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dlcusaI just updated the xfce_4.14 repo for exo, tumbler, and xfce4-terminal--details available at -- let me know of any problems, please.01:42
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: libglvnd: updated to version 1.3.002:58
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beli3verGood morning06:03
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: libglvnd-32: 1.2.0 -> 1.3.008:58
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beli3verHi can somebody help me with a grub efi installation15:14
beli3verI have created two partition. 1 is / with ext4. The second is /boot/efi fat32.15:18
beli3verI compiled the kernel and did15:19
beli3vercp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz15:19
beli3vercp /boot15:19
beli3vergrub-install /boot/efi15:19
beli3vergrub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg15:20
beli3verBut when I restart I get the grub recovery screen15:21
jaegerIf you get the recovery screen that means grub is installed and loaded but it can't find its config file, probably15:22
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beli3verSo the grub mkconfig is the problem?15:28
jaegerIn the recovery shell can you find your root partition and the kernel via the builtin ls and tab completion?15:29
jaegerI suspect it's just the kernel and name in this case15:30
jaegerIf I remember right, grub-mkconfig wants to see vmlinuz-* or kernel-*15:30
jaegerI typically name them vmlinuz-<version> and<version> and those work well15:31
jaegeryeah, search for 'vmlinuz' in /etc/grub.d/10_linux if you want to see the various strings15:31
beli3verOK thanks I will give a try15:32
joacimcan also modify the grub scripts so they can find vmlinuz and vmlinuz.old15:33
beli3verLol grub is searching for vmlinuz-*15:34
joacimor modify the script make install runs so that it populates /boot with filenames grub expects to see15:34
beli3verIt is working thanks guys15:38
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beli3verOK next error.15:49
beli3verThis is my fstab for the root15:49
beli3ver/dev/nvme0n1p3 / ext4 defaults,noatime,nodiratime,discard,errors=remount-ro 0 115:49
beli3verWhen I start get kernel panic could not found the root device. I checked it 5 times. The device is correct15:49
jaegerIf you're sure the device is correct then make sure the kernel has everything properly selected... in this case NVME support, SCSI disk support, ext4 filesystem support, etc.15:54
beli3verMissed kernel15:54
jaegerAs a side note, I think the discard option isn't needed for NVME drives15:55
ckrzen * beli3ver: I've read a lot about the 'discard' option causing problems. Better to just enable a scheduled TRIM(fstrim) job.16:01
beli3verYeah gave me a second boot error without it my surface pro 6 is running crux16:01
ckrzen * beli3ver: I've read a lot about the 'discard' option causing problems. Better to just enable a scheduled TRIM(fstrim) job. Once-a-week or so.16:01
jaegerdiscard is still fine (in my experience) for non-NVME SSDs, just not recommended for NVME16:04
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ckrzenok...just re-checking my assumptions, it seems that the 'discard' option only frees-on-erase commands(implying that the option needs to be in fstab asap after formatting?) and that fstrim can still be periodically called to check that there aren't any unreclaimed blocks that the 'discard' option missed(at least on recent SSD firmwares).16:25
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jaegerI believe that's the case but I'm not an expert there16:45
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: python3-babel: 2.7.0 -> 2.8.017:03
beli3verIs there a iwlwifi package17:07
jaegerThere's linux-firmware if you're looking for firmware for an iwlwifi card17:08
beli3verI need support for a Marvell 88W889717:10
jaegeryou should be able to see exactly which files it wants via 'dmesg | grep firmware'17:11
ckrzenbeli3ver: jaeger here's the relevant info on NVMe and SATA TRIM that I was remembering:17:14
ckrzenNVM Express17:14
ckrzenThe NVM Express command set has a generic Dataset Management command, for hinting the host's intent to the storage device on a set of block ranges. One of its operations, deallocate performs trim. It also has a Write Zeroes command that provides a deallocate hint and allows the disk to trim and return zeroes.17:14
ckrzenACTION sent a long message:  < >17:15
beli3verI get this error for the firmware17:16
ckrzenACTION sent a long message:  < >17:16
beli3verI have no idea what to do17:16
jaegerstart with 'prt-get fsearch pcie8897_uapsta.bin'17:17
jaegerThe i915 ones are for the intel GPU17:17
beli3verOK will give a try17:19
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beli3verLol forget to install linux-firmware18:14
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ckrzenAny real-world observations for using "-march=native" vs "...=x86_64" in pkgmk.conf if I'm just building on  a couple of recent vintage laptops(i5-4xxx/5xxx)?18:46
jaegerMy only comment is that -march=native will occasionally cause weird issues or failed compiles... not very common but does happen... so if you run into an issue building something the first thing I'd suggest is turn off native and try again18:48
ckrzen"-O2" vs O3, etc?18:50
jaegerhaven't played with those much18:51
ckrzenk. thankx18:51
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stenurA good year 2020 i wish everybody.  (Already now, ciao ciao ciao!!)19:55
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ckrzenAm I correct in understanding that "prt-get" will work without "ports -u" or is it necessary to always or, at least, periodically perform a "ports -u"?21:50
jaegerports -u is still necessary21:50
uplimeeven for a sysup, a ports -u is recommended first21:56
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abenzckrzen: fwiw, I have march=native since I started using crux, no issues whatsoever22:22
abenzfrom some benchmarks online (phoronix), targeting native could yield some noticable performance gains22:23
ckrzenabenz: Great! Thanks.22:26
ckrzensysup'ing my install for the first time with:22:26
pedjaI am a bit sceptical about phoronix benchmark 'methodology'22:27
ckrzenCFLAGS="-Ofast -march=native -pipe". fingers-crossed!22:28
pedjaI bet that line from ST is a basis for some fanfic :)22:29
pedjawill I look it up? hell no22:30
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pedjahappy new year, humans :)23:06
pedjaand other intelligent life forms23:08

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