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xckovolinthius: I just got hit by a similar /usr/lib/ undefined reference to `GST_CAT_DEFAULT' when building surf after upgrading gstreamer. Did you try building what is dependent on gstreamer before adding debug info to fix it?00:29
xckoI ask because rebuilding webkitgtk is slow so if you've already tested I don't want to waste my time00:30
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SiFuhjaeger: i put a tiny bit of aerosol motorcycle chain grease on my my fans as a temporary fix till my new fans arrived . It has been working good for 2 and 1/2 months ;-)03:21
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: liborcus: 0.15.2 -> 0.15.307:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: intel-tbb: 2019.8 -> 2019.907:02
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: llvm-32: 8.0.1 -> 9.0.007:36
SiFuhWhile replacing the fans, I have noticed that the battery in my notebook is swollen. :-( I will have to remove it until a new pack arrives08:39
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frinnstoh joy. some jackass mailed to our support with a notification telling us that he has changed his email address09:02
frinnstbcc? no, cc? yes09:02
frinnstnow we are starting to get replies to that email09:02
frinnstREPLY ALL09:02
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Romsternot many know the difference of bcc and cc sadly09:51
Romsterlets email a mailing list with cc! -_-09:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: firefox: 69.0.2 -> 69.0.310:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: wgetpaste: 2.28 -> 2.2910:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: thunderbird: 68.1.0 -> 68.1.110:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: minecraft-launcher: 2.1.5965 -> 2.1.765810:05
SiFuhDamn it. The battery for my notebook is a P650BAT-4. I opened it up to see what it consist of and it has 4 x 656580 LIPO batteries inside. So I decided to see if I can buy them and use the original voltage regulator to refurbish it. Finally found a seller.10:18
SiFuhBut they won't sell to 'end users' so now I have to pretend to be a company that only needs 4 cells ;-)10:19
Romsterdoesn't it use 18650's like the majority do?10:20
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: rust-bin: 1.37.0 -> 1.38.010:20
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: rust: 1.37.0 -> 1.38.010:20
SiFuhRomster: Clevo/Sagem/Metabox P650RS-G10:32
Romsteroh lipo cells hmm11:03
Romsterhave a look at aircraft hobby sites etc they can get lipo cells too11:04
ryuoRomster: yea, some things use lithium polymer, for reasons i don't know.11:07
Romster check around aliexpress maybe?11:10
Romsterbasicly just need to find one that'll fit in that space around the same Ah rating11:11
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Romsterthose cells have a protection board you just need the raw battery as the BMS is part of the laptop11:11
ryuohuh. so LiPo's main advantages are better safety and physcial flexibility.11:12
Romsteri dunno about that they are more flameable than li-ion11:17
Romsterlook for flame proof cases for safe charging/storage on lipo11:17
Romsterthe only advantage lipo has is it's flat and very light weight for it's capacity11:19
Romsterthough they are not gonna flame if they don't get punctured and/or mishandled on over charging/dead shorts11:20
Romsterhence why you see single cells come with there own protection board11:21
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SiFuhThey are also used in tablets and phones, I have replacemed many and also bought for hubby projects. I was specifically looking at the 656580 but I am already thinking of going slightly different specs  depends what is available here in Asia :-P11:32
Romsteryeah great for hobby specs as long as they aren't abused11:39
SiFuhi found the complete  battery pack for sale online for 37$ on a Malaysian site, still coming from China though11:43
SiFuhand a genuine on ebay for 50$ usd11:45
SiFuhprobably cheaper than i could make it11:45
Romsterfor that price yeah11:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: iwd: moved to opt12:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: iwd: moved from contrib to opt, update to 0.2212:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: cups-filters: update to 1.25.1112:02
SiFuhRomster: thinking of the cheap chinese since i d on't use batteries much and only want it for power surges :-P12:09
abenzdont go too cheap though12:10
abenzone wants to avoid possible fire hazards12:10
SiFuhhahaha  good point12:11
SiFuhenay it is12:11
Romsterone want's to keep the fire and smoke inside their components12:12
SiFuhyeah and a 4 Grand laptop up in smoke isn't a good thing12:13
SiFuhI ordered the original from Hong Kong on ebay. Hope the riots don't affect it12:15
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jaegerpedja_hpmini: frankly, custom loops and AIOs are for aesthetics unless you're doing some kind of competition thing14:34
pedja_hpminijaeger, ah :) yeah, some of the systems I've seen look pretty neat.14:46
jaegerYeah, they can be very cool if done well14:48
pedja_hpminiand some are 'argh, my eyes, so shiny!'14:48
pedja_hpminitbh, when I bought a new mouse, which has rgb lights thingie, I planned to switch that off15:01
pedja_hpminibut I set it to subtle one, to see what it looks like, and I got used to it15:02
pedja_hpminiit looks kind of cool15:02
Anselmothose things dont bother me so much since I've stopped sleeping in a room with a computer :P15:02
pedja_hpminione of my case fans has a very blue led which I forgot to disable15:04
pedja_hpminiand now, in the dark, it looks like Dr.Manhanttan is hiding in it :)15:06
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: sqlite3: update to 3.30.115:59
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jaegerI have all the RGB in my main system set to one of two colors, got an orange and blue thing going sorta like tron16:10
pedja_hpminiI've set the mouse light to dark-ish green, and that breathing slowly effect16:17
pedja_hpminibtw, is there a way to get the current dpi set?16:19
pedja_hpminiit can go up to 8000dpi, iirc, with the fw update16:20
jaegermaybe with libinput tools if they can read it, not sure16:21
SiFuhdo any of you guys use separate partitions for things like  / /usr /var /tmp /whatever  ? Seems those days are gone and everyon shoves everything in / and /home16:22
pedja_hpminithere was a /usr merge in systemd-land, iirc16:22
pedja_hpminiyeah, system and home separate is common setup, it seems16:23
pedja_hpminidefault on openSUSE, at least16:23
pedja_hpminibtrfs for /, xfs for /home16:24
SiFuhYeah I keep tabs on what they are doing. Use to work for them back in early 2k16:24
pedja_hpminivote on name change is interesting :)16:25
SiFuhTalking to one of the reps here in August and he says he likes it because everything works.16:25
SiFuhHah  OpenSusie :-)16:26
pedja_hpminigetting 'restricted codecs' to work is a bit annoying, but that's the consequence of software patents mess16:28
pedja_hpminiI think Fedora is similar in that regard, too16:29
SiFuhok so back on the original topic. On a fully bloated CRU distro (that is kind of funny) 4GB / is fine if I have /usr /opt /vr16:30
pedja_hpminimy / was 1gb :)16:31
pedja_hpminibad idea[tm]16:31
SiFuhyeah i saw  /lib was 5.9gb on one of my installs16:31
SiFuhbut that had 4 bloated kernel modules16:32
SiFuhbut in general all my other CRUX systems are using less that 1GB for /16:32
pedja_hpminiusually, linux firmware is the largest in /lib16:33
pedja_hpminiyeah, if you have separate /opt and /var (if you plan to use containers or db), 1g / is plenty16:34
SiFuhok i hear a lot about containers and dockers  and I am actually old school so I actually don't have much of an idea about that16:34
pedja_hpminichroot on steroids, basically :)16:35
SiFuhooh and has xserver16:35
pedja_hpminiafaik, running guis in container is out of scope16:36
SiFuhbut i can do that in chroot ;-)16:37
pedja_hpminitbh, never tried that16:37
SiFuhnot hard16:37
TimB_pedja_hpmini: it works via x over ssh16:37
TimB_done that with lxc and an ubuntu container16:38
pedja_hpminiACTION adds that to TODO list16:38
TimB_i think it was with rstudio when i had troubles with my port for it :>16:39
pedja_hpminiI mostly used 'classic' VM's, containers are still new to me :)16:39
SiFuhnot particulary what i meant but close16:39
TimB_SiFuh: well, there is no 'native xsession" I guess, never tried that tbh16:41
pedja_hpminimostly used containers as clean env for builds16:41
SiFuhbind and mount like normal, then run 'xhost +local', then chroot and then export 'DISPLAY=:0' and then run GUI programs16:41
TimB_yeah that's what i use lxc for, mainly16:41
SiFuhTimB_: not sure about running a full on server in the chroot16:42
TimB_yeah, sounds tricky16:43
SiFuhpedja_hpmini: yeah I use VM's for mosst things16:43
SiFuhtried Qubes a few times. Slow as..16:44
pedja_hpminiqubes is using xen?16:45
pedja_hpminiit's an interesting idea16:46
SiFuhits a womans idea16:47
SiFuhthe concept would work if we had a quantum laptop :-P16:47
pedja_hpminiat the moment, quantum chips are a bit bulky to put in a laptop :)16:49
pedja_hpminimaybe in 10-20 years16:49
pedja_hpminiand the question will they ever be general purpose is still unanswered16:50
pedja_hpminiearly days still16:51
SiFuhask it in Chinese16:51
Anselmomeh. if you care enough about security and are willing to trade performance for it very generously, its not too bad a system I understand16:51
Anselmoand if you have the money for a nice computer to run it on :P16:53
SiFuhAnselmo: Qubes on a machine running 64gb ram, i7, nvidia.... An AMD K6-2 with KDE3,  SuSE 7.3 ran faster16:54
Anselmouhm. exactly ?16:56
SiFuhexaclty my thoughts when running it :-P16:57
pedja_hpminitbh, never thought of qubes as something you'd use as a daily system16:59
AnselmoI'd more think of it as a work computer. people like journalists seem to like it in some cases17:00
jaegerDefinitely didn't feel like a daily use system to me17:00
Anselmojust for stuff where you want strict isolation and especially for people who maybe dont know much about computers themselves17:00
pedja_hpminiAnselmo, exactly. air-gaped, offline, under physical locks 90% of the time :)17:02
pedja_hpminifor citizen four files, or something17:02
pedja_hpminijaeger, because of the performance or the way it works?17:06
AnselmoI mean, not everyone needs much performance17:07
Anselmojust typically those people buy low performance computers and get a similar experience for cheaper :P17:07
jaegerpedja_hpmini: both17:08
jaegerIt seems great for isolation but definitely not convenience17:08
pedja_hpminiseems appropriate :)
jaegerIt's been a long time since I looked at it, though, might be better these days17:10
SiFuhjaeger: nothings changed, used it 2 months ago17:13
pedja_hpminiwhat's the saying, "security and convenience are inversely proportional" ?17:13
SiFuhreminds me of the assumption that everyone is carrying a cellphone17:14
pedja_hpmini7.7 billion people, 5.1 billion have a cellphone17:27
pedja_hpminiat least one :)17:28
Anselmonot all who have one (or five) have one at all times, however17:30
Anselmobut much of the time its probably a fair assumption that most people have one much of the time :P17:32
SiFuhI laugh how i have added a land line number instead of a mobile number. Everytime I log in to paypal or ebay it asks me for a mobile number and I select none. Yet whenever I trave to another country it wants to send an SMS to a land line to verify my account.17:36
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SiFuhHeh my most bloated crux system has 5.16 GB / and 25GB /usr17:49
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: firefox-bin: updated to 69.0.317:51
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: thunderbird-bin: updated to 68.1.217:51
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: xorg/xorg-xf86-video-amdgpu: updated to 19.1.017:53
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pekka20I have an issue installing SDL_mixer. I get this message: Makefile:137: *** multiple target patterns.  Stop.18:43
pekka20its the same as described in:
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chinarulezzHi all.19:08
chinarulezzWhere can be found README skeleton for ports?19:08
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SiFuhchinarulezz: to make your own ports??19:10
frinnstfind /usr/ports -name README19:11
SiFuhhas anyone written a manual for building your own ports?19:16
Anselmowell. most of them are pretty simple x-x19:16
xckois that a joke? it's in the handbook19:16
SiFuhxcko: I mean building your own and creating your own19:17
SiFuhAnselmo: I agree. I just looked at other ports and learned from there19:18
SiFuhxcko: Oh yeah, there is a section. Crux Handbook 3-4 under section 4.4.19:31
SiFuhohh I see19:44
ryuoxcko: I guess it's a joke in the same way that emacs is an OS that just lacks a good editor.19:45
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