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jaegerlinux-pam doesn't have install scripts and builds fine here00:21
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weednixjaeger: something to do with w3m or what it uses to fetch data from web. I added mentioned configure line and fixed to me.00:37
weednixI just finish to build all core collection. Once I have all ports I can easly update the other machines I hope, with pkg-get.00:38
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weednixI mean, first with iso, then with pkg-get.00:39
weednixI'm uber happy :D Danzing here ;). Crux rules.00:40
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dlcusaRomster, pedja, any other interested parties, contains an index.html that documents where I am taking the Xfce repo.  Timely feedback appreciated.07:09
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Romster 404 dlcusa07:26
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: curl-32: 7.66.0 -> 7.67.008:00
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: libtiff-32: 4.0.10 -> 4.1.008:00
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: mesa3d-32: 19.2.2 -> 19.2.308:00
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joacimi love the transparent plastic =)09:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: faudio: 19.10 -> 19.1109:19
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: libva-32: initial import09:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: gcr: 3.28.1 -> 3.34.009:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: cutemaze: 1.2.4 -> 1.2.509:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: ddrescue: 1.23 -> 1.2409:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: csfml: 2.4 -> 2.509:31
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: faudio-32: 19.10 -> 19.1109:40
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: inkscape: fix for poppler 0.82.x11:04
TimB_Romster: thanks for the inkscape fix11:05
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vstevehas anyone built firefox recently enough to know how to satisfy the autoconf-2.13 requirement?11:51
vsteveI've done every horrible thing I can think of, the firefox configure script still can't find it11:52
vstevehorrible things include - removing autoconf-2.6x and installing my own 2.13 - no effect : disabling signature checking in prt-get and shoving the 2.13 binaries into the source path firefox seems to be looking for them in11:53
dbrookeworks for me, using autoconf-2.13 from contrib12:04
vstevehow do you install an older version of something with prt-get?12:05
dbrooke0:07.34 checking for autoconf... /usr/bin/autoconf-2.1312:06
vsteve....oh....oh no.....12:07
vsteveis it as simple as prt-get install autoconf-2.13 ?12:07
dbrookeshould be, or maybe depinst, the port is called autoconf-2.13 so can exist alonside autoconf (latest version)12:10 is.....oh my god.....I need sleep.   thank you for your help12:10
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: libva-vdpau-driver-32: initial import12:17
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: libva1-32: fix path for headers12:17
Romsterno worries TimB_12:18
Romstervsteve derp :P12:19
dbrookeheh, I was going to mention the firefox-bin if its config was OK for him but he left ...12:20
Romsterwould of saved some time12:20
dbrookeI build it since I enable jack audio support12:21
dbrookebut it does take a while12:22
Romsterwell luckily i keep supplying the ports and rust for that12:24
dbrookeyes, and thanks, as always12:24
Romsterbeen meaning to use jack again but time12:25
dbrookeI use it to route audio from SDR receivers to software data modems while not conflicting with normal audio use, it's a bit of a faff but does the job12:27
Romstersounds a bit awkward12:28
Romsteri used to use sound plugins12:28
Romsterand patch stuff in the audio chain12:29
Romstergtkmm might need a rebuild due to pangocairo libtool file12:30
dbrookeright, I've not used it for plugins, I just need a few separate isolated unaltered audio paths between different programs12:31
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Romsterwell it's good for meany channels too12:32
dbrookeI use your qjackctl port to point and click the interconnects12:35
Romsteryep that's what i had used12:36
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: mariadb: update to 10.4.1012:49
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dbrookefrinnst: spam13:42
dbrookeit had slightly more flavour than ham but both were quite bland and dominated by the salad cream
dbrookethe bread was better than I remember so probably not authentic13:45
dbrookeI'll probably not be adding any of it to my regular shopping list13:45
dbrookeand pedja, the ham is produce of Holland, the spam produce of Danmark so neither of help in a post-brexit apocalypse13:47
pedjaif they are good enough, someone will organize a smuggling operation for them :)13:50
dbrookeI hope it won't get that bad 8-)13:52
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dbrookeI probably just exceeded the recommended fat allowance for the week13:55
weednixdlcusa: added your page to crux directory at hive ;) later will add your xfce repo14:13
frinnsthaha god damn that looks horrible :D14:14
dlcusaweednix, what's that URL?14:21
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weednixdlcusa: on /doc/tools/nginx.html there is documentation on how to create certificate, but I'm not sure if once done we can copy to a shared host with same url.14:36
weednixdlcusa: saying this because I will need in future and I noticed that your certificates are self issued.14:37
weednixI'm updating opt collection, I bet I will have problems with new dependencies14:38
weednixonce I update I will build everything (all collections) I will rebuild everything again just to make sure.14:42
weednixgosh... repeating my self lol14:43
dlcusaRomster, the 404 for xfce_4.14.httpup (and its contents) have been remidiated (I think).  weednix, the index.html has been updated, you probably want to copy it.14:49
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stenurMan. Multiprocessor machines are so damn cool.17:09
ryuostenur: why? you can get a similar effect with multi core processors.17:11
stenurryuo: he!17:12
ryuomost of the appeal is gone since then. it's mostly useful for doubling up or tripling up now.17:13
stenurYes.  We tend to get fatter.  Some of you have a threadripper, an unbelievable supercomputer.  I have SSH access to an 28-CPU container, also enormous.17:17
pedjaACTION is still stuck on 2c17:19
stenurBut personally, here in private, i am restricted. Half conscious, half due to .. well.17:19
stenurI can now compile with cc/clang, and it is faster than just six months ago with the tcc compiler on dual-core. Wow.17:20
stenurI mean, i recorded audio from a Soundblaster 16, listened to it, worked under X in ahwm / vim, and compiled C++ on a Cyrix 166+ with 49MB around Y2K, and it worked just flawlessly.17:21
stenurAnselmo: much too earrrrly.17:23
Anselmoappologies. just got back from trying to close a hanging ed session c-c17:23
ryuoyea well.. the problem with more cores is the law of diminishing returns.17:24
stenurCompilation took time of course, but recording was an almost dd(1)-like thing which need less than 3% cpu, with an IDE drive.17:24
stenurAnselmo: au.17:24
ryuoafter a certain point you need a huge leap in cores to see major gains again.17:24
Anselmowell, I mean, thats the same with anything17:24
Anselmoif you have 64M memory another 8M could be a big improvement17:25
Anselmoif you have 1G then you'd hardly notice17:25
Anselmothe main use for many core machines that I've seen is just, large simulations / data processing, and they actually seem to be useful there, if they're needed . . .17:26
stenurYes. Lightwave renderings for the Titanic film was the first i noticed, i think there was a story in the Linux magazine by then, since it used a Linux cluster.17:28
stenurBut yes, nuclear bomb simulations was the military side at that time.17:29
AnselmoI have a number of friends/aquaintances who do a lot of physics simulations on large clusters for their work17:29
stenurI would need some here, if i would use KDE/GNOME and pulseaudio.  The latter alone required 10% CPU when i tried.17:30
stenurOh! Also industry, crash-test simulation, all those 3D mesh models with power transmission models.17:32
stenurMiracolo Miracolo, what we already know.17:32
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pedjadidn't tr 2990wx basically break win10 scheduler? so many cores to deal with :)17:45
pedjapugetsystems have an interesting article about photogrametry software, tr and win1017:47
pedjathat's another software class that *will* use whatever amount of cpu cores, ram and gpu power at it :)17:51
pedjayou throw*17:51
pedjait was fascinating to watch metashape chew thru the same photos as meshroom in 1/3 the time17:53
stenurMusic production is also heavy. With all the tracks, effect and filter chains. Now all live computed, no longer preconverted and "frozen", or even premixed.17:53
pedjaon same, puny, 2c/nvidia gpu17:54
stenurI believe that.17:54
pedjadepends on the application, I guess. some prefer fewer, faster cores.17:55
stenurGraphics are grazy. And 3D photo-reality to come.17:56
pedjareal-time 3d photo-realistic, whatever that means, is still 5+ years ahead, afaik17:57
pedjawhat nvidia started with 2x series17:58
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stenurI do not know. I only sometimes see game tests in, one of the online newspapers i read. Graphics have become _so_ great.17:58
pedjaamd has something similar to rtx, apparently17:59
stenurMaybe so that the artificial impression can no longer be distinguished from the real world.18:00
pedjablenders cycles got quite a boost now that it can use rt cores18:00
pedjasponsored and submitted by nvidia :)18:01
stenurI have followed joacim's Graphic Card dream. Two fans, almost 800 bucks, i guess this is a tremendous thing.18:02
stenurOther than that i got stuck ~15 years ago with that. I am happy that OpenGL made it even though the massive game-empowered ActiveX boost there was.18:03
Anselmowell, photorealism is a fuzzy target,18:03
stenurOnly Matrox card iirc was pretty good at the free OpenGL, where there was an older version as free software we had on FreeBSD and Linux.18:04
Anselmowe dont seem to be there yet for real time stuff, but depending who you ask we're variously far away and in different areas are we lacking :P18:04
stenurI was really hoping OpenGL makes it nonetheless. Never made it programming with that though.18:05
pedjayeah, so no holodeck just yet :)18:05
pedjastenur, Vulkan is all the rage these days, as you know18:06
Anselmolack of realtime photorealistic rendering isnt the only hurdle there :P18:06
pedjawell, it's a multi-disciplinary problem18:06
joacimlately i've been dreaming about waking up18:07
joacimand i've been dreaming about going to work too18:07
joacimi go to sleep to get away from that kind of crap...18:08
joacimtho i wouldnt mind an 5700 XT =)18:08
stenurHuman sensors can be fooled pretty easily it seems. Could be as easy as some light drugs, a helmet, and some sensoris suit which applies pressure here and there18:08
pedjayou 'only' need to fool the brain, it will take care of the rest :)18:09
stenurOr even that, yes.18:09
joacimis that how fanboys operate? =)18:10
Anselmowell, pretty renders are pretty, anyway18:10
Anselmoand you only need a screen to see them, not some fancy suit and drugs and stuff18:11
pedjahow far is SQUID from Strange Days? 10? 20? 50 years?18:12
pedjagreat movie, btw18:12
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pedjait's interesting that pr0n industry is often the quickest to embrace new tech, like VR18:16
Anselmowell, with vr perhaps, no one else can see what you're watching :P18:19
stenurpedja: which squid movie you referred to? I only know that real-squid sight movie, i guess that is the one where they follow that poor thing down to depth.18:19
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pedjastenur, SQUID is the name of the VR-like device they use in Strange Days18:37
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stenurpedja: ah. Thanks. Yes, as a host you dream of such things, real humans have the side channel built in.18:43
stenurInteresting how all the public fails to deal with this side of human life. We had all those bad science fictions of the 50s and 60s, where aliens placed controllers in the peoples necks, we had the body snatchers or what where plants made themselves duplicates of real persons, now this is transformed to VR things.18:44
stenurOr similar, like that with Tom Cruise and those "dreamers" which see crimes before they happen.18:45
stenurWell, at least it is not always "the jews", or "the witches", where in the end from time to time "real jews" or innocent women get massacred. Just yesterday i stumbled about jews hanging downside up along with dogs, a punishment in mid-age Germany. There they can assimilate something interesting, maybe.18:47
pedjawell, there are Ex-Machina, Westworld, Mother18:48
stenurWestworld with Yul Brunner i know. Yes, that also. My favourite is with Sean Connery ...18:50
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stenurAh: Zardoz.18:53
stenurOf course that is a different thing. But still.18:54
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Anselmohaha, I just in the last month watched both westworld and zardoz18:56
Anselmoboth fun movies18:56
stenurso to say18:57
stenurAs a host you don't understand that diamond thing, not really anyway. Only your subconsciousness is getting more evil. :)18:58
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stenurJust don't ask me.19:00
Anselmothus is life19:01
stenurso it is19:01
pedjastenur, the new and shiny, HBO, Westworld :)19:07
pedjapersonally, I lost patience with it around the middle of S219:08
pedjamight return to it some day19:08
joacimHBO is too shiny tbh19:10
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Anselmowhat even is the plot of the westworld tv show ?19:13
Anselmothis seems to fit into the realm of remaking old things into other things where theres only a vauge relation betwen the inspiration and the inspired19:14
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pedjaAnselmo, great question :)19:16
AnselmoI see :319:18
pedjaat least in the movie it was straightforward.19:18
pedjahumans abuse androids, androids rebel and fuck humans up, the end19:18
pedjaof course there is a circlejerk for it too, like for rick&morty19:21
pedja'you are just not smart enough to get it, peasant'19:21
pedjafair enough19:21
Anselmowell, if people pay for it19:22
AnselmoI guess hbo doesnt need to care :P19:22
pedja4 GoT prequels, last I heard :)19:22
pedjadon;t really care about that, particularly now when Jared Harris is cast in Foundation series19:26
Anselmoso many tv shows19:27
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pedjaand yet, only few of them worth the time :)19:28
AnselmoI tend to err on the side of caution :P19:29
Anselmoif its less than 20 years old I tend to avoid it19:29
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pedjadon't get me wrong, there are some amazing current-ish tv shows19:37
pedjachernobyl, the boys, doom patrol, watchmen19:38
AnselmoI heard some interesting things about that chernobyl show19:40
pedjaimho, chernobyl is some of the best television I watched in years19:46
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pedjaand when I just want to watch someone blow shit up and kill bazillons of minions, I watch Strike Back :)19:52
pedjagreat cast chemistry, fun to watch. enough for me19:52
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Romsterwell web browsers will be able to use a cpu core per a tab23:49
stenurpedja: aha. I did not know neither HBO nor the new Westworld before ;).23:49
stenurGood night, and a nice Sunday everbody!23:49
Romsteri wake up everyone goes to sleep23:56
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Romstertime zones!23:56
Anselmogood morning romster :323:56
Romstermorning Anselmo23:57
Romstermidori is improving it's not crashing on me now23:57
Romsterit is i nearly given up hope23:58
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joacimi use midori for banking, works ok for that, but sometimes forms bug out a bit23:59

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