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xckokexec-tools footprint mismatch missing usr/lib/kexec-tools/kexec_test can anyone replicate?02:01
also_uplimeim not able to replicate, but i did a ports -u first02:17
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xckookay thanks for testing. I'll see what's different about my setup then02:44
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SiFuhsed -e 's/\([^.]*\).*/\1/' -e 's/\(.*\)-.*/\1/'04:18
SiFuhHow is anyone suppose to remember that?04:18
also_uplimelong_sed() { sed -e 's/\([^.]*\).*/\1/' -e 's/\(.*\)-.*/\1/' "$@"; }04:21
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SiFuh_That's just cheating ;-)04:50
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: wine: 4.16 -> 4.1708:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: [notify] pinentry: libsecret is an optional dependency08:37
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: pinentry-gtk2: clean up source and url09:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: [notify] pinentry-qt5: renamed from pinentry-qt4 and dependency change from qt4 -> qt509:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: pinentry: fix extra / off source09:11
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: libpcap-32: 1.9.0 -> 1.9.109:22
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: expat-32: 2.2.8 -> 2.2.909:22
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SiFuhAm I here?11:55
SiFuhcool got disconnected from the internet but not from irssi ;-)11:55
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: ethtool: update to 5.312:28
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pedja_hpminione of these days[tm] I'll have to learn a bit more about awk13:46
SiFuhawk rules ;-)13:47
SiFuhI don't know how anyone can live life on a computer without sed, grep, awk, sort, cut, ... etc13:48
pedja_hpminiif you have links for some 'awk for dumb people' documentation, I'd appreciate it :)13:50
ryuopedja_hpmini: awk is for the birds, particularly parrots.13:50
pedja_hpmininice. thanks :)13:55
ryuothere's also the posix syntax docs.13:55
frinnsti'll never learn it14:01
frinnsttoo dumb14:01
pedja_hpminigawk manual is 500+ pages. wow14:07
SiFuhI use it when I am lazy14:09
SiFuhls OpenBSD\ 6.5/packages| sed -e 's/\([^.]*\).*/\1/' -e 's/\(.*\)-.*/\1/' "$@" | awk {'print "#pkg_add "$1'} >> pkgs_to_inst.list14:09
SiFuhthen I can vi pkgs_to_inst.list   and remove the comments from the packages I want to install14:09
pedja_hpminiregex still looks like line noise to me most of the time14:10
SiFuhpedja_hpmini:   ls -l | awk {' print $0 '}14:11
SiFuhthen try ls -l | awk {' print $1 '}   and then $2, $3 and so on  and you can insert as well   so  ls -l | awk {' print $1" hello world "$3" "$4" "$3 '}14:12
SiFuhsomething like that14:12
pedja_hpminiwhile back, I used one of those regex web sites14:14
pedja_hpminitook me a while to figure out why regex I made with it didn't actually work outside of it14:15
SiFuhI don't even know how to use the 'rename' command in linux. I still just shove everything in sed, cut and awk and into a file and review the file line by line and then run it like a shell script :-P14:15
pedja_hpminizsh has a rename function, iirc. zmv or something like that14:16
frinnst fun times14:18
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: adwaita-icon-theme: updated to 3.34.016:44
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: gtk3: updated to 3.24.1216:44
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: nspr: updated to 4.2216:44
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: nss: updated to 3.46.116:44
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: glib: updated to 2.62.116:44
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: firefox-bin: updated to 69.0.216:44
stenurpedja_hpmini: jue has mawk, and i have nawk ("The one, true implementation of AWK"). With substantially shorter manuals.16:54
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SiFuh_ xmouse for android  and xdotools  is prrtty cool17:44
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pedja_hpministenur, Kernighan's 'The AWK programming language' is an interesting read :)17:55
pedja_hpminias always, so many books, so little time17:57
stenurOh yes. :)17:58
stenurBut the manual is really short. The only thing i always have to think about is getline since the syntax appears crude to me.17:59
stenurEg "po_i = getline < farr[no]" opens that file, "close(farr[no])" to close it.18:01
stenurAnd/but 'po_i = "basename " farr[no]; po_j = po_i | getline bname; close(po_i)' makes me desperate.18:01
stenurIt calls basename(1), but it looks odd to me.  Cannot help that.18:02
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also_uplimeis that a gnu-ism?19:30
stenurgnu-ism?  What?19:32
also_uplimeis | getline a gnu extension to the language19:34
stenurNo, this is portable code.19:35
also_uplimeneat, i haven't messed with that syntax since looking at sockets in gawk19:38
stenurOnly ever portable here. Never used extensions. I mean yeah, that x|y is documented also in nawk, but .. i don't know.19:41
also_uplimei've had to write portable sh before (yuck) but luckily everywhere i have to support has gawk now19:42
stenurHm. What i miss in awk is signal handling, or at least some kind of atexit that gets executed no matter what. For example for temporary file deletion.19:46
also_uplimethat'd be nice. guess you just have to stick it into END and hope for the best19:48
stenurFor me perl was the one to do anything non-C/C++ etc. before. perl for anything.19:49
stenurI only really discovered awk before about 2010, but have not really used it until 2014, for a little preprocessor that aimed in being portable.19:50
stenurI still discover things once in a while. For example i did not know that syntax like "/<name/ && !/\(/ {n = $3}" or "/<\/record/ && n && u && p && !c{" is possible until i saw an ArchLinux IANA update script in 2017.19:52
stenurAt toplevel that is, when matching lines.19:52
stenuralso_uplime: yes, END.  But if the script is stuck in a pipe, and the pipe dies, then END will not do it.19:59
also_uplimeyeah, theres a lot of neat stuff like that in the awk room19:59
also_uplimeyeah, awk isn't great at ending suddenly :c19:59
also_uplimei'd like to use perl, but i do most of my stuff in ruby (just because i had to use it for so long at old job for infra)20:00
stenurRuby is cool.20:00
also_uplimeyeah, it has a lot more shell/perl type features than i was expecting20:00
stenurI once got used to use it for a small project. I liked the d!() possibility, for example, and the yielding stuff. Could not use it because it would have added yet another dependency alongside perl.20:02
stenurAnd i did not get used to the yaml syntax they had, for documentation. yaml is huge.20:03
also_uplimeyeah, i've tried to learn yaml because its supposed to be a nice config management, but it had quite a big learning curve compared to something like JSON20:05
stenurjson is boches like me who don't get yaml right, right.  I finally climbed that mountain, thanks json.20:06
stenurfor boches like me.20:07
pedja_hpminihow about xml :) ?20:07
stenurThough CBOR is even more my kind of thing.20:07
stenurDISGUST.  XML.20:07
stenurSGML i have used for a doc syntax which never made it for real, i like that <em/short/ syntax, it is more for human beings.20:08
stenurI can <b/really/ could imagine that for normal day-by-day use.20:09
pedja_hpminiluckily I never had to write libvirt xml from scratch, but editing it is always fun20:09
stenurI really digged XML beside that, but then german journalists pushed a XML reference book, and i was dumb enough to buy it.20:09
stenurAnd never bought a book they praise.20:10
stenurYou will laugh, you mentioned libvirt day(s) ago, and i looked at that and went away.20:10
pedja_hpminiafaik, xml is common as virtualization config format20:12
pedja_hpminilibvirt, vmware vmx, hyper-v I think20:13
also_uplimeim pretty sure vmware... yeah20:13
pedja_hpminicontainer stuff prefers json, otoh :) must be the generation thing, or something20:16
stenurI only ever used VirtualBox on Mac, and Qemu/kvm.20:17
stenurThey pushed XML like grazy in the years after Y2K.20:17
stenurAt least here in Germany. Maybe you would have been treated as a slouch moron if you would have done something without XML.20:18
joacimi'm curious20:19
pedja_hpminifor a moment I though it's yet another Solaris fork20:21
pedja_hpminithat suspiciously looks like FreeNAS20:22
joacimit is more freebsdish i think20:23
pedja_hpminiwhat do you mean, more freebsd-ish?20:23
joacimit is based on or forked from freebsd20:23
pedja_hpminithat's a freeBSD with a web gui on top, afaict, the same as freenas20:24
stenurCiao Leah.20:25
joacimrussians seems to like openserver20:30
pedja_hpminiyou could build NAS with Crux/zfs :)20:31
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SiFuh_ The SCO group20:32
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pedja_hpminifrom the famous lawsuit?20:33
SiFuh_by the way many of the Russian government machines are running Astra Smolnesk. Although servers can't really be included in the list.20:35
SiFuh_I am not 100% on the name  by I think the name of the desktop environment is  fly ?  it is KDE based20:35
SiFuh_QT I should say20:36
SiFuh_I used it for a while, and even though it has nothing to do with beos in anyway, shape or form, it kind of felt like I was using beos :-P20:37
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pedja_hpminiBeOS? now that's a name I haven't heard in a while :)20:38
SiFuh_sorry my age is showing20:38
pedja_hpminithey still around? no worries, old fart here20:39
SiFuh_add that to the list including DEC ALpha, Novell Netware and OS/220:39
SiFuh_DEC Alpha was my favorite. I never had any issues with that OS at all! I just formatted ad installed OpenBSD Alpha20:40
pedja_hpminione of the shops here had os/2 box set on display for a long time20:41
SiFuh_Oh that is kind of cool.. shit OS but hey , really cool20:41
SiFuh_the Russian DE is a DM named  fly-dm20:42
SiFuh_It is also included in the Debian repositories as well20:42
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pedja_hpminiI am curious about that POWER-based open hardware laptop that's in the works, allegedly20:50
SiFuh_or the Neo900 open hardware phone?  never going to happen20:51
joacimdo want a Talos 220:53
joacimworking with 365 and windows all day, makes me more interested in being totally free at home20:54
pedja_hpminiSiFuh_, I wonder how open can they make it these days20:56
pedja_hpminithere is always some binary blob or firmware20:57
pedja_hpminifor security reasons, naturally20:57
SiFuh_they will request donations and then vanish without a trace20:58
pedja_hpminihappened more then once :)20:58
joacima good quality laptop case that can take an SBC would be excellent20:58
SiFuh_If anyone is going to make a truley opensource/openhardware laptop/phone/tablet   you would be better off looking towards China20:58
joacimlike those rpi compute modules20:59
joacimbut based on more free hardware20:59
pedja_hpminithat's a interesting question. which sbc's are more open then rpi?21:05
pedja_hpminii think I've heard of few, but can't remember atm21:06
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AnselmoI've heard of a lot of people who like the apu2, but there are gabs and gabs of sbcs ._.21:23
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