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SiFuhryuo: 814M :-(05:39
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openbsdtai123Hi Chris? how are you?10:29
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shynoobSiFuh, since when hve you been using crux?17:25
SiFuhbrb  beer run17:26
SiFuhAugust 19 2001 CRUX 0.9.117:49
shynoobwhat kind of ppl use this?17:52
shynoobfor what17:52
shynooband anything serious or just fooling around?17:52
SiFuhWhatever you want17:52
SiFuhI used for teaching in University and also on my main driver (laptop).17:53
shynoobwow what university17:54
shynoobalso what do you teach17:54
SiFuhKhon Kaen University17:54
SiFuhI use to teach Linux and Unix, Network Security in 2001 to 200517:55
shynoobInteresting stuff17:55
shynoobcan you teach me SiFuh ?17:55
SiFuhYeah it was, especially those days since it wasn't commonly taught in Asia17:55
SiFuhI'm too outdated ;-)17:56
shynoobI am distro hopping17:57
shynoobnot sure what should I pick17:57
SiFuhcool, what are you looking for?17:57
shynoobor should I reinstall arch17:57
pedjaSiFuh, what's the situation now in Asia wrt teaching/using Linux?17:57
pedjaor Unix-like OS17:57
SiFuhpedja: not sure, mostly it is cloud crap and GUI installers17:57
shynoobI think in India, most universities or college have equipped their pcs with ubuntu :P17:58
shynoobcoz ofc they cant afford windows17:58
SiFuhWill find out after February as I will probably be entering the scene again.17:58
pedjaoh, nice. keep us updated :)17:58
SiFuhpedja:  ->> ubuntu  <-- exactly as I was saying17:58
pedjathere was an article recently in r/linux about Indian newspaper switching to open source workflow17:59
shynoobSiFuh, not sure.. tho I am learning programming and wanna get into server side programming.. handle network side of games and stuff17:59
SiFuhshynoob: programming is a good choice in Asia18:00
SiFuhI wish that I Stuck with it18:00
shynoobI feel I lost so many years too18:00
SiFuhI actually wanted to be a Systems Architect.. Ended up doing networking instead18:00
shynoobgotta focus now.. and stick to a distro18:00
shynoobwhat does a systems architect do exactly?18:01
SiFuhshynoob: why? there are so many good distros around.. It just depends what you are after18:01
SiFuhand nothing wrong with having several to tinker around with if you go the disk spac18:01
shynoobgraphics programming..and network related stuff18:01
shynoobI have only 256gb SSD18:01
shynoobso nah18:01
shynoobone is fine18:02
SiFuhhave you seen void linux?18:02
shynoobwhat does a systems architect do exactly?18:02
pedjaSiFuh, ever thought going AWS/Azure route :)?18:02
shynoobI'll check it out.. hope its updated18:02
SiFuhdesigns systems  mostly OS related18:02
shynoobnope not really.. microsoft stuff:P18:02
SiFuhpedja: I have not18:02
SiFuhshynoob: I'd have a look into Void Linux. It is quite pure and get's you closer to the roots of linux. It is binary and packages can be built from source.18:04
SiFuhIf you want to go a little bit deeper, you can jump into CRUX. Lots of compiling but your system is your system. You can make anything.18:04
shynoobI was gonna reinstall arch or get slackware18:04
SiFuhI found arch to be quite messy.  I did however use artix both openrc and runit version.18:06
shynoobhmm I'll give void a shot18:06
SiFuhcouldn't compile much, too many conflicting package versions18:06
shynoobsince I am not a power user.. I am not sure if I can make anything as you say18:07
SiFuhand Slackware is great,  very far behind when it comes to updated packages.18:07
SiFuhI guessed, it is why I hinted on void linux18:07
shynoobif its stable enough.. maybe not an issue.. but well..18:07
SiFuhvoid linux borders the edge between arch and CRUX in my opinion18:08
SiFuhyou don't need even to compile a kernel with those guys,  they have a hugely modular kernel and a prety bleeding edge system18:09
shynoobhm thanks18:10
SiFuhI was advising a 100% computer illeterate guy in Kyrgyzstan (He is an American guy) who loves reading. Dude went from a computer idiot to Linux lover.  His favorite is Void first and Manjaro second.18:11
pedjawhat's manjaro? arch with a week old packages?18:14
SiFuhmore user friendly and gui installer18:15
SiFuhpedja: I didn't like it   it was awful18:15
pedjawell of course, it's based on arch :)18:15
SiFuhgood point18:15
SiFuhpedja: ever used gobolinux ?18:15
pedjanever heard of it18:16
SiFuhthe concept is very interesting. I played around with it about 4 years ago18:16
SiFuhdidn't like it myself. There were a lot of links as well.18:17
pedjahm, sounds like NixOS18:17
SiFuhhmm almost yes18:18
openbsdtai123shynoob: openbsd is a cool platform for learning socket and more. you can see here an example of app that works on unix using sockets:
SiFuhgobolinux tries to create a windows style heirarchy by hiding the linux style18:19
SiFuhopenbsdtai123: for me OpenBSD is the god of OS's ;-)18:19
openbsdtai123yeah, it surpasses systemd modern Linux today ;) no systemd, no wayland...18:20
shynoobno wayland?18:21
SiFuhshynoob: it's a BSD not a linux18:21
pedjaCrux doesn't have either, and it's a modern Linux :)18:21
openbsdtai123Surely never wayland on Unix18:21
openbsdtai123pedja: luckily ;)18:21
shynoobX is fine?18:22
shynoobX windowing system?18:22
shynoobdisplay protocol18:22
SiFuhshynoob: depends.. stay away from nvidia for example18:22
shynoobyeah I know wayland and nvida.. have their issues18:22
openbsdtai123Soon or later, Crux will have to go for Wayland ... it seems to be quite present on more distros (more and more).18:23
SiFuhbut their X is xenocara  a complete rewrite and a much cleaner version of the X11R6/Xfree86/Xorg server18:23
shynoobI wont be able to afford nvidia graphic cards for now anyways18:23
shynoobI wont be able to play dota 2 or rocket league in bsd I guess18:24
shynoobwill go with void18:24
SiFuhshynoob: OpenBSD was always my main distro, then I found X-Plane 11 (a flight simulator) so I moved CRUX to be the main distro, now OpenBSD runs only on my server.18:24
pedjaopenbsdtai123, xorg ain't going anywhere soon, imho.18:25
shynoobfor servers I guess BSD can be great18:25
SiFuhshynoob: you can always run Virtual Machines to play around with different distros.18:25
openbsdtai123(if Linux drop Xorg and got for more modern Wayland...)18:25
SiFuhopenbsdtai123: I think xorg is here for the long haul18:26
openbsdtai123shynoob: freebsd and netbsd have excellent desktops, likely wifi will not work.18:26
pedjacorporations paying for linux development don't care about wayland that much, I think18:27
shynoobThe entire "X Windowing System" is just a joke. Particularly the attempt to hack-in hardware acceleration.. the result of all this is that there's about 5 layers between say, OpenGL and the actual device driver. Application -> OpenGL -> Mesa -> DRI -> (X?) -> Driver -> Hardware18:27
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openbsdtai123You just need libX11 and that's fine ;) xdemineur ;)18:37
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