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Rudolphwhere do you get the public keys for repositories from again? (specifically looking at alan and tb)00:36
jaegerDid you try the links there? The key string is a link00:44
Rudolphtotally missed that00:47
jaegerall good00:47
Rudolphthanks, hopefuly my last silly question for a while00:47
Rudolphjust fyi 404's00:55
jaegerok, will fix that, thanks for the heads up00:58
Rudolphsure thing00:59
jaegerok, should be happier now01:00
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ryuoGiven the reality of IOT, i propose a new name.04:15
ryuoSecure Hub of Internet Things, or SHIT for short.04:15
ryuoSecure Network of Things (SNOT)04:17
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pedjalocal computer store: "Every Friday is Black Friday this month!" nice "Hair dryers 50% off!" ffs11:04
pedjaif you are wondering why is computer store selling hair dryers, fscked if I know11:06
TimB_pedja: it's a tactic like selling cosmetic products in a hardware store11:08
pedjawhat, come to get ssd, get some beauty products while you wait :) ?11:09
TimB_men are more likely to buy such stuff in such a place11:09
pedjasneaky, but effective11:09
TimB_here, some hardware stores, sell all kind of shit target to something like "gray hair removal" or whatever11:09
TimB_it's mostly located near the cashiers so when you wait you get to think about that one bald spot growing ;)11:10
pedjaheh. never understood why some people my age decide to color their hair11:11
TimB_it's about the ego ;)11:11
pedjaor worse, eyebrows11:11
pedjawtf is that about11:11
TimB_no idea11:12
weednix:D Good Morning Crux'rs <311:12
Rudolphthe frys here sold bitcoin coins11:12
Rudolphi still wonder how that works11:12
weednixCan I ask retarded things here about Crux / Linux ?11:12
Rudolphcan't be worse than the question i asked earlier11:13
weednixWhy not use the crux ports on top of OpenBSD kernel instead of Linux ?11:13
TimB_yeah, there are no stupid questions, just stupid answers (or none)11:13
TimB_weednix: i think Han Boetes did that11:14
weednixI remember to have found something about that, forgot where, I never touched a BSD more than install.11:15
weednixBut I'm very tempted...11:15
weednixAt same time I don't want to let Crux :(11:15
TimB_i guess it all depends on your use cases and preferences11:17
Rudolphweednix: i don't blame you. i used to admin fbsd servers and i much prefer the linux servers i fix now11:17
weednixI see Rudolph, I will continue to use Crux, I put to much effort into creating the website, documentation, etc. I keep in a learning process, to re-start everything wold be a greate waste of time (life)11:19
pedjalearning something new is rarely a waste of time, imho :)11:19
pedjayou can always spin up obsd/fbsd vm to play around11:20
weednixpedja: I don't yet master this... Yes, I have a new half broken machine around, I will install there.11:20
weednixwhat do you guys wold recommend I change or improve at ? (less the frontpage I know is not good)11:23
Rudolphsmall thing, i saw on that you have `sudo for ...`. sudo is an external program so you can't pass it a bash loop11:25
Rudolphyou lvm page was pretty helpful btw, thanks11:25
TimB_So far, I liked the docs as well. No idea what to change as i haven't dug in all too deep when it first came up, but bookmarked it fwiw11:26
pedjamore cat pictures? every site can be vastly improved with moar of those11:26
TimB_pedja: my allergies disagree ;D11:26
TimB_ACTION sneezes11:26
weednixthank you so much ;) I'm updating thing but not yet commited. The idea of documentation is to browse without X, with just lynx and vim ;)11:26
Rudolphwfm, i don't use have x installed at all on this vm anymore :>11:27
weednixI tried the otherone, I'm failing to find the word/name, but I only manage to start it as a root.11:28
weednixI also need spell checker on irssi :O11:28
pedjaTimB_, really? never actually meet someone with that one :)11:29
TimB_pedja: allergies against cats saliva? really? isn11:30
TimB_isn't it very common?11:30
weednixon the wiki I use some ninjas images, because of :D11:30
TimB_i just had a test done some weeks ago, and i am pretty much an allergy bundle on two legs as it turns out. first question my doc had after looking at the chart: "do you have a cat or plan on getting one?"11:30
TimB_everything was marked with at lest "++" up to "+++", cat's have been marked with "(++++)" lol11:31
TimB_no idea what the brackets do, but i assume this is whats worst for me - not that i didn't know already...11:31
pedjaTimB_, were there any cats in the house you grew up in?11:33
TimB_pedja: nope11:33
TimB_but i had a sleep over where two new born kittens roamed free11:34
TimB_i wasn't able to sleep the night and when i got up in the morning i was like double the size, at least it felt that way11:34
TimB_yeah, they jumped up my pillow and purred all night, i know it sounds lovely but for me its pure terror :)11:35
pedjakitten assassins11:35
TimB_kinda :D11:39
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pedjamost of the people I know are allergic to ambrosia. sucks to be them in spring11:45
pedja(not the Greek gods drink)11:47
pedjaragweed is the English name for it, apparently11:47
weednixwhy prt-get printf %i sometimes show "diff" instead of yer or no ?11:51
TimB_pedja: i have that all ;)11:52
TimB_they even suggested me to stay out of the sunlight in summer, but i don't even rock red hair :(11:53
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pedjaTimB_, your insurance rates must be sky high :)12:00
TimB_pedja: this is germany baby, my insurance is normal12:02
pedjaah, yes, I forgot :)12:02
TimB_can't say out loud what that upcomming 3-6 year long monthly medicine dose takes that they will inject me with...12:02
weednixTimB_: pedja: No insurance no bank account either, this is Portugal baby's12:02
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TimB_weednix: not sure if i would like to switch with you ;)12:04
pedjagreat weather, thou12:05
weednix:D gosh, and I want to move out again, but not to EU or US, something out ...12:05
weednixpedja: :D I think of that, but they are building a highway and I guess in no time will be another blob.12:06
weednixI think they are building the highway so they can deliver 5G :D and surveilance capitalism ...12:07
pedja'surveillance capitalism' nice phrase12:09
pedjaI get some Soylent Green vibe from it12:12
weednix:D I'm loving trigger words this days ;)12:24
frinnstdbrooke: so what was the verdict? as glorious as you remember?12:27
weednixwell, I go walk to the street, while core ports rebuild :D then opt, then contrib :D12:30
weednixIf everyone used crux at work, wold they have excuse for day off ?12:30
weednixafk, thank you all for this great distro <312:31
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frinnstdbrooke: also, spam or ham?13:06
ryuofrinnst: both.13:06
dbrookefrinnst: haven't tested them yet, will do at the weekend13:34
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UNIXn3rdAs for BSD someone came up with FuryBSD, I did wonder about a CRUX BSD similar to what weednix mentioned with OpenBSD.14:37
UNIXn3rdI know the BSDs have their own ports system anyway14:38
pedjawhat do you think Crux ports were inspired by :)? (afaik)14:41
pedjapkgsrc seems to be the cross-platform variant14:42
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pedjaDebian had GNU/kFreeBSD14:46
UNIXn3rdThe guy mentioned openbsd as well as freebsd14:47
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pedjawell, this is cool
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weednixlinux-pam is failing to build here, not yet tried much things, have to do with doc / xml I think.21:45
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weednixLog, but I don't think is helpfull and if I try to build again will change.
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weednixadded --disable-regenerate-docu got a new error related with permissions, I'm chown -R pkgmk:pkgmk /usr/ports22:10
weednixit builds, will remove --disable-regenerate-docu to make sure it was not permissions22:11
weednixhumm... error is back, will add --disable-regenerate-docu as described in LFS22:12
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Romsterweednix, rejmerge and run the post-install scripts prt-get.conf or use the command line option on prt-get23:44
Rudolphdoes anyone know what port provides lvmcreate_initrd if any? couldn't find any on the port db, or with prt-get search/fsearch23:45
weednixRomster: I was doing prt-get update --install-scripts -is -kw linux-pam (This is not a clean install, is a upgrade). Well, with --disable-regenerate-docu worked, is that documentation a huge thing ? why make requestes to web while building ?23:56
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