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SiFuhcrux-libreoffice hmm06:59
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TimB_SiFuh: ?07:14
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SiFuhTimB_: nothing  tried  prt-get depinst --margs="-do" and it chucked a sissy fit at intel-tbb :-P07:35
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TimB_SiFuh: what's a 'sissy fit'? :P Urban Dictionary only knows hissy fit07:37
SiFuherror could not open intel-tbb#.....07:38
SiFuhit downloaded it fine but wants the built port before moving on07:38
TimB_weird :)07:43
TimB_always something new with LO it seems.. let me know if you have any troubles building it please :)07:44
SiFuhcan't because i want to download it all fuirst :-p   but the --margs stopped working for everything  hmmm07:45
SiFuhdo it the old fashion way  and -is is needed for some07:46
TimB_-is is needed? <.<07:46
SiFuhyeah signatures07:48
TimB_yeah i know what -is does, but it shouldn't need it, that was not the plan07:49
SiFuhintel-tbb  and the second port07:50
SiFuhbut it vanished off the screen when i moved to the next port07:50
TimB_just checked the signature for intel-tbb, if it does not report a valid signature they must have altered the upstream sourcefile.. <.< how i love that07:51
SiFuhoh don't worry   that's under contrib07:52
TimB_the distfiles seem fine for me07:52
SiFuhoh no it's yours07:52
TimB_yeah i do have genuine interest in that stuff being up2date and working ;)07:53
SiFuhi think I know what happened07:54
TimB_i am all ears07:54
SiFuhit's me :-P  crux-libreoffice.pub07:57
TimB_but it shouldn't check for that signature07:58
SiFuhwell, I grabbed it from your site and shoved it in /etc/ports/ and now the signature mismatch is gone08:00
TimB_the old repo is not updated anymore, so if you have it still listed in prt-get.conf, remove it08:00
TimB_all the ports were moved to contrib and the old repo is archived fwiw08:00
SiFuhoh ok, so  crux-libreoffice  no more   and install contrib/libreofice  ?08:04
TimB_yes sir08:04
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SiFuh_TimB_: had my power cut   guessing someone next door was playing with the power box08:15
TimB_SiFuh_: sounds lovely ~.~08:15
SiFuh_yep, very, was building blender  when it happened08:39
TimB_hopefully with ccache ;)08:40
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SiFuh_TimB_: I was just running X Plane 11 and discovered something.09:01
SiFuh_Failed to load module “glxserver_nvidia” (module does not exist, 0)09:03
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TimB_SiFuh_: can't tell, i am on amd :)09:28
TimB_aka "it just works"09:28
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cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: ca-certificates: update to 2019101615:37
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: sudo: update to 1.8.28p115:40
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: xorg-xf86-video-ati: update to 19.1.016:36
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: dhcpcd: update to 8.1.116:53
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: libglvnd: updated to version 1.2.017:12
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: mesa3d: updated .footprint for .pc files moved to libglvnd17:56
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jaegerIf you're not on the ML, libglvnd will need to be force updated, then mesa3d can be updated normally18:01
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SiFuhTimB_: libetonyek wants mdds 1.4 and errors out says no mdds 1.4 found. mdds installed is 1.518:01
SiFuhTimB_: libetonyek wants mdds 1.4 and errors out says no mdds 1.4 found. mdds installed is 1.518:05
SiFuhand liborcus wants mdds 1.518:06
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TimB_sifuh: will check it out, thanks.18:30
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TimB_SiFuh: can you try and see if that fixes the build for you as well?19:08
TimB_it's just fixed in the Pkgfile (line 14)19:09
SiFuhi see i did19:12
SiFuhi have another issue19:12
TimB_hit me19:14
SiFuhLibreoffice was complaining about harfbuzz not having graphite2, so i changed graphite=auto to yes in the harfbuzz pkgfile and the other was that It (libreoffice) couldn't find qmake. so I set a qt5 environment variable as /usr19:14
ryuoACTION slaps TimB_ around for a bit with a giant trout.19:14
TimB_SiFuh: do you have graphite installed?19:15
TimB_you have to install it, rebuild harfbuzz and harfbuzz-icu with it, then build libreoffice19:15
SiFuhyes i have19:15
TimB_ryuo: thank you very much, sir19:15
SiFuhi recompiled harfbuzz   not harfbuzz-icu to get it to work19:16
SiFuhexport QT5DIR=/usr  <-- I chucked that in libreoffice Pkgfile19:16
TimB_why do you need that? it was the same for dlcusa i guess19:16
TimB_he had the same problem about lo configure not finding qt, you can check the irclogs for some more info about it19:17
SiFuhi saw19:17
TimB_right.. i have no clue why you would need to set that path19:17
SiFuhi have no idea why libreoffice can't find it  and yet smplayer and vlc all find it19:18
SiFuhoh i have vlc and smplayer built to qt5 not qt419:18
SiFuhI actually looked twice when libreoffice said it can't find qmake-qt5 set your QT5DIR. I was thinking  wtf? and I quickly checked /usr/bin/qmake-qt5  it was there..19:23
SiFuhI checked the calendar and it wasn't April the first, and I thought hmm libreoffice is having a joke, I will recompile it and see.. and sure enough it complained again.19:24
SiFuhSo yeah, no idea why libreoffice was complaining about that. It's compiling now though19:25
TimB_alright, let me know if anything else happens. I suppose an older version would work for you, as it just occured to dlcusa for the past 2 versions19:26
TimB_would be interesting if something else would work without setting the path, version maybe?19:27
SiFuhi can't even remember what eversion i am compiling    two power outages have occurred since this morning  and i have had to back track everything i compiled19:29
TimB_if it fails it should only be or
TimB_in theory, at least.19:34
TimB_;a=commit;h=fc56b5a6175306385d813cf6116dc2dfcf34231f this one should build without setting the path (i guess)19:35
SiFuh6.3.3.1 i am building19:36
TimB_if it builds, fine, but i'll have to look into it. setting the path in the Pkgfile should be a safe option on every other CRUX install. let's see what dlcusa can do with his report upstream19:38
SiFuhhonestly, i think it is to do with libreoffice     maybe the made a spelling mistake ;-)19:44
SiFuhit coimpiled19:47
SiFuhit compiled19:47
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TimB_nice, ok19:50
TimB_i will test it on the weekend, i guess. maybe on friday already, then push a change in the meantime19:51
dlcusaSiFuh, I have been tracing (set -xv) lo and configure far too much--currently looking for a bash beautifier.  They keep breaking stuff but none of it affects TimB.19:58
dlcusaThe latest release is changing the parameters in before giving them to configure, apparently limited to --disable types.20:00
dlcusaPerhaps that behavior has been documented for the release.20:01
SiFuhYou know, in all the years I have been using OS's fluxbox still compiles and still runs perfectly.... and I still use it. Why can applications be more like fluxbox ;-)20:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libetonyek: build against mdds 1.520:05
dlcusaMy build thinks I want enable_postgresql_sdbc (but I don't) and then it fails the configure.20:07
dlcusaThe bash test command using '==' ops is just wrong, as well as tacking a blank onto the PATH passed to qmake-qt5 location code.  Both in and
SiFuhoh you reminded me of something20:10
dlcusaSo if qmake-qt5 is in /usr/bin and /usr/bin is the last PATH dir, it won't fing qmake-qt5.20:10
SiFuhi see20:12
SiFuhso TimB_ can add   export QT5BIN=/usr # because someone fscked up20:12
SiFuh QT5DIR20:13
dlcusaOr add a dummy dir to your path.20:14
dlcusaI'm trying to report these defects but now I'm trying to build the latest release and they've broken something new.20:15
SiFuhhaha. That qbittorrent  i had to change the '| xargs chmod g-w'  to '-exec chmod g-w {} \;' in the Pkgfile20:16
SiFuhdlcusa: I wonder who the programmer is20:17
jaegerdo you and he use different shells as /bin/sh?20:17
jaegerdlcusa and TimB_ that is20:18
TimB_i guess we do20:18
TimB_but i am not certain this makes a difference. i haven't changed my shell in the container, i think i didn't alter the PATH there either20:19
TimB_it's as vanilla as possible20:19
dlcusaMaybe--CRUX symlinks dash as /bin/sh, but configure is really smart about working with what ever shell is finds itself in, even for WinNT.20:19
jaegerconfigure is not always as smart as you might think, hence the need for CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/bash in some ports20:22
dlcusaSiFuh, and I wonder if they're working for a lo competitor.20:22
dlcusajaeger, it deals with a lot of different shells, particularly bash using posix mode and dash.  It may not work for a real Bourne shell, though.20:28
dlcusaThe code quality seems to be deteriorating.20:31
pedja_hpminibash was /bin/sh for a long time, so some configure scripts rely on bashisms20:31
dlcusaThe lo configure is designed to prevent bashisms from execution on shells that can't handle them, but the maintainer has to follow the rules.20:34
dlcusaPlus configure is built from autocoder source.20:36
SiFuhksh openbsd ;-)20:37
pedja_hpminiThe Document Foundation could invest in updating lo build system :)20:37
dlcusaI really don't want to be doing this, but I do want to update lo. :-(20:37
SiFuhso I want to use Openshot. So I downloaded the AppImage. I never had one successfully work. I thought they are static and independant. This one wants
pedja_hpminidlcusa, use the binary?20:38
SiFuhdlcusa: what is this _lo_ ??20:38
dlcusaShort for libreoffice.20:38
pedja_hpminiSiFuh, yeah, that's the issue with aappimages built on centos, afaik20:39
SiFuhi saw a libreoffice-bin20:39
dlcusapedja, I am tempted but these bugs need to be fixed and I feel a call of FOSS duty.20:40
SiFuhdlcusa: i had issues with mdds. One dependency wanted 1.4 and one wanted 1.5. TimB_ fixed thast already. The next issues I had was harfbuzz-icu (turned out to be harfbuzz) and harfbuzz needed graphite2 so I changed the graphite=auto to graphite=yes. Then everything succedded 'till libreoffice started whinging about qmake. I set the export QTDIR=/usr in the libreoffice Pkgfile.20:42
dlcusapedja_hpmini ^20:42
SiFuhmind you, my qmake and lrelease are links to qmake-qt5 and lrelease-qt520:43
dlcusaThe only problem affecting qmake-qt5 detection by lo is that last PATH dir issue.20:44
SiFuhor some disgruntled employee that got the sack and sabotaged the source20:46
dlcusaSiFuh, whatever, the bugs need to be reported so someone can retify them.20:46
SiFuhmy malay brother had an internet cafe named 'bugs computers'. I asked him why he had named it this and he said that all the computers are running windows, that's why.20:48
SiFuhThat was either really funny and everyone died, or I just created a morbin silence21:01
pedja_hpminisome say that all computers in Hell are running Win98ME :)21:02
joacimhell is one big sharepoint and teams seminar21:03
pedja_hpminiwhat's ms teams? something slack-like?21:05
SiFuhWin98SE or WinME ?21:05
joacimdoesnt matter. i understood the point =)21:06
pedja_hpminibastard child of both21:06
SiFuhfirst 3 letters gave it away21:06
joacimtho i wouldnt mind going to hell if it meant going tback to 9x and me again21:06
SiFuhpedja_hpmini: haha21:06
joacimi think there are patches that include some me stuff for 98se21:06
joacimsince it has some nice features and drivers21:07
joacimthere are patches for me that restores some features like "msdos mode" too, tho thats just a quick edit to the autoexec.bat i think21:07
joacimpedja_hpmini: chat and colaboration21:08
SiFuhjoacim: i remember my friends computer was running windows 98 and to stop virus' i just changed the attrib.exe flags in the file in a hex editor so21:08
pedja_hpminijoacim, thanks21:09
SiFuhthe cirus' would fail21:09
joacimreplaces skype for business, and includes a lot of sharepoint features21:09
joacimi dont like it. businesses end up siloing all their stuff in sharepoint, making it harder to move away21:10
pedja_hpminiwhy would they move? and to what?21:11
joacimsomething that doesnt force you and the people you communicate with into a office license21:13
joacimi know some businesses that try to stick with free software have a very hard time when dealing with outside businesses, since they only want to use teams21:14
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Frankensteinb 2321:25
pedja_hpminijoacim, unless they have some leverage, they'll have to suck it up and get teams, I am afraid21:28
pedja_hpminicost of doing business, unfortunately21:28
pedja_hpminims loves linux, in azure, making them huge money. in business setting, not so much :)21:31
pedja_hpminiafaik, they still have an iron grip there21:33
pedja_hpminiand unlikely to change soon21:33
pedja_hpmininot just in business, too21:39
pedja_hpminiI am fairly sure the majority of computers in the local hospital could be running Linux instead of Windows21:40
pedja_hpminiwithout major issues for users21:42
pedja_hpminiweb browser accessing some database front-end is the majority of use, afaict21:43
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