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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: mesa3d-32: updated to version 19.2.700:15
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abenzwhat do you guys think?06:14
abenzperhaps crux-arm is a better channel to ask :)06:14
jaegerI haven't watched that one yet but I have one of the older pinebooks... the keyboard is terrible, hopefully they improved that06:48
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: pandoc-citeproc-bin: 2.7.3 -> 2.8.108:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: pandoc-bin: -> 2.8.108:44
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frinnstwow. captured just now:
TimB_just close the program, what can go wrong ;)10:07
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abenzjaeger: a few reviewers say the keyboard is very good11:50
abenzI'm concerned about the 4GB ram limit, if one was to buy this for browsing on the go, will 4GB be enough for modern browsers?11:51
pedjaif you don't go overboard with tabs, sure :)11:53
pedjawith chrome, all bets are off, thou (in my experience)11:54
pedjaACTION is using ff on 2gb netbook11:55
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abenzI feel if they charged 300 (instead of 200) while having 8GB ram and a better trackpad, it would be a terrific linux laptop11:59
pedjaabenz, which vendor?11:59
abenzthe display seems quite nice though (especially it being matte)11:59
abenzpinebook pro11:59
abenzI posted a video above11:59
pedjaah, nice11:59
jolupaHi! everyone. Is in the ports any curse/console login manager, my wife is starting to use this computer but is afraid with the startx and all that...12:00
jolupaI was trying to install ly... but is not working (Is me sure the problem)12:01
pedjaI see lightdm in contrib12:04
jolupayeah thats graphic, I was searching for something more console... I think Slim is in opt too...12:05
pedjait is12:06
pedjabut that's also graphical?12:06
jolupayeah too... :P12:06
jolupaI want to give her something more easy to enter his user... But I don't want a graphic login manager.12:07
pedjawell, you mentioned ly. what's the issue with it?12:10
jolupaI created a ly.rc to start the program but it says error, where can I see the error that is giving me?12:12
jolupaI copy the slim.rc to run make my ly.rc12:12
jolupaOh! I have to go! I read any response in the irc archive! Thanks!12:18
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jaegerjolupa: ly is still an X login manager, not console15:15
jaegereven though it looks minimal15:15
frinnstooh ly looks sexy15:21
frinnstnever heard about it15:21
frinnstnobody with a port for it?15:23
jaegerI hadn't heard of it either. was thinking about making one, heh15:29
jaegercouple others I've never heard of are Console TDM and TBSM15:33
frinnst heh slim is ranked #115:36
jaegerthat's the link where I found the two I just mentioned :)15:39
jaegerLooks like I was wrong about ly being an X app, I read the github description wrong15:41
frinnstyeah you can run it in a terminal15:41
jaegerthe fire animation is hilarious15:43
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stenurYes, i now also set net.ipv4.conf.all.rp_filter=1 and net.ipv4.conf.all.arp_ignore=1 \ net.ipv4.conf.all.accept17:05
stenurForget the follow line, please.17:05
stenurLuckily i still have IPv6 disabled, otherwise it seems i had to add "ip6tables -t mangle -I PREROUTING -m rpfilter --invert -j DROP" too17:06
stenurI have no f...... idea of network configuration, especially on Linux.17:07
stenurNetBSD committed today "Save the entropy seed daily in /etc/security." (should be via not in)17:08
pedjahere on Leap, 'all.rp_filter' is 1, 'default' is 0, and wifi interface is 217:12
pedjaI guess set by network manager17:12
stenurShould not be 2 said the reply to the CVE iirc.17:13
stenurNo experiences though, never was non-0 here.17:15
pedja0 is kernel default, 1 (strict) is recommended in the rfc, but breaks some NM behavior17:20
pedjaswitching wifi/eth, iirc17:21
stenurYeah, i looked for them in networking/ip-sysctl.txt. But that's just text, i cannot even test that here. Not moving around with the box in between cells.17:23
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stenurThat =2 smells like something for my, ifup_NETNAME().17:27
pedjaI'll leave it to SUSE/openSUSE security teams :)17:29
stenurNot an option here :)17:35
stenurI collected anything i had found once i looked into Linux iptables and tc back in 2015 (never had Linux exposed to the net directly before, on my own), AlpineLinux wiki and such.17:37
stenurAs long as they do not ship with new features in an unsafe mode i am pretty much confident in the setup.17:38
pedjalooked ad nftables, the supposed iptables-replacement?17:38
stenurThat rp_filter i did not set however.  No, not yet.  Note really at least.17:39
pedjaI am lazy and stupid, so I prefer iptables frontend like firewalld to the actual beast :)17:41
john_cephalopodaI placed my box behind a router with a port-based firewall.17:42
stenurAnd i have made a shell script that is shared in between all Linux hosts.17:42
stenurYou only do "add_rule -p tcp --dport ${p_irc_freenode} -j ${ACC}", or "radio 8096" or what.17:44
pedja'firewall-cmd --zone=default --add-port/service' :)17:45
stenurHm. Shorter!17:45
stenurYeah, is still messy to copy that thing to multiple boxes. But is all in one, with drop_pissers list, penalty_pissers, to piss back that is.17:47
stenurOn the server at least. What a mess!17:49
stenur"The [17]World Wide Web is a wretched hive of scum and villainy, a fact all too familiar to refugees from the [18]old Internet."17:51
stenurwow, with Yamaha DX 7 that i never could afford in the 80s!18:18
pedjasomeone I knew payed a pretty penny for it, back in the day18:22
pedjapayed it off in a year, playing at weddings/bars (folk/pop music, iirc)18:23
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stenurVery cool.  Cannot make it go over my bluealsa somehow.  Yeah, cool! All the pop people had that thing.  It also has ARP2600, gave me a nice Pink Floyd flashback!19:01
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