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uplimejolupa: would you mind sharing your nginx config?00:01
uplimeif you dont get it working i mean00:02
jolupayeah! of course! One moment...00:04
jolupaThis last is copying from the archwiki00:04
uplimei've got my vm setup with nginx/php-fcgi/php-fpm so i can share my config if need be00:05
jolupain php-fpm I don't know what I have to change... :D Nothing that I read works.00:06
uplimewhere did you define endor?00:07
jolupais my the name of my localhost... I changed to localhost too... Is not working... :P00:12
jolupa@uplime if you can share your config, juts to try it will be appreciated00:42
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weednix:} I'm not yet on 3.5, I keep building packages on another machine, thankfull for some port updates since I was having problems with them.18:49
weednixBefore I was changing pkgmk to force update without build, now I learned to just touch all packages after ports -u18:50
weednixI also stop having merge conflicts when I merge ports from "upstream"18:51
weednixeverything is going well now, I hope I update all my machines before 2020, then will be friends machines.18:51
weednixone thing I wold like to do is to rebuild everything again once everything is installed, some ports add "stuff" when other ports are present.18:52
weednixbut will let that for later, for now I wold like just to upgrade18:53
weednixI'm using newsboat to know when there is new port's updates,18:55
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