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dlcusaTimB, analysis of the two configure.log files is in (use raw text) and if nothing is obvious to you, I'd like to kick this upstream.05:13
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Spoofinghi folks05:23
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Spoofingafter upgrading to crux 3.5 my sshd have long time starting at boot.05:23
also_uplimedo you see anything in the logs?05:24
also_uplimefwiw i had the same issue with nginx for a while05:24
Spoofingonly at boot. while system works, /etc/rc.d/sshd restart is fine and fast05:24
Spoofingonly when i press one-two buttons on keyboard, sshd continues booting05:25
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Spoofingi just reinstall crux by `for i in /usr/ports/core/*.pkg.tar.xz; do pkgadd -u $i; done` and also removed /etc/ssh/ssh_host_*_key{,.pub}05:28
Spoofingbut nothing. sshd starts very very long time05:28
Spoofingusting last vanilla kernel 5.3.5 also05:30
jaegerI don't know all the details but I think there was some discussion of this a while back being an issue of entropy05:31
jaegerwhich is why hitting keys makes it faster05:31
jaegerfound it in my logs, check out
SpoofingTY trying this05:37
jaegerI see a haveged port listed in the portdb too, might be useful05:38
jaeger for reference05:38
SiFuhI remember seeing some options in the kernel for hardware based random bits.05:39
Spoofingso, if you have no same problems, maybe its only my hardware problem? low entropy? hmmm05:40
jaegerI see this with sshd all the time but it hasn't bothered me enough to find a solution05:41
Spoofingamd a4-6300, i'm go trying another modern pc...05:41
jaegerIf I'm at the machine when it's booting and it waits, I hit ctrl or backspace a few times and it's fine05:41
SiFuhFrom what I understood is that it uses your hardware to generate random numbers.. Intel and AMD had options. This as opposed to generating it by hitting random keys.05:41
SiFuhI have always enabled it, thinking but never being sure if it is the reason my sshd starts up super fast05:42
Spoofingbecause it my home server/router/nas and can't to pressing `any key` all time05:43
SiFuhSpoofing: if you boot into the old kernel sshd is fine?05:49
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Spoofingi'm try to this also. ok. try to switch crux kernel 4.19.48. and say my result05:51
SiFuhCONFIG_HW_RANDOM     It will be under Character devices05:57
SiFuhThis is the section I was referring to05:57
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SiFuhStarting with the 3.17 kernel, the kernel will automatically pull from hardware random number generators without needing to install a user space daemon, such as rng-tools.  For most hardware devices, it is not enabled by default, so you have to enable by adding something like "rng_core.default_quality=700" to the kernel boot line.06:12
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TimB_dlcusa: i do have parts of kde installed, thats why it includes kde5 and gtk3-kde507:36
TimB_SiFuh: xplane seems to work for me07:42
TimB_dlcusa: no idea what it could be... I mean, you should have qmake with qt507:47
SiFuhTimB_: and audio?08:06
TimB_SiFuh: works as well08:06
SiFuhLater this week then I will install crux on this laptop.08:07
SiFuhThis laptop was running Slackware for about 2 years. I then changed it to Void and of course X-Plane 10 worked fine but X-Plane 11 didn't. So I went back to Slackware. Then for a test run, I rand Artix and it was successful here.08:10
TimB_xplane supports vr, too bad oculus doesn't run on linux <.<08:14
TimB_i could imagine having fun with that08:14
SiFuhyeah definately.08:17
frinnstqt4 used to ship withj the qmake binary08:17
frinnstqt5 used to have qmake-qt5 etc08:17
TimB_it still has qmake-qt508:17
TimB_it's in /usr/bin, that's why i don't get why it doesn't find it for dlcusa08:18
TimB_provided that he has a working qt5 package installed08:18
frinnstbut no symlink to the path?08:18
frinnstah ok08:18
TimB_$ whereis qmake-qt508:18
TimB_qmake-qt5: /usr/bin/qmake-qt508:18
frinnsti use my own qt5 port08:18
TimB_what changes did you make? i'm curious :)08:19
SiFuhfrinnst: when I installed the latest version of smplayer on crux I just lazily created a link from qmake-qt5 to qmake and lrelease08:19
frinnstnothing much really, less deps and my port doesnt expect qt4 to be around so I install "qmake" iirc08:20
frinnstor maybe I dont, hmm08:20
frinnst$ whereis qmake08:21
frinnstqmake: /usr/bin/qmake08:21
frinnstyes I do08:21
TimB_mmh, i never ever cared about making symlinks for qt5-related stuff. it just works.08:22
TimB_dlcusa: maybe ^ could help you out?08:23
frinnstI dont remember why I did that. was a few years ago :)08:23
TimB_yeah, i do have a blank hole in my crux usage even though this install is so old08:23
TimB_was dualbooting windows (shame on me)08:24
TimB_sporadically logging in, updating, to boot windows again. just because else i feared running through a field of pain once i wanted to reenter using CRUX as a daily driver.08:24
SiFuhTimB_: i only use windows in a Virtual Machine, with no internet access, only one program and that is my language learning software, nothing else. I have never needed to ever use windows for anything else as far as I can remember. My first computer I ever bought was running Caldera.08:27
surrounderhah haven't heard that name in a while08:28
TimB_SiFuh: that's cool. i was used to windows from home, starting with w95. the "early days" i remember the dos prompt, but never really used it myself.08:29
TimB_at work, i am used to work with windows as well.. i only worked at one job that had linux workstations, still work there, but we had to ditch those stations because we merged and now... have to use windows... :)08:30
SiFuhWe did have a XT in the 90's it had PC DOS or something on it.08:30
surrounderheh same08:30
surrounderand a whopping 20 MB disk drive without errors!08:30
surrounder(wing commander took 1/4th of that space though)08:30
SiFuh20MB? Monster08:31
TimB_surrounder: wing commander was a lot of floppys :)08:31
surrounderI know right :)08:31
SiFuhsurrounder: I still ahve the original games I use to play. I have them in Dosbox.08:31
surrounderhah brilliant08:31
surrounder(my personal machines all have hostnames from the WC world) :)08:32
SiFuhNo joke, I still play them.  Snipes, Into the eagles nest, One must fall, Thexder, Off road racer, Willy the Worm08:33
SiFuhsurrounder: my hostnames and external disks are all named after virus' and diseases ;-)08:33
surrounderoeh one must fall <308:33
surrounderSiFuh: haha nice08:33
SiFuhsurrounder: funniest was a job interview in Kyrgyzstan and the guy asked for my resume and I told him to stick Herpes into his machine. He looked at me funny with that 'did I hear right, nah couldn't be'. Then chuckled when it popped up08:35
surrounderwould love to have that domain though; herp.es08:37
surrounderbeen registred for ages though /o\08:37
SiFuhI also didn't like giving out my WIFI password, so I named the router syphilis. Whenever the Tamil's near my home would ask me, I'd say very loudly "Sure! You want syphilis, I can give it to you08:38
SiFuhThey'd walk away very embarressed08:38
SiFuhNow I have the One Must Fall theme stuck in my head08:40
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: gdk-pixbuf: updated to 2.40.011:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: at-spi2-atk: updated to 2.34.111:52
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: openssh: updated to 8.1p111:55
ryuoSiFuh: better let it out then. =p12:01
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AnselmoI was totally unaware of this service. interesting.13:17
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pedja_hpminime too, it was suggested in another channel13:20
pedja_hpmininot the Crux page, obviously :)13:21
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frinnstjesus that doesnt sound like it would be used for abuse at all...13:29
kyaaaaaareally cool qemu+vnc use... sadly, no network support13:30
frinnstah phew13:31
SiFuhso slow damn it13:32
pedja_hpminifrinnst, they removed network support after some abuse, afaik13:33
SiFuhthe kernel has ethernet support -013:34
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dlcusaTinB_, sorry, but it's Yom Kippor and I'm perversely very busy.  Hopefully after sunset here...13:51
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SiFuhOctober 9 and still no OpenBSD 6.613:59
surrounderSiFuh: heh think I'll install 6.5 again and see how sysupgrade to 6.6 will work :)14:00
pedja_hpmini"All users have administrator-level permissions and can't be restricted."14:01
pedja_hpminithat's supposed to be a feature?14:01
SiFuhsurrounder: 6.5 is running on my Beelink J45  soon as 6.6 comes out I will be running syspatch14:02
surroundersyspatch doesn't do release upgrades right?14:03
SiFuhno it was a typo14:03
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dlcusaTimB_. all my /usr/bin/q* inodes are symlinks.14:15
dlcusaincluding qmake-qt514:16
dlcusaqmake-qt5 -> ../lib/qt5/bin/qmake which is ls -lLh says is -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 45M Oct  1 20:58 /usr/bin/qmake-qt514:19
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dlcusaGottah run, sorry...14:20
lealaps1protonvpn-cli port if someone is interested:
pedja_hpminiheh. "Half-assing something in Unix can produce great results as long you chose the right half of the ass."14:53
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SiFuhI thought it was something to do with Star Trek15:20
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pedja_hpminiPicard series in January15:42
pedja_hpmini9-1-1 is more fun then I expected, tbh15:45
SiFuhI think Siri has gone insane keeping up with my voice mimics16:23
stenurI still use this real random feeder. Of course it feeds after the boot is completed, but still better than waiting. Normal random is stirred too, so why not.16:25
pedja_hpminiSiFuh, this might be interesting to you
pedja_hpminiand no, I am not implying that you are *that* old :)16:30
SiFuh:'( I used punch cards before16:31
SiFuhbrb  wanna check out this batwoman series pilot16:33
pedja_hpminiRuby Rose can't act, but it's cw show, so it doesn't really matter16:35
pedja_hpminican't be worse then Pandora, I guess16:35
SiFuhI do not know very many actors/actresees names16:37
SiFuhI remember her face, she was in Arrow or soemthing series16:42
pedja_hpminijohn wick 216:43
pedja_hpminias a deaf/mute villain sidekick16:44
pedja_hpminiand The Meg (Jason Statham punching a huge shark)16:46
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ryuopedja_hpmini: wait, what? they have root privileges at the beginning?16:58
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pedja_hpminiryuo, or close to it. it's Octopus Deploy server, btw17:10
pedja_hpminifree tier for small teams, iirc17:13
pedja_hpminibecause only big ones would need privilege separation, apparently :)17:14
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SiFuhdont know  meg17:26
SiFuh"Wei Siri, can you factory reset my phone?" -- Should see how fast i can run! ;-)17:26
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jaegerI tried CONFIG_HW_RANDOM on one machine just out of curiosity... doesn't seem like my hardware has anything available19:25
jaegerat least not on that system (tr 2950x, asrock x399 taichi)19:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: spdlog: 1.4.1 -> 1.4.219:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: networkmanager: 1.20.2 -> 1.20.419:32
TimB_dlcusa: for me as well19:33
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stenurMine has not too. And even if. To me its also that this box generates good entropy all over the week, and i won't throw this overboard and trust some chip from who knows whom.19:41
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abenz_jaeger: hey you have a 2950x :)22:01
abenz_haven't been on irc much, congrats on new build. How are the iommu groups?22:01
jaegerthanks :) I haven't looked at them myself on that box but I've read that they're good on that particular motherboard22:11
crash_2950x looks nice the compile times should be pretty fast :)22:25
joacim1950x + x399 taichi22:27
joacimcards in the 16x and 8x slots end up in their own groups22:29
joacimcards in the 4x slot end up in the same group as the chipset22:29
jaegerSo decent enough for a little bit of VFIO passthrough at least22:35
crash_is VFIO passthrough stable these days?22:37
jaegerwith the right hardware it's rock solid22:40
jaegerI used to do it with an i7-4790k and an asrock Z97 motherboard I think... it's been a while now. Worked great, though22:42
joacimi think it tends to be more reliable on intel systems22:43
crash_cool i haven't tried VFIO in a while22:43
joacimtho those can have quirks too22:43
joacimi dont know which graphics cards people like for this anymore. nvidia requires some tricks to get the driver to install and function, and the last time i looked, amd works, but only once =)22:45
joacimneed a full system reboot after having used your graphics card in a vm22:46
joacimif you want to start that vm a second time22:46
jaegerI used an nvidia card with mine and the intel onboard graphics for the host system22:46
jaegernever had to do that22:46
crash_amd seems better then intel these days not infected by spectre and other things :) the last amd i had was a Linaro amd apu cpu and motherboard.22:46
jaegerI remember reading that was common with AMD GPUs but not nvidia22:46
jaegerat the time22:46
jaegerabenz: in addition to the 2950X build I replaced my i7-6700k with a Ryzen 7 3700X and my Ryzen 7 1700X with a Ryzen 5 3600 :)22:49
jaegerSo I have more AMD systems than I ever have before22:49
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joacimwant to replace my i5 4690. tempted by the 3800x, but i dont play that many cpu intensive games22:51
jaegerThe 3700X is my gaming build, very happy with it so far22:51
crash_how is the performance with 2950x vs the old i7 skylake?22:53
jaegerI don't use the 2950X for any gaming but it's pretty damn fast. The clock speed is a bit slower (3.5GHz without boost vs. 4.0GHz for the i7-6700k) but it has 4 times the cores/threads22:55
jaegerFor computational workloads and package building, etc., it's a no-brainer22:55
jaegeralso twice as much RAM22:56
crash_nice cpu it seems :)22:56
jaegerYeah, though overkill for most home use by far22:56
crash_hehe yeah but nice to have the extra overhead when you need it22:57
joacimtime to upgrade soon =)22:59
abenzjaeger: very nice. you have plenty of horsepower with all those current gen cpus23:00
abenzI was very interested in the 3900 (non-X), 12 cores at 65w tdp seemed too good to be true23:01
abenzbut it seems those skus will only be available to oems23:01
crash_i have been thinking of trying crux on this machine for awhile, macbook air 2015 but i'm afraid the battery life will suck.23:01
abenzdon't know if you recall me asking about MBs with plenty of pcie slots, msi seems to have many mobos with 6 pcie slots23:03
abenzbut their iommu groupings are not ideal23:03
abenzgigabyte seem to be doing well on bios23:03
abenzam4 that is..23:03
abenzjoacim: how is it more reliable on intel? (vifo), have you had any issues with your TR build?23:05
abenzon my piledriver system, it works pretty stable.. though I use low end gpus.. windows primarily for work, not gaming23:06
joacimit is the general impression i get23:07
joacimsince zen had a lot of issues with kvm and passthrough early on23:07
joacimand threadripper had its issues too that got solved in later firmware upgrades23:07
joacimfrom what i've seen with intel, those things worked right out of the box on x29923:08
abenzI see23:12
abenzjoacim: caught my eye in your iommu log:23:16
abenzAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Family 17h (Models 00h-0fh) Platform Security Processor23:16
abenzEncryption controller [1080]23:16
abenzthis would enable secure encrypted virtualization23:17
joacimit also stands in the way of libreboot23:17
abenzyes obviously the firmware blob, but I wonder if this works on TR builds too23:18
abenzapparently not:
jaegercrash_: powertop could probably help somewhat with that23:32
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