IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2019-10-28

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ivandilatest crux-3.5-updated.iso (2019-10-20) runs out of memory while copying rootfs00:56
ivandi3.4 is OK01:02
ivandiboth md5 are OK01:03
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ivandiAh, well it actually runs out of tmpfs space, it's a 8G VM and the tmpfs root is only 640M 100% used.01:34
ivandiOk, please change this in the init line 10501:40
ivandimount -t tmpfs tmpfs /newroot -o size=640m01:41
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libisoburn: update to 1.5.203:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libisofs: update to 1.5.203:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libburn: update to 1.5.203:24
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jaegeryeah, found that today, I will update it in the morning and build a new one04:56
jaegerI've also been considering reworking that a bit, it's annoying to constantly have to update it as the ISO base gets larger04:59
emmett1hey guys05:00
emmett1i'm trying to build xfburn but got errors05:00
emmett1anyone know about this errors?05:01
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jaegerI don't use it but I'm guessing it's related to recent gstreamer updates05:04
emmett1jaeger: i thought that too05:07
SiFuhRomster: broke CRUX :-P05:09
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dlcusaTimB_, it was committed to master--how can they hold it until 6.4.x.x?  That's nuts.  As is the code it patches.  Yes, it needs to be in our ports until they decide it should be released.05:50
TimB_dlcusa: no idea :)06:02
TimB_dlcusa: the current poppler version in opt doesn't work with LO <.<06:11
TimB_so there is that :D06:11
Workster./configure: 16296: test: xyes: unexpected operator06:12
WorksterSiFuh, looks like there is a bashism youll need to tell configure to use bash06:12
Rudolphhm, i think my cat is confused. he keeps trying to eat my computer mouse06:13
SiFuhWorkster: tell that to emmett1 ;-)06:14
emmett1add 'SHELL=/bin/bash'? it doesnt work06:26
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UNIXn3rdACTION wonders if the previous version of Xorg-server will compile if the current doesnt06:48
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UNIXn3rdAll xorg-1.20.* seems to have same error when trying to compile07:26
frinnstI managed to reproduce it yesterday07:39
frinnstI did a complete rebuild on one machine on friday without this problem so wonder if its to do with the mesa3d stuff07:40
dlcusaWorkster, another test == sighted in xfburn's 56: 'if test x"$GST_FOUND" == x"yes"; then'07:43
SiFuhUNIXn3rd: I have a pretty update system and I just tried compiled xorg-server 1.20.5 is this the error you are seeing?
frinnstits the mesa3d / libglvnd stuff that broke things08:00
frinnstACTION pokes jaeger 08:01
SiFuhjaeger: broke CRUX too!08:04
SiFuhI haven't dared to update since qbittorrent won't work with the new libtorrent-rasterbar08:06
SiFuhThat was on Saturday when the mesa3d update arrived also08:06
TimB_SiFuh: there has been an update to qbittorrent08:44
TimB_it was/still is? unmaintained08:44
TimB_attic repository anybody? :)08:45
TimB_dlcusa: so, packaging pdfium seems like a valid way to include it. poppler doesn't work for me, they seem to use the unstable api..08:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libreoffice: ->
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: qownnotes: 19.10.5 -> 19.10.1008:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: keepassxc: 2.4.3 -> 2.5.008:55
TimB_dlcusa: ^ includes your patch + pdfium08:55
dlcusaThanx, TimB_, I'll run 'er up the flagpole...08:56
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Romsteri think i found a solution for the xorg-server issue08:59
Romstertesting it now08:59
RomsterSiFuh, xfburn is old probably and not keeping up with gstreamer09:00
RomsterSiFuh, if you look libtorrent-rasterbar1 :D09:01
emmett1Romster: xfburn is compiled fine with other distro09:01
emmett1with latest gstreamer09:01
Romsterthen how did i break it are you on gstreamer 1.16.1-2 ? and gst-plugins-base 1.16.1-2 ?09:02
emmett1yes i'm on latest crux installation09:04
Romsterwhos xfburn are you using?09:04
emmett1without any other addition collection other then contrib and compat-3209:04
Romsterso i can test09:04
Romsterit would be nice if the ports collection was listed on portsdb09:06
TimB_sed -i */Pkgfile -e 's/Alexandr Savca, alexandr dot savca89 at gmail dot com/unmaintained/g' should be safe to be done, right?09:10
TimB_well, something has to be done, i'll just do it09:10
emmett1its my own Pkgfile09:12
emmett1along together with xfce4 DE09:12
emmett1only xfburn failed to compiled right now09:12
emmett1xfce4 working great09:12
Romsterwell it makes it ahrd to test09:14
emmett1i will add to github later, then i will tell you09:14
emmett1need to cleanup a bit09:15
TimB_Romster: inkscape fails for me against the newest poppler ~.~09:16
RomsterACTION mumbles09:16
TimB_will upload a log soon, haven't found a way to fix it yet09:16
TimB_fiddled around with it for a bit, but no luck so far09:16
Romsteri'm looking for this mesa glvnd xorg-server crap first09:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: p5-net-dbus: new maintainer needed09:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: vifm: new maintainer needed09:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: torsocks: new maintainer needed09:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: tor: new maintainer needed09:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: qbittorrent: new maintainer needed09:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: p5-xml-twig: new maintainer needed09:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: p5-gtk2-trayicon: new maintainer needed09:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: p5-gtk2-notify: new maintainer needed09:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: p5-gstreamer1: new maintainer needed09:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: p5-glib-object-introspection: new maintainer needed09:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: gmusicbrowser: new maintainer needed09:18
SiFuhTimB_: so qbittorrent is being compiled again libtorrent-rasterbar1 now instead of libtorrent-rasterbar?09:18
RomsterSiFuh, yes09:19
TimB_SiFuh: no idea :)09:19
Romsteri fixed it09:19
TimB_haven't looked closely09:19
TimB_i don't have that installed so i don't care much about it tbh09:19
Rudolphdoes cruxbot have rate limiting builtin?09:19
SiFuhBasically what I had already. I updated qbitorrent myself and downgrade libtorrent-rasterbar :-P09:19
Romsterlook at the commit for it and i even tagged it for ML09:19
Romsterand you still don't see it...09:19
SiFuhI have been on a bus for 11 and half hours   I had not time to see anything09:20
Romsterfair enough09:20
SiFuhI went to the Thai Consulate for a visa and they asked for a plane ticket to Australia.. I said I don't have one. THey said well you need one or go to KL to your visa. Fsck that.. 11 and half hours by bus, I ain't doing that.09:21
TimB_something tells me you don't want to f around in thailand as a foreigner.. :)09:22
SiFuhI know Thailand very well. Been the every province and I can read, write and speak the language. I use to live there and work for the University09:23
SiFuhIn fact I had them use CRUX 1.2.0 (I think was the version) for their matlab computers09:24
SiFuhI haven't been back to Thailand in 4 years and 11 months, so I want to visit the old friends. Well the trip instead of 2 months will probably be around 1 month now09:25
TimB_sounds like a bummer09:27
SiFuhSounds cheaper ;-)09:27
TimB_and that :P09:38
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dlcusaThanx, TimB_, I'll run 'er up the flagpole...10:02
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frinnstblueness: anything new & interesting in 3.2.9?13:15
jaegerRudolph: it has very rudimentary rate limiting, also the server just eats messages sometimes13:50
frinnstjaeger: have you picked out the keys and frame yet?13:51
jaegerfrinnst: going to use keycaps I have already, got a few sets... but the frame will be an aluminum plate, DZ60 PCB, and aluminum case this time instead of plastic13:55
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frinnstcome now, surely you need NEW caps for NEW keyboard! :p15:01
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Rudolphjaeger: voicing the bot will give it a higher message limit16:04
jaegerAh, nice16:16
jaegerworth a shot16:17
Rudolphyeah, i know its not usually too noisy, just the recent burst made me think of it16:17
TimB_great. something/someone killed dot net and the whole powershell on one of the Win10 boxes i admin at work - ....16:24
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Rudolphi dont envy you. i dont miss having to diagnose windows (service) issues16:27
TimB_best part is my boss is oblivious to the fact that one coworker behaves like this is her home computer...16:30
Rudolphits 2019. you dont have to worry about ram or disk space anymore, right16:31
TimB_well, i did work on the registry to finetune stuff, but if that badboy isn't opening where i last exited it somethings going fatally wrong16:32
TimB_i am not concerned about people loading up the desktop with over 9000 files, but if they alter the system without my knowledge and stuff stops working i might get angry...16:33
dlcusaTimB_, LO updated and it opens PDFs--thank you so much!16:33
TimB_dlcusa: couldn't have done it without your great help David!16:34
TimB_i wouldn't even have noticed until.. who knows :)16:34
dlcusaRomster, rust still fails to build bootstrap as before.16:34
RudolphTimB_: ah, yeah, that's even worse16:36
dlcusaWe salute CRUX teamwork!16:36
CruxLoverSorry my silence, I also <3  team work16:43
CruxLoverI'm yet on 3.4, don't update for some months now, will migrate everything to 3.5 asap I have patience (aka weed)16:44
CruxLoverI have 5 crux machines...16:44
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SiFuhpedja: Silicon Valley S06E01  ;-)16:49
pedjaI am 6 seasons behind on that one :(16:49
SiFuhI can''t watch either because something recently updated on crux broke all my video players16:50
SiFuhAhh it is ok  I just blame Romster or jaeger haha16:52
pedjathis netbook can't really keep up with h.264 streams, no vdpau hw accel16:54
pedjaotoh, it's so old that it isn't vulnerable to spectre thingie, so :)16:55
CruxLoverpeople is letting at a increasing rate outdated laptops in my home :D  sad, some are 32 bit, that wold require extra work....16:55
pedjah264ify ff/chrome addon is cool for that16:56
CruxLoverI think I will save them and wait 20 years ...16:56
CruxLoverpedja don't mind to much security if you don't own a talos II or a elbrus ...16:57
CruxLoverI mean, mind just to keep the kids out...16:57
SiFuhlibvpx broke my system16:58
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pedjaCruxLover, never heard of Elbrus. interesting read, thanks :)17:28
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jaegerBound to happen sometimes with source distros, though hopefully we keep it minimal17:59
UNIXn3rdSiFuh: It looks like the same error18:08
TimB_public annoucement: 8 of the 11 contribs ports i flagged unmaintained earlier are actually maintained ~.~ sorry to j_v (Maintainer) and for the disturbance in general. sometimes I just stink :P18:13
pedjaTimB_, feel free to take over or flag as unmaintained a few of my ports in contrib :)18:20
TimB_pedja: i feel like shit stepping on johns toes there <.<18:21
TimB_but if there are some of yours still unmaintained, i thought they have been taken by now, i will take a look, sure!18:22
pedjamistakes happen. buy him a beer and move on :)18:22
TimB_that would work, i got two on my way home to digest that day18:22
TimB_f- mondays18:22
TimB_Friday is a free day in Germany, that's when I can fix that freaking work pc... it's still working, so no need to do it during regular hours18:23
pedjafree day?18:23
TimB_some christian holiday18:23
UNIXn3rdI think we all break crux18:42
jaegerI've certainly done it before and likely will again18:43
UNIXn3rdI wonder if it is really mesa3d that broke Xorg-server compiling, attempting to compile in the VM to see.18:43
TimB_yeah but 8 out of 11 ports i flagged earlier are actually maintained <.<18:43
joacimit is amazing how i havent had a major incident with my cruxii for a very long time18:43
jaegerUNIXn3rd: libglvnd and mesa3d upstreams are shuffling ownership of gl headers around but libglvnd included some very old ones, it seems, causing issues18:46
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: libglvnd: patched for recent upstream gl/egl badness18:46
jaegerthat should sort xorg-server18:46
UNIXn3rddid you have to replace any files above, if so what ones?20:26
jaegerreplaced eglplatform.h with the mesa3d version and patched gl.h (see the Pkgfile for an issue tracker link)20:33
UNIXn3rdI noticed that20:35
UNIXn3rdits installed it now20:39
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UNIXn3rdsorted out Xorg21:25
Romsterlibvpx bump broke ABI on ffmpeg and friends, use revdep to find and force rebuild those.21:41
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TimB_should have done that earlier -.- grep Pedja */Pkgfile | grep Maintainer | awk '{ print $1 }' | sed 's/\/Pkgfile:\#//g'22:19
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