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TimB_dlcusa: a newer version of libdbusmenu-gtk3, if you might wanna try it? I tried working around gtk-doc dependency as it failed on my laptop ~.~00:06
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TimB_Romster: libappindicator-sharp-32 might need pango-compat-3209:47
TimB_holy hell i hate indicators...10:33
TimB_--disable-tests negates depending on pango it seems, all the dummy plugins are not build...10:39
TimB_no idea if that has an ill effect on the port10:39
TimB_libappindicator-sharp-32 fails to pick up mono.. needs 'PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR+=:/usr/lib/pkgconfig' for me10:47
Romster-_- i thought that was all sorted11:25
TimB_well, the new pango versions don't generate la files anymore it seems11:28
TimB_and it wants atleast pango 1.41 or something, so i picked 1.4211:28
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samsep10lhello, anyone here is able to build the moc player without patching it?12:37
samsep10li submit a patch to but i got no answer and the port it is still failing without patching the AV constants for ffmpeg :(12:38
joacimRomster maintains that package12:47
samsep10ljoacim: I wrote him months ago at the email that Pkgfile points to. As I see no response and no patch was submit, I wrote to the email12:51
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ryuouh oh.13:23
ryuoACTION ties up samsep10l and throw them into a closet.13:23
ryuoRomster: nothing to see here.13:23
pedjacool read
pedjaI like the old-school approach. at, bash, sed, none of those fancy CM stuff, afaict :)14:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: wine-staging: updated to version 4.2020:02
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