IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2019-12-24

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SiFuhfrinnst: This 'It's always sunny in Philadelphia' is mostly arguing. I am up to season 3 by the way. Definately not as funny as the I.T. Crowd but still enjoyable in a stressful way. :-P10:43
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Romster -> $13000 ULTIMATE Custom Water Cooled Desk Gaming PC Build - Time Lapse - 2080 ti i9 9980XE12:47
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joacimfor me such a desk would be an expensive accident13:47
joacimregular desks dont give me too much legroom as it is13:48
SiFuhjoacim: Regular desks are used in schools if you take into consideration the amount of desks children use in comparison to adults. Why on earth would you use a school desk?14:10
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pedjajoacim, finished the adventcode :) ?14:49
weednix:( my firefox fail to build due to rust problem :'(15:10
SiFuhweednix: add some oil ;-)15:10
SiFuhweednix: there is a binary version15:10
weednixSiFuh: also fail to build on yours ?15:12
SiFuhI only use the binary because firefox updates so much, I couldn't be bothered wasting my time compling it twice a week.15:13
weednix:O Hyperbola changed to OpenBSD kernel15:14
SiFuhWonder if they will stick with it, or divert back15:16
weednix:) I think I will play a bit with OpenBSD once for all.15:29
SiFuhOpenBSD is great15:32
SiFuhMy favorite OS15:34
weednixSiFuh: WOW, for what I have been reading is a good one, sad I have 0 experience with it, only installed once.15:34
weednixSiFuh: I need to reorganize my stuff at so I can document crux and openbsd15:35
weednixbut I wold like to first finish to upgrade to crux 3.5 ... this is the most painful upgrade I have, I'm using crux since 3.215:36
SiFuh3.2 to 3.5 is a huge leap15:40
SiFuhNot that it can't be done, but you may be better off just backing up and doing a fresh install of 3515:41
SiFuhso what version are you upgrading from?15:43
weednixI'm on 3.4, what I want to mean is the upgrade from 3.4 to 3.5 is being the most painful and I'm not sure why, I think is only me.15:44
jaegerwhat makes it painful?15:44
weednixI was having to many errors upgrading 3.4, so I fresh install 3.5 ...15:44
weednixjaeger: I had many errors, some upstream updates solved, now I'm just close to finish, just firefox and is done.15:45
jaegerSo you're upgrading manually instead of with the ISO?15:45
weednixI end up installing fresh 3.5 on a machine and installed most packages, I have "meta packages" with deps such as libreoffice, firefox, gimp etc,15:46
weednixand was best thing I have done because of new dependencies15:47
weednixjaeger: maybe if I rebuild everything ? may solve the rust/firefox problem...15:47
jaegerMaybe... depends on what the problem is... but that's separate from an upgrade to 3.515:48
weednixwell the upgrade from iso works fine, but then the other packages will fail due to dependencies, at least I think this was my problem.15:48
jaegerIf packages have incorrect deps, you should report them so maintainers can investigate and fix if needed15:49
SiFuhweednix:    prt-get depinst firefox     ?15:49
weednixI think they are fine, the issue only arise when I was upgrading,15:49
weednixI only found one that was missing polkit15:50
weednixif I'm not wrong15:50
weednixSiFuh: yes, everything is installed now ;)15:50
SiFuhjaeger: I'd have to say without a doubt, CRUX is the fastest distro I ever used.15:52
jaegergreat :)15:52
weednixI must say Crux is the most awesome distro I ever used and I don't plan to stop using.15:52
SiFuhseriously fast   I can scroll all 12 desktops in fluxbox like nothing any distro has seen before15:52
weednixSiFuh: do you build with native flag ?15:53
SiFuhInstantanious change15:53
SiFuhyes, native only15:53
weednix:} I have different machines and share the packaes ;)15:55
SiFuhmain driver is CRUX15:59
SiFuhTV Box is Void and it crashes a lot :-P15:59
SiFuhServer is OpenBSD15:59
weednixSiFuh: I only have Crux on all computers and I have a friend using crux that is not a sys guy,16:01
weednixI was testing on him to see if I can start install crux on everyone ;)16:02
SiFuhweednix: in 2002 I was using CRUX as the distro for my students to use in all things from Matlab in Chemistry to Cyber Security Comp Sci.16:03
SiFuhIt is honestly the perfect distro for Uni students.16:03
weednixSiFuh: I only have basic school, I manage to start working as a web dev in 2002, but had many jobs, from construction to business consulting16:05
weednixI start using debian, but jumped to crux in 201216:06
SiFuhgood jump ;-)16:06
weednixmain reason was; source based, simple, and I understood i wold learn a lot with it.16:06
SiFuhweednix: and a step closer to BSD ;-)16:07
weednix:D maybe someone will hard fork Linux so I don't have to go that way :D16:07
SiFuhNo way.. No man should ever live life with out using BSD, or riding a motorcycle16:08
weednixSiFuh: Fully agree with motorcycle, I wish ride planes to ;P16:11
SiFuhpassenger or pilot?16:11
weednixI dream with it, I built models when was kid and when I was good I knew if a plane wold fly or have problems by just looking at him16:11
SiFuhme too16:12
SiFuhclosest I cam is X-Plane 11 ;-)16:12
SiFuhrunning on CRUX ;-)16:12
weednixso sad I have to go, my family is ... this day is special here I must leave computer16:12
weednixI open the page, will let here to see later16:13
weednixthank you all so much16:13
weednixI will let computer building everything to see if rust goes16:13
SiFuhahh ok I know why it is considered a special day for some16:27
SiFuhstupid me16:27
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ryuoOsmodivs | ryuo: I'm trying to be in all groups to have access to all features in case I need them23:08
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uplimei always login as root with password root, so its easy to remember/administrate23:41
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Romsterweednix, whats the rust error? also sccache ccache speeds up firefox rebuilds23:49
RomsterMerry Christmas23:50
uplimeI can finally share this and not get ridiculed!23:50
ryuotranslation: uplime has too much time on their hands.23:53
uplimethis is also true23:53

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