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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: [notify] glslang: fix relative includes, this affects shaderc building00:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: [notify] shaderc: commit update to fix build with glslang, update glslang first! Else this will fail to compile00:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: [notify] mpv: new dependency libplacebo for mpv vulkan00:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: [notify] libplacebo: initial import for mpv vulkan00:51
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Romsterstenur, kinda thought everyone would have setuptools by now. libffi was painless after lots of revdep recompiling00:52
Romsterpoppler though no work around for inkscape yet not sure what else other than texlive perhaps00:53
stenurRomster: no worries please. I have not done ffi for now, it hits the biggest beasts here.00:58
stenurI did have those for python3 already. Then i realized Jaeger meant the python2 version.01:01
stenurAstounding that docutils for python3 is still not the one to go with, after .. almost a decade.  That is rst, that is sphinx and such, which they all used back in 2011 when i looked into that scene.01:02
stenurdocutils 3 is at version 0.13.01:03
Romsterprobably should have it use python3 than python01:06
Romsterit only makes documentation so01:06
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stenurOn the road to only python3...01:08
Romsterhope so because python2 is near EOL01:09
Romsterseems only mpv uses docutils01:12
stenurI am not python compatible ;).  I will not upgrade from Mailman/python2, i hope that is possible.01:12
stenurNow that i look, it seems docutils is compatible with Python2 and Python3.01:14
stenurNatively that is, since release 0.16.01:14
stenurLikely that then the command line interface etc. is compatible with the old things.01:15
Romsteryeah it wont affect other things as it just makes man pages01:16
stenurI only have one active project left which uses docutils.01:16
stenurYes. And such.01:16
stenurActive, well, two updates in 2019, before the last in 2016. But docutils on CRUX just did it, still.01:17
Romsterwell considering python2 is gonna be EOL projects will either become stale or move to 301:21
Romsteri seem to have step in and fix other persons port -_-01:24
stenurdocutils is tek.01:33
Romsteri know01:33
Romsterhe is so busy and only selectively bumps things01:34
Romsterbug reports sit never to be worked on01:34
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stenuryeah. i did not :)01:35
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: mpv: make docutils optional01:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: [notify] docutils: dependency change: python-setuptools -> python3-setuptools01:38
Romsterso if you just installed python-setuptools you can remove it again :D01:39
stenurworking on it!01:39
Romsterwork faster :P01:40
Romsterjust kidding01:40
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stenurgrazy that reinstalling it via python3 takes 45 seconds CPU time and >50 MB. massive fan blowing for that small .footprint.01:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: ccache: 3.7.5 -> 3.7.601:43
Romsteryeah i know it's crazy01:44
Romsterpython3 does a lot more optimising01:44
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Romsterwhat else needs breaking01:49
Romsteri mean fixing01:49
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weednixjaeger: I'm using your updated iso, not sure if the last, when I try to install using a cryptosetup / lvm I got a error because of missing
Romsterisn't it staticly linked for cryptosetup lvm?02:24
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stenurCiao, and a nice Sunday!02:26
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Romsterlater stenur02:31
weednixsee you stenur02:42
weednixRomster: well, it seems not, I created the partitions the old way, not even lvm,02:43
Romsterdo you not see .static versions of luks and lvm?02:48
weednixRomster: I just installed the "old way" this machine is mean to only build ports anyway,02:49
weednixand iso is not the official, is the one provided by crux.ninja02:49
weednixnot even sure if is the last one02:49
Romsterthat's jaeger and he does the official iso too02:56
weednixI think I will reinstall again :(03:13
jaegercryptsetup has never been officially supported on the ISO for what that's worth. teK_ was looking into adding support for it but that was some time ago03:18
weednixjaeger: I was thinking was fine because I was able to recover a filesystem with crux iso03:19
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javashinwhere i can found any newest iso testing ?04:49
javashinand there is support for zfs ?04:54
jaegerheyo. the updated ISO is at
jaegerNo ZFS support officially04:58
jaegeryou could make a customized ISO with zfs on it but we don't have one that I'm aware of currently04:59
javashinno problem05:01
javashinabout the install05:01
javashinbut in base after install i can get zfs working ? is not in ports ?05:01
jaegeryou can definitely get it working. I haven't shared my ports but I could look at doing so sometime, maybe05:02
jaegerMy NAS is a crux box with ZFS, so definitely doable05:02
javashinjaeger, hey05:27
javashincan this still be used ?05:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: [notify] boost: 1.69.0 -> 1.71.0 ABI change check with revdep05:36
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jaegerlooks like it's a bit outdated but probably most of it still applies07:01
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TimB_time to find out if boost will make libreoffice unhappy I guess :>09:21
john_cephalopodaShaderc download appears to 404.09:40
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TimB_mh, the repo doesnt exist09:53
TimB_revdep shows a bunch of lo ports after boost update09:53
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TimB_libreoffice rebuild fine12:09
TimB_boost broke rstudio though, damn12:23
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SiFuhTimB_: yeah rebuilding libreoffice now14:09
Romsteri tested before pushing libreoffice rebuilt fine14:09
Romsterand this is why i held off on boost for so long14:10
SiFuhI did   prt-get lock libffi and some how it ended up being upgraded which broke a lot of things. In the end I temporarily linked  and kept, only because I don't have time to go through it yet.14:10
TimB_Romster: thanks! gonna try that. haven't had the time to go through all the commits14:11
SiFuhRomster: shaderc doesn't download. Actually I don't even know why it is installed on my system.14:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: rstudio: 1.2.5001 -> 1.2.501914:26
TimB_Romster: worked, thanks!14:26
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: tmux: update to 3.0a15:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: mutt: update to 1.13.015:35
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weednixI gave up on upgrade due to so much failed attempts, not sure if I will be able to upgrade the other machines once I have all ports built.15:51
weednixone of the issues I'm fearing is that I configured lvm / encrypted, I will test again the iso and say something15:52
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weednixeach time a new crux come out is a pain for me :) don't yet master the thing.16:02
weednixalso to maintain git repo I keep having problems with merge conflicts16:03
TimB_weednix: can't say anything to lvm/encryption, but in regards to git you might need to use rebase?16:06
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jaegerIf anyone cares, I'm turning off the VM that builds 3.4 updated ISOs at this point17:09
jaeger3.5 will still do its thing17:10
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weednixTimB_: if I de rebase it will break the other repos ? rewrite history ? I had removed all files then paste the 3.5 on top, then I do my things, generaly this work.17:47
weednixjaeger: I had no idea crux 3.4 continue to be updated :(17:47
TimB_no idea, you can try with a safe copy i guess17:48
weednixon the new install I see the same error I was getting on the upgrade machine17:48
TimB_and in fact, support for the prior version is stalled somewhen after the release of current, so people have time to switch17:48
jaegerI don't think anyone's actively updating 3.4 anymore but my automated ISO process was still running weekly17:48
weednixerror is something "error while loading shared libraries"17:50
TimB_hehe :) this seems common. have you ran revdep lately?17:50
weednixfor what I research on the machine I was upgrading this is the old one, I was not expecting this error showed up on the new install17:50
TimB_it was announced via ML as well17:50
weednixTimB_: on the upgrade machine yes, will do on the new install.17:51
jaegerIt's caused by the recent libffi update, just have to rebuild things that depend on it17:51
jaegerpython3, glib, gobject-introspection I think were the foremost ones for me17:51
TimB_cmake was a sneaky one that didn't show up in revdep17:52
weednixthanks TimB_ will rebuild that,17:52
weednixnow I have 2 machines with 3.5 broken and 4 machines with 3.4 :D17:53
weednixI have one I call "builder" where I build and then I fetch the binary packages from the others, I think I have a lot to do :(17:54
TimB_i build on each box seperately, but share ccache between those boxes17:54
weednixone friend just brought his machine with crux 3.4, I will need to run fsck on his disk, the disk is encrypted, will have a chance to see if crux 3.5 iso can open cryptosetup and was only a error when installing17:56
TimB_i have never done an encrypted setup17:56
weednixI will copy all build packages to the builder, install the broken ones, and see if I can recover the builder so I save work17:57
TimB_if they get me alive, i have lost already :B17:57
weednixTimB_: is just to assure if he or me lost the laptop they can't see what we have,17:57
weednixor it will take a kung fu experienced guy, what I doubt there is any around.17:58
weednixTimB_: I also have distcc and ccache but I don't yet configure in all machines.17:59
weednixTimB_: :D is not for that situation, is just if someone rober us,18:00
weednixsorry my english18:00
TimB_no worries18:01
TimB_but i dunno, i don't even care on my laptop. there is nothing on there18:02
weednixjavashin asked for documentation, sad I was not here to point out I'm updating to 3.5, but now the install with cryptosetup with lvm fails :D18:05
weednixbut I will try again, I will reinstall the system on other machine, will try with crux 3.4 and crux 3.518:06
weednixI have to be afk, see you all later18:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: wine-staging: updated to version 4.2118:10
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uplime\o/ got weechat + znc all setup and automated on crux19:34
uplimejust need to automate wordpres now19:36
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: alsa-lib: updated to version
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