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jaegerI love the iodd thing, super useful01:44
jaegerfor reference, the ISO is hybrid and it uses syslinux for BIOS, grub2 for UEFI booting01:45
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ryuojaeger: did you use it before i first mentioned it here?02:44
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jaegerryuo: the iodd thing? Not sure, I don't remember when you mentioned it... but I've only had it a few months maybe04:00
also_uplimedoes anyone here manage I think someone in here linked me to it, and it looks to be down, so just thought i'd try04:55
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TimB_also_uplime: nick of the guy is weednix, he doesn't seem to be around right now, no idea. but i might have linked it06:32
xckoso I noticed /var/lib/pkg/prt-get.aliases, is that file used for defining aliases for dependencies? eg one could define libressl for openssl in it?06:36
TimB_xcko: yes06:36
xckoTimB_: cool thanks.06:37
also_uplimeTimB_: ah ok. i think you're right. if i see him around ill ping him about it06:50
TimB_also_uplime: maybe he is upgrading to 3.5, who knows :D06:54
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: flatpak: 1.4.2 -> 1.4.307:24
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RomsterSitri, resize2fs08:26
RomsterSiFuh, resize2fs08:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: iwd: update to 0.2109:23
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chinarulezzz__Hello everyone,12:27
chinarulezzz__what were the reasons to include linux-pam into core?12:27
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: steam-native-runtime: moved start ccript form steam to here13:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: steam: fixes for udev rules and move native out to steam-native-runtime13:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: firefox: 69.0 -> 69.0.113:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: sccache: 0.2.10 -> 0.2.1113:01
frinnstchinarulezzz__: flexibility with modern authentication solutions13:02
frinnsttl;dr: I needed it for work :)13:03
Romstermakes authentication easy?13:03
frinnstI use a yubikey to logon at work13:04
chinarulezzz__@frinnst: Did you include it because of this? =)13:15
chinarulezzz__I do not see this as a problem. It’s just interesting that CRUX (with its simplicity) included PAM into core. :)13:16
frinnstI voted for it because of that13:16
frinnstjaeger liked it also so we convinced jue :)13:16
chinarulezzz__democracy, lol13:17
chinarulezzz__thanks for answering, man ;-)13:17
TimB_i like pam also :)13:19
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kvikdoes anyone happen to have, or knows where to find, a port for legacy nvidia 390.x driver?13:34
kviki'd suppose if you did it'd be in ports, but doesn't cost much to ask anyway :P13:36
pedja_hpminithere is 390.129 in nvidias leap repo13:36
pedja_hpminisorry, wrong channel :)13:37
kvikpedja_hpmini: hehe, suse? :)13:37
pedja_hpminioops :)13:37
pedja_hpminikvik, you can adapt nvidia port to use that13:38
kvikyea, i was just looking for a lazy way out :)13:38
pedja_hpminiah, OK :)13:38
Romsterthe only issue is old nvidia probably wont use glvnd13:42
pedja_hpminiI am not sure when that was added to nvidia drivers13:43
Romsterhonestly was easier to get a newer video card than to frig around a legacy version13:43
pedja_hpminikepler one that I have is still supported by the main drivers, afaik13:44
pedja_hpmininot for much longer, I am pretty sure :)13:45
pedja_hpminioptix7 doesn't work with them, so I expect kepler moved to legacy in a couple of releases13:46
kvikso i'm to expect trouble? fwiw i've a gtx 56013:49
pedja_hpminiif I am reading debian package deps right, you should be ok13:52
pedja_hpminibest to check the README in the run file, for shipped components13:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libreoffice-bin: 6.2.5 -> 6.2.714:09
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SiFuhso if my LANG="en_US.UTF-8", the date command shows up n 12 hour time.15:17
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lealapshello, I am trying to create crux port just to play around with the concept, but I'm downloading source from the website that does not follow '$name-$version.tar.gz' naming and the downloaded file is named like "index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_download&gid=194". Should I just rename the file, create a mirror or just abandon that idea because it is just shitty and unsafe from the beginning?15:35
stenurYeah, having a mapping option would be very great. I asked for the same, jue said no, not available.15:37
lealapsso I'll just rename the file and unpack it manually I think15:37
pedja_hpminidepends on how often you'll update it15:38
lealapsI'm trying to install Lightworks from here: I don't know if I'll publish this port, but I want to install it on my machine through port to not create clutter15:39
lealapsI think they do not update it that often15:40
stenurSiFuh: the ISO/POSIX date etc commands are not really capable to display time and date as many, many cultures expect.15:40
stenurIt uses the Gregorian calendar, and period.  Only style adjustments happen based on that.15:41
SiFuhstenur: set it the en_GB.UTF-815:41
stenurYep, brits may measure the time in pennies.15:42
lealapsbut what about lunar calendar?15:42
lealapsthanks! :D15:43
TimB_curl -L or what was it?15:43
pedja_hpminiweb inspector thingie network tab in firefox15:44
pedja_hpminiTimB_, tbh didn't think of trying curl :)15:45
lealapsalso, for something different, some packages require "" and neither pango nor cairo packages provide it; where do you usually get it from?15:49
TimB_lealaps: you might need to rebuild some stuff :)15:50
lealapsxfdesktop fails for me now for that reason15:50
lealapsany tips? :D15:50
lealapsok, thank you15:51
TimB_there is a shorter version floation around the ml and the logs somewhere15:51
TimB_replace $* on line 4 with libpangocairo-1.0.la15:51
TimB_oh and get rid of -if -im -is :)15:52
lealapsok, I'll try it now15:52
TimB_you might need to do it again or for other libs as well.. that's why i saved it as a zsh function15:53
kvikha! nvidia-390 package successfuly built :)15:54
SiFuhstenur: en_US.UTF-8 =  Thu 19 Sep 2019 11:54:49 PM UTC    en_GB.UTF-8 =  Thu 19 Sep 23:56:10 UTC 201915:56
lealapsTimb_: thanks for the script, I added it to my .zshrc, now it recompiles exo and probably some other things, I'll let you know later if it worked15:57
TimB_lealaps: no problem15:58
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stenurI am wondering a bit why UTC is not 16:05.16:06
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SiFuhstenur: because I am lazy and change the time in bios when I change timezones16:08
SiFuhdamn it  now you made me want to set it properly..16:12
stenuri am all for having binary patch support for firefox updates.16:13
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pedja_hpminiare you on a limited data connection?16:16
stenurThat reminds me, i should create a port for the FreeBSD binary patch bsdiff/bspatch pair.16:16
stenurpedja_hpmini: both, bad quality and 4gb download/month limit (for high speed).16:17
stenurThose are ~15KB altogether.16:18
stenurpedja_hpmini: and then it is sad, 70 MB when the real diff is a megabyte or less, will look when updating to
pedja_hpminifreecad appimages use zsync, iirc16:19
pedja_hpminifor delta binary updates16:19
stenurzsync ..16:19
stenurOh. Hm. Yes, but i am all for Unix do one thing and do it good.  bsdiff + curl then.16:21
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pedja_hpmini69->69.0.1 delta is 6Mb16:29
stenurHey.  They offer that.16:31
stenurHm, what is .mar?  My firefox .tar.bz2 is 66 MB.16:31
stenurBut 6 MB is more than i thought.16:32 is a monster.16:39
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SiFuhAnyone can explain why if my bios is set to UTC and I live in a GMT+8 zone I have to link localtime to a GMT-8 instead of +8 ?17:26
jaegerYou don't, that doesn't make sense17:41
jaegerMore likely hwclock needs to be told about it17:41
SiFuhsudo hwclock 2019-09-20 01:45:56.810747+08:00               /etc/localtime -> /usr/share/zoneinfo/Etc/GMT-817:46
jaegeroh, actually that IS a thing. once again timezone handling coughs up a new thing that makes me scratch my head17:48
jaeger" In order to conform with the POSIX style, those zone names beginning with "Etc/GMT" have their sign reversed from the standard ISO 8601 convention. In the "Etc" area, zones west of GMT have a positive sign and those east have a negative sign in their name (e.g "Etc/GMT-14" is 14 hours ahead of GMT.)"17:48
jaegerI stand corrected17:48
TimB_mystery solved it seems17:49
SiFuhI agree with your original commend "that doesn't make sense"17:49
stenurIt seems i misunderstood.17:49
jaegerSo maybe it makes more sense to use one of the "Asia/*" zones like "Asia/Hong_Kong"17:51
jaegeror "Australia/Perth" if that's your thing17:52
SiFuhjaeger: use to, but it kind of annoyed me being set to Kuala Lumpur and sitting in a hotel in Singapore or China17:52
SiFuhfsck Australia hate that place17:52
SiFuhI usually work in +10, +8, +7 and +5. So that is only 4 options rather than changing to every country/city I go to17:53
SiFuhthe - and + thing is no big issue  I just though it weird17:53
jaegervery weird17:59
jaegermy opinion on computer time handling is "hic sunt dracones"18:00
stenurDoesn't that apply to time keeping in general?18:01
stenurI for one am still hoping for widespread deliverance of TAI atomic time plus UTC leapsecond offset together.18:02
stenurWhat is @792?18:02
SiFuhI remember when that internet time was going to be a thing. I had my irssi modified with a shell script for it. Still running today18:02
SiFuhstenur: internet clock18:02
stenurSiFuh: aha. Never heard of it before.18:05
pedja_hpminiSwatch time18:06
dbrookeprt-get listinst | grep weed18:07
dbrookelet me type that over there ->18:08
SiFuhThis tmux is pretty cool. Now I just got to remember the 1 million commands and find a way to save my sessions so that I can launch them all in one go18:09
pedja_hpminitmuxinator, tmuxp. there is probably a shell based one :)18:11
pedja_hpminiSiFuh, The Tao of Tmux is pretty cool18:13
SiFuhpedja_hpmini: I was looking at Tmu Resurrect18:15
SiFuhThe Tao of Tmux is almost as big as the Mahabaratta18:16
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pedja_hpminiI only use a couple of commands with tmux. for the rest, <prefix>?18:18
pedja_hpmininot very advanced use, granted :)18:19
SiFuhI just want it to replace roxterm :-P18:20
pedja_hpminihave you tried terminator?18:20
jaegerI have a beats time counter in my bitbar config on my work mac, heh. Silly but I like it18:21
pedja_hpminiheh, nice. I had ddate installed for a long time18:25
SiFuhunder my name18:26
TimB_SiFuh: the tao of tmux is also a bit dated :)18:27
TimB_be wary, if they didn't update it stuff might fail with recent tmux versions18:27
SiFuhMy head is failing from all the commands18:31
pedja_hpminithere is a tl;dr at
SiFuhctrl+b ctrl+t18:33
stenurI had a smart watch in the 80s. Hayek wanted to bring small cars with the small turbo motors a la japenese to Europe.18:39
stenur(In Japan above 600ccm3 or 666cm3 costs a lot of money.)18:39
stenurIt was his vision of a better urban mobility here in europe.18:40
stenurUnfortunately he could find noone who was willing to do that, not enough profit, too expensive.18:40
stenurAfter quite a lot of years Mercedes-Benz took parts of initiative and built (with whom?) a new-style factory in - France? / Elsaß?18:41
stenurSuper efficient. But it was a different car, and especially the engine concept was entirely different.18:42
SiFuhdamn it, I forgot how to attach to a session18:42
stenurToday Smart is actually a joint in between them and Renault, who now sale mysteriousified Twingos. (No towing, for example.)18:43
stenurHayek was pretty much unhappy. Not to say sad. "Entirely different", that much i remember.18:43
stenurSiFuh: tmux a?18:45
SiFuhyeah read the man page again18:46
SiFuhok brb18:49
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