IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2019-10-23

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SiFuhWoohoo my notebook battery arrived06:22
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dlcusaRomster, anyone, tried updating opt/rust to 1.38.0-1?  I just got "error: unnecessary `unsafe` block" compiling bootstrap.08:27
dlcusaI think there may have been a stale work directory left over from the last build, so I'll retry after ensuring none exists...08:45
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dlcusaNot the answer--it failed identically.08:55
TimB_dlcusa: always send a build log ;)08:55
dlcusaWhat are you doing up? ;-)08:56
TimB_sleep is for the weak08:56
TimB_guess the real question is: what are you _still_ doing up? ;)08:57
dlcusaThe correct answer is "Sleep makes me irritable." if you're trying to qualify for becoming a parent.08:57
TimB_dlcusa: funny, i updated rust successfully before, fails for me the same way though08:58
frinnstswitching firefox to the mozilla builds was the best decision I ever made08:58
frinnstfuck rust08:58
frinnstit's romsters problem now :)08:58
dlcusaI've been shifting to a graveyard work schedule part-time.08:58
TimB_frinnst: this won't stop development and more stuff will depend on it08:58
frinnstI have a bucket of sand nearby that I can stick my head into08:59
TimB_that helps, i suppose ;)08:59
dlcusaAnd the build log:
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dlcusaI'm going to attempt to get a few hours before the morning people want my attention...  Have fun storming the castle, boys...09:30
TimB_take care! got to do some stuff here as well, but will try the gn+pdfium port soon, can only be with a git checkout it seems, but we will see09:48
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: p5-sdl1-perl: dropped, use p5-sdl11:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: partclone: 0.2.89 -> 0.3.1311:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: [notify] frozen-bubble: 2.2.0 -> 2.2.1-beta1 dependency change: removed: p5-sdl1-perl p5-locale-gettext Added: p5-compress-bzip2 p5-file-slurp p5-ipc-system-simple p5-locale-maketext-lexicon p5-sdl11:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: p5-locale-maketext-lexicon: initial import11:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: p5-ipc-system-simple: initial import11:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: p5-file-slurp: initial import11:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: p5-compress-bzip2: initial import11:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: p5-sdl: initial import11:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: p5-tie-simple: initial import11:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: p5-alien-sdl: initial import11:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: p5-archive-extract: initial import11:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: p5-archive-zip: initial import11:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: p5-text-patch: initial import11:35
Romsterdlcusa, i haven't had an issue. but try flushing sccache if you use that.11:38
SiFuhAnyone using crontab as a normal user? -rwsr-x--- root users /usr/bin/crontab looks correct?11:39
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pedja'quantum supremacy' sounds like a title for a cheesy techno-thriller15:18
pedjaor a sequel about lesser known Jason Bourne brother, Quantum15:19
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pedjatl;dr 'not quite'16:20
dlcusaRomster, no sccache here so far.16:36
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c9droidhello, today while recovering a system I broke the system used to recover the other system,17:40
c9droidis a crux 3.417:40
c9droidnow my question before wasting time is if crux 3.4 bootable media have lucks and lvm17:40
c9droidso I can use the usb to recover the system that recover the other system17:41
c9droidproblem was I needed to fsck a lvm thing, but both disks had the same name, so I changed the name, reboot and dracut can't mount...17:42
c9droidI only checked the grub and uuid was fine, so I assumed was everything fine,17:42
c9droidforgot about dracut :'(17:43
c9droidwill dd crux to usb and test17:43
c9droidhihihih <3 crux it haz cryptosetup and lvm on install media <3 you crux'rs17:55
jaegergood deal :)18:00
c9droidboth systems fixed :D <318:11
c9droidboth outdated, but what matter is "it works (tm)"18:11
c9droidI go away, again thank's you all for this beautiful system. hope one day I can contribute with something.18:17
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SiFuh_haha oh the love18:18
SiFuh_WHen I add  thunar --daemon to ~/.xsession and then open thunar and open vlc or smplayer from it then I get no audio. I need to open pavucontrol and select DIGITAL (IEC958) to get audio. Everything else uses Analog Stereo Duplex. If I do not use thunar --daemon and just launch thunar normally, then vlc and smplayer work with no problems through Analog Stereo Duplex.18:46
SiFuh_Just thought I'd mention it.18:50
pedjaiirc, 'thunar --daemon' is the default with xfce418:57
SiFuh_Yeah I saw that, I was testing it out in fluxbox18:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: glib: updated to 2.62.218:59
SiFuh_I was wondering, but it is a long shot, maybe .xsession is launched as another group?18:59
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