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jaegerhrmm, diablo 3 works pretty decently in wine-staging with dxvk these days, nice05:10
Romsterso not so well with vanilla wine yet jaeger07:33
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pedjanice, I'll have to try this.
pedja(awk and perl)09:11
RomsterIntel’s behavior is PATHETIC – Core i9 10980XE Review09:19
frinnstoh god, that guy09:20
Romsteryes linus09:21
frinnstwow he did rip them a new one though09:33
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Romstersure did09:49
Romsteronly reason why i linked it09:50
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pedjawhat, another another one? it's been a, what, a week since the last one :)10:18
TimB_there is no stop in good news about intel it seems10:18
pedjait's interesting to read some articles from few years back about how intel is on the rise :)10:20
pedja7nm around the corner, 5nm in the works10:20
pedjano mention of amd at all10:21
pedjaand then the zen landed10:21
pedjathis is an interesting one
pedjabenchmark sponsored by the ARM vendor in which ARM is crushing it? must be coincidence10:25
pedjamaybe price/perf, I am skeptical about the rest10:27
pedjaor my reading comprehension is lower then usual10:29
frinnstcustomer builds appliance. Customer decides to use "" on ALL appliances. Customer decides to have connectivity to appliances. Customer is confused why this causes problems10:37
frinnstNAT ALL THE THINGS10:38
pedjaI know fuck all about networking, but even I know that advertising DoD ipv4 range as your own is probably bad idea[tm]10:53
pedja(that bgp thingie)10:55
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frinnstpedja: that's not what they are doing. just using the same subnet on a fuckton of devices and now they want to access all those devices over vpn12:36
frinnst"using the same subnet will simplify things"12:36
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pedjain my defense, I meant to link to, which is what was I commenting on :)14:41
pedjabut the cat needed my attention, so I kind of forgot14:42
pedjacould they use something like zerotier?14:46
pedja(customer with appliances)14:47
jaegerRomster: I've not tried with vanilla but I'd be very surprised if it worked at all15:09
weednixpedja: that was a entertaining read for a guy that knows litle about that matters.15:55
weednixI could feel the fear :D15:56
pedjaone of the interesting things in the slide deck linked in that thread is that 750k ipv4 addresses are worth ~10-15M$16:07
pedjaon the secondary markets.16:07
pedjaapparently, MIT bought quite a gear for ip space they sold AWS :)16:08
pedjathey are almost exclusively ipv6 now16:09
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pedjacool project
pedjaat this rate, people will need 2nd monitor just for htop
weednixWOW :D17:52
weednixme looking from a magalhaes intel atom with 11"17:53
jaegerok, that's a bit ridiculous :)17:55
pedjaweednix, same here. greetings from hp mini :)17:57
weednixjaeger: I use this one when the other is building ports on vm, also this is not a glossy monitor... plus keyboard is so soft...18:55
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jaegerI meant the screenshot was ridiculous, not your atom19:14
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weednixjaeger: :D yep, I think both, but I like this mini machine.19:52
weednixI don't understand much, but this days watched a talk about libressl and they advocate is better than openssl, if so why crux don't use it ?19:54
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pedjawas the talk by someone from openbsd :) ?20:19
weednixpedja: yes, OpenBSD, ...21:13
weednixforgot command to find files not on package db / installed by ports21:39
Romsterweednix, romster/pkg-not21:54
weednixthank you Romster ... I'm upgrading "builder" from 3.4 to 3.5, from time to time I try to do a bit more work. Today figuring out why gconf fail to build.21:55
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weednixnext time I think I will go for a clean re-start.22:00
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weednixwhat is the thing that generates documentation ? I have several packages that enter in a loop until of error until disk is full22:07
weednixI but I must rebuild it, revdep don't show nothing I can guess from the name22:07
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weednixwill make a pause again on the upgrade, need the computer with ram :P see you all later.22:54
stenurlibressl not me, i like the conf stuff that new openssl has. ciao.22:55
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