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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: bind: 9.14.6 -> 9.14.700:05
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ryuodlcusa: seems it's working now02:36
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ryuodlcusa: fixed the redirection. it still wasn't working.02:44
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dlcusaryuo, I see that--thank you!  The authoritative dynadot nameservers are now getting it done.02:49
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dlcusaOnly now it seems is being handled by
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frinnst dog08:48
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pedjacool, dxvk developer is contributing to wine's vkd3d11:48
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jaegernice, hopefully that improves both14:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: wine-staging: updated to version 4.1915:21
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bkdwtI reinstalled the system yesterday and now everything works perfectly. I think I did something wrong with the last install.17:36
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jaegerGlad you have it working :)17:51
bkdwtCould someone take a look at the bubblewrap package? I think there is something broken in Pkgfile. I manually edited the link, but can't compile it.17:53
jaegerThere are paste services that don't require uploading a file for what that's worth17:57
jaegeror using a download link to get it17:57
jaegerAnyway, I just did a quick test in a docker container and if the problem you're seeing is junk about docbook-xsl, it looks like it's missing a dependency requirement for docbook-xsl17:58
bkdwtOh, I got it installed now. I had to manually install docbook-xsl because for some reason the installer was having trouble doing this.17:58
bkdwtThanks :)17:59
jaegerRomster: ^ seems that bubblewrap needs docbook-xsl17:59
bkdwtjaeger Remember I was having trouble with steam? Now the problems are over. The only thing I couldn't do was ignore the libpulse dependency when running steam-native-runtime. Even with apulse installed, it still requires libpulse.18:02
jaegerI didn't remember that but glad you got it sorted, too18:03
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UNIXn3rdcool steam seems to be able to load19:19
Rudolphwould anyone mind test installing open-vm-tools with a glibc >= 2.25? according to it looks like the following patch should fix it: (which it does for me) but I was hoping to verify before submitting it19:42
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Romsterbkdwt apulse-32 steam will get around that21:19
Romsterjaeger, ugh bubblewrap fun...21:20
Romsteri don't have my build box running atm due to windows being removed and replaced. hopefully tonight i can fix that and inkscape21:21
UNIXn3rdsteam has no errors of that kind21:21
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pedjaI wonder why ff can't open, but (e)links can21:48
pedja'unable to connect'21:49
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: git: 2.23.0 -> 2.24.021:50
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TimB_ finally :'D22:22
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pedjaone of the articles about fixing mouse switches recommended these
pedjainstead of omron ones22:38
pedjanever heard of kailh22:39
TimB_pedja: kaihl is big in all kinds of switches22:42
pedjanever seen one, all the mouses i tore apart, for science, had omron switches22:44
pedjalogitech prodigy I have has them too. it has that damn double-click-when-it's-not-supposed-to issue, too :)22:46
pedjaannoying af22:46
TimB_had one logitech mouse which had similar issues22:47
TimB_got it replaced three times before returning it finally22:47
TimB_mousewheel click failed after one month or something like that22:48
pedjaI had a few of them, it's always left click misbehaving22:52
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pedjag302 took around a year to start :)22:53
TimB_G602 was mine22:54
TimB_MX518 was great at the time. Now I have a G900 or something, works great for over a year now22:55
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