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SiFuhTimB_: Do you have from the mono package?05:31
SiFuhDon't worry, I found it by removing --disable-support-build from the Pkgfile. and are kind of important for many applications so I am curious now why it was disabled.05:57
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RomsterSiFuh, probably wasn't needed for libappindicator-sharp07:03
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: firefox: 69.0.3 -> 70.007:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: nodejs: 10.16.3 -> 12.13.007:06
SiFuhRomster: that's the only reason for a mono port?07:10
Romsterfor it being in contrib, if there are other uses submit a bug report or poke TimB_07:11
SiFuhSuppose, the only reason I use mono is for Sonarr07:12
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TimB_good day08:16
TimB_SiFuh: i don't have it around, sorry, does the port need a change for that?08:17
SiFuhTimB_: Only needs --disable-support-build removed from the Pkgfile and it will add 6 files
TimB_ok, i can check if that works over here and push this to the port, np08:23
Romsteri wonder how many *.la files can be nuked without breaking stuff08:26
SiFuhI was thinking the same08:26
Frankensteinwhat are .la files?08:26 files are text files used by the GNU "libtools" package to describe the files that make up the corresponding library. You can find more information about them in this question:08:27
Frankensteinah, thanks08:29
Frankensteini should do lfs one of these days08:29
SiFuhWhat's the ip address for
Frankensteinfrom a dig08:30
SiFuhhmm my dns server doesn't pick it up08:30
Frankensteindoes the upstream resolver have it?08:30
TimB_103.224.182.245 for me08:30
SiFuhbroken trust chain resolving ' bad cache hit08:31
SiFuhI think I got it working now08:35
TimB_SiFuh: out of curiosity, what do you need the extra files from mono for?08:36
Frankensteinoh do you run a plex server?08:39
SiFuhNo, I just have a USB Harddrive full of TV Series that I watch. I am lazy to keep track so Sonarr does that for me. I just come home from work or wakeup in the morning to see the Torrent or NZB file download and watch it in a video client like vlc or mpv08:40
Frankensteinah, nice08:41
SiFuhYeah, it keeps its own calendar, checks online automatically, when it finds it downloads, renames and shoves into the correct folder on the Hard Drive.08:41
Frankensteini think my dad used couch potato for something similar08:43
SiFuhI was originally using sickbeard  but Sonarr has the capabilities to download certain types of videos to user set sizes of user set quality.  So I can say 1080p minsize 300mb maxsize 1.2gb08:43
Frankensteinoh, sickbeard, yeah thats what it was08:43
SiFuhTimB_: I have xconsole running so I see some strange things occassionally. I just saw a dbus error about an unkown group netdev. avahi-dbus.conf mentions the group netdev. Belongs to port avahi. The pre-install has us adding the group avahi08:48
TimB_SiFuh: will check it out09:08
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SiFuhcool, got dump1090 with rtl_sdr dongle working
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: p5-scalar-list-utils: 1.52 -> 1.5310:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: p5-http-cookies: 6.04 -> 6.0510:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: serd: 0.30.0 -> 0.30.210:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libtommath: 1.1.0 -> 1.2.010:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: mono: build posix helper, remove *.la files10:40
TimB_SiFuh: ^10:40
SiFuhTimB_: cool will test if it works with Sonarr10:42
SiFuhTimB_: how to update only a port and not the entire contrib10:44
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SiFuhI have been using   rsync -aqz mono10:45
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Romsterports -u contrib10:50
Romsterprt-get update mono10:50
SiFuhRomster: don't want to because it will mess up all my work -u contrib10:52
Romsteryou shouldn't be keeping your work in contrib makea new repo and stick it in prt-get.conf10:53
Romsteror use git and make your own branch to commit your changes to.10:53
Romsterthen you can rebase on top of contrib if need be doing it that way10:53
Romsterand it's called clobbering when you clobber your changes when you resync10:54
SiFuhI do  but I am tired of the  .signature files10:56
SiFuhas I said before  .footprints should be in a .signature file10:57
Romsterfootprints are in signature file10:58
Romsterthe file itself is a signature10:58
SiFuhand they shouldn't be10:58
Romsterfile a feature/bug on it10:58
SiFuh everyone has a different system and many people have different .footprints   if you compile something and it finds NEW and you do -uf then you get a signature mismatch because the footprint file changed.10:59
pedjahow else would you track which port installs what?11:00
Romsteryou're meant to use -if11:00
pedjaand you can set NEW to be ignored11:00
Romstermake a new repo put it in prt-get.conf and use your own private signature key?11:00
SiFuhI am using the repos as they are  I have then done pkg_installed and I will move all those ports to a new repo probably named  /usr/ports/system and then I can do ports -u contrib. But I am not ready yet as I am still working on the system11:01
SiFuhI am not 100% sure if I have every modified port moved yet, so that is why I am not going to run ports -u until I am sure11:03
Romstereasy move the lot to a new directory then diff -pruN old contrib11:06
Romsterthen see what's different11:06
SiFuhTimB_: mono launched successfully11:08
SiFuhRomster: I am building stuff and I only have gnuradio and grqx left and then I am complete11:09
Romsterit's never complete :D11:10
SiFuhYeah. I had the perfect xdm theme setup and an update killed it to default. I was not happy11:11
SiFuhluckily I have a backup.. now I won't be installing  xorg-xdm anymore  not it will me  xorg-xdm-<xmd+mytheme>11:12
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pedjawhat's gqrx?11:17
SiFuhSoftware Defined Radio11:17
SiFuhIt is pretty cool stuff11:17
SiFuhHere is an example of what I was dping today in CRUX
SiFuhusing the rtl-sdr dongle I was able to set up dump1090 with openmaps to be able to track aircrafts around me11:18
pedjaah. someone on the channel mentioned playing with that stuff a while back11:19
SiFuhThink of it like a scanner11:19
SiFuhdbrooke ?11:19
pedjaI think so, yeah11:19
SiFuhHe's the only one with a few SDR ports which I borrowed a couple11:19
SiFuhSDR is really cool for amateur radio or fun just educational use. Because it is software defined and your device can tune into multiple frequencies it opens the doorways to some really cool things. Like using gpredict and waiting patiently for a weather sattelite to pass over head, and tuning in to the audio frequency it transmits and then converting the audio into an image11:21
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SiFuhso in the case above, i'd set gpredict to watch the sattelite I want, tune gqrx into the frequency, and when the sattelite passes, have gqrx record and save the noise. Then using another program like wxapt convert that to images11:23
pedjaiirc, there was a talk about that on one of the 3C*11:24
pedjacool stuff11:24
SiFuhyeah definately.  I have  USRP at my parents home, but it has to be repaired and I never have time to look at it. The ethernet port had a small voltage spike and killed something11:25
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Romsterthat's odd as all lan interfaces have isolation as part of there design11:37
SiFuhYep, infact we had plugged in a USB to Ethernet adapter and connected it to the USRP and I said that they can't do that as the USRP most be directly connected to the ethernet port. That was the last time it worked. So we were guessing the cheap Chinese USB to ETH may have caused it.11:38
Romstersounds possible11:39
Romsteri wouldn't trust cheap junk on something good11:40
SiFuhI took the USRP from work and said, well you guys killed it, the boss said chuck it...  And it is now at my home ;-)11:40
SiFuhI am not chucking a 2000$ piece of hardware11:40
Romsteri meant the usb eth cheap adaptor11:40
SiFuhI know I was referring to the boss asking me to chuck out the USRP11:41
Romsterah yeah i wouldn't chuck it either :D11:41
SiFuhI downloaded all the schematics and eventually before I am dead I might actually fix it11:41
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Romsterlucky to get the schematics11:44
SiFuhMost definately11:45
Romster Building the ULTIMATE Minecraft Server11:47
pedjaminecraft is still around?11:49
Romsterprt-get search minecraft11:50
SiFuhi just googled what is minecraft11:50
SiFuhi thought it was a game when you click numbers and hope a bomb wasn't underneath11:51
Romsterlol that's minesweeper11:51
Romstersad part is i used to play minesweeper too11:52
pedjaaren't there a couple of Minecraft-inspired open source games?11:52
Romsteri haven't tried those yet11:53
SiFuhmachupo> ls Games | awk {' printf $1" "'} That->  eagle invaders off-road omf pacman si snipes spaceinvaders sssi thexder ww11:53
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Romsteri remember that11:54
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SiFuhRomster: honestly still one of the coolest games out there11:54
SiFuhthere was an lsnipes out for a while that runs on linux11:54
Romsterah vaguely remember that never tired that one11:55
pedjaACTION has a couple of scummvm games11:56
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SiFuhoh doom made me car sick12:04
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pedjaah, yes :)12:06
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frinnstso stupidly good12:20
SiFuhgreen lazor light to the face hmm12:26
SiFuh Shane Fulorgy...12:32
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SiFuhis there are way to list all falls installed that do not belong to an actual installed port?12:39
SiFuhfalls  files12:39
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SiFuhI wonder what this is going to be like, a white guy in the middle of Asia, travelling on a bus with a Chilli tree :-)12:46
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dlcusaRomster, think this could also apply to the bootstrap prob?
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SiFuhI was compiling gnuradio of dbrookes and it kept erroring out at.... xmlto. I was reading about gnuradio and it says it will not compile (what was erroring out) unless xmlto is installed. prt-get listinst |grep xmlto showed nothing. But ther files existed for xmlto! I just checked if any program I installed needs it and no, nothing. How did it get there but not be installed? hmm15:10
pedjaany output of 'prt-get fsearch $file' ?15:16
SiFuhpedja: no there was no  fsearch result.15:19
SiFuhpedja: gnuradio was compiling and was using xmlto which I don't have. I did prt-get listinst and no xmlto. I then did prt-get remove xmlto and it said it wasn't installed. I then built the xmlto package and it said files exist use -f to overide. I then did prt-get fsearch one of the file names and says it belongs to xmlto. So I compared the footprint to the filelist that exists and it is exactly as xmlto was15:21
SiFuhinstalled. I then checked every dep in the entire ports tree using grep and every port that it showed I don't have or need. So I force installed xmlto then removed the port.15:21
SiFuhNow gnuradio compiles15:22
pedjadoes gnuradio ship xmlto as part of the source?15:23
SiFuhjust did grep of every .footprint and no  only xmlto has it15:26
SiFuhWell I keep telling them that this house is haunted.15:27
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: thunderbird-bin: updated to 68.2.015:32
SiFuhWell the port did exist compiled on my system and I have no idea why15:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: [notify] php: update to 7.3.1115:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: iwd: update to 0.2315:42
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TimB_dlcusa: finished a first draft for gn/pdfium17:15
TimB_let's find out if LO picks it up, shall we?17:15
SiFuh_It's like full on serial killer talk there17:18
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SiFuh_Romster: ls -l /usr/ports/installed/ | awk {' print "cp -rf "$11" /usr/ports/system/" '} <-- Happy now?17:35
SiFuh_I mentioned it now 'cause I know he is asleep and I am safe ;-)17:37
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john_cephalopodaHm, my repo URL changed. What's the process for having it changed in the portdb?18:19
jaegerI can updated it, what's the new info?18:20
john_cephalopodaIt's the jmf repo, new URL is (httpup).18:20
john_cephalopodaThe key didn't change.18:21
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: geany: 1.35 -> 1.3618:48
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jaegerok, I'll update it after work today19:02
stenurHas github changed his download policy?  I can no longer download NAME/archive/NAME-VERSION.tar.gz things?19:05
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john_cephalopodaThanks, jaeger19:14
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TimB_dlcusa: it doesn't pick up pdfium if provided as a sytem library.. so i guess this won't work19:41
stenurHm, if i "curl -I" the plain NAME/archive/SHA1.tar.gz it redirects to, and that brings us to: Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=cwm-781af9c998b109ffc21569afcca8e0f850c4ddbf.tar.gz19:48
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TimB_stenur: still works fine for me19:58
stenurTimB_: interesting. Failed for me for cwm and nawk when trying to update ports, which one did you test?20:00
stenurBut that is not github?20:02
TimB_ no?20:02
TimB_didn't check via pkgmk20:02
TimB_ ->
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stenurHm, these are tagged releases, not snapshot commits.20:04
stenurNo, i meant snapshots from whatever commit.20:05
stenurSorry for not pointing this out.20:05
stenurI had for example cwm$name/archive/$name-$gitver.tar.gz, where $gitver was a SHA1 hash.20:05
stenurUpdating that to the newest snapshot did no longer work.20:06
stenurOnly /name/$gitver.tar.gz still works, $name-$gitver not.20:06
TimB_wget this works for me20:06
stenurTimB_: Ah!  Yes!  Thanks, that was the info i hoped for!20:07
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jaegerjohn_cephalopoda: ok, updated - will show up next time the cacher processes run22:14
dlcusaTimB_, we probably need to see how looks for it and learn why it isn't looking in the right place.22:21
dlcusaCan 't stick around for now--be back ~ 04:00 UT-ish.22:25
TimB_dlcusa: will look into sharing the ports with you tomorrow, then you can have a look. gn needs clang, so if you don't have that yet, you can prepare that in the meantime22:31
john_cephalopodajaeger: Thanks!22:33
TimB_dlcusa: at least that's what arch lists, but no idea, find_deps doesn't pick up anything for it, will figure it out in the container.22:34
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