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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: go: updated to version 1.13.302:55
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: docker: updated to version 19.03.304:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: runc: updated to version 3e425f804:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: containerd: updated to version b34a5c804:05
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SiFuhanyone have a port for openimageio?06:42
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SiFuhIt seems slow to start  but once it is running, it goes good. The graphics settings are set to 50% and no compression07:44
TimB_SiFuh: woop woop! I was sitting in that old plane the demo provides and was like "wth am i supposed to do"07:46
TimB_didn't get it off the ground, haven't had the time too look again07:47
SiFuhTimB_: oh ok simple scenario   f1 throttle down  f2 throttle up, g for raise and lower landing gear  v for release and lock breaks. There are hundreds of other commands. if no joice stick click the + in the centre of the screen. If a box appears you can now move mouse up and down left and right and the plane will move07:52
SiFuhSo yeah a basic flight is click the + press v and g then hold down f2 and use the mouse to move07:53
SiFuhclick the + means the mouse on screen centre07:54
TimB_ok, might try that later :)07:55
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SiFuhsimple view change is w, shift+w and shift+4    you can figure the rest out later07:55
SiFuhalt+r enable re-play and alt+r to return to flight    p to pause07:56
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dlcusaSiFuh, thanks for for the X-Plane demo--I am going to get to that for sure!08:42
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SiFuhdlcusa: no problems. Recomend the su37 for flying as it is rock solid stable. Helicopters are fun but you have different keys if you are using a keyboard.09:17
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ryuo... you ever have a moment on irc that feels like it came from
ryuotoday is that day for me. i never thought i'd see that on modern IRC given the decline in participants.13:03
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jaegerSiFuh: there are 2 on the portdb13:59
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SiFuhabenz__: i saw one  and it fails every time15:12
SiFuhsorry abenz__ I meant jaeger15:12
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joacimryuo: degenerates will never leave irc16:34
SiFuhjoacim: 416:47
SiFuhjoacim: 4 weeks ago I was banned from irc because y ip was used in channel flooding. I was using a mobile phone to access irc.16:48
SiFuhleft me to wonder, why anyone would use a celluar network provider to flood irc16:49
joacimeasy to change ip so they can keep flooding, maybe16:51
dlcusaTimB_, I filed the lo pdfium bug report (
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pedjai wonder why is gpg warning me if I try to set expiry date for multiple sub-keys17:07
pedjacoward as I am, I change them one by one then :)17:09
pedja'key #, expire, save, gpg --edit-key' dance17:10
SiFuhheh sometimes we give up17:54
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TimB_dlcusa: thanks!19:07
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dlcusaTimB_, in case you missed it, that lo patch has been committed to master so we should see it in the next point release.19:36
TimB_dlcusa: haven't had the time to follow it, yet. but that's good to know! nice :)19:41
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abenzno worries21:46
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