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frinnstfuck. snowing07:19
TimB_my condolences07:21
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frinnstthank you08:13
TimB_do you have tires prepared for snow? I always wanted to test them but never came around to it08:15
TimB_i do use continental verticals for commuting and they do deliver a crazy performance in all coniditons including snow and bits of ice08:16
frinnstyeah its the law08:17
TimB_it's one of their cheaper models manufactured in china or taiwan, don't remember.. but can recommend if it fits your tires. I still only have 26" and 28" :) altough, i think i have a 80s 27,5"08:17
frinnstall cars have to have snow tires during the winter months.08:17
frinnstsame in all scandi countries08:17
TimB_i was still thinking about my bikes, lol :)08:18
frinnstoh haha08:18
frinnstnah i'm a sunshine cyclist08:18
frinnstthe spark rc worldcup purchase set me back a bit. have to buy winter gear first08:19
frinnsta coworker bought studded tyres for his commuter 29er08:19
TimB_without the right gear it isn't much fun, granted08:19
TimB_how do they perform for him? what 'riding profile' does he fit?08:20
frinnstrider profile: IT worker that doesnt have a car :D08:20
frinnstonly tarmac for him08:20
TimB_so, he basically is an animal on the bike?08:20
TimB_i can only assume from myself :P08:21
frinnstI do have quite a nice bike to use now for the winter months08:21
frinnstremember my cracked spark? its all fixed now08:21
TimB_yeah, cool08:21
TimB_replacement framee?08:21
frinnstpays off to have a customer that builds carbon masts and hulls for boats :)08:21
frinnstno, and the insurer didnt want to pay out either08:22
frinnstso took a chance08:22
frinnstwill only use it for gravel and stuff like that08:22
TimB_okay. so you bascially enclosed the frame in a new carbon tube?08:22
TimB_sounds nifty, cool that that worked out for you08:23
frinnst1 sec, picture time08:23
TimB_damn, i was hoping for a price drop on wd red 8tb today.. but it doesn't look that way08:24
TimB_oh wow08:26
TimB_he took out the broken part and replaced that with new carbon fibers?08:26
frinnstthey pretty much took out that whole section and only left a few centimeters. there was a crack on the other side too that they fix08:26
TimB_jesus, nice08:27
frinnstended up taking them a whole work day08:27
TimB_that's some serious work done08:27
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frinnstyeah it looks pretty much perfect. only lacking paint and some stickers were damaged on one side but who cares08:27
TimB_f- paint :) that's not gonna last anyway08:28
TimB_this way, people can see the work done08:28
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TimB_i only have a few carbon parts, a fork on my road bike for example or levers on my disc brakes on the bigger mtb08:29
TimB_those levers sure took some beating already and don't seem to fail anytime soon08:29
TimB_frames are mostly steel over here :>08:30
frinnstmostly built up again08:31
TimB_are those esi foam grips on the handlebar?08:31
frinnstthey are usually much cleaner :)08:32
TimB_simple and effective, good choice08:32
TimB_i got two bikes setup with them and would buy another set for the next for sure08:32
frinnstrunning extra chunky on my spark08:32
TimB_yeah i use extra chunky on my commute-war-machine08:33
TimB_those i had to replace already after an accident08:33
TimB_i need new rims though.. those are pretty damaged by now08:34
TimB_i do some minor jumping with it and it's taking a toll the softer parts O:)08:35
frinnstrunning chunky on the scale08:35
TimB_well, you got a fork to along with it08:36
TimB_running a stiff setup has it's uses in town, plus "one part less to care about"08:37
frinnsti have quite small hands so usually have trouble with hand pain on longer rides. very sensitive to grips and controls08:37
TimB_I see.. maybe a different sitting position or handlebar position or handlebar or saddle could solve that?08:37
TimB_I had major pain issues until i swapped my saddles for sq lab, mostly back pain related08:38
frinnstwell I have had the same problem all my life. gloves and grip choice is critical for me08:38
TimB_maybe you can make use of the backsweep on your handlebar to find a position that feels more right?08:38
TimB_i see08:39
frinnstthe position itself is fine. just the grip08:39
TimB_there are those ergo grips, which extend for a fair bit to give the hand "something more to rest on", have you ever tried those?08:39
frinnstnot yet08:39
TimB_i had a pair several years ago, quality was good, very sturdy. I still have them around somewhere08:40
TimB_til they also make "ergogrips" for ipads...08:40
frinnsti found quite a lot of issues I need to take care of when i stripped it down. shifter cable is probably original from 2015. I could do with replacing the hose to the back brake08:41
frinnstand the bb needs replacing. I also need to widen the crank a bit away from the frame. the cranks run with just 2mm clearance to the chainstay. that's what broke the frame to begin with08:42
TimB_oh, really? and insurance didn't pay for that? wtf?08:42
TimB_if you go for bearings, try to get a good set. others will just be 'done' very soon08:43
frinnstthe bike came with sram from the factory and was replaced with xtr due to sponsorship with the first owner08:43
frinnstguess  they had a hard time doing the convertion08:43
TimB_xtr, i was wondering what shiny crankset that was :) nice08:43
TimB_well, shouldn't be that hard08:43
TimB_there are spacers for that08:43
TimB_but different cranks require different bbs08:43
TimB_so maybe they were short on supply and didn't care?08:44
frinnstbut then I have problems with the chain line08:44
TimB_"what could possibly go wrong?"08:44
TimB_mh, sounds like you need to get a gearbox :)08:44
TimB_anyways, about the pain issues, i really can recommend sqlab if you haven't tried08:46
TimB_pricey, like always with the good stuff, but it was worth every penny for me so far08:46
frinnstor just use this all the time:
TimB_that handlebar, lol08:47
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TimB_sick setup08:47
TimB_5/7 would go for a ride08:48
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frinnstyeah its crazy lovely to ride08:49
frinnsthavent done many KMs on it yet since I got it so late in the season. very much looking forward to the spring/summer :)08:50
TimB_i can imagine :) i have never had a fully myself, but rode some good ones from friends.. they just eat whatever is under you08:50
frinnstit's so overkill for me its almost embarrassing :)08:51
TimB_whatever, have fun with it08:51
frinnstbut fuck it, my money and my life :)08:51
TimB_i would switch to platform pedals for sure.. i want to keep my safety exit when things go south :D08:52
frinnstyou can pry my SPDs from my cold dead hands :)08:53
TimB_no worries, i won't want them ;D08:53
frinnstI grew up running clips. that was "fun"08:53
frinnstcrazy scary08:53
TimB_i tried them once, spds, and i flew into a bush of nettles08:53
TimB_years later i tried them again on my way to work. i crashed at a red light and just fell to the side on the street, lol. i don't think thats for me08:54
TimB_i love fixed gears though08:54
frinnsthehe takes a few crashes to get used to them08:54
frinnstthen it becomes second nature08:55
frinnsti even twist my heels to step off flat pedals on commuter bikes08:55
TimB_i'll stay on platform pedals and fiveten shoes. they are basically glued to platformers and i get to keep my safety exit08:56
frinnstyeah depends on what you ride etc08:58
TimB_you have seen the bike i posted above? that's my "city bike"09:00
TimB_i do have a fixed road bike for the same purpose O:) but i like this one a bit more, the road one is for having fun travelling distance and so on09:01
frinnsti'd love a proper commuter bike. the one I have weighs about 20-25kg with shit brakes and other non-fun stuff09:03
TimB_well, i have never put it on a scale (self build) but the steel frame alone takes its toll :)09:03
TimB_but yeah, the lighter the smoother is it. my road bike can't weigh much. Alu frame, carbon fork, fixed gear and just one brake09:05
TimB_no further addons09:05
frinnstyeah doubht its more than 10kg09:05
TimB_mh, looks like i don't have a picture to share09:05
frinnstprobably closer to 809:06
frinnstnot sure what regular road bikes weigh09:06
TimB_i think around 10-12kg maybe?09:07
frinnstApprox weights in KG09:07
frinnstmidrange scott speedster09:07
frinnstalloy frame09:07
frinnst105 groupset09:07
TimB_all i can say is it has a very nice and sturdy rimset, can't remember the company, french, not mavic09:08
TimB_and nice set of track hubs09:08
TimB_the frame and parts really take an extra beating when operated with fixed gear09:09
frinnstmm that direct power transfer :)09:09
frinnstgod damn bike talk. Now i crave a ride09:10
TimB_yeah, same here09:10
TimB_i'll try to take a good pic of that road bike09:11
TimB_it's been sitting on the mounting rack all summer this year :/ haven't had the time and passion to do work on it09:11
TimB_i had to use a spring for the chain tension while going fixed09:11
TimB_but this is a critical part and i need a better one09:12
TimB_was eying the one from Pauls Components09:12
TimB_ it's just hard to digest that this is worth over 100€09:12
TimB_i mean, it sure is, if it works.. but damn09:13
TimB_ this is it09:16
TimB_shitty picture tho09:16
frinnstI still have my old mtb from 1995. wonder what I can do with it. or maybe sell it if there is a retro market09:19
TimB_ this is an early version, not the best picture still09:19
frinnstteam marin with a manitou mach5 fork :D09:19
TimB_i have an old skool road bike above my desk at home :> est. 196009:19
frinnstupgraded it to v-brakes in 1996 along with the fork09:19
TimB_marin did nice bikes back in the day09:20
TimB_not sure if the name still holds any value today tbh09:20
frinnst wow almost untouched09:20
TimB_ this is what happens to shitty bearings btw09:21
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TimB_that marin is a beaut09:21
TimB_it happend mid ride btw09:22
TimB_chain fell off and i noticed the whole shell broke apart09:22
frinnstwow thats pretty horrible09:23
TimB_not as bad as a chain that comes apart mid air :)09:25
TimB_ the ~1960 atala with tube tires and all the stuff09:26
TimB_got it years back from somebody that wanted to throw it away, but checked in with me first :)09:26
TimB_i was thinking about restoring it, but it's so old... would you really want to ride it? so: decoration it is09:26
TimB_fitting video, lol09:27
TimB_there is a group of retro riders09:28
TimB_here, and they ride regularly, and they want you to ride retro as well like that guy does, with fitting retro clothing XD09:28
TimB_no spd, straps all the way and so on lol09:28
frinnstclips is fucking scary09:32
TimB_using strava on a retro bike review is scary09:39
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pedjafinally a good use for ai/ml/robots
pedjacan't wait to see frustrated robot using the hammer to assemble IKEA rack11:06
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john_cephalopodaWow, libffi broke a whole lot of things.12:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: python3-beautifulsoup4: 4.8.0 -> 4.8.112:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: python-beautifulsoup4: 4.8.0 -> 4.8.112:31
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Romsteryep john_cephalopoda12:31
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: tcsh: update to 6.22.0013:22
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: nano: update to 4.613:22
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john_cephalopodaI got difficulties updating mpv. It builds but after that it still misses the old libffi.13:36
john_cephalopodaOh, looks like it's mesa13:44
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john_cephalopodaAh, no, it was wayland.14:20
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john_cephalopodaAnd _of course_ poppler broke everything again. TexLive doesn't seem to be compiling any more because of a poppler API change...15:18
TimB_john_cephalopoda: use luatex15:20
TimB_my build disables pdftex which can break different ctan packages, but mostly, it just works for me15:21
john_cephalopodaHmm, not sure if texstudio will be ok with luatex.15:21
john_cephalopodaAh, looks good.15:22
john_cephalopodaNice, thanks.15:22
TimB_sure, should be15:23
TimB_luatex has several advantages against pdftex15:23
TimB_mainly native utf-8 decoding and the use of system fonts15:23
TimB_it doesn't seem to depend on poppler in any way is a third15:23
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TimB_and you can now write tex without tex but just lua, if you are into that :)15:24
TimB_iirc, the latest version i posted on the old flyspray ticket is still what i use15:24
john_cephalopodaIn TexStudio, it is just a matter of choosing LuaTex as standard in a drop-down menu. Really simple :D15:25
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SiFuhI left?15:27
john_cephalopodaYou with an underscore.15:28
SiFuhWell that's alright then. Wouldn't want a lesser version of myself running around now.15:30
TimB_john_cephalopoda: else it's pdflatex <yourfile.tex> or lualatex <yourfile.tex> ;)15:33
TimB_SiFuh: lol15:34
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onoderaI'm looking for a desktop/performance kernel config, anyone can point me to one?21:31
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: redis: 5.0.6 -> 5.0.722:02
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mayfrosthello peopl22:14
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mayfrostanybody else witouth sound after a fresh install?22:16
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stenurThere was a problem a few days back, hm, maybe last week. Are you up-to-date?22:18
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stenurHm, was on the 17th, almost two weeks.22:20
mayfrostwhenever I do a fresh installation I do prt-get sysup before installing anything22:21
mayfrostI mean, ports -u and sysup after22:21
stenurHm, by then it was alsa, it was updated to 1.2.1 and that seemed to have fixed things.22:21
stenurWell, then, no.22:21
stenurHere it works just fine (ALSA).22:22
mayfrostsome applications cant find alsa22:23
stenurhow that?22:23
mayfrostliteral is "failed to initialize audio driver alsa"22:24
mayfrostand then some problem with alsa-lib and its pcm_hw and pcm_dmix22:25
stenurhm, that string does not come from alsa-lib itself.22:27
mayfrostmplayer outputs22:27
mayfrostmocp output is the fatal error no sound driver22:28
stenurHave you ever called "alsactl init"?22:29
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mayfrostit works and finds the hardware22:31
mayfrostbut no sound tho22:31
stenurAnd alsamixer shows there is volume and "aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Noise.wav" is silent?22:31
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mayfrostoutput is "ALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:1089:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave"22:33
mayfrostalsamixer does work though22:33
stenurThen also not muted, but seems to be a problem with /etc/asound.conf (or other config file).22:34
mayfrostcant find a config file related to alsa on my system22:36
stenurDunno that is to say, but maybe the default device is bluetooth or what and that does not exist.22:36
stenurgeee, have you ever run alsaconf as root?  Did the old install produce alsa sound?22:37
mayfrostold installations worked22:38
mayfrostI am running alsaconf right now22:38
mayfrostmmm no cards available now22:38
stenurMaybe your kernel does not include the necessary driver.22:38
mayfrostI was guessing it might be a problem with the linux firmware but that would be weird22:39
mayfrostas I have and tried with several kernel configurations just to see if the problem was there22:39
stenurI am out of ideas then.22:41
stenurMaybe boot some fat thing like Ubuntu or so and if that can, look for differences?22:42
mayfrostyeah I am going to try few things22:42
mayfrostwill take some time22:42
joacimwrath doesn't load properly in vanilla darkplaces :/22:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: neomutt: 20191111 -> 2019112922:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: imapfilter: 2.6.14 -> 2.6.1622:48
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: gnupg: 2.2.17 -> 2.2.1823:03
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: postgresql: 12.0 -> 12.123:09
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