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UNIXn3rdWhat VNC viewer includes a client on Crux ports?06:23
UNIXn3rdVNC program*06:33
ryuoonly a client?06:58
ryuoor both?06:58
UNIXn3rdits more for qemu06:58
ryuogvncviewer is something i've used before.06:58
ryuonot in crux.06:59
ryuoseems it's supposed to be part of gtk-vnc07:00
ryuothat is in some crux ports... but apparently not enabled?07:00
ryuoit's a command line interface mostly.07:01
ryuoto launch it07:01
frinnsti'd recommend spice for qemu07:01
UNIXn3rdhmm spice I thought that was for electical circuits programs at 1st07:03
frinnstits a protocol07:12
UNIXn3rdat least it is not mamba like in my city07:13
Rudolphdo purely console based vnc's exist? kind of like as a virtual serial port?07:26
frinnstyou can run qemu stuff in a console, yes07:26
frinnstif I understood that correctly :-)07:27
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UNIXn3rdI got qemu to work with display-curses, not sure why it defaults to a vnc server07:29
frinnstsafe default probably07:30
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RomsterDo Not Drop Food Cans in Hot Burning Oil!07:45
Romsterlibsass: downgraded, it was to sassy07:46
joacimlooks like fun07:46
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: libxml2-python: update to 2.9.1012:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: [notify] libxml2: update to 2.9.1012:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: iwd: update to 1.012:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: [notify] samba: update to 4.11.212:19
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: libinput: update to 1.14.312:20
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: sudo: update to 1.8.2912:22
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: eudev: update to 3.2.912:22
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Spoofingits a prt-get sysup's time!12:33
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pedjaanyone using qemu-4.1?
stenurpedja the wizard14:00
pedjanah, just reading libvirt-users :)14:00
joacimfrinnst & jaeger: either of you know of any good backup services that works with regular gmail accounts? (non-g suite)14:02
pedjaqcow/qcow2 images on xfs seem to be a "winning" combo14:02
frinnstACTION has never used gmail14:03
pedjadoesn't android require a gmail account?14:04
joacimfor play store, but you never really have to use gmail itself14:05
pedjaah. OK14:05
frinnstyeah when I ran android i think my gmail address was something like "" or something similar14:06
pedjacatchy :)14:06
joacimi dont like how they handle play store logins. when you login, you also get signed in to everything else, even gmail14:07
joacimon iphone, app store and general icloud services are two different logins14:07
jaegerjoacim: I only have experience with crashplan but it works fine with my gmail account14:07
joacimif someone spies my lock code, they could gain access to my gmail too14:07
pedjaless work for google to gobble that sweet, sweet, data14:08
frinnstI have an iphone these days14:11
frinnstgoogle can go eat a bag of dicks14:11
joacimeasy to get photos off those as a free software nerd?14:12
TimB_NSFW, but funny :D14:12
joacimclicked it before the nsfw warning...14:13
frinnstjoacim: email works :)14:13
TimB_joacim: it's just chocolate ;)14:14
pedjaurl with ''dick' in the title is rarely SFW :)14:14
pedjaI use imap thingie in claws for gmail, haven't opened the actual one in months14:17
joacimgmails imap implementation drove me crazy in the beginning14:18
joacimI am a little happier now that i use fastmail instead14:18
frinnstoh cool. bogofilter has started segfaulting14:21
frinnstomg they made a new release14:22
stenurmine already current is.  but with lmdb.14:30
pedjajoacim, are you playing gzdoom?14:36
pedjaif the sound is kind of crappy, you might want to replace soundfont that it ships with something better :)14:37
pedjamade quite a difference in several scummvm games I tried, at least14:38
pedjaafaik, it works for games that use fluidsynth14:41
joacimsounds works ok for me, but yeah i imagine the sound font can make a big difference =)14:43
joacimim just using the soundfont that gzdoom ships with14:44
pedjathere are a few of them, but I am using the one from
pedjasf2 one14:52
joacimah the sc-5515:22
joacimnot tested those sound fonts myself. would like to know how well they compare to the actual hardware =)15:23
joacimlots of games become really nice with actual hardware15:23
pedjawell, sc-55 go from 3 to +100mb in size :)15:33
pedjamedium that I use is ~50mb15:34
pedjaand, apparently, some games do some weird stuff with midi/music, so it depends how well any soundfont works with a particular game15:36
pedjapatch93's one is good enough[tm] for most of them, apparently15:37
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bkdwtHey folks, how is going? I have a question: is possible to compile the kernel inside the disk to enable F2FS before the installation and setup?16:06
jaegerfunny timing, I just made an ISO with f2fs support yesterday16:06
jaegerI can upload it somewhere if you want to try it16:07
bkdwtI would be very grateful! :]16:07
bkdwtThe only modification in your ISO is the F2FS, right?16:08
bkdwtIf you can upload on google drive, will help me a lot16:08
jaegerI don't use google drive, can you get it via https?16:10
bkdwtof course16:11
jaegerok. It's uploading currently, ETA 15 mins... my connection is crap today for some reason16:12
bkdwtno problem ;)16:12
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jaegeras a side note did you see my response about the framebuffer yesterday?16:14
bkdwtI didn't see16:15
bkdwtI'll check in the log16:16
bkdwtone minute16:16
jaegerIt was just that the BIOS (VESA) and UEFI framebuffers are different to the kernel16:16
jaegerSo fb1024 and similar aren't known to the UEFI framebuffer16:16
bkdwtoh, ok16:17
jaegerwith that said some bootloaders like grub2 can change UEFI video modes16:17
jaegergrub2 has a builtin command to list modes if I remember right... something like videoinfo16:18
bkdwtCrux install disk loads grub for default, right?16:18
jaegerIn UEFI mode, yes16:19
bkdwtlet me try this on qemu16:19
jaegerok, it's uploaded to, the -f2fs one16:27
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bkdwtI'm back16:31
bkdwtfor some reason qemu has crashed my entire system16:32
bkdwtDownload the iso now jaeger16:33
bkdwtMany thanks ;D16:33
bkdwtI have tried Crux in a VM and I don't know why more people won't use this distro, seriously.16:42
bkdwtOk, I'll install now. See you guys later! :)16:48
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UNIXn3rdI installed it on Real hardware, only installed in a VM to make a video on it18:15
UNIXn3rdI quite like Crux18:15
weednixbe careful I become addicted to it18:16
UNIXn3rdLinux addiction eh18:18
UNIXn3rdI probley have messing about with UNIX addiction18:18
weednixUnix == OpenBSD ?18:19
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UNIXn3rdcommerical ones too18:19
bkdwtHey jaeger, I think this ISO is broken18:20
weednixonce all free community is fucked I will only use Chinese / Russian ones.18:20
UNIXn3rdopenbsd included18:20
UNIXn3rdWhat iso is that?18:20
weednixcommercial ones I mean.18:20
UNIXn3rdI can test on the windows VM18:20
jaegerbkdwt: how so? I installed a system with it yesterday18:20
weednixI will first build the system on VM and then install on 5 machines, if not 618:23
weednixI will document everything as usual,18:23
bkdwtsee jaeger
bkdwtI tried 3x times and the same error appears18:24
bkdwtI'll try again18:25
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weednixJager received one email from crux mail list.18:28
UNIXn3rdran out of space on the destination filesystem18:28
weednixcan I assume is everything fine ?18:28
UNIXn3rdit seems to be OK in virtualbox18:33
UNIXn3rdbkdwt I think people don't know of this distro as it is not on distrowatch18:35
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UNIXn3rdbkdwt I think people don't know of this distro as it is not on distrowatch18:36
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bkdwtTried again but he same error18:37
jaegerbkdwt: I must have uploaded the wrong one, sorry, will check18:37
bkdwtjaeger no problem ç)18:37
jaegerthat error means the rootfs is larger than the tmpfs used to house it... which I thought I had fixed but apparently not18:37
UNIXn3rdThe boot up took longer I seen no problems18:37
UNIXn3rdwhich server did you get it off?18:38
jaegerFortunately it's pretty quick to rebuild on this box if not doing a full bootstrap18:38
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jaegerweednix: probably ok if it came through, yeah. Not a lot of traffic on the list18:39
jaegerwell, takes a little longer because the machine on which I built that ISO is the one I reinstalled so it needs a few packages installed again :)18:46
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UNIXn3rdDid you specify memory on Qemu with -m18:56
bkdwtUNIXn3rd is bare metal18:59
bkdwtjaeger No problem! I wait.19:00
UNIXn3rdhow much memory has it got?19:03
UNIXn3rdsupplying -m 1024 to qemu the image was able boot19:04
jaegerok, uploading a new one now19:19
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bkdwtthanks ç)19:22
jaegerok, it's up19:25
bkdwtwow, fast as hell19:25
jaegerMy internet connection is still messed up but using rsync helps a ton19:26
bkdwtrsync is life! ahahaha19:27
bkdwtjaeger is the same link?19:29
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bkdwtNow is time to try again19:50
bkdwtsee you later19:50
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weednixjaeger just received a email, happy ;)20:11
weednixjaeger, will try to use the update option of the iso to update the "builder", if fails I start another from scratch20:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: pango: updated to 1.44.720:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: firefox-bin: updated to 70.0.120:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: thunderbird-bin: updated to 68.2.120:19
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Rudolphwhere do you folks keep your personal scripts/tools you write? I was thinking of just sticking them in /usr/bin (because they'll be run by root) but wasn't sure if there was something more appropriate22:05
stenurDepends. Fewest in /usr/local/bin, most in $USR/bin, which is usr-kent-linux-x86_64.22:07
stenurroot stuff in /root, or most likely /root/$HOSTNAME.22:07
stenur~/$USR/ that is, build from several things from uname(1) etc.  (It is all always there, i share things in between all machines.)22:09
Rudolphhm, thanks, i think i'll go with /usr/local/bin22:09
Rudolphsince it will be shared across the system22:10
stenurYeah, that is what /usr/local is for. (In my world, which knows about /x/libexec and has /bin and /usr/bin, and likes /rescue, too.)22:12
Rudolphmakes sense, mac(/homebrew) really likes to use it for that purpose as well22:15
stenurDon't know that, but on FreeBSD its also like that. They probably will even beat you if you touch /usr/local, that is for the user and the package system.22:18
jaegerI tend to put things in ~/bin or /opt/bin and /opt/sbin22:18
stenurOh, i also have an opt under ~/$USR, where each thing has its own subdirectory, then.  If it does not start with . it will be included in $PATH and $C_INCLUDE_PATH and $LD_LIBRARY_PATH.22:21
stenurThe nice thing on that is you can do rm -rf ~/$USR/opt/X and X has vanished.22:22
stenurOther than that i hate /opt.  I see it on the OpenCSW Solaris cluster that i have SSH access to, it is a terrible mess of things!22:23
stenur(Automatic path building of ~/.profile the jabbering is about.)22:24
UNIXn3rdown personal scripts should be able be stored in $HOME/bin22:25
UNIXn3rd/usr/local/bin is used by FreeBSD for extra programs22:27
Rudolphyeah, normally I'd put them in there but I'll be sticking them in the root crontab22:27
UNIXn3rdI shoved a manually compilled FreeRDP in to /opt and symlinked it to /usr/local/bin22:28
stenurUNIXn3rd: i still have a "'/usr/local' is MY DIRECTORY in my ears"..22:29
stenurOk, that /opt thing is my personal gaga.  But if so then i would likely do it in /usr/local/opt/X.22:30
stenurIt is just that i have only machines on which i am the sole user, so i like to keep things calm and as local as possible, for backup purposes etc.22:31
UNIXn3rdadded /usr/local/bin to profile now22:32
UNIXn3rdI used a lot of freebsd before22:35
stenurMe too.22:39
UNIXn3rdThat is another reasons why I like Crux22:40
stenurYes? Interesting. To me it is always a bit like coming home. FreeBSD. I always said stupid things like "a Linux kernel and a BSD userland", though. I am *extremely* happy with CRUX, its easy /etc layout and init system, etc.22:46
UNIXn3rdSome people described Crux as being FreeBSD with a Linux kernel22:47
stenurCome on.22:48
stenurI am still not really home here. For example, i want to share more volumes in between the boxes.22:49
stenurAh, forget about that nonsense. (Working in the other window.)22:50
UNIXn3rdI like the init system on CRUX, it is simpler than systemd22:50
stenurHa! I live in fear of having to use that environment on my boxes!22:52
stenurI was so happy when i got rid of it once i finally could switch from ArchLinux to CRUX this year.22:52
UNIXn3rdI was using Manjaro on this PC22:53
stenurI wrote to some mathematician something like "finally i know again what happens on my box!"22:53
UNIXn3rdMy 2nd PC that is dual booted with Windows still has manjaro on it22:53
UNIXn3rdIt in windows most of time for college specfic stuff without needing to remote log on to the college servers22:53
Rudolphyeah, i like crux's simplicity and learning curve22:55
stenurNot used Windows since 95B. Twenty years and nine and a half month (except twice).22:55
Rudolphits nice not having to configure 20 different things for the setup22:56
UNIXn3rdIts mainly used for steam games but some programs I use for college are on there too such as Multisim and etc22:56
stenurI mean, Arch is cool and all that. I really like it, i worked on it daily for several years. But systemd, i really cannot.22:56
UNIXn3rdI heard the Old arch linux was very similar to Crux, until they started to use systemd22:57
stenurUsing it was basically a matter of pacman -Sy i think, and then just trust all the rest.22:57
stenurNo time nor nerve nor interest to dig into all that, especially the need to read about all the things the systemd people do in order to know what is going on.22:58
UNIXn3rdPersonally I never seen a point of systemd22:59
stenurI mean, i can fully understand some things, ok. Supervision like runit does it is maybe primitive. Integrating trivial things like time updates as modules into an anyway running daemon is not dumb.23:01
john_cephalopodaI can imagine that it makes sense on big server things.23:01
stenurIt is not Unix however.23:01
john_cephalopodaWhen you got hundreds of synchronized services in your data center and everything is automated so nothing can go wrong.23:02
ryuoGood one.23:02
ryuo"Nothing can go wrong."23:02
john_cephalopodaI got a RasPi server with CRUX-ARM on it. When power cuts, it restarts with all the services being launched by rc.23:03
john_cephalopodaSystemd is simply not my use-case.23:03
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stenurService dependency tracking you mean. Ok, maybe. NetBSD and so have some rc-order script which helps a bit. I am not a big data / server farm one, just a small developer.23:04
stenurCRUX could do a bit better, too. The RC scripts just would need a bit of love.23:04
stenurLike, consequently exiting with the actual status code for "status" actions, and similar things.23:05
stenurOther than that i fully back your "simply not my use-case".23:06
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