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uplimeip routes aren't all that imporant anyways00:10
john_cephalopodaWho needs internet anyway00:23
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dlcusafrinnst, the cmake 3.16.0-1 update is failing trying to link ccmake looking for but all I've got is 7.1.0 with libffi 3.3-1 installed--any suggestions?03:40
dlcusaThe ffi lib is needed by
dlcusalog snip in
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abenzdlcusa: happy birthday03:56
abenzand all other december club members03:56
dlcusaCalling it a day here...03:56
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TimB_dlcusa: you didn't revdep after libffi update07:09
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: firefox: 70.0.1 -> 71.010:05
Romsteri am 42 today but i forgot the question abenz dlcusa :D10:14
frinnstyay, happy bday :D10:16
Romsterthank you frinnst10:18
Romsterjaeger, i looked over xfce for pedja but ended up giving dlcusa the patch that fixed the dependencies. might be some more work involved in xfce10:26
TimB_Romster: happy birthday!10:42
Romster The Australien Government has made an ad about its transition to authoritarianism, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative10:42
Romster #auspol #quietaustralians10:42
Romsterthank you TimB_10:42
RomsterNSFW language ^10:42
TimB_me? always10:43
TimB_omg this voice overlay is so obvious it makes it look async10:43
Romsteryou noticed that too10:44
TimB_that content though lol10:44
TimB_lol, good one10:45
TimB_ i still like this one10:46
TimB_Clarke and Dawe - The Front Fell Off10:46
Romsteroh clarke this is awesome10:47
Romstercardboard celotape....10:48
TimB_There is nothing out there! Only sea, birds, and fish! And 20.000l of crude oil10:48
Romstertowed beyond the environment LOL10:50
TimB_first time i saw it it was noted that it was a real interview, i didn't know them. it scared me shitless10:53
Romsterit's a comedy thing10:55
TimB_yeah i looked it up10:55
TimB_it was a relief, because it is very funny, as long as it's not real :D10:55
Romsteri met bob hawke in person10:56
TimB_was that the guy he portrayed?10:57
RomsterFormer PM Bob Hawke shares joke which captures 'Australian irreverence' | ABC News10:57
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dlcusaCalling it a day here...14:45
dlcusaTomorrow I turn 70, FWIW.  This is the one between 69 and 71.14:47
dlcusaHmmm...  I need to figure out why I missed that Nov 26 email.14:50
dlcusaDid you know that's the front of 9front, the current most vigorous Plan 9 distro/community (chosen as it describes what happened to the Bell Labs distro)?14:55
jaegerRomster: happy birthday15:19
dlcusaabenz, thanks for your best wishes.15:21
jaegerdlcusa: happy birthday tomorrow15:26
dlcusaThanks, jaeger.  I'm hoping to be around for many more decades.15:26
dlcusaThe doctors think that's doable.15:27
jaegerThat's good :)15:31
dlcusaCRUX may prevent dementia.15:32
dlcusaI had an uncle who worried about Alzheimers.  His doctor said he needn't since he was thinking about it.  So he made it a point to think about Alzheimers every day.15:36
pedjaapparently, reading books and challenging mental activities can help with keeping Alzheimer's away15:51
pedjaso tinkering with linux/Crux/whatever has health benefits :)15:52
pedjalately I've been switching between reading The Culture series and some aws/saltstack/devops tech books15:54
pedjadlcusa, 70? so you lived in some interesting times in US history16:05
pedjacivil rights movement, Woodstock, moon landing hoax :)16:06
dlcusaIndeed.  I was rockin' in the '50s.16:06
pedjathe original hq tapes of the moon landing were lost, overwritten, iirc16:07
pedjadlcusa, happy birthday, btw :)16:08
dlcusaMy mother-in-law is coming up on 103, very with it mentally and physically for her age.  She's 100% Jewish, born in Berlin as a WWI furlough baby.  She got out of there in '34.  She's seen a LOT more.16:09
dlcusaThanks for the well-wishes, pedja.16:12
TimB_dlcusa: wait, is it tomorrow, or today? because i don't want to congratulate early16:12
dlcusaThe 4th, and I was born at 10:19 PM EST if that's important.16:13
TimB_i don't think the time is particularly important, but your calendar says it's still the 3th or already 4th? :P16:15
TimB_should say 3rd, so I'll sing tomorrow in your honour ;)16:16
dlcusaI think it's the 4th east of the IDL where the clocks are way ahead of the geography.16:17
dlcusaWell, technically east of 180 degrees--the IDL bends with the TZs.16:19
dlcusaIt's approaching noon the 3rd here on the East Coast of the USA.16:21
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joacimpedja: might get early onset alzheimers from reading comments under news articles =)16:42
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deus_exjoacim, true :)17:14
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pedjaI am curious what pia, that owns freenode, being bought by, apparently, a shady company, means for freenode17:29
pedjathere was a 'nothing will change' post on freenode blog, but17:30
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abenzRomster: happy birthday, so yours is today and dlcusa is tomorrow. Good new year ahead gents, stay optimistic :)19:14
dlcusaabenz, 10-4.19:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: thunderbird-bin: updated to 68.3.019:23
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: nspr: updated to 4.2419:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: btrfs-progs: updated to 5.419:25
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stenurCiao, and a nice Sunday!u21:36
stenurRomster: happy birthday also from me.21:36
stenurdlcusa: jews fighting for Germany in WWI is still on topic here in Germany.  At least where i hear and look.21:38
stenurExcept for the jews themselves, thinking of a scene in the book "Das Salz der Erde" by Józef Wittlin.21:42
stenur(Salt of the Earth is the english name.)21:43
dlcusastenur, my grandfather-in-law had a hard time accepting his decorated heroic service to the fatherland had become totally rejected.21:45
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stenurdlcusa: this is terrible. Such life stories are surely one reason why it is still on topic.22:03
dlcusaThe Jewish people have the right approach, I think:  Never forget.  We the people have to stay alert and keep this sort of thing from happening again.22:06
stenurI have heared this very often, many, many survivors told them, i have seen this _lifed_ total non-understanding.22:06
stenurNoone knows how to keep humans in its bounds, unfortunately.  But yes, we need to try.  Things are getting harder the further away personal experiences get.22:08
dlcusaMy mother-in-law has commented often about how much Donald Trump reminds her of Hitler.  She's reached the point of not worrying about it.  I, however, remain alert.22:10
dlcusaGotta leave the IT Center again for several hours.22:13
abenzdlcusa: working at 70yo? on your birthday no less?22:13
abenzsalut good sir22:13
dlcusaOfficially I'm retired (by an industry way too age-conscious).  I have other responsibilities, though.22:14
uplimewhat do you do, day to day? if you don't mind me asking22:32
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