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weednixeverything built, only firefox and libreoffice not :)00:26
TimB_weednix: libreoffice from source? whats the problem?00:31
weednixhere are the build logs
weednixTimB_: I think something related with harfbuzz00:32
weednixnot sure if is that the name00:32
weednixTimB_: lack of Graphite support00:33
TimB_yeah, your harfbuzz is not built against graphite libs00:38
TimB_prt-get depinst graphite2 && prt-get update -fr harfbuzz00:39
TimB_then try again w/ lo00:39
TimB_prt-get cat libreoffice README ;p00:39
weednix:D :P thank you00:40
weednixI guess firefox is harder, from built log I can't understand what is wrong00:40
TimB_38:58.80 stack backtrace: <- something went wrong there (firefox)00:41
TimB_dunno what though, did you maybe run out of memeory?00:42
weednixTimB_: I was thinking that, I was watching if swap get full, I have 29G of swap... I should have 32 ...00:42
TimB_that's a lot already00:43
weednixlast time I look at it while building was only 2G of swap being used.00:43
weednixTimB_: the system where I build only have 4G of ram.00:43
TimB_no idea, i don't build/use firefox00:43
weednixTimB_: thank you anyway about libreoffice00:44
TimB_sure mate00:44
TimB_let me know if you run into another problem regarding it00:44
weednixyes ;)00:44
weednixnot sure if I will fix it now :P super lazy, just finish dinner ;P00:45
TimB_just chain those commands for libreoffice, it should just run through00:45
weednixTimB_: Oh no, graphite2 is installed, maybe was installed after harfbuzz, will rebuild both00:50
TimB_lo depends on it, but it also needs harfbuzz to be built against it, so yeah00:53
weednixyes, I got a footprint mismatch with  graphite header ;)00:54
TimB_it should only be a mismatch about new files00:54
TimB_you can deactivate that with PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes" in /etc/pkgmk.conf00:55
TimB_its usually save to assume that thats okay. your though from above (rebuilding everything so stuff gets picked up applies here as well)00:55
weednixTimB_: I maintain a fork of the repos I update the footprint on the repo with the new files00:58
TimB_that takes away bits of the flexibility of CRUX imo00:59
TimB_but sure, if it works00:59
weednix:} you can see my "fix's" at
weednixsome fix's are retard, :D sometimes I just forget to update md5sums or footprints. generaly when I fix the ports I start looking at source files, I like to have all distfiles neat like name-version.tar.xyz01:00
TimB_why don't you go with signature files?01:01
TimB_and why would you go through all the pain of updating the footprints if mostly what you need is what i mentioned above :)01:01
weednixwell, the only reason is because when I started using crux was md5sum, don't yet catchup with the signatures01:01
weednixjust that.01:01
weednixI know is just few minutes to read the documentation...01:02
jaegerwoot! 244 small solders done right first try01:02
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weednixTimB_: does prt-get fsearch search on footprints ? If yes, then I think is good to maintain well the footprints.01:02
TimB_it does, but i don't get your point01:03
TimB_if your build fails for NEW files in your PKG, why would you want to fail at that point? for example harfbuzz w/ graphite201:04
TimB_it will still fail if a file is MISSING01:04
frinnstweednix: try "prt-get fsearch"01:04
frinnstah sorry, read that as "prt-get search"01:04
frinnst*back to bed*01:05
TimB_frinnst: it's late01:05
weednixTimB_: I mean to pkgmk -uf && git add .footprint && git push01:06
weednixthis way if I search for that file using prt-get fsearch I will find it.01:06
TimB_not sure if wouldn't still work01:06
TimB_no it doesnt01:07
weednixTimB_: also using md5sum allows me to quick know if the port is "pristine"/upstream or if I already made changes without using git diff01:07
TimB_not sure why you would want to do that though01:08
TimB_sounds like a whole lotta work for what exactly?01:08
TimB_i mean, not that i want to stop you01:08
weednixTimB_: me either :D I just like to keep my repo this way...01:08
weednixTimB_: I know, I have issues :D01:08
TimB_don't worry01:09
TimB_in the meantime, i think i am closing in on getting my intellij-idea port polished up :)01:09
weednixI could also just build everything and then pkgmk -r -uf ... and in one command get everything updated ...01:09
TimB_that was some work01:09
weednix;) thank you all for the work01:10
TimB_it's mainly what i use for myself, but i am happy to contribute w/ that01:10
TimB_weednix: stuff like that, if this is safe, report that upstream here, over at or the mailing list01:12
weednixTimB_: I was about to say the only thing I contribute back is writing or doing that kind of stuff on that "server" (one of my laptop)01:14
weednixI just registered on the bug thing01:15
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Abdullahso how are my crux mates? been a long time I haven't been there with you ;-)02:49
jaegernot bad here, you?02:55
SiFuhyo Abdullah, long time02:56
ryuoAbdullah: probably better than teK__ at least ;p02:56
TimB_lol, fine here as well, you?03:02
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SiFuhMr Robot the finale was today06:17
Abdullahjaeger: I'm fine. Thanks.06:35
AbdullahSiFuh: yeah I was busy in my bro marriage ;-)06:36
Abdullahryuo: what happened to teK__ ? I think he was the one who first wrote about encryption in crux?06:37
AbdullahTimB_: I'm fine.06:37
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: wine: 4.21 -> 5.0-rc211:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: ant: convert from binary to source build12:06
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ryuoAbdullah: no idea. they're just very rarely reachable for the last year or 2.13:06
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: hexchat: 2.14.2 -> 2.14.313:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: glib-networking: 2.62.1 -> 2.62.213:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: jack: 1.9.12 -> 1.9.1413:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: nano: update to 4.714:40
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: jdk: new source URL14:40
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joacimwe should blast through all of them in a day? =)19:34
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pedjaif you can, sure :)19:56
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joacimnice. got an hour left of this train ride20:00
joacimso should be able to do it20:00
pedjawifi on the train? what wizardry is that :) ?20:07
joacimits from my phone. got a hotspot on it20:07
pedjaah. 4g thingie?20:07
joacimgoing through Hell in about 20 minutes20:08
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joacimcleaning up my work notes and documents folders. I find things i should've done 9 months ago =)20:14
joacimdd. pretend like nothing20:14
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joacimit is dark, and i cant tell when the train goes througha tunnel20:20
joacimi just drop my ssh connection20:20
pedjaever tried mosh? apparently, more robust over flaky connections then ssh20:43
joacimyeah used it for a while. until it was removed from opt/contrib20:45
joacimi never cared enough to maintain it myself since i didnt use it that much20:45
joacimi see it is in user repositories now20:45
joacimwouldnt it be nice if outlook didnt autostart randomly on my mac20:51
joacimpinning a core on my cpu to 100%. making my laptop scorching hot and sucking up the battery life20:52
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