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TimB_Rudolph: once you got a port up and running, it's mostly bumping numbers, but can be more in some cases. else, it's held to certain standards i assume :)00:22
Rudolphmakes sense00:23
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SiFuhlibva-vdpau-driver isn't finding libva1 even though it is in ld.config.d/*.conf hmm01:27
jaegerRudolph: the TR box has a 1TB drive with several hundred free, don't remember exactly.01:50
Rudolphyeah, its probably disk space then01:51
jaegerthe container VM has a 64GB disk with 25GB free01:51
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SiFuhWorkster: to get libva-vdpau-driver I added /usr/lib/libva1/pkgconfig to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable. Last time I didn't have to. Maybe I broke something?04:09
WorksterSiFuh, you should install libva you got libva1 for some other compatibility software04:28
Worksterlibva-vdpau-driver looks for opt/libva not contrib/libva104:29
Worksterprt-get deptree libva-vdpau-driver04:29
SiFuhYeah ok, hold on.04:30
SiFuhAhh, I know why I was using libva1 because libva-vdpau-driver wouldn't compile04:32
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SiFuh_"GLX support ...................... : no"04:38
SiFuh_All dependencies installed04:38
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SiFuh_Workster: same error on a fresh install of crux05:16
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UNIXn3rdI like how you can install a new kernel on Linux as I put kernel 5.3 on the crux system06:12
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SiFuh_Romster: maybe something like this? for libva-2.5.008:26
SiFuh_they changed that line in libva-2.4.008:27
SiFuh_they changed that line in libva-2.5.0 from the configure in 2.4.0  sorry08:27
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SiFuhThat seems to fix my vlc problem08:34
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frinnstoh great. yet another build system13:37
frinnst� 2019 Google13:38
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frinnstBazel advertises itself with the tagline “{Fast, Correct} – Choose two”.13:43
frinnstso they want to change because its faster? :D13:43
pedjaand deals better with dependencies, apparently, if I am reading that blog post correctly13:47
frinnstpoor romster13:48
pedjanot many deps for building it, thou, just jdk, apart from the usual suspects :)13:49
pedjaI wonder if they considered cmake13:52
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pedjawith 4 weeks release cycle, they need something quicker then the mess they have, I guess13:54
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CruxLoverI will start updating crux 3.5, just because in short time 3.6 will come out and I will love to make everything again.15:00
CruxLover*updating to crux 3.515:00
jolupaHi everyone, finally I have a new computer and... Reinstalling all I found that gtk-update-icon-cache is not in the gtk install? :O15:02
CruxLoverjolupa I will start updating today my systems, I will need time I have been away from admin some time now. I think I forgot most of the things.15:04
CruxLoverlucky I documented everything well, actually documenting crux was my full job for months15:05
jolupa@CruxLover enjoy the process... It takes me 2 reinstalls to finally run ok the system... My fault the two times! XD15:06
jolupaCruxLover: I allways said to me... Write this down, just in case, but allways I'm away from papers... :D15:07
CruxLoverjolupa asap I have my server online again I will let know here, will start updating the doc's as the work goes15:10
CruxLoverthere is also /wiki and was /git /forum :)15:11
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bkdwtHello folks! Could anyone tell why fb1280 works in BIOS-based installations but does not work in UEFI-based installations? Using the installer on 1024x768 is horrible.15:14
CruxLoverIt hurts to touch a system that works so well, just to update to 3.515:15
CruxLoverbkdwt wold love to help :(15:15
bkdwtNo problem CruxLover ;D15:16
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CruxLoverInteresting I updated the web certificate, all gone well as usual, but keep having error of outdated certificate on browser15:36
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CruxLoverdo I have to wait ? interesting to update dns was faster.15:37
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pedjait's good to have some offline content when, say, ISP's *dsl auth server is down16:33
UNIXn3rdlol@forbidden errors while trying to install xpdf16:40
UNIXn3rddownloaded off gentoos ftp server and used that16:40
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CruxLoverdownloading updated crux 3.5 from ninja.crux hihihi17:41
jaegerbkdwt: BIOS and UEFI framebuffers are quite different in the kernel18:08
jaegerjolupa: 'prt-get fsearch gtk-update-icon-cache' shows that it's still in opt/gtk18:09
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Rudolphdoes crux have something similar to ? I'm trying to install crux to a kvm hypervisor, and libvirt wants a "Distribution tree installtion source" like that link19:45
CruxLoverRudolph I have 2 virtual machines on KVM, one the "builder" where are all the sources and binaries, that other systems get from to update, and a server19:53
CruxLovermaybe that help you19:54
Rudolphthanks, i'll check that out19:55
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Rudolphisn't qemu-kvm a different hypervisor than the kvm kernel module?19:56
CruxLoverfor the little I know about, qemu-kvm require kvm on the kernel, that makes me assume that qemu sits on top of kvm19:57
Rudolphhm, ok19:57
Rudolphi'll play around with it19:57
CruxLover;)  have fun19:57
Rudolphhaha will do19:57
Rudolphactually, glad you linked that, because i lost all of my tabs the other day (and had another hive page i forgot about)19:58
CruxLoverI only notice now that I'm not receiving emails from crux mail list :O19:59
CruxLoveryou welcome ;)  my personal crux server, I'm in the process to update to 3.520:00
Rudolphoh, nice20:00
jolupajaeger: sorry for the late reply. Yes is in the gtk port but no in the gtk3 port and I don't if it's not present in the new version... I searched and it seems that Gentoo is building it in a diferent package... :/20:00
Rudolphthat hardening page looks really cool20:00
CruxLoverjust a test, not yet finish, I have to build the packages to a different directory if I use aggressive flags and don't let the builder install them.20:01
CruxLoveror the builder will stop being a builder ...20:02
jaegerI've not used libvirt much but can't it boot an ISO?20:22
jaegerjolupa: as far as I know the one in opt/gtk works for both, so no need to duplicate it20:22
jolupaYeah! I finally installed both... Is my pursuit to delete gtk2... :D20:24
jaegerRudolph: qemu uses kvm under the hood as CruxLover mentioned20:24
Rudolphjaeger: it can use an ISO, but apparently it doesn't like the CRUX ISO20:26
RudolphI might have to end up using qemu. I was hoping to use virsh/virt-install, but it might not be possible20:26
Rudolphoh well, i'll play around with that doc some more20:26
jaegerIt's not booting the ISO from that message20:30
jaegerat least that message doesn't come from the CRUX boot20:32
Rudolph--location wasn't booting the iso. --cdrom did boot it, but i couldn't get it to write out to the tty, so i didn't see any of the boot sequence20:34
jaegerYou might need some viewer for libvirt20:35
joacimtext console works too, if the os is configured for it20:35
jaegerSounds like a libvirt issue, though I'm just guessing... because the ISO definitely does console text output unless you tell it to boot a framebuffer mode20:36
jaegerThough I'm not sure how that's handled with the UEFI framebuffer if you boot in UEFI mode20:36
Rudolphyeah, it gave a weird message about20:37
Rudolphthe ISO not printing, which is weird because it did it in vmware20:37
Rudolph(and idk enough about tty's to configure that)20:37
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: popt-32: changed source url to use http due to bad SSL certificate21:06
pedjaI am lazy/lame, so always used virt-manager to install and virsh to manage the vm's21:13
pedjavirt-install has a *lot* of options, so the command line can get a bit hairy21:14
Rudolphtried to post to the ML, got rejected :x21:14
Rudolphclearly im meant to use qemu-kvm, so i'll just go that route21:14
Rudolphthanks, everyone21:14
CruxLoverSince 30 August I stop receiving emails from crux list :(21:14
jaegerwhat's your email?21:22
jaegerfeel free to PM it if you want, I'll check the status on the list21:24
Rudolphwould you mind checking why I got rejected as well if you have the chance? just if i need to send a message in the future21:25
jaegerIf you got a message rejected you should have gotten a mail saying why... if you're just not getting emails that might be something else21:25
jaegerbut give me an address to check and I'll look21:26
Rudolphthanks, - it just said "Your message has been rejected, probably because you are not subscribed to the mailing list and the list's policy is to prohibit non-members from posting to it."21:27
Rudolphalthough i'm looking at my subscription email21:27
jaegeryeah, I see you in the list and not disabled21:28
jaegerI also see that the mail server sent 2 mails to that address which were accepted21:28
jaegerabout an hour ago21:28
Rudolphhm, weird21:29
jaegerAs a test I just installed virt-manager and deps in a CentOS 7 VM and booted the CRUX ISO there. No problems booting21:53
CruxLoverjaeger sorry I was afk I'm silvino at bk dot ru21:54
CruxLoverbut I'm Portuguese :D  not Russian bot :D21:55
jaegeryou're currently disabled due to too many bounces. If your mail server is back up I can reenable you21:56
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Rudolphhm, i wonder if its a centos 8 thing then21:57
jaegerI'm not very familiar with virsh/libvirt/virt-manager so I'm probably not doing the exact same setup you are, but I created a new VM in virt-manager using the CRUX ISO image21:58
jaegerI unchecked the "determine distribution automatically from image" option21:58
Rudolphme either, mostly flying blind and relying on examples lol21:59
Rudolphthanks for checking though. at least that means the possibility exists22:00
Rudolphpreviously i could only find examples with crux 2.522:00
CruxLoverjaeger :O  is not my server I'm just a "client"/"user" WOW.22:03
pedjasending in a patch for osinfo-db, so Crux iso would be recognized, was on my TODO list :)22:03
jaegerok. I'll reenable the address, though it could happen again in theory22:03
CruxLoverjaeger I notice that amazon service is also not able to send me email.22:06
CruxLoverjaeger but other sources can, I will not give a dam, will not make other email, will migrate to services that can send to my email.22:06
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: qownnotes: 19.10.10 -> 19.10.1323:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: ostree: 2019.4 -> 2019.523:00
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: sassc: updated to version 3.6.123:21
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libsass: downgraded to version 3.6.123:21
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