)20:19
SiFuh#crux become so active text is scrolling like a world war 2 teletypist20:19
TimB_SiFuh: not really sure if it's the same. what do you define in .screenirc?20:19
SiFuhTimB_:   screen -t freenode 1 irssi -c freenode20:20
stenurAnd OpenBSD is really very, very slow. For example in kernel list nodes are randomized, at least some (i saw that patch on the ML, at least)20:20
SiFuhstenur: extremely slow20:21
stenurAh, i am so happy with this new box and qemu/kvm. So much faster; SiFuh: oh yes, really. Testing there was a pain.20:22
TimB_SiFuh: tmuxinator can do more complexer stuff, but this might not require that20:22
TimB_if you just start irssi, it might be a single command as well20:23
TimB_i would make an alias for that with zsh if i were you i think20:23
TimB_replace zsh with whatever floats your terminal20:23
SiFuhI'll look into it    but now is beer and hug my girl ;-)20:24
SiFuhi hate bash and yet it is a disease20:24
SiFuheverywhere i look is bash. I try to uninstall it  complains it is a system dependcy20:25
pedja_hpminiTimB_, tmuxinator is written in Ruby, right?20:25
TimB_pedja_hpmini: yes20:25
pedja_hpminiI am surprised, for such widely used tool, tmux still doesn't have native session management20:26
TimB_works great for me, very versatile and nice to configure complexer pane layouts and so on20:26
stenurSiFuh: yeah, even it would really be needed for the rc scripts, but the arrays.20:26
TimB_i could only guess about why is that. do they need to have it? it's certainly nice to have though20:27
stenurmksh could that too. Then again i need it anyway, for testing and dehydrated (lets encrypt).20:27
TimB_SiFuh: when you have a look at my config, look at the mouse menu crap i mention in there. this drove me insane, it's currently on their beta branch and it makes a right click open a menu which can also close the whole pane :D20:28
TimB_having a trigger happy mouse is doing the rest. boom goes your irssi session :D20:28
pedja_hpminiconfig option to remap or disable ctrl-Q is one of the most requested things in FF20:33
pedja_hpminiargh. chrome starting gnome-keyring on startup is annoying20:35
pedja_hpminipersistent bugger, too, have to click cancel 3 times20:36
*** dlcusa has quit IRC20:56
*** dlcusa has joined #crux21:57
*** pedja_hpmini has quit IRC21:59
*** onodera has quit IRC22:07
*** ebisu has joined #crux22:37
ebisudoes anyone have experience booting crux's installer with coreboot22:37
ebisui have no way to install it on my new laptop which already has coreboot installed22:37
ryuoebisu: what is coreboot booting?22:39
ebisuGRUB payload22:39
ebisuI hate GRUB but i didnt install it my friend did22:39
ryuook... so why can't you use that?22:39
ebisuit fails to find the grub config on the flash drive22:40
ebisuwhen i try to chainload it22:40
ebisui know the flash drive works ebcause it boots into grub on other PCs22:40
ryuoErm.. flash drive? is the ISO even a hybrid?22:40
ebisui dunno, can i not use it via USB?22:40
joacimi've always used it via usb22:41
ryuofrom what i recall that only works if the grub config is available...22:41
ryuothough i never stopped to look at how it boots.22:41
joacimdd'd to the usb, then booted with that22:41
ryuowell, coreboot works differently...22:41
ebisuI dont know much about coreboot. Im actually wanting to try Crux for the first time on this machine. Im a long time Slackware user.22:41
ryuoit boots a payload, in this case grub.22:41
ryuoit's not a regular BIOS.22:41
ebisui dont really distrohop so this has a lot of thought put into it22:42
ryuois this libreboot?22:42
ebisuon a T42022:42
ryuo... talk about ancient.22:42
ryuobut anyway. let me grab the crux iso. it's not like ubuntu ones...22:42
ebisuhe corebooted it so he could put an unsupported ivy bridge in it22:42
ebisuit works great22:43
ebisuhe ran gentoo on it iirc22:43
ebisualso i wouldnt call a T420 ancient, I have a W500 in active commission right now22:43
ryuohas the coreboot been updated in a long time...22:44
ryuomakes me wonder.22:44
ebisuit was installed no less than 6 months ago22:44
ryuoso what options do you have from first boot?22:45
ryuoyou may have to manually load it.22:45
ryuoI've only ever used the libreboot derivative.22:45
ebisuGNU/Linux with generic filenames and seperate boot, Parse ISOLINUX menu (USB), Scan for GRUB configurations on the internal HDD, Poweroff, Reboot22:46
ryuodid you try isolinux?22:46
ebisushould I?22:47
ebisuI used dd22:47
ebisuunetbootin uses isolinux right, i could try that22:47
ryuojust try isolinux option22:48
ebisuoh you mean the option22:48
ebisuim dum22:48
ryuoit does have isolinux on here so...22:48
ebisui tried and thats the thign that gave me the lack of config error22:48
ryuoit might work, but then it's not burnt to an optical disk.22:48
ebisuthis thing did not come with an optical disk, but a 2nd drive caddy instead22:48
ryuoyou may have to manually copy the files to an actual filesystem for this boot to work.22:48
ryuonot surprising.22:49
ryuobut USB cd drives are always an option.22:49
ryuothough i no longer need mine since i got my iodd...22:50
ryuobut anyway22:50
ryuono idea if this grub can load from an ISO filesystem but...22:50
ryuoon a flash drive22:50
ryuoOh... doubt it can after what i see here.22:51
ryuouhm yea...22:51
ryuoyou'll want to remake this drive and copy the ISO Contents over.22:51
ryuothen maybe it can find it.22:51
ryuothe regular method won't work because you're not using a regular BIOS.22:51
ryuowhat will work is loading the grub configuration from the filesystem but i think you need to copy them to a regular partition first.22:52
ebisuso copy everything on the dd'ed drive to a folder, format the drive ext4, then copy files back?22:52
ryuoif you can actually mount it...22:53
ryuootherwise just extracting them from the ISO would work.22:53
ryuothough this may cause problems as the installer environment expects an ISO filesystem...22:54
ryuoI think?22:55
ryuoI forget.22:55
ryuothis is why i ended up getting an iodd... so i don't have to mess with hacks like this to get something booting. i can just simulate the original boot media type instead...22:56
ryuoPlus it's amusing to see something boot from ISO like 10+ times faster than conventional optical drives.22:57
ebisuthanks for the advice, imma ask around coreboot irc if this doesnt work22:58
ebisutake care22:58
*** ebisu has quit IRC22:58
*** kvik has joined #crux23:08
*** Workster has joined #crux23:19

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