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xckoxmlto is a dep of xdg-utils01:59
also_uplimewould be safe to follow for setting up an X11 desktop?02:23
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also_uplimeI didn't see a crux-specific one in the wiki02:23
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xckoyes it should be02:24
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frinnst2doh, broken ptr07:53
frinnst2still havent figured out how to organize a /32 in dns :)07:54
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SiFuhIf anyone is interested in looking at a virtualbox binary port
TimB_SiFuh: line 28, i think every xdg compliant program will do that, not just unity and nautilus which isn't around anyway :) but mates filemanager caja, xfces thunar, and what else we might have08:44
TimB_does the second symlink in line 38 really make any difference? is it needed?08:46
SiFuhmight want to remove VirtualBox out of line 102 as well08:46
SiFuhTimB_: as fas I am concerned, a lot of those links were overboard. Virtualbox made a few to many I thought.08:47
SiFuhThat is why it is up there for someone who writes ports to use and change as they see fit.08:47
TimB_maybe jaeger can tell, he is a vbox user. i am just making uneducated guesses :)08:48
SiFuhAll I want is to use a pure CRUX system with only a couple of extra ports installed such as fluxbox and virtualbox and nothing else.08:50
TimB_ok, shouldn't be that much of a problem08:51
SiFuhI just wanted to make sure I knew where virtual box shoved crp so i could remove it easily. Instead of folling that huge list they put in /etc/vbox/filelist08:53
TimB_yeah, makes sense08:54
SiFuhon a clean CRUX install with nothing else the link doesn't exist. So /opt/VirtualBox/ wil suffice09:05
frinnstoh cool. if you run qemu -spice port=whatever etc it binds to
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: iproute2: update to 5.3.009:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: links: update to 2.20.209:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: expat: update to 2.2.909:39
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: xorg-libxvmc: update to 1.0.1209:42
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juexcko: thanks, done11:53
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: [notify] php: update to 7.3.1013:11
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joacimfree badger13:41
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TimB_nice case!17:10
joacimgot a black one for my pi3 too17:11
TimB_i recently found flirc, as a brand for raspi cases17:11
TimB_the top of the case acts as a heatsink, which is quiet interesting17:12
john_cephalopodaI got a flirc for my Pi3.17:13
joacimseen those too. they look nice17:13
john_cephalopodaWorks really well.17:13
joacimgoing for a 5V Noctua for cooling on this one, eventually17:14
TimB_joacim: have you seen the tower cooler solution? ;D17:14
SiFuh:-(  I only have a Beelink Gemini J4517:14
SiFuhTimB_: bahaha17:15
TimB_i know :D17:15
TimB_ guess this one wins it though17:16
joacimyeah seen the tower thing =)17:17
joacimwonder what kind of tophats and cases it is compatible with17:18
TimB_SiFuh: ... :D17:19
joacimnow this is a whiny little fan17:21
SiFuhTimB_ I hate those doc-related pkgs ._.     2019-02-21.log.html17:25
SiFuhYeah so do I..17:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: fluidsynth 2.0.5 -> 2.0.617:25
TimB_john_cephalopoda: do you know you can download named files from github? looking at fluidsynth (thanks btw) :)17:28
TimB_change v$version.tar.gz to v$version/$name-$version.tar.gz and it won't have a problem with possible conflicting files at some point17:29
john_cephalopodaOh, nice, thanks.17:30
TimB_np :)17:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: fluidsynth: Switching to named tarball17:37
TimB_the following ports in contrib show the same: sslscan synergy libvdpau-va-gl ocamlbuild (tek), vobcopy thin-provisoning-tools jack (romster), feedparser (j_v)17:44
TimB_i had this happening for me before with libmypaint or whatever and some other crap, since then i always look out for that17:45
SiFuh  This custom kernel looks suspiciously like the configuration of the kernel in Slackware.17:48
SiFuhjaeger: trying to install gtk-doc. I was sure I had a problem with it last year and you had helped me out. Couldn't remember what it was. Found out it was post install scripts in docbook-{xml,xsl}. Funny that, I remember clearly for the last two days about your words saying that I should check the post-install scripts and I had been for everything until I got stuck with gtk-doc :-)18:03
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jaegerTimB_: I have one of the flirc kodi cases, I like it18:53
jaegerSiFuh: the docbook stuff is always an annoyance... sometimes it doesn't work even if you run the post-installs :/18:53
SiFuhjaeger: yes, I can't remember which distro it was that I ran into it last week as well. But anyways thanks for the second time18:55
jaegerNo problem :)18:55
SiFuhnow  console based network manager, prefer not to use networkmanager's nmcli and wicd doesn't work18:56
jaegerI've never had good results with wicd either18:57
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SiFuhI think only in antiX and MX Linux did it work :-P18:58
SiFuhand nmcli? May as well just use command line.  I am looking for a cursors based manager so that I can connect a little faster to networks than using command line18:59
jaegerI use iwd currently for wireless stuff19:03
pedja_hpmini0nm applet, because i am lazy :)19:08
SiFuhpedja_hpmini0: yeh me too, but I am stripping everything off this computer I am designing19:08
SiFuhwatching the video with this clown
SiFuhjaeger: this iwd might be ok19:15
pedja_hpmini0connman look interesting19:19
pedja_hpmini0arch has netcli, written in Bash, but depends on systemd(of course)19:20
SiFuhused it in the past for about 1 month and then deleted it   can't remember why though19:20
SiFuhwawrzek's ports have connman19:25
abenzquite interesting that a highend bulldozer era motherboard has 6 PCIE slots19:29
abenzwhile current gen x570 have 3 or 4 at most19:30
jaegerthey've realized most people have zero need for that many19:30
abenzeven threadripper boards (that ive seen so far) have only 5 slots19:30
abenzjaeger: setups like VMs with vifo/pcie passthru could use those slots19:31
jaegerSure, but that's a TINY niche in the market19:31
abenzie pass a gpu, a multimedia card (that has usb, audio ports..), this makes two gone. Main host needs 1 slot for GPU, 1 for a nice NIC, or special audio card19:32
abenztouche, still I thought I'd see some boards with more slots, especially on threadripper, given the huge amount of lanes available19:33
joacimasus has some WS boards with a lot of slots19:35
joacimbut most graphics cards being dual slot behemoths, for a desktop centric motherboard, 4 slots of probably enough19:35
joacimmy ATX board has 4 full length slots, and one 1x slot19:36
joacimwould be nice to have another, but then i would lose one m.219:37
abenzjoacim: what board?19:38
joacim Taichi/
joacimi use 2 slots atm. sometimes i have a third in there for playing with19:39
abenzI see19:39
joacimnot enough lanes i think, but overkill for most people19:41
abenzand its an intel board19:41
abenzyup, only 4 unfortunately19:42
abenzthe gigabyte x570 master seems to be a great pick for passthru setups (good iommu groups)19:48
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: ostree: 2019.3 -> 2019.420:18
TimB_SiFuh: regarding a console networkmanager client, nmtui20:20
also_uplimedoes crux have an equivalent to /etc/portage/make.conf ?20:21
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stenurIs this a glibc bug: printf 'H\u00f6lle\n'|iconv -f utf8 -t latin121:55
stenurmusl behaves same. (In an UTF-8 locale.)21:58
stenurStupid me.22:01
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jaegeralso_uplime: not really, just pkgmk.conf22:48
also_uplimehm, ok22:48
also_uplimei'll fiddle around with the x11 packages then, thanks!22:49
lealapshello, can someone please tell if my first port looks fine? :D
john_cephalopodaHi lealaps22:55
john_cephalopodaLooking over it rn.22:57
lealapsthanks :D I tried to unpack .deb file and place everything where I think it should be in crux22:58
john_cephalopodalealaps: There is a ":" missing after "Description", and you could maybe make it a bit more descriptive :รพ23:00
john_cephalopodaMaybe "A professional video editor."23:00
john_cephalopodaAfter building, you can run "prtverify" (from the prt-utils package) to check a few things.23:02
jaegerIt seems odd to install all files as 75523:02
john_cephalopodaWhen run over your version of the port, it returned "ERROR  ports/lightworks ......... header not found: Description", which lead me to the missing double-colon :)23:02
TimB_and: findredundantdeps23:03
lealapsok, thanks, I'll use findredundantdeps and check permissions23:05
lealapsI updated the description23:05
lealapsok, findredundantdeps returned something, I removed those23:07
lealapsthanks a lot for help, I think I'll put together a few more multimedia related ports and try to start a repo then23:07
TimB_do it :>23:08
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