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frinnstNew Plundervolt attack impacts Intel CPUs09:56
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: iso-codes: update to 4.4, dependency change python -> python310:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: hpcups: update to 3.19.1210:42
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: jdk: update to
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: flash-player-plugin: update to
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: mariadb: update to 10.4.1111:53
joacimwas thinking about getting their 9400F/9500F series CPUs, since I thought the platform was reasonably priced :)12:04
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frinnsti'm getting a small rome cluster for xmas \o/13:33
frinnstintel can go fuck itself13:33
pedjaaws bought a shitload of those, afaik :)13:36
pedjapretty much every iaas provider did. it's about time amd got some of that sweet, sweet server market money13:39
pedjafrinnst, for vmware cluster thingie?13:41
pedjaor are you going full hype with kubernetes :) ?13:42
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joacimi think i'll keep my christmas gift simple. got offered a permanent position at my job, but i should be careful about my spending still13:52
joacima used juniper switch would be nice13:52
pedjacongrats, joacim13:55
joacimthanks. EX2200-C is fanless, so thats the one I'll get probably13:56
abenzwhat about arubas, how are they preceived, when compared to cisco and juniper?13:57
joacimis that the hpe-ish ones?13:57
joacimwe have some hpe switches around. they're ok. some cisco ones too13:57
joacimrecently we've been shilling for fortinet tho. So selling a lot of _forti_switches with _forti_gates and _forti_APs13:58
joacimfor the most part most of them works fine, so i don't have a preference13:59
abenzalways viewed fortinet in a level with the likes of ubiquiti or mikrotik.. not like the bigger players (hpe, cisco)14:00
abenzare these small installations or large ones?14:00
joacimsmall. offices with 2-20 people14:00
abenzi see14:01
joacimfortinet has nice enough support contracts, and they're approved by the health cabal in norway. cant just install some random equipment at healthcare customers14:02
abenzi see14:06
abenzhow much for the used juniper you're eyeing btw?14:07
joacimaround 100 dollars or so14:07
joacimjust 12 ports, but thats ok.14:07
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abenzI was eyeing a layer3 aruba, 8 POE ports14:15
abenzand 2 sfp+ ports14:15
abenzbut they aren't cheap, and rarely pop used on ebay14:16
abenzthen I saw this:14:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: libunbound: update to 1.9.614:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: [notify] unbound: update to 1.9.614:18
frinnstpedja: vmware, yes14:19
frinnstarubas are pretty nice14:20
frinnstabenz: I have that switch :-)14:20
frinnstbought a bunch of 10gig nics from china on ebay14:20
frinnstlike 15€ a piece14:20
abenzthe mikrotik?14:20
abenzhow hot does it get?14:20
frinnstnot too bad14:20
abenzI hear some owners say careful where you put it, as it tends to get too hot14:21
abenzhow many slots do you have occupied?14:21
frinnstits pretty shit though. you cant do any routing with it or performance will drop to ~40MB/s14:21
frinnstall of them14:21
abenzwhat sfp+ modules?14:21
frinnstwell, "shit". for that pricing its obviously ok14:21
frinnstmixed. one dac cable (identifies as cisco), came with the chinese 10gig kit i bought14:22
frinnsta couple of sfp+ sr mm14:22
frinnstand a few sr mm sfp+ "borrowed" from work :-)14:23
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frinnstI think jaeger also has one14:23
abenzcool. I will get one.. was just worried about the heat14:25
frinnstI have mine stacked on an old hp microserver in a tight enclousure14:26
frinnstno worries14:26
ryuofrinnst: how old? i recently acquire a G7 microserver.14:31
frinnstI have3. nl36, nl4014:32
ryuoWow. Same series.14:32
abenzthanks for feedback. I've been considering a fiber setup because I don't have dedicated trunks for cat6 cabling for a two storey building.. so I figured I will run mm fiber and a couple of those mikrotiks would work well for that purpose14:32
frinnstor whatever they were called14:32
ryuoN36L, N40L, N56L14:32
ryuoN40L is the most common one on ebay.14:32
frinnstabenz: if you are buying everything from scratch i'd run singlemode everywhere14:33
frinnstmultimode is pretty pointless these days14:33
frinnsteasier to just go with "single"14:33
abenzfrinnst: within the same building?14:33
frinnstyeah, everywhere14:33
frinnstyou dont need to worry about "burning out optics" or shit like that14:33
frinnstits not 1995 anymore :)14:33
abenzand price wise?14:34
ryuofrinnst: interesting how popular this microserver seems to have been14:34
frinnstits pretty much the same14:34
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frinnstSM might be a few % more expensive14:34
abenzfrinnst: can you recommend sfp+ modules to go along with the mikrotiks? you seem to know way more about this14:34
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abenzand how are those china nics working out? I've been looking at ebay for mellanox and chelsio nics14:35
frinnstfrom what I can tell it doesnt care about how the sfps are coded. so you can run everything more or less14:35
abenzthought those would work well for virtbox kinda setup14:35
frinnsti think mine are all coded cisco14:35
frinnstI bought mellanox14:35
abenzI see14:36
frinnst02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Mellanox Technologies MT26448 [ConnectX EN 10GigE, PCIe 2.0 5GT/s] (rev b0)14:36
frinnst something like that14:37
SpoofingIgor Sysoev (NGINX author from Russia, most popular web server in the world) is arrested. bad news.
frinnstbut I have connectx-214:37
jaegerI do have one. I don't do any layer 3 on it, only layer 2. No complaints at all. I'm using direct attached cables14:37
frinnst 6€14:40
abenzfrinnst: one thing comes to mind, afaik sm has a much lower bend radius vs mm, I might have some tight corners14:41
frinnstyeah but if you only do short runs it should be fine14:42
abenz^ would a sm fiber go through that?14:42
frinnstyeah no problem14:42
abenzexcellent, sm it is then14:42
abenzthanks for the tips14:42
pedjaisn't sm more fiddly to terminate/work with then mm?14:43
frinnstI have a ~30 meter run in my apartment around some very tight corners14:43
frinnstno problem right now. also my roomba runs into the cable around a bend every other day or so14:44
frinnststill no issue :-)14:44
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joacimlast time i had a roomba, i spent more time watching it work, than actually vacuuming myself15:01
frinnstits awesome. dumb as shit but even so it keeps it "clean enough"15:03
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pedjais this what are you talking about?
joacimyes. and ofc it is there as a mental exercise, not because i'm lazy or anything15:18
pedjaof course not, you got it to teach yourself robotics15:25
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: krb5: update to 1.17.116:03
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frinnstjaeger: any nginx news from HQ? :-)17:06
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pedjajaeger, I guess you have one of these :)?*k-B6RyaTcv6n5IaVDhl1VA.jpeg19:02
joacimi almost forgot they ruined bitmap fonts19:21
joacimuntil i did a dist-upgrade yesterday19:22
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joacimpedja: slightly angry19:36
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pedjajoacim, ruined how?19:38
joacimi forget which library it was. but they changed dependencies, and lost support for bitmap fonts19:39
pedjaah, pango19:40
pedjanow using harfbuzz, or something19:40
pedjayeah, didn't bother me, I don't use bitmap fonts :)19:41
joacimswitched to the leap package for liferea. it works, for now19:42
pedjaafaik, they are not making a comeback, so best to just let it go already :)19:42
joacimthey had a release at the end of 201819:43
pedjaI meant the bitmap fonts19:43
pedjasorry :)19:44
joacimsure they will, along with dialup and small businesses doing valued work19:44
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pedjaaren't small and middle sized business the backbone of the western civilization?19:45
joacimif only this would work19:46
pedjafontconfig doesn't pick it up or?19:55
joacimdont know. font still has antialiasing enabled19:56
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pedjajoacim, 'fc-match --verbose $font' still has 'antialias on'?20:06
joacimantialias: True(w)20:08
joacimthink i was doing it in the wrong file20:10
joacim~/.fonts.conf is deprecated20:11
pedjaI was about to ask about that :)20:11
joacimi gave up on it =)20:35
jaegerfrinnst: none I can talk about21:04
jaegerpedja: I don't, that's nifty :)21:04
jaeger <- screaming roomba21:05
pedjajaeger, demand some, surely they have some left from re:invent :)21:06
pedja65.000 people attending. that's some crowd21:07
jaegerwow, yeah21:12
jaegerI thought vmworld was big21:12
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