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dlcusaTimB_, new libreoffice won't configure (
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SiFuhjaeger: cheers, that narrows it down to 240 possibilities ;-) Should be able to fly through that04:54
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jaegerbetter than thousands, I suppose05:30
SiFuhyep definately05:31
SiFuhHowever, if might be something I enabled that caused the problem. Let's hope not.05:32
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TimB_dlcusa: is this your shell?07:32
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TimB_dlcusa: works fine for me07:34
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: appstream-glib: 0.7.15 -> 0.7.1608:10
dlcusaTimB_, I'm uncertain what you are asking.  The paste contains lines from the stdout/err of the prt-cache update of libreoffice.  The shell used is bash-5.0.11-1.08:11
TimB_dlcusa: i am asking if your shell is interfering with the configure script08:14
TimB_sorry, haven't had a coffee yet, bear with me ;)08:14
TimB_anyway, i can not reproduce that error08:16
dlcusaI suppose that's possible, although there are no functions installed, a few aliases, none front-ending commands save for vi.08:18
TimB_those all shouldn't be a problem, really08:18
TimB_it complains about syntax of some test parameters of the configure script08:19
TimB_if i indentify that correctly08:19
TimB_i use mainly bash in a container, zsh elsewhere, no problems on either of my 3 boxes that built LO08:19
TimB_my zsh config is heavily modified with functions and aliases and all that kind of good stuff..08:20
dlcusaI'd have to dig into the configuration automata to answer that--make has become pretty shellish, of course.08:20
frinnstthat just looks like various tests to me. the problem is missing qt5?08:21
TimB_frinnst: it doesn't depend on qt5, it checks if it's installed, then enables the "video plugin" for qt508:21
TimB_dlcusa: do you have qt5 installed?08:21
frinnstconfigure: error: Qmake not found.08:21
frinnstyou sure about that? :)08:21
dlcusapkginfo -i reports qt5 5.13.1-108:22
TimB_frinnst: pretty much, yes08:22
TimB_dlcusa: is qmake/-qt5 in your PATH?08:22
dlcusawhuch qmake08:23
TimB_not that I have in my path and it builds fine <.< no idea08:23
frinnsta more complete configure log would probably give a lot more clues08:24
TimB_but you can try export PATH="/bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/usr/lib/qt5/bin/" in line 5608:25
dlcusaNo qt5 in PATH nor a README for qt5 requesting such.08:27
TimB_dlcusa: it doesn't need that, really...08:27
TimB_it works fine for me on 3 machines08:27
TimB_without any further modifications08:27
TimB_i can whip out a fresh crux install and prt-get depinst libreoffice is the first thing to install and it will work08:28
TimB_without qt, with qt, and all the other crap08:28
dlcusaWell, let me set up a totally vanilla dash environment which ought to be suitable, n'est pas?08:28
TimB_no idea08:29
dlcusaAnd definitely coerce some set -x output from the process.08:30
TimB_if it helps, i can share my build, either container, or basically the full beast which get's build on my desktop?08:32
TimB_if you can share the full buildlog instead of your commented short version, this would be great to help you out more as well. other then that, it really sounds like an env problem to me08:33
dlcusaThe previous lo built w/o any complaints.  I have been changing shell initialization files, though, so I agree with your theory.08:34
TimB_nothing really changed, I had the if statements in there for some versions now08:35
TimB_there has been a problem with mdds, but that's fixed, i assume this patch will make it in the next version . it failed like 1 hour into building it08:36
TimB_but i had no other bumps with it08:37
dlcusaenv|sort is in
TimB_what kind of path is that, anyway? :D08:39
TimB_are you working in a pseudo chroot?08:39
TimB_ <- rofl, gnome makes itself even more unattractive?08:42
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dlcusaBuild log is in -- two local bin libs, one for doing maintenance, one like  a /usr/local/bin.08:47
dlcusaIn case you're wondering: which test returns /usr/bin/test (but most test invocations are shell internal commands, of course).08:50
TimB_i wonder if this happens because you have ccache installed, but not in your PATH?08:50
TimB_no, can't be that08:54
TimB_looks the same for me, it really seems to fail with qt5, you can try and disable that always? line 52 in Pkgfile08:54
TimB_i'll be running around the flat, have some stuff to do, I'll try to get back to you asap08:55
dlcusa contains /etc/pkgmk.conf08:57
TimB_okay... no idea about those flags08:58
dlcusaJust specific to the quad-Core2 processors--ditched most sonce they reveal lots of build bugs that nobody ever tried.09:00
TimB_not sure if this could be your problem..
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dlcusaThey were there for the previous build of lo.  I'm starting to get dangerous so I'm initiating a sleep cycle.  Thanks for the assistance, and I'll start trying things when I return.09:17
TimB_alright, take care09:17
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: screen: update to 4.7.009:19
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lealaps1hello, we are figuring out docker release with crux 3.5, if anyone wants to take a look before we start merging and releasing stuff to , you can take a look here :D
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SiFuh_jaeger: couldn't find anything in the configs. So it must have been something I enabled that caused the problem :-(16:19
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