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dlcusaTimB_, pedja_hpmini, bug report filed with patch:
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dlcusaSiFuh, ^04:14
Frankensteinthe bug is that its generating == for the test command?04:18
Frankensteinyou think they'd have more concern for POSIX04:19
TimB_dlcusa: nice! thanks!04:44
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dlcusaFrankenstein, There's much C-style code in there, too, so we could give the developer the benefit of the doubt, but slam the QA guys.04:54
Frankensteinworks for me. i love a good qa smackdown04:56
Frankensteinto be fair, posix is pretty weird anyways04:56
dlcusaThere's a second subtle bug in there concerning the qmake-qt5 code.04:57
SiFuhCan you believe that in 3 months the power went out once. Now that I have taken the battery out of my notebook due to swelling. The power has gone out 3 times in 2 days.05:31
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dlcusaThat is highly believable, SiFuh.06:42
dlcusaDid you get lo properly installed?06:42
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SiFuhdlcusa: Yes. As I said yesterday mdds Pkgfile had to be modified TimB_ updated it already and I added export QTDIR=/usr to libreoffice's Pkgfile and everything compiled fine.07:37
SiFuhQT5DIR=/usr  sorry07:38
dlcusaGreat.  Mine's finally building without pdfium again, so I'll probably be looking into why that gives the install heartburn.07:39
TimB_SiFuh: it was the libetonyek Pkgfile :> but mdds and friends stired some stuff up, that's what the patch is doing in libreoffice as well07:40
SiFuhoh yeah07:43
SiFuhDrank too much homebrew rice beer last night, so my head ain't working as it should be07:44
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SiFuhBeer here in Malaysia has very high tax, even higher than spirits making it quite expensive if you love to drink beer at the end of the day. So about 50% of the beer I drink is made by me as cheaply as possible using rice and barley. Big job! Have to steralize everything, lots of cooking and boiling, and then waiting 2 to 3 weeks before bottling, then wait a further week or two before dirnking it.07:54
Frankensteinis it good beer?07:54
SiFuhsuprisingly yes. It reminds me of BROK beer from Poland.07:56
SiFuhYou can BROK at Dan Murphy's in Australia.07:56
Frankensteinluckily in texas theres plenty of cheap alchohol07:57
SiFuhI am even thinking of moving to Vietnam just to get cheaper beer07:58
Frankensteina worthy goal07:58
xckoI'm getting download failures for icu - can anyone replicate?08:00
SiFuhmy first batch was quite good but it was very sour because I made the mistake of using sugar with the rice. These days I only use sugar for priming the bottles. 5 cups of boiled rice, 1 cup of oiled barley. Put into a white cloth and then into a basket which is placed inside water in the fermenter. I do this because it keeps the water much cleaner and the alcohol content raises a little higher due to the08:01
SiFuhyeast and the water being separated08:01
SiFuhxcko:  fails here08:02
SiFuhfailed: connection refused08:03
xckolooks like the new upstream url is
xckolooks like Romster is the maintainer ^08:09
SiFuhoh I have made an nftables port if anyone wants to use nft and maintain it08:10
xckodo you use nft? I read debian was moving to it08:20
frinnstI have a distfiles mirror here:
xckocan that be added to PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS?08:24
xckocool thanks!08:24
frinnstdu -sh08:25
xckodoes that include contrib?08:26
SiFuhxcko: been using it for about 3 years now. I find it very nice08:26
SiFuhI set up the  /etc/rc.d/nft script so when you type status  it shows you the loaded firewall rules08:27
xckohonestly not as big as I might expect.08:27
xckoSiFuh: referring to the pkgmk mirror or nft?08:27
xckonice. I'll be sure to check it out when I need to setup my firewall.08:29
SiFuhI also provided a basic firewall configuration that has ssh open only08:30
SiFuhI feel it is so far the closest linux firewall to OpenBSD's pf08:31
FrankensteinSiFuh: what percent alcohol?08:31
SiFuh8 to 12 %08:31
Frankensteinthats a decent amount08:31
SiFuhI try to keep it around 8% but the last batch came up as 12%08:32
Frankensteinwhy 8?08:32
SiFuhacceptable level. The last batch being 12% tasted like Vodka and Orange juice. But that was before bottling.08:33
Frankensteinah, fair enough08:33
Frankensteinoh hm, perhaps i should install nft on my vm08:34
Frankensteinthat will be a fun project08:34
SiFuhI always save a few un-primed bottles for people who like wine08:34
Frankensteini need to try soki one of these days08:35
SiFuhI don't actually like wine08:36
Frankensteini dont recall if i like it08:36
Frankensteini had it once when i was like 14 and it tasted pretty good, but that was before a lot of whiskey08:37
SiFuhHaha I never changed the description ;-)  on the Pkgfile08:48
dlcusaTimB_, lo has installed.  Now for some sleep...09:23
TimB_dlcusa: good job! good night :)09:42
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: libdrm: update to 2.4.10015:29
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: libinput: update to 1.14.215:29
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: samba: update to 4.10.916:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: ldb: update to 1.5.616:42
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axhahaa... europe +2 for me :p19:00
SiFuhAsia +819:01
SiFuhin two weeks it will be Asia +7 :-P19:01
axlegal time?19:02
axor wine drunk19:02
SiFuhno I have to go to Thailand for 2 months19:04
SiFuhthey are 1 hour behind Malaysia/China/Singapore19:04
axo yes19:05
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stenurAs far as i know not all the really good guys have been invited. And that unixgame thing is a bad joke.19:49
stenurYeah, shit, i was about to write a fireful rant somewhere, but did not make it english for real.19:52
stenurAt least bell labs now in cooperation with Nokia.19:52
stenurJust my one cent, of course.19:53
Frankensteinyeah, i was disappointed it was just some scratch game19:53
pedja_hpmininot cooperation, bell labs is owned by nokia19:54
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pedja_hpminiquite a thread
pedja_hpminiabout something called 'matpakke'21:22
pedja_hpminiinteresting cultural differences wrt lunch at work21:25
joacimtodays lunch was two slices of bread with rapeseed margarine and synnøve yellow cheese21:28
joacimit is my lunch every day21:28
pedja_hpminirapeseed sounds ominous :)21:35
Anselmotoday for lunch I had ioghurtt and nothing else21:38
pedja_hpminiproper one, or one of those weird ones, with fruit and shi...err, stuff :) ?21:49
Anselmojust plain22:11
Anselmothough alas from some big company and not a farm. dont live in a big dairy region any more. . . .22:12
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