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mayfrosthi there02:00
mayfrostanybody else have problems with audio with last update?02:00
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mayfrostfor the record, doing a fresh install and a prt-get sysup afterwards resulted in no audio02:53
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jaegerdid you use the same kernel config?03:54
jaegerAnd unmute alsa (muted by default)?03:55
mayfrostyes I used the same kernel and even tried several03:56
mayfrostand used alsamixer to unmute master03:57
jaegerI'm not having any audio trouble for what that's worth... used a lot of both wine and kodi today and no issues03:57
mayfrostthe worrying part is doing a fresh install doesnt solved my problem03:58
AnselmoI updated a laptop to 3.5 and dont have audio on it. I assumed I messed something up in the kernel but its possible I didnt and am having the same issue as you.03:59
jaegerany errors when you try to play audio or is it just silent? check dmesg for anything interesting as well03:59
Anselmobut havent probed it too deep yet03:59
mayfrostI've heard reports of void breaking its audio after updating alsa-utils yesterday04:00
mayfrostthe error is silent and dmesg reports my audio cards04:03
mayfrostmplayer shows no sound controls, cant turn volume up or down, only video04:08
jaegervery odd04:14
jaegercan you pastebin your 'aplay -l' and 'aplay -L' outputs?04:15
mayfrostaplay -l gives
mayfrostand aplay -L returns
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jaegerhrmm, nothing jumps out05:17
mayfrostif the problem is present after updating via sysup I can only think is in an updated library from alsa-lib, alsa-utils or alsa-plugins06:19
jaegerThey've not been updated very recently. I was planning to look at the new version tomorrow, actually06:25
Rudolphis there a good or common place to store markdown files used for documentation07:38
Rudolphis there a good or common place to store markdown files used for documentation07:38
Rudolphsorry, had a filter in place that made it look like it didn't go through the first time07:40
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TimB_Rudolph: qownnotes uses markdown and can be syncronized via cloud services09:01
TimB_if that answers your question?09:01
Rudolphoh sorry, meant to specify, something like /usr/share/man but for markdown files09:03
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RudolphI couldn't find any, but was just curious if I was missing something09:03
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frinnsthmm. how does one update intels me thingy on linux? no luck i guess?11:19
frinnstasus crap, windows binaries11:19
Rudolphthey don't provide linux blobs?11:20
frinnstdoesnt look like it11:21
frinnstscrew it, going to lunch11:21
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TimB_jaeger: with gtkdoc around, libbytesize fails to compile without --without-gtk-doc option, else one needs to pull in python3-pygments to finish the build11:49
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ryuofrinnst: depends on the system? Dell appears to deliver them through BIOS updates that can be applied from various methods.13:50
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frinnstmy first complete ipv6 customer site14:35
frinnstdualstack. 70% of all internet traffic is ipv6 \o/14:35
jaegerTimB_: is that a suggestion/request to add the --without-gtk-doc option?14:37
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jaegerRudolph: I think /usr/share/doc is probably used frequently for stuff like that14:43
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pedjafrinnst, what's the 'stale' state, in the output of 'ip -6 neigh show'?15:43
pedjaman page states it's 'valid, but suspicious' :)15:43
pedjawhen in doubt, RTFRFC15:47
pedja, if anyone's curious15:49
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TimB_jaeger: i would suggest to add that, yes16:33
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jaegerok. testing it in a container too, just wanted to make sure16:57
TimB_jaeger: i use zsh, and the doc container contains a test which crashed the build for me always. I fixed that (submitted upstream) and then needed python3-pygments for the gtk-doc command to finish successfully16:58
TimB_ i was kind of in a hury, but that worked17:00
TimB_ simple fix as well17:00
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TimB_btw, bumped libbytesize to the latest version as well (2.1), happend with 2.0 as well though17:04
jaegercan't remember why I didn't update it to 2.1, had some problem but it's been long enough now I don't recall what it was17:23
jaegerwill need to try it again17:24
TimB_oh, mh,got to be mate related i guess? I still have selected mate apps installed17:24
TimB_running revdep right now but i am sure it came back clean earlier17:24
TimB_all good over here, udisks2 builds fine as well17:31
jaegerok, I'll give it another look soon17:32
TimB_maybe it's just my system too :) prt-get listinst | wc -l reports 1273 ~.~17:34
TimB_i do use pkgfoster regularly! :D17:34
jaegerMore than twice what I have on this machine, though this one is pretty simple and doesn't have mate or a lot of other desktop stuff installed17:44
TimB_171 on my NAS, if that counts O:)17:45
TimB_i mean, compat-32 stuff really adds up, right? So a good bunch of them is compat-32 for steam17:46
TimB_quickdep steam-native-runtime | wc -w reports 273..17:46
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jaeger162 on my NAS :)17:59
TimB_snap :D I lost again18:00
TimB_currently testing zfs on CRUX and i think i might need to get myself some ECC Ram to keep it18:00
jaegerLove me some ZFS, been using it for years with the same pool over several different OSes18:01
jaegerIt's been on CRUX for a few years now18:01
TimB_damn, nice. yeah i read stories like that. swap the hardware, swap the os. the pool doesn't care at all18:01
jaegerbut the same pool has moved between opensolaris, openindiana, freebsd, etc.18:01
jaegerYeah, it totally doesn't18:01
TimB_not that i plan to leave crux.. but new hardware?18:02
jaegerI've also switched disks a couple of times18:02
TimB_i assume you use ECC memory?18:02
TimB_i wonder if it's okay to "upgrade to ECC" later on18:03
jaegerI think for home use you'd probably be fine... depends on your workload and your power quality, etc., I guess18:03
TimB_then again, i just have 2 drives in the pool right now, so it also needs 2 new platters and the AMD APU i got for free from work is just not enough18:03
jaegerI run mine on a celeron G1610T currently for what that's worth18:04
TimB_i am really unsure, you read warnings on every corner of the ZFS centric forums and MLs18:04
jaegerthough that'll change soon as I'm upgrading to a 2U rackmount chassis and it'll come with a motherboard18:04
TimB_nice.. while the performance is fine for one user, not sure how it would behave with multiple clients. and writing to ZFS utilizes both cores of that A6-9400 100%18:05
TimB_it also runs distcc and holds the distfiles for all machines, as well as ccache/sccache18:06
TimB_it's an am4 socket b450 board.. might just get a smaller ryzen, they are cheap to get if you don't care for second hand cpus18:07
jaegerYeah, it can definitely use the whole CPU, I just haven't needed it to do much :)18:07
jaegerI don't use mine for distcc or things like that18:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: alsa-utils: updated to version 1.2.118:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: alsa-lib: updated to version 1.2.118:09
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: alsa-lib-32: updated to version 1.2.118:09
jaegerRudolph: ^ maybe those will help?18:10
TimB_otherwise, it would stay idle most of the time.. and who wants that? :)18:10
TimB_it's not like that APU is doing much work, but that might change with a ryzen18:10
jaegeryeah :)18:11
UNIXn3rdWhat is ZFS on Linux like? I only used it on Solaris and FreeBSD18:11
jaegerPretty much the same... you don't have dtrace on linux but ZFS itself behaves as you'd expect18:12
TimB_i would suppose mostly the same18:12
TimB_in fact, freebsd will merge the zol codebase18:12
UNIXn3rdZFS is something I never bothered with on Linux18:15
pedja" “There’s nothing special about ZFS that requires/encourages the use of ECC RAM more so than any other filesystem.”18:16
stenurWhat about necessity of preceding SSD cache?18:18
jaegerSSD cache also not required but it's nice depending on the workload18:18
jaegerI ran mine without cache for a while just because I didn't have the extra drive18:18
stenur(I heared Warner Losh of FreeBSD say this is one reason they use FreeBSD/FFS on Netflix.)18:19
pedjaon their OCA?18:21
stenurOh i do not know.  That is also politics.  After he said that i presumed they use FreeBSD everywhere, which is apparantly not true.18:22
stenurSuch a thread where you would need context knowledge to get the real details.. sorry.18:23
pedjaafaik, they use fbsd for their cdn and oca18:23
stenurHey. I am the one who never used Netflix. I only watch TV of public right, once or twice a week.18:24
pedjabased on Brendan Gregg's blog, they use a bunch of stuff :)18:28
pedjaTimB_, if you are bored :)
pedjaspeaking of ECC, how's the support for it on x570 m/b?18:32
TimB_pedja: thanks for the info, this is actually the first post arguing it's not that bad :D18:38
pedjaiirc, all that 'non-ecc/zfs will nuke your fs and kill your kittens' started on freenas forums18:39
pedjathey keep parroting that despite that quote I pasted earlier18:40
TimB_thats what he wrote, yeah, and linked Matthew Ahrens post who argues that ZFS behaves the same as other FS w/ & w/o ECC18:40
pedjaand Ahrens should know what he is talking about :)18:40
pedjahe co-wrote the damn thing18:41
UNIXn3rdI never used net flix either and I don't have a TV either.18:41
TimB_okay, nice. still, i am leaning towards ECC because "why have a datagrave and put it to risk like that18:42
jaegerThat link backs up my take on it which was "not required but a good idea"18:42
pedjaAllan Jude says the same thing18:43
pedjaopenZFS FAQ, too :)18:46
pedjaso, pretty much everyone that knows zfs inside and out18:47
TimB_who am i to object then?18:49
TimB_more platters it is18:49
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pedjaec2 has some interesting gpu instances19:17
pedjafor rendering or photogrammetry19:19
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RudolphRudolph: thanks re the doc stuff. alsa was mayfrost though21:15
Rudolphjaeger: thanks re the doc stuff. alsa was mayfrost though21:15
RudolphACTION goes to make coffee21:15
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: [notify] gtk-doc: new dependency python3-pygments21:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: python3-pygments: initial import21:53
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