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pedjathey did helpfully provide domains that you can block, so it doesn't do that16:25
pedjaand promised they wouldn't be (much) disappointed with their customers that choose to do so :)16:26
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jaegerIt's hilarious to me how companies continue to do stuff like this without telling anyone... I get why they create phone-home stuff, but they HAVE to know by now if they don't make it obvious or public they're going to get shit for it, no matter whether it's malicious in any way or not16:38
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weednixeach day, a news come out, and the feeling I should not being using Linux or FSF software increases.16:39
tilmantell us more16:40
weednixtilman: is just a feeling,16:46
pedjajaeger, for extra lol
pedjaI'll have to check yt channel of Tom Lawrence one of these days, he is a huge ubiquity fan17:07
pedjaprobably has a rant about this17:07
pedjacool MSP dude from Detroit17:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: sysstat: updated to 12.2.017:10
weednixbrowser will resolv dns, is possible to remove that code from firefox ?17:17
tilmanfrinnst: dns-over-https or whatever it's called17:18
dbrookeif you run your own resolver there's a domain for which you can return nxdomain which then disables DoH17:19
tilmanweednix: i think you can disable it. about:config or somesuch17:19
frinnstah yeah "disabling dns" would make it pretty pointless17:19
weednixtilman: I tried a great effort to configure firefox, but each new version I lose the config. And anyway it keeps making strange connections.17:20
pedjaisn't it off by default?17:20
dbrookenot for US users according to link ^^17:21
dbrookenow define US user17:21
pedjathat's network.trr.mode in about:config, iirc17:22
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weednixI will try to update if someone wish to help there is add/view comments on the left.17:24
pedja'network.trr.mode 5' apparently means 'off by choice'17:27
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pedjaso, this is how dev shops work :)
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stenurI proxy all my WWW firefox stuff via SOCKS5 over my web VM since a few weeks, because the dial-in IP range here is often penaltized or even blocked. E.g., Wikipedia edits blocked i had in the past.23:48
stenur(And this includes DNS lookups of firefox.  Then with dnsmasq (here and) on the server this is fine.)23:49

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