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pedjapoint&click games + crappy touchpad = PITA10:39
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pitillohey, could be possible that llvm won't work for 32b? I can't see llvm-config-32.h link/file which will be used if __x86_64__ isn't defined14:24
frinnsti think I still have an old 32bit vm running crux at home14:25
frinnstbut might be painful to even get llvm to compile on it14:25
frinnstits the last 32bit version we released (2.8?)14:25
pitillofrinnst: last 3.5 has the llvm-config.h file pointing to the -32 file14:51
SiFuh_libfilezilla won't compile with out clang14:53
pitillowhich isn't provided I belive (I can't see it in the footprint) so it won't work for 32b. So probably it should be removed? I'm checking on the cubieboard2 currently and I'll adapt it14:54
TimB_SiFuh_: thanks, will add it later at home15:12
SiFuh_no probs ;-)15:24
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jaegerllvm-config-32.h is provided by llvm-3217:13
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pitillojaeger: thanks!17:18
jaegerjohn_cephalopoda: yo17:18
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libfilezilla: add missing dependency17:20
TimB_SiFuh: fixed ^17:20
TimB_john_cephalopoda: heyo!17:20
stenurshit lenovo ideapad 530s key "g" dead.  Second notebook with keyboard kills this year!  Luckily xmodmap overlay still possible -- how do you work around that on Windows, could you at all.  pffff.  Monday.17:22
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jaegerfrinnst: if you're really bored there's a 32-bit 3.5 overlay :P17:32
jaegerand an ISO17:32
jaegerThough 3.5 is probably the last release for which I'll do that17:33
joacimatom or geode is the newest most relevant hardware for that17:38
SiFuh_ <== kde5, mate and ax all have the same error versions 2.20, 2.21, 2.22 and 2.2317:41
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pedjaACTION is back from windows 10 land 17:59
pedjalocalized win10 is kind of confusing :)18:00
john_cephalopodaAll localized OS are weird. You just don't find the error messages when you have to hand-translate them :รพ18:02
pedjahell, win10 is confusing. don't see the point of both control panel and that other, settings thingy, being separate18:03
john_cephalopodaThere are two? Didn't know that.18:03
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pedjait almost looks like using powershell is easier/quicker way to do things18:05
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joacimNo provider of 'networkmanager-connection-editor' found.18:07
joacim- Did you mean NetworkManager-connection-editor?18:07
joacimupper case package names is such a pain18:07
joacimcommands too18:07
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pedjayeah, that one got me too :)18:07
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joacimlocalized winows is annoying when i have to explain stuff to customers18:08
joacimsince they often run norwegian localized versions18:08
pedjalaptop is Serbian localized, all ddg results are in English. fun :)18:09
pedjaluckily, there are screenshots18:10
pedjawindows search isn't particularly smart, either18:14
pedjabut I am not enabling Skynet^Cortana for that18:15
joacimwhen what i want shows up when i start typing, but when i'm able to react, and stop typing, something totally different shows up instead18:15
joacimeven tho what i want should be the only result for what i typed18:15
pedjado localized versions have English<->locale mapping for search?18:17
joacimi dont know18:18
pedjathis one doesn't :)18:18
pedjawhich is...fun18:18
joacimi usually get what i want when i type the english name for the tool, but i dont think it does anything more fancy than match against the filename or whatever18:18
pedjahm, tried that, it seems to match the name, not filename, for stuff I tried, at least.18:20
pedjabut I don't have to use it anymore, I've done on it what I needed18:21
pedjanero nrg was indeed mixed mode, with bunch of audio tracks18:22
pedja~400mb worth18:23
jaegerjoacim: many atoms are 64-bit now but geode, sure18:35
jaegerSiFuh_: not seeing the libblockdev build error here with MATE for what that's worth18:37
pedjathis old hp mini 100 is 64bit, which was a surprise to me, tbh :)18:38
SiFuh_jaeger: Thanks for the check. Anyways what I did was add --without-gtk-doc to the Pkgfile and it compiles fine18:39
jaegerman, gtk-doc and docbook are always full of surprises18:40
SiFuh_yep, i even ran post installs of docbook and nah fsck it. I don't think I will ever need to see gtk-doc in my life except when compiling so I disabled it18:41
SiFuh_jaeger: I did a crux install and built every port against itself two times around and gtk-doc is always popping up18:42
SiFuh_should be an option in /etc/pkgmk.conf to completely disable gtk-doc and docbook :-P18:45
SiFuh_Ahh I found it. This Pkgfile was interesting - jolupalabs/garcon. It Depends on gtk-doc and in the configure section is has --disable-gtk-doc --disable-gtk-doc-html and --disable-gtk-doc-pdf18:50
jaegerSiFuh_: if only that actually worked every time, heh. those configure flags (along with the docbook ones) are ignored like 90% of the time I've tried19:05
jaegerMostly in gnome sources19:06
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SiFuh_I watch almost all educational videos on youtube at a playback speed of 2. I cannot beleive how slow many of these people are even at speed 2. And what is this long winded introduction about who they are and what-not... does anyone care?19:34
SiFuh_I am going to show you how to pour water into a cup.. but first let me tell you about myself.... 12 minutes later.. and the video is 12 minutes and 5 seconds long.19:36
SiFuh_Or those idiots that use robot voices or even worse  typing.  I don't want to read a video. If I did I'd go and read an actual article19:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: firefox-bin: updated to 70.019:40
joacimalready at 7019:41
joacimwhy dont they just drop that style and go with year-month-revision style instead?19:42
pedjajoacim, :)19:48
SiFuh_There is an update? Netscape Communicator hasn't notified me of any updates19:54
joacimtime to switch to midori maybe =)20:08
pedja'scope global temporary dynamic' is ipv6 with privacy extensions thingie?20:31
pedjapointing me to a relevant rfc's is appreciated :)20:34
stenur2292 is ipv6 original.20:35
stenurHas seen quite some updates ever since, but have not digged any updates on that since 2005.20:35
stenurEarly 2005.20:35
stenurAlso 2553.20:37
stenurRFC, that is.20:37
pedjarfc4941 is what I am looking for, by the looks of it20:38
stenurSeems so, section 3.3.20:40
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pedjaI wonder how deep does this ipv6 rabbit hole go :)20:48
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SiFuh_pedja: must have fallen out of range21:28
ryuojoacim: wake me up when midori has a functional ad blocker.22:59
joacimi'll be sleeping myself23:00
TimB_SiFuh_: regarding libblockdev, try
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TimB_oh, overread that you build it without gtk-doc ;) that's also fine23:16
TimB_jaeger: ^ should be safe to be added anyway, until it's merged upstream (submitted). fails for me on zsh as well23:17
TimB_and: agreed on the whole gtk-doc topic23:19
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