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elderKEllo all :)06:52
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Spoofinganybody have "crux strap" script or something? like debootstrap, pacstrap...13:48
Spoofingyeah, i know, just download crux-3.5-updated.iso from; mount; touch /var/lib/pkg/db; for p in /mnt/crux/core/*; do pkgadd -r ...; few commands, but maybe anybody already wrote this script?13:50
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pedjaI am curious if people with e-mail at cock.mail domain ever see their mail actually delivered14:20
pedjato something other then spam folder14:21
pedjaah, it's an acronym for organization? nah, not ddg'ing that14:30
dbrookeofficially cock means an adult male chicken, but ...14:37
dbrookeat work we used embedded boards from a company called MEN whose website is but I once just typed which wasn't the same thing at all and I'm not about to try it again14:41
jaegerSpoofing: I use a script like that to creat a base docker image but it has no customization past that14:50
pedjadbrooke, that was an interesting discussion at work, I bet :)14:55
dbrookefortunately my screen wasn't widely visible and I was 'IT' so nobody would have seen any logs15:04
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pedjabtw, whatever happened to The Great Firewall of UK?15:18
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dbrookeI'm not aware of anything other than possibly some web blocking by some ISPs - the one I use has a clear policy
joacimpedja: i think their domain is respectable enough16:02
joacimbut some of their other domains might be more questionable16:03
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pedjathis is fun to play with
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stenurif anyone is using Intel TPM: http://tpm.fail18:00
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frinnstthe motherboard I use at work has a bunch of tmp vulnerabilities18:15
frinnstto patch it I must install windows because asus only provides win binaries18:15
joacimalways been meaning to make a winpe stick for such things18:47
joacimnever got around to it18:47
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frinnstgood idea19:13
pedjajoacim, tried any of these?
SiFuhlet's try to install the libffi update and see what it breaks19:30
SiFuhoh damn19:39
joacimpedja: not used any of those, but i did use an old one a long time ago19:41
joacimi forget what it was called19:41
SiFuhI very dislike this guy but open source tech mmm20:00
uplimewhy do you dislike him20:00
SiFuhhe's an ass20:00
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SiFuhHis like the daughter showing off to her friends how to put on her mommy's makeup.20:03
SiFuhbut that's my opinion.. I don't hate the guy, I just very dislike him,20:03
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pedjaSiFuh, check out r/enoughmuskspam :)20:06
pedjano idea how legit are some claims from there, tbh20:08
SiFuhLook at Spielberg or even Adam Sandler. They are highly intelligent people. But Elon Musk is not. He's just an attention seeker.20:09
SiFuhI think the company Tesla is an offence to the name Nikolai Tesla20:10
SiFuhBut of course Elon Musk didn't create Tesla.20:10
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pedjaas you know, it's Nikola, not Nikolai :)20:22
pedja(sorry for nitpicking)20:23
pedjaare we still talking Elon, or is that addressed to me :)20:25
SiFuhНикола Тесла20:26
SiFuhaddressed to you20:26
pedjaah, ok20:26
SiFuhMy hero and I can't even spell his name  haha20:27
pedjaI wish there is some draconian law about who and when vendors can use his name20:28
pedjaTesla, the electric car company? OK, I guess20:28
SiFuhLet's change it to  'All Set - Electric cars' ;-)20:29
pedjaTesla, the rebrand of Chinese phones with added UI in Serbian? fuck no20:29
pedja'our experts made it from scratch' riiiight20:31
SiFuhBlackview BV9800 Pro is cheaper and more modern than the CAT S60   still too expensive for a phone with a thermal camera20:32
pedjahuge props to Oatmeal for
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