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ryuostupidest question i've seen in a long time04:44
ryuo"is there any way to install ubuntu server without partitions?"04:44
also_uplimeremind me to save some of the questions my customers have04:57
SiFuh_bahaha, it is possible but that is just dumb ;-)05:21
SiFuh_I remember back in 2001 setting up a 4GB hard drive as a backup drive. I didn't realize until a trip through the Chinese airport and losing my data that it had no partitions to begin with. I was always wondering why it mounted with out a partition letter05:23
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xckoI had download error for tig. changed the url to$name-$version/$name-$version.tar.gz06:19
xcko(tig is in the contrib repo - maybe I should have just emailed the maintainer)06:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: tig: fix source URL06:49
juexcko: thx06:50
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SiFuh_iwd has pissed me off! going to drink a beer to relax08:35
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: imagemagick: update to 7.0.8-6708:51
SiFuhjue: still haven't been able to get iwd to work on a default install09:41
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dlcusa_SiFuh, I'd start adding trace logic to the code to identify where and why it's determining the operation is invalid.12:30
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lealapshello, is there a way I could install one specific port from a specific repo without reordering repos in prt-get.conf ? I want to install x264 from "alan" repo (, but I don't want it to overlay an entire "contrib" repo13:11
lealapsand I want it to use Pkgfile from "alan" when updating so it won't revert to contrib after 'prt-get sysup'13:11
lealapsI tried "preferhigher yes" in "prt-get.conf" but it seems to do nothing13:12
lealapsin this case at least13:12
juesure, you can use something like: prtdir '/usr/ports/jue:ffmpeg' in prt-get.conf, or even 'prtdir /usr/ports/jue:samba,ffmpeg'13:14
juesee prt-get.conf(5) at the bottom13:16
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lealapsok, after I reordered 'alan' repo to overlay 'contrib', updated x264, reverted order back in prt-get.conf and used 'preferhigher yes' it seems to stick to the newer version, so I think maybe it is the answer :D13:21
jaegerSiFuh__: can't duplicate it here :/13:32
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juelealaps: have you seen what I've written above?13:44
lealapsjue: sorry, I missed it13:45
lealapsyeah, your way is cleaner, thanks! :D13:45
juenp, glad I coud help13:46
lealapsyeah, I overcomplicated this13:47
SiFuh__jaeger: I am wondering if something that iwd isn't complaining about is missing from the kernel14:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: ruby-doc: update to 2.6.514:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: [notify] ruby: update to 2.6.514:03
jueSiFuh__: I use the modules listed here ->
SiFuh__jue:  actually that was something I was meanign to ask. 'ell' is it used in CRUX?14:07
jueyeah, it's part of iwd source tarball14:09
SiFuh__jue:  what kernel version you running?14:10
juelatest 4.19 on my two laptops14:11
SiFuh__I see, I have all those modules enabled and I installed virgin CRUX with 5.3.17 kernel and only iwd14:12
SiFuh__sorr 5.2.17*14:12
chinarulezdoes anyone ran webkit2gtk-based browsers?14:14
pedja_hpminiSiFuh__, and your wifi works with wpa_supplicant?14:17
chinarulezeverything (surf, lariza, luakit) crashes for me.14:17
SiFuh__pedja_hpmini:  never tested because the idiot wifi setup next door is WEP14:18
pedja_hpminiah :)14:18
SiFuh__I had been meaning to log in and change it to WPA but every one will ahve to be notified   Maybe I can do that now14:18
chinarulezwrite(2, "web process terminated: crashed\n", 32web process terminated: crashed14:21
jueFTR, you can use wpa_supplicant with WEP as well, just set key_mgmt=NONE for the network14:22
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SiFuh__already changed the network to WPA it was actually bugging me knowing they had it set that way14:35
SiFuh__pedja_hpmini: wpa_supplicant works fine14:40
pedja_hpminiso it's probably some iwd issue14:42
pedja_hpminiit can scan for networks, but can't connect to them. hm.14:44
SiFuh__Actually I am a little annoyed. The iphone uses never had to update the connection info. They automatically rolled over from wep to wpa2.14:45
SiFuh__all the linux machines had to be re-configured14:45
pedja_hpminijustWorks[tm] :)14:45
SiFuh__pedja_hpmini: yep  that is the strange thing14:45
pedja_hpminidoesn't iwdctl, or however is called, have some debug switch?14:48
SiFuh__iwd works fine in artix, void and manjaro14:48
SiFuh__no  iwd -d   has14:48
pedja_hpminiif it works fine there, with the same wifi card, it's a config issue, perhaps14:50
pedja_hpmini'operation not supported' error isn't helping much14:51
SiFuh__iwd and dbus have all the same settings and permissions accross the distros   Manjaro and Artix are the only distros running a desktop with polkit    but void is running in console mode like crux and no xorg in void14:52
SiFuh__pedja_hpmini: only operation supported I could find was in the dbus.c file14:52
SiFuh__so I downloaded  4.19 latest, I am however currently compiling 5.2.17 as we speak with an updated kernel config. So I will check that out first and then 4.19 but if they fail, I might do a reinstall14:57, similar to what docker has iirc, would be handy for iwd port :)15:02
pedja_hpminior any port that relies on kernel configured the certain way, for that matter15:04
SiFuh__Well as jaegar says, when you run 'iwd' it tells you what is missing in the kernel. I was going to take a photo of it for you when I was running a highly stripped down kernel. But couldn't as I am using my phone for the internet on the laptop15:05
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pedja_hpminishitload of modules is one of the reasons kernel took 40min to compile on my potatoputer, I guess15:45
pedja_hpminithe exact same time as blender :)15:47
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joacimshare config =)15:55
joacimand kernel version15:55
pedja_hpminiany kernel version, pretty much :)15:57
pedja_hpminionce I get the desktop back up, I'll give you the .config15:58
joacimso i can compare15:58
pedja_hpminiI am curious how long would it take on a modern machine15:58
joacimwant to see how my e3 1220lv3 fares15:59
pedja_hpminimaybe I'll boot systemrescuecd on it tonight, and use sshfs to transfer some stuff over here16:03
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pedja_hpminimailbox must be full by now :)16:05
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pedja_hpminithis is interesting
pedja_hpminiserver auction thingie17:51
kvikpedja_hpmini: i'm renting one of those low-end 30 euro deals18:09
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kvikthey are pretty awesome18:09
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kviki haven't found any other provider with machines going for that cheap and without stupid initial setup fees or other tricks18:11
pedja_hpminikvik, nice18:12
pedja_hpminithat's some pretty nice hw for that price18:13
pedja_hpminikvik, what OS are you running on those?18:15
kvikpedja_hpmini: smartos18:15
pedja_hpminiah, cool18:15
pedja_hpminihow's that setup? smartos running on a separate drive, with a hd pool attached?18:18
kvikwas about to mention :)18:18
kviki'm paying like one euro extra to get the usb stick attached to the machine, and it's booting from that18:18
kviki should do pxe eventually, but i kinda set things up this way as a test months ago and it's been running since18:20
pedja_hpminikvm host?18:20
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kviki used bhyve for some vms that i've since shutdown. everything i run on this machine is in native zones.18:22
kvikactually, hetzner recently opened their cloud vps options18:24
pedja_hpminicantrill has a nice talk about porting kvm to smartos, iirc18:24
pedja_hpminiI've heard hetzner being recommended over local vendors a bunch of times :)18:25
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kvikpedja_hpmini: indeed. but a bit of time has passed since that port and it has since become a burden to maintain it. bhyve is definitely the direction going forward18:28
kvikpedja_hpmini: i can honestly recommend it too, based on my experience so far :)18:28
kvikhetzner, i mean18:28
kvikbut smartos too :D18:29
SiFuhpedja_hpmini: jue: jaeger:  I just compiled one of my old kernels from voidlinux which took forever.. and iwd works18:29
also_uplimewhere do the xorg packages install to? I installed the xorg package but I don't have any of the programs in PATH18:31
SiFuhSomething must have been missing in the kernel that iwd didn't complain about18:31
pedja_hpminikvik, I am curious about the state of
pedja_hpminilast time I checked, bhyve was still a bit rough/lacked tooling18:32
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: rsyslog: updated to version 8.1910.019:08
jaegerSiFuh_: kinda figured it was something in the kernel but would be nice if it were more specific19:09
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SiFuh_jaeger: yeah it would be. Unfortunately the voidlinux kernel is huge so diff between mine and theirs would be quite a lot of data. I will look further into it later though.19:23
SiFuh_9084 differences ;-)19:33
SiFuh_Sorry 585219:34
SiFuh_Actually it might be easier if I had yours and jue config and anyone else running iwd'd config to filter out the maximum results19:36
SiFuh_anyways  sleep19:37
stenurSiFuh_: well, i did use the $LSMOD approach with a fully blown kernel, documented in Documentation/admin-guide/README.rst under "make localmodconfig".  Worked neatless.20:06
SiFuh_stenur: if you went to the shop and bought a random wifi dongle and plugged it in then you may be missing the module?20:10
stenurFor that you need a fully blown kernel anyway.  I do not do such things.  USB storage at maximum here.20:11
SiFuh_Going to test this on the 5.2.18 kernel   and then test iwd on it     thanks20:12
stenurPfff, i did not even try out LXC even though i would have use cases.  Very sad.20:12
stenurTry out _yet_, that is to say.  No time for nothing.20:12
SiFuh_well I would like to see what in the kernel was missing to cause iwd to be silent about it and not work20:13
stenurYeah i mean i did not compile a kernel for real since 2.2.36 or what, 2.4 yes, but blindly, and i had read it all and tried, but one thing was missing. Luckily the kernel guys offer that possibility, it did it.20:15
stenurBut "Don't ask me no questions", i have already forgotten what it actually was that was missing.20:16
SiFuh_haha  it's alright  I will figure it out20:17
SiFuh_stenur: that is actually quite cool20:21
stenurSiFuh_: yes!20:23
SiFuh_"make allmodconfig" "make allyesconfig"    that is insane but awesome to know20:23
SiFuh_"make allnoconfig"  "make randconfig" <-- and that is just funny20:24
stenurThey surely spent uncountable gender hours on creating that config system.20:25
SiFuh_"make localyesconfig" <-- I like this20:26
SiFuh_"make tinyconfig" configure the tiniest possible kernel.20:26
stenurI used "make O=/usr/obj/linux localyesconfig oldconfig" by then.20:27
SiFuh_oops again20:27
SiFuh_still getting use to using tmux instead of screen20:28
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joacimi still use screen21:06
joacimfor connecting to serial consoles21:06
SiFuh_joacim: love screen but old habits die hard ;-)21:10
SiFuh_rying so hard to convert to tmux   but I am still keeping screen21:10
joacimI'm a simple user, so all i had to remember was a different keybind21:18
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jaegerSiFuh_: when you're back, one of mine is at
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