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ryuoif anyone's bored, someone posted this challenge in another channel. Challenge: invert the function f(x) = 2 * min(x, 12) + 1 * (x - min(x, 12)). solution is here if you want to peek at it:
][_R_][If you look at the output it looks pretty simple03:58
][_R_][Yup, okay, I got the exact same solution03:59
][_R_][x = (function(a) { return Array.prototype.concat.apply([],>>n*a.length+m))) })([0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11]) // if you want a really large array of numbers to work with in JS03:59
][_R_][, 20) // Shows you 0-19 applied to the function: function f(x) { return 2 * Math.min(x, 12) + 1 * (x - Math.min(x, 12)) }04:00
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frinnstfailover cluster up 6 years 116 days07:29
frinnstgood sign it should be replaced, eh?07:29
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TimB_anybody got a good (and compatible? :B) replacement for Microsoft Project?07:47
ryuoTimB_: probably not.07:50
TimB_ryuo: yeah, probably not. need that for a uni course07:50
ryuoACTION imagines TimB_ running a single course on a unicycle.07:50
TimB_ryuo: do you have a pass for one of those fancy dispensaries by any chance? :P07:54
TimB_you seem creative from time to time ;)07:55
ryuoI've just refined my puns for years.07:56
TimB_i am currently looking at rationalplan single, not opensource, but claims to be compatible with ms project07:58
ryuoi'd take that with a grain of salt.07:59
ryuolibreoffice still struggles with MS office documents.07:59
TimB_i think lo doesn't have anything for projects07:59
TimB_and yes, it does07:59
TimB_with some special/fancy stuff at least08:00
ryuomy point is that only the original software can claim 100% compatibility.08:00
ryuofor college? don't take the chance, just use their stupid software and call it a day.08:00
ryuoyou don't want to waste time if you run into issues.08:00
ryuoi've used VMs for that crap before.08:01
ryuomore or less works.08:01
ryuoyou can probably get a free or discount windows 10 license as a student.08:01
ryuoM$ does that here...08:02
ryuoit's why i have a windows 10 education license.08:02
ryuothough i don't use it much.08:02
TimB_ryuo: you can buy oem licences in germany for around 4€08:03
TimB_and it's legal08:03
TimB_for windows/office/whatever08:03
ryuoTimB_ the software pirate. Arg.08:03
TimB_it's legal08:04
TimB_court ruled it is08:04
ryuoin that case.08:04
ryuoTimB_ the software privateer.08:05
TimB_rofl, yeah08:05
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kviki bought a bunch of these OEM licenses for work machines10:22
kvikthey work just fine, both office and windows10:22
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SiFuhI can't get iwd to work. I launched dbus and iwd and it runs and then complaines about  renaming the interface which of course I wan't to keep as the original wlp2s0. Then I run iwctl and scan networks, and go to connect and it says 'operation not supported'11:41
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jueSiFuh: who complains about renaming the interface, guess it's udev?13:28
jueif you are using the contrib port, you can try to add "-i wlp2s0" to OPTS_WIFI13:33
jaegeryeah, those rename messages are udev13:39
pedja_hpminidoes iwd require some specific things enabled in kernel config?13:39
pedja_hpminicrypto stuff or something?13:39
jaegerIt does need a few things and it tells you which ones if they're missing13:40
pedja_hpminiah, nice13:40
jueI'd say s/few/several/ :)13:45
SiFuhwell I had one complaint and I enabled it in the kernel already  something about his masters voice crypto something.13:50
SiFuhbut everything runs  just when I go to connect it says "Operation not supported"13:51
SiFuhjue: thanks, I will try that -i option.13:52
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monarrkHello! I was having some trouble with connecting to the internet after installing Linux 5.2.17. `iwconfig` only shows 3 devices: lo, sit0, and enp0s25, none of them having wireless extensions. Has anyone else had trouble with this?16:05
z3bradoes dmesg shows that your card is found?16:10
monarrkdo you have something I could search for so I can use grep?16:12
SiFuhdmesg |grep Wireless16:12
monarrkI can't really paste it because I need to use a different computer to chat here, but the Network controller is `02:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Wireless 7260 (rev 73)`16:15
SiFuhiwlconfig enabled in kernel?16:15
SiFuhiwlwifi i mean sorry16:16
monarrkI don't think so16:20
monarrkas modprobe iwlwifi returns an error16:20
SiFuhWhen you configured your kernel you should have enabled the wifi card you have16:23
SiFuhGoing off memory,  Device drivers -> Networking -> Wireless16:24
SiFuhand you will see a few Intel options down there.16:24
monarrkAh! I'll recompile and test this out. Thank you16:26
SiFuhand also check out Networking Support -> Wireless -> and make sure some of the cfg80211 and mac80211 is enabled16:27
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monarrkit still fails16:38
SiFuhdoes 'ip a'  show a wireless card?16:39
SiFuhdoes 'rfkill' show a wireless card?16:41
monarrkstill the same list of lo, enp0s25, and sit016:41
monarrkit doesn't show anything16:41
monarrkwith `list all` appended as well16:41
SiFuhThen it is probably your kernel16:41
monarrkI changed the settings as you said so I'm not sure what else to try16:42
stenurMaybe it is a new driver under staging/. Have you looked there?16:48
monarrkoh dammit I think I chose the wrong card in menuconfig16:49
monarrkI selected support for all the cards listed and we're working now16:49
SiFuhYeah the main options    CFG80211=m CFG80211_WEXT=y MAC80211=m WLAN_80211=y IWLWIFI=y CONFIG_WLAN=y CONFIG_WLAN_VENDOR_INTEL=y CONFIG_IWLWIFI=y16:50
monarrkthanks for the help and sorry for being dummy16:50
SiFuhand the 7260 is supported in Linux16:50
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stenurSeems so.16:55
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SiFuhI remember this..17:19
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frinnstworse things to type in the wrong term window19:25
SiFuhhaha maybe19:26
frinnsti think you can find maybe 2 or 3 of my passwords in the #crux logs :-)19:26
SiFuhI've never done that before19:27
SiFuh Sat Dec 16 12:11:40 2017 12:55:06ø frinnst> muutt 12:55:13ø frinnst> wow wrong terminal AND a typo 12:55:52ø joacim> nice root password19:41
SiFuhabenz> you keep pasting your root passwords frinnst19:41
SiFuhcuriosity got the better of me19:42
joacimi did it once19:42
joacimi didn't really plan on changing any passwords that evening19:43
SiFuhhaha   maybe change your password to something like    /server Freenode     and no one would be the wiser ;-)19:43
frinnstgod damnit, time to rotate it to /server irc.quakenet.org19:44
joacimI already changed it to /partall19:44
joacimalso is a nice troll on norwegian irc channels =)19:44
joacimaccidentally joined quakenet a few months ago.19:45 vs. efnet.port80.se19:45
frinnstmaybe 10-15 years since i was a regular on quakenet19:46 ftw19:46
joacimdotn think i ever joined gaming communities on irc19:46
joacimjust linux and weeb shit19:46
frinnstI bought isdn in -99 to play quake2 with low ping19:47
frinnstfun times19:47
joacimi had single digit FPS in quake2 =)19:47
frinnstvoodoo2 in sli \o/ 1024*768 goodness19:48
SiFuhBEGIN LOGGING AT Sat Aug 25 04:39:42 2001 You are now talking on #crux19:49
SiFuhWow, year 2001 ;-) xchat logs19:50
SiFuhyou poor guys have been putting up with me for 18 yeas19:51
ryuoSiFuh: congratulations, you've only caught how many viruses by now?19:51
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SiFuhryuo: All my removable media are named after virus' and diseases for that very reason ;-)19:52
joacimi went through a few shells. lost most of my old logs19:52
joacimhad to delete logs on the first server i connected through, since i filled up my quota19:52
joacim--- Log opened Tue Nov 22 05:55:54 201119:54
joacimoldest log i have from here19:54
joacimbut all my logs in irssi starts at that date19:54 got renamed to freenode19:54
joacimbeen meaning to switch back to irssi, but been lazy about it19:54
SiFuhirssi is the best19:55
joacimcsgo is doing well on quakenet19:57
joacim#elite-dangerous too19:57
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