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SiFuhTimB_: I'd didn't even know nmtui was part of networkmanager03:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: qtwebengine: Fix QWebEnginePage visibility state, Fix build with pulseaudio 1306:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: ffmpeg: 4.2 -> 4.2.106:46
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: Revert "xorg-libxvmc: update to 1.0.12"08:22
TimB_SiFuh: it's pretty okay for a console client. lacks some functionality, but you can work around that if everything is configured for the networks you use08:23
SiFuhI didn't want to install Network Manager as it adds another 11 ports to install it08:24
SiFuhand NetworkManager Openvpn installs a further 12 ports08:27
SiFuhso in total I'd have to install 25 ports just to connect to the internet :-P08:29
TimB_for me, working with the universities wifi was a hassle without, that's why i switched to it. works great fwiw08:32
SiFuhAlso if I wanted to install nm-applet I'd also need a further 9 ports so we are looking at 35 ports all together.  That is why I was looking for a good curser verion. Anyways, it won't be a drama. I think NetworkManager is quite good anyway08:33
jueSiFuh: I wouldn't do that neither, currently I'm using iwd without abything else08:34
SiFuhjue: yes, jaeger mentioned it. I was thinking of using iwd since it it doesn't require anything on a default CRUX install except itself08:35
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SiFuh_weird, I just saw myself join before i quit.08:45
TimB_SiFuh_: can you share a pack of whatever you are having? :D08:45
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TimB_lealaps: btw, i fixed my start up issues with flatpaks. seems like i needed to fix fontconfig, i wasn't able to produce a valid cache with the official port and i am currently trying it with some ubuntu patches which solved the issue08:48
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SiFuhinnacomm w7100n08:51
SiFuhthe interent is so bad in Malaysia for the last few years and the routers are worse08:52
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TimB_SiFuh: thanks for sharing10:05
SiFuhI laughed how he compared it to windows 9510:09
SiFuhThe part where he was talking about building layer upon layer upon layer to keep up with new technology10:10
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pedja_hpminiplumbing issues are fun11:06
frinnstyet wifi is dull and shit11:31
pedja_hpminiheh. the majority of wifi issues I dealt with so far were due to poor drivers11:41
pedja_hpminibroadcom, mostly11:42
pedja_hpminione of the quicker 'fixes' for wifi performance was locking that network down :)11:45
pedja_hpminitheir neighbors were not amused, I think11:45
pedja_hpminiplumbing, otoh11:47
pedja_hpminitap breaks, get a new one, close water, replace it, open water.simple, right?11:47
pedja_hpminibut now one of valves is leaking. replace that, now the shower won't work suddenly11:48
pedja_hpminidismantle shower tap thingie, clean it up, now it works. yay11:50
pedja_hpmini'no protocol specified'. thanks xorg, that clears that up11:55
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: msmtp: update to 1.8.613:54
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lealapsI finally managed to update xfdesktop, it was searching for "" which is provided by "pango-compat" port, but at the same time "pango-compat" provides older version of pango (1.34 vs 1.44 which is current) so xfdesktop didn't compile, so I just copied "" from /usr/lib/pango-compat to /usr/lib and adjusted it manually to point to the current version of "pango", then removed "pango-compat" and did "ln -15:06
lealapss /usr/lib /usr-lib/pango-compat", which is a dirty hack, and now it compiles; also "pango" uses "meson" to do the build and it does not generate ".la" files. Something is messy around there I think.15:06
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emmett1Crux should already dump this trash libtool files. Nowaday many software switched build system to meson.16:24
pedja_hpminimany still use autotools16:31
emmett1Still dont need "*.la" files16:35
emmett1Only imagemagick need "*.la" files16:35
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pedja_hpminiiirc, there was a talk about removing them at some point16:36
pedja_hpminithat would be an interesting experiment. nuke them, see what breaks :)16:37
pedja_hpminiafaik, most software is looking at *.pc files these days16:38
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emmett1I'm thinking about making *.la free crux16:40
emmett1Maybe someday16:40
pedja_hpminishare your experiences if you do :)16:40
emmett1Btw i already rolling my own distribution with *.la free16:40
emmett1No problem at all so far16:41
emmett1Just need to purge all *.la files at the beginning bootstrap the distro16:41
pedja_hpminithat script might be handy for that16:43
emmett1Yeah, blfs has a script to overcome this libtool problem16:44
emmett1I never use it bcoz i already ditch *.la at the beginning bootstrap16:44
emmett1That script is suitable when a case like lealaps faced16:45
emmett1Btw, does pkgadd.conf accept 'INSTALL' to exclude files when installing16:48
SiFuhI wonder if Gobolinux was inspired by the Fraggles.. hmm17:06
joacimthis grandiosa was not great. still hungry17:13
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lealaps" The XCB util modules provides a number of libraries which sit on top of libxcb, the core X protocol library, and some of the extension libraries. These experimental libraries provide convenience functions and interfaces which make the raw X protocol more usable. Some of the libraries also provide client-side code which is not strictly part of the X protocol but which have traditionally been provided by Xlib.  If you find any of these lib17:33
lealapsraries useful, please let us know what you're using and why you aren't in a mental hospital yet."17:33
lealapsare they really that bad? :D17:33
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: mono: ->
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: liblangtag: 0.6.2 -> 0.6.317:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: qownnotes: 19.9.11 -> 19.9.1917:35
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: nextcloud-client: 2.5.3 -> 2.6.018:10
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pedja_hpmini"Rabbits just want to die." Bake Off gone dark for a moment.18:59
joacimnot a single mention of quake on the front page19:01
joacimwhat kind of fps and gaming site is that?19:01
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stenuroh-ho-ho, careful with that axe:
stenurRabbits just want to die, eh?19:02
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pedja_hpminijoacim, do you remember the name of the, I think, Warsow(?) fork that's Steam-only?19:06
joacimwarfork =)19:07
joacimvery simple19:07
pedja_hpminireally :)? nice19:07
joacimthey finally put it up for non-steam now19:07
joacimon github19:07
joacimthis account used to be something else19:08
joacimsome drug induced quake engine game19:08
joacimi guess they was able to take over the name or something19:08
pedja_hpmininice quote on github page19:09
tilmanhas this been mentioned here before?
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joacimnot sure if it was here19:29
joacimsaw it linked somewhere19:29
pedja_hpminiSweden has a lot of death metal bands? must be the long and cold winters :)19:31
pedja_hpmini{death, dark, speed/ minimal/thrash metal bands19:32
pedja_hpminiquite a few sub-genres, apparently19:35
tilmanpedja_hpmini: a) (old school) swedish death metal, defined by their guitar sound  b) melodic death metal originated in the gothenburg metal scene =)19:38
tilman(the thunberg speech turned music is neither really :p)19:39
pedja_hpminicouple of friends of mine were part of that scene 20+ years ago19:40
pedja_hpminiin the band, and all19:40
pedja_hpminiwild after-parties :) or so I've heard...19:41
tilmanwow, that makes you semi-famous? ;)19:45
pedja_hpmininot really :)19:45
pedja_hpminiI am more of a techno/trance/d'n'b/etc type19:46
pedja_hpminitilman, just to clarify, 'that scene' = 'Serbian metal scene' :)19:48
tilmani assumed so. tbh i don't know a single band from serbia19:49
joacimI think Ulver improved by dropping black metal and going with more electronic styles of music19:50
pedja_hpminitilman, local boys
tilmanjoacim: that ulver guy... my jaw dropped when i read he did vocals on a carpenter brut song :D19:52
joacimwhich one? =)19:52
tilmanCheerleader Effect, off the Leather Teeth album19:53
tilmanthe guy being Garm (of course?)19:53
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tilmanpedja_hpmini: psychoparadox sounds nice19:58
pedja_hpminiiirc, their bass player is amazing on the acoustic guitar :)20:13
joacimxfiles season 3 is pretty good20:18
joacimalso has some nice episodes where mulder is the skeptic20:18
pedja_hpminix-files MoTw episodes were often much more fun then their season arc ones, imho20:21
pedja_hpminiI like that series20:39
joacimmead is something i want to get into20:44
joacimlooks easy to brew20:44
pedja_hpminithey recommend 6 months between brewing it and drinking it :)20:45
joacimwaiting is the hard part20:46
pedja_hpminiah, it's 'medovina' in Serbian.20:49
joacimgot some spiced distilled alcohols?20:50
pedja_hpminisome people put some herbs in rakija, afaik20:55
pedja_hpminispices are much more common in 'cooked' rakija or wine20:58
pedja_hpminipopular in the winter :)20:59
Anselmoyou mean the hot wines or like, brandy,21:00
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pedja_hpminiwikipedia page explains it much better :)21:02
Anselmoah yes, this I have had, seems a commonthing in many places21:03
Anselmogluvine and vin fiert and all that21:03
joacimcant think of any nordic brandys21:06
joacimwe have our akevitt, which is based on potatoes or grain21:06
Anselmoah, those arent brandys just hot spiced wines21:06
frinnstmead is disgusting21:09
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joacimmany different ones tho21:09
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joacimEiker makes a nice one. simple without any extra juice to sweeten it up21:10
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pedja_hpminiACTION is drinking tea atm21:18
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