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ryuodlcusa: well, we can either host it entirely on this server or just redirect to where it really is. your choice, but the DNS still needs to reference the server.00:00
Romsterdlcusa, talk to ryuo he'll add a vhost00:00
RomsterA AAAA 2607:5300:120:3ac::100:00
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Romsterthat's all you need todo on godaddy dlcusa and ryuo can do one or the other.00:01
ryuonot sure the point of this kind of redirect though honestly.00:02
ryuoit sounds like the job of a CNAME record.00:02
Romsterapparently godaddy broke redirects00:03
ryuoif it's really  just an alias for the real domain, wouldn't it make more sense to CNAME it?00:03
Romsterwe could CNAME it if that'll work form godaddy ryuo00:03
ryuotrue, no idea if they allow that.00:04
ryuonot all registrars that provide dns hosting allow all record types.00:04
ryuoeasydns pretty much does.00:04
ryuoeven allows the SSHFP records I setup.00:04
dlcusaGoDaddy broke redirects intentionally.00:05
ryuodlcusa: so what were you using it to do?00:05
ryuoforward all requests to to with the same URI?00:06
dlcusaSimply a better URL for my stuff.  One day I was going to implement a proper web server but funds have been a challenge.00:06 ->
ryuowe're already running a web server... do you want an account?00:07
Romsteris what dlcusa was origionally doing using a vanity name to the free host he has00:07
Romsterwe could do that00:07
dlcusaRight, it had been sending to for example.  Now everything goes to
ryuook, not something a CNAME can do.00:08
ryuoI see. so they're no longer appending the URI.00:08
ryuoso it's not mapping at all.00:08
ryuolet me see what our web server offers.00:09
dlcusaProbably sells more product, though.00:09
Romsteror the other option is dlcusa moves his domain to another registrar that can do redirects00:09
Rudolphcloudflare offers redirects i believe. is free, but im not sure what they offer00:10
ryuoi use easydns. no BS, pretty straight forward, but it's more expensive.00:10
ryuo$15/year for the bare minimum.00:10 here and it's us $9.95 for a net com or org00:11
dlcusaDynadot is half what GoDaddy is charging (so far).00:12
ryuothen again i actually get a lot of value out of easydns because they also provide email services in their other plans.00:13
ryuoit's a good value if you actually want the whole package.00:13
dlcusabbasap, maybe 15 minutes.00:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: neomutt: add missing dependencies00:21
RomsterTimB_, can you remove ffmpeg3 and do a revdep see if anything oyu have is using it00:25
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TimB_Romster: looks clean00:34
Romsteryeah i will remove it now00:34
Romstercan always bring it back or anyone else fork there own00:35
TimB_sounds safe to do, yeah00:35
Romsterthings move on and old compat stuff gets left behind00:36
Romsterlike we still have qt3...00:36
ryuois there even any reason to still keep that?00:40
ryuoKDE has long since moved on.00:40
ryuoMost stuff has moved to QT4 at the least.00:40
TimB_i still stand with the attic repo idea00:40
TimB_anyways, zzZZzz - have a great day!00:41
Romsterg'night TimB_00:41
Romsteryeah but someone nuked qt4 already and no one seems to miss it00:42
stenurGood night TimB_00:47
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dlcusaRomster, I sent an email to dynadot (mentioning you) to learn if they can do what I need.  If I don't have to migrate from, I can use that time for other things.01:02
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: libsdl2-32: fix for the OpenGL headers and their data types01:04
Romsterdlcusa, ok01:07
Romsterdlcusa, could you stick the xfce ports up on your site at least, then i casn pull those and build them01:08
Romsteri only see 1 port there currently01:08
bkdwtI think steam package is broken. At first startup, before generating the ~/.steam folder, everything works normally, but trying to run steam a second time doesn't work. Log:
dlcusaRomster, I'll get started on it, but can't promise when I'll be finished.01:09
dlcusaDo you need them signed?01:10
Romsterbkdwt, i've been starting steam multiple times here and it's always been working, only time it wont is if you broke gl drivers01:10
Romster0 files on that url01:11
Romsterno rush dlcusa01:11
bkdwtAnother link:
bkdwtTerminal log:
Romsteris this steam or steam-native?01:20
Romsterand you do have compat-32 enabled?01:21
Romsterprt-get deptree steam01:21
bkdwtI have installed steam and steam-native01:25
bkdwtand compat-32 enabled01:25
bkdwtI can run games on steam without problem01:25
bkdwtthe problem is steam on start01:25
bkdwtdeptree steam:
bkdwtrevdep doesn't show anything01:27
Romsterdoes glxgears-32 work fine?01:31
Romsterif you are on nvidia you need nvidia-32 as well01:31
bkdwtmy gpu is amd01:31
bkdwtrx 57001:31
bkdwtamdgpu driver01:32
bkdwtmesa 19.x.x installed01:32
Romsterso what AMD driver are you on you need a 32bit of that as well01:32
bkdwtbash: glxgears-32: command not found01:32
bkdwtbash: glxgears: command not found01:32
Romsterit's in mesa-demos-3201:32
bkdwtone second01:33
bkdwtglxgears-32 works01:35
bkdwtmesa-demo installed and glxgears working01:36
bkdwtlet me delete the ~/.steam folder and start again01:36
bkdwtworking like a charm01:38
bkdwtbut if I close steam and start again, the same error appears01:38
Romsterwell that's weird and your ports are all upto date? ports -u ; prt-get diff01:39
Romsterand if oyu use steam-native prt-get deptree steam-native01:40
Romsteri wonder when this started to happen01:40
bkdwtYeah, are updated01:41
Romsterwell i broke my 32bit gl, segmentation fault, i've done a bunch of updates and not restarted X01:44
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: ccache: 3.7.4 -> 3.7.501:51
Romsterbkdwt, see if you can find anything else messing it up, i'm gonna head out for a bit for food, i'll restart my X later and retest01:52
bkdwtports update now01:52
bkdwtDifferences between installed packages and ports tree:Port                Installed           Available in the ports treecryptsetup          2.2.1-1             2.2.2-1eudev-32            3.2.8-1             3.2.9-1libglvnd            1.1.0-1             1.2.0-3libinput-32         1.14.2-1            1.14.3-1libxml2-32          2.9.9-101:53
bkdwt2.9.10-1pango-32            1.44.6-1            1.44.7-101:53
Romsterwhy is that staggered01:53
bkdwtNo problem Romster. Many thanks for your help. :)01:53
bkdwtsudo prt-get deptree steam-nativePackage 'steam-native' not found01:54
bkdwtlol wtf01:54
Romsteryeah so you haven't been using steam-native01:57
Romsteri do see a some 32 bit ports though maybe steam now needs more than i had listed01:59
Romsterif you don't mind depinst that and see if steam works then01:59
bkdwtromster: depinst steam-native-runtime?02:00
bkdwtmaking now02:01
Romsteryeah even if you are jsut running steam it may need one of them other dependencies, it's pretty hard to keep track of on steam02:03
Romsterand i have all those installed02:03
bkdwtwell, rtmpdump doesn't build02:06
bkdwtthe rest compiled perfectly02:07
bkdwt-- Packages installedlibudev0-shimlibvorbis-32nettle-32gnutlsp11-kit-32slang-32wayland-32cups02:07
bkdwtwell, still doens't work02:08
bkdwtwhatever rsrsr02:08
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stenurCiao, and a nice Sunday02:25
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ryuoRomster: so what do you need me to do?03:42
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Romsterdon't know yet depends on what way dlcusa wants to go04:28
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: subversion-python: update source url11:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: subversion-perl: update source url11:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: subversion: update source url11:27
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: samhain: update to 4.4.013:17
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: xterm: update to 35013:17
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: hpcups: update to 3.19.1013:17
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: sshfs-fuse: update to 3.6.013:17
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: fuse3: update to 3.8.013:17
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: bindutils: update to 9.14.713:18
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tsaopI was trying elogind earlier today and it seems to have fixed my KDE reboot problem16:30
tsaopthe system shuts down/restarts from the gui now16:31
tsaopwould it be possible to migrate from consolekit to elogind in the next release of CRUX?16:31
TimB_i wouldn't bet on it, also: consolekit is not included on a vanilla CRUX16:31
TimB_this sounds like a job for an prt-get alias, really16:32
tsaopthat could work16:32
tsaophowever you would still need to edit your pam.d/login and recompile several packages16:32
TimB_yeah, that could be true16:33
TimB_no idea, really16:33
TimB_never fiddled with elogind myself.. i try to avoid butchered systemd components :)16:33
tsaopthere's a tracker here:
tsaopeh, I would have preferred it that way, but it seems CK2 is not being updated anymore16:33
tsaopand it segfaults at KDE shutdown/reboot, which leaves me with a black screen16:34
TimB_that sucks, true16:34
tsaopthe fun thing is restarting via dbus call works flawlessly16:35
TimB_mh, i have no idea.. too bad that the ck2 maintainer doesn't seem to care anymore :/16:40
pedjait's possible that it was a kde bug16:50
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pedjack2 was maintained by xfce devs, iirc, and if it works with that, I don't think they be bothered that kde doesn't :)16:58
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tsaoppedja: it does cause a segfault in consolekit though16:59
pedjawhat does? kde?17:00
tsaoppossibly. It does it on reboot/shutdown17:00
tsaopit is exactly this:
pedjaafaict, that's on non-glibc system17:02
tsaopindeed, however I am using glibc17:02
tsaopI did not found a relevant bugreport on bugs.kde.org17:03
pedjait could be that some dependent library triggers the cl2 segfault17:08
pedjalike upower17:08
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pedjaidk, check bugs for bsd's, slackware, gentoo. they are likely to use kde+ck217:14
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pedjainteresting, the latest blfs ships elogind instead of ck2, apparently17:43
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tsaopI did some tests but no results17:48
tsaoppedja: it seems Gentoo too is planning to switch to elogind17:48
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pedjayet another set of acronyms to learn :)
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joacimi'll just pretend bigger is better =)18:54
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pedjasome people predict ssd/hard disk prices will go sky high next year, after xmas sales19:28
pedjaallegedly, some vendors are shutting off/switching some production lines19:29
pedjaso it will be the case of high demand/low supply, like with RAM recently19:31
pedjaif the prices go up, I wouldn't have the budget for a new hd. then again, I don't have the budget for it atm, so nothing will really change :)19:35
samsep10lhi everyone, did you anyone tried rebuild crux packages with llvm/clang compiler?19:38
samsep10li have success building the linux kernel 4.19.48 compiling and installing llvm/clang v9.0.0, but when I try build a simple C program to test clang compiler, the linker does not generate the binary :/19:40
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samsep10lwops, forget about that, bad typo in my C code!19:55
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bkdwtxorg site are down I think20:03
bkdwtall xorg refered packages can't download20:03
bkdwtConnection refused20:04
jaegerNobody here has any control over that site20:04
bkdwtDuh, I know20:05
bkdwtI only I'm just commenting on20:05
samsep10lbkdwt: I can traceroute to, and the web site is up, can you test it?20:06
bkdwtsamsep10l Yeah, I can trace too20:07
bkdwtThis is strange20:07
bkdwtsamsep10l for me the site is down20:08
bkdwtchanged the dns on resolv.conf20:08
bkdwtnow works20:08
bkdwtsomething is broken on my ISP20:09
joacimsome sites are a bit like that for me too. dig reports no A records for certain domains.20:10
joacimbut it works again a few hours later20:10
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bkdwtCould someone do a test for me? See if you can compile libinput and harfbuzz.21:19
bkdwtprt-get: updating /usr/ports/xorg/libinput=======> Building '/home/pkgmk/pkg/libinput#1.14.3-1.pkg.tar.gz'.bsdtar -p -o -C /home/pkgmk/work/libinput/src -xf /home/pkgmk/src/libinput-1.14.3.tar.xzbsdtar: Error opening archive: Unrecognized archive format=======> ERROR: Building '/home/pkgmk/pkg/libinput#1.14.3-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.21:20
bkdwtxz is installed21:20
bkdwtI can extract linux kernel source on xz21:20
bkdwtSame problem with xorg-libx11-3221:21
Rudolphbkdwt: funnily enough, I was building the ISO sources last night and xorg started failing for me too. did you ever find out why by chance?21:23
bkdwtRudolph I think there is a problem with xorg servers. I think the packages broke down there.21:24
bkdwtThis is just an assumption21:25
jaegerIf you're still having trouble with them you can try to grab the sources from a mirror such as or or
samsep10lbkdwt: I can download the sources, this url works for you?
Rudolphim rebuilding from scratch right now. im just glad i dont have some obscure networking problem21:26
bkdwtjaeger Thanks. I'll try. ;)21:26
bkdwtsamsep10l yeah, works for me too21:26
samsep10lbkdwt: its strange, that is the url for the libX11-32 package ...21:27
bkdwtMy problem is not the download, but the compile21:28
samsep10loh my bad21:28
bkdwtIt's like the packages comes broken or something like that21:28
bkdwtI don't know21:28
bkdwtor it's a mysterious bug with xz21:28
samsep10lbkdwt: what package are you trying to build?21:29
bkdwtsamsep10l libinput-3221:30
bkdwtsudo prt-get depinst xorg-libx11-32prt-get: installing /usr/ports/compat-32/libinput-32=======> ERROR: Signature mismatch found:MISMATCH        libinput-1.14.3.tar.xz=======> ERROR: Building '/home/pkgmk/pkg/libinput-32#1.14.3-1.pkg.tar.xz' failed.prt-get: error while install-- Packages where install failedlibinput-3221:30
bkdwtignoring signature mismatch doesn't solve21:31
bkdwtI'll try the ninja repo21:31
samsep10lbkdwt: i just do a pkgmk -d in libinput-32 directory and works well for me21:33
bkdwtsudo pkgmk -d -is=======> WARNING: Md5sum not found, creating new.=======> Building '/home/pkgmk/pkg/libinput-32#1.14.3-1.pkg.tar.xz'.bsdtar -p -o -C /home/pkgmk/work/libinput-32/src -xf /home/pkgmk/src/libinput-1.14.3.tar.xzbsdtar: Error opening archive: Unrecognized archive format=======> ERROR: Building21:35
bkdwt'/home/pkgmk/pkg/libinput-32#1.14.3-1.pkg.tar.xz' failed.21:35
bkdwtI think my system is broken21:35
bkdwtFu**king hell21:35
jaegercan you use bsdtar by itself?21:36
bkdwtbsdtar: Must specify one of -c, -r, -t, -u, -x21:37
pedjarun file on that, maybe server sent up some garbage instead of the tarball?21:37
bkdwtI only need test with the package21:37
bkdwtYeah, works manually21:40
bkdwtThis is strange as hell21:40
jaegerJust installed libinput and harfbuzz in a container, no problems21:41
bkdwtI'll delete files in ports and try again21:42
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: qtwebengine: 5.13.1 -> 5.13.221:51
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: qt5: 5.13.1 -> 5.13.221:51
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bkdwtbsdtar: Error opening archive: Unrecognized archive formatSame error on desktop-file-utils package. Ffmpeg and mpv are compiled like a charm.22:57
joacimshould've started this update earlier today... 30 minutes since i started the download of the october cumulative update for win 2016... now stuck on 10% on "preparing to install updates"23:09
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