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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: hunspell-es: 2.2 -> 2.502:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: wine: 5.0-rc2 -> 5.0-rc302:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: cppcheck: 1.89 -> 1.9002:15
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: libjpeg-turbo-32: 2.0.3 -> 2.0.402:17
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jolupafrinnst yesterday I received errors building libjpeg-turbo... It was the kernel version (5.4.6) I changed som options directly on a file and was all the problem.14:00
jolupaNow is working and compiled libjpeg-turbo without any problems... I made those changes a days agos and don't remember that...14:01
jolupaThanks and sorry...14:01
jolupaAnd thanks @ryuo for the info (I checked the logs and you pointed some ways to resolve it)14:04
frinnstah ok. good to know14:09
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: poppler-qt5: update to 0.84.015:29
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: poppler-glib: update to 0.84.015:29
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: poppler: update to 0.84.015:29
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: mailx: update to 14.9.1615:29
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cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: ca-certificates: update to 2020010115:35
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: [notify] libarchive: update to 3.4.115:35
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SiFuhfrinnst: hah I was wondering the same about why she only slightly rolled the green. I'd just walk over as I am wearing shoes.15:43
frinnstthe last one is wonderful15:43
SiFuhonly 3 minutes in15:44
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: libcap: fix pkg-config files16:08
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pedjamatrix, discord, rocket chat, zulip, mattermost. it's becoming difficult to keep track :)16:41
SiFuhGuess they were bored16:48
jaegerSo many instances of "guess they were bored" on the internet :D16:48
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SiFuhWonder if needs a seatbelt18:35
SiFuhI don't understand the helmet though18:35
pedjasafety first :)18:40
TimB_i suppose that thing gets punctured easily with anything sticky18:40
TimB_going at around 100km/h per hour.. i'd wear a helmet as well ;)18:40
pedja140-ish is the current record18:41
pedjatoo bad top gear/the grand tour is no more, I'd love to see one of these there :)18:42
pedjaHammond would probably crash it, so18:43
SiFuhpedja: actually The Grand Tour is still around18:44
pedjanot in it old format, couple of specials a year, and that's it18:45
SiFuhSeason 4 Episode 1 of the Grand Tour was released 13th of December18:45
SiFuhI do like the new format18:46
pedjaand s4ep02 will be out sometime in the spring, and, according to Willman, that's it18:52
pedjathat's how it is atm, anyway18:54
pedjaMadagascar is the next one, apparently (unsurprisingly, Hamster nearly dies in that one too :))18:55
SiFuhIt is digustingly interesting though the minority have a voice over the rest18:56
SiFuhThey'd still be in the Top Gear probably if the minorities didn't complain and whine about being offended18:56
pedjaClarkson punching the PA was the last straw, officially18:57
SiFuhBet if they made it part of the show, the ratings would have been off the chart18:59
pedjaBBC would be crucified by the press18:59
pedjaTG did make their complaint department work hard :)19:00
pedjalike John Oliver and HBO's lawyers19:01
SiFuhI watched most of  Last week tonight, but John Oliver use to piss me off when he'd do that 'talking to johnny' crap19:02
SiFuhand his language was a bit obscene19:03
pedjasome people get slightly annoyed when I refer to GoT as 'ah, that t1ts and dragons show?'19:05
SiFuhfrinnst: some of those one or two liners in 'It's always sunny in Philadelphia' crack me up.     "Is that a pickled egg?" "No... it's an egg I brought from home"    I don't know why but it was just funny19:06
SiFuhI found it interesting that Dee and Mac are married to each other in real life and so is Charlie and the waitress19:08
TimB_that they never tell you the waitresses name.. :D19:23
uplimedennis is also married to the doctor from the dennis system19:25
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jaegerat least it's unlikely that people would be confused about which 'tits and dragons show' you meant19:52
joacimi didnt notice any small birds in it19:59
pedjajaeger, afaict, fantasy shows had either of those thing until GoT came along and combined them20:01
pedjatruly innovative :)20:02
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pedjaanyone watched Witcher yet?20:03
jaegerI did. It's fun20:03
jaegerthe chronology was weird at times but makes sense eventually20:05
pedjaI never played the game or read the books.20:05
jaegerI played the first 2 games but haven't read the books20:05
jaegerI'm told the show is more in line with the 2 books than with the games20:05
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pedjaapparently, hardcore fans of the games really like Caville in it20:07
pedjait's cool he is the actual fan of the source material too :)20:07
jaegerYeah, he seems a pretty good choice20:09
jaegerUnrelated to The Witcher, anyone ever run into a problem where packet capture on a bonded interface won't work unless the bond members are bounced and the service restarted?20:09
jaegerThese are intel 10GbE NICs using the ixgbe module which is normally very solid20:09
jaegerAfter a fresh boot of this server the packet capture on 2 different bonds (with 2x ixgbe each) won't work unless they're bounced (by which I mean like "ifconfig $IF down; ifconfig $IF up"20:10
joacimjaeger: i'm at work...20:17
joacimnobody here but me tho =)20:17
joacimi had the same thought about the show too. chronology was weird. first few episodes i kept thinking "how is she a decade old?"20:18
joacimfor me. the "monster of the week" stories with geralt was pretty nice20:19
jaegerjoacim: work safe20:19
jaegersilly pun20:19
joacimwasnt that sold on yenefer and ciri stories tho20:20
tilmangreat, you just spoiled the fact that there are monsters :\20:20
joacimyenefer isnt that bad20:21
pedjawell, he is a monster hunter, it would be silly not to have actual monsters in it :)20:22
pedjaimdb lists s2 release in 202120:24
joacimthats a long time for a show with ~10 episodes each season20:36
joacimif they went with pure cheese instead, they could crank out a 20 episode season every year =)20:37
jaegersam raimi style? :)20:39
pedjaI am curious if the alleged fights choreography in ep1 is really drastically better then in the latter episodes, which gets mentioned a lot20:46
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pedjasometimes I wish irc has edit/delete, like those new and shiny chat platforms :(20:48
pedjaso when is Crux switching to matrix/rocket chat :) ? ('never' would be my guess)20:50
joacimi'm quite happy with irc =)20:51
joacimdiscord and others like it drives me nuts20:51
joacimworst of the bunch is probably teams, but that service does a lot more things poorly too, not just chat20:51
pedjalinux beta of it:) ?20:52
pedjaisn't that part of office365 now?20:53
joacimyeh20:53 is a self-hosted instance of rocket chat. isn't that bad, tbh20:54
pedjahaven't used the others yet20:55
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jaegerI like some of the inline code block features of things like slack and discord but I'm also still fine with irc21:19
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ckrzenHowdy! What could I have left-out or mis-selected in my KCONFIG that causes /rtc/rc{.conf,multi} to be sourced by "sh", instead of "bash"? I get a syntax error about ' ... "(" unexpected' during boot. If I manually ". /etc/rc" after login, everything fill-in correctly?. I suspect my KCONFIG, because when I boot my root=/dev/sda2 from the CRUX iso, everything loads nicely. *sigh*22:04
tilmanthis isn't related to your kernel config22:06
jaegerrc.multi is a bash script, unless you changed it, and as tilman says, unrelated to kernel config22:06
tilmanthe scripts you mention are run by whatever interpreter is given in the shebang line22:06
jaegerrc.conf is sourced by the others, not run standalone22:07
jaegerhave you replaced /bin/bash with something else or changed the first line of rc.multi?22:08
jaegeror maybe just introduced a syntax error into rc.conf22:08
ckrzenYeah...weird. I meant the "/etc/rc" file which is sourcing the others. I've changed nothing else and this is on a fresh install, no sysup or anything else yet!?!?22:08
jaegerWhat's the exact error message?22:09
ckrzenhold-one sec22:09
ckrzenACTION uploaded an image: image.png (116KB) < >22:12
ckrzenThat's the error22:12
jaegerok, they're both pointing to the error being in rc.cofn22:13
jaegermind pastebinning that?22:13
ckrzenACTION uploaded an image: image.png (153KB) < >22:13
jaegerno, the contents of rc.conf22:14
ckrzenThat's what happens(fix) when I manually source the "/etc/rc" after login.22:14
ckrzenNo net on this install. It's in a VM22:15
joacima screenshot of rc.conf is fine =)22:15
jaegeralso looks like you're missing modules on that kernel config22:15
ckrzenACTION uploaded an image: image.png (153KB) < >22:16
ckrzensorry, my bad22:16
ckrzenACTION uploaded an image: image.png (50KB) < >22:16
ckrzenI also don't  get that syntax error if I boot with a Slackware(current) huge.s kernel.22:17
ckrzenjust to double check22:17
ckrzenjaeger: I built a static kernel with no modules. Just all "Yes" to needed bits22:18
ckrzenI thought  :-/22:19
jaegerah, then yeah, depmod would complain22:19
jaegerand also wouldn't be necessary22:19
ckrzenI'll keep looking through my kconfig and comparing to the /proc/config.gz from the boot iso.22:20
jaegerI don't see an obvious problem there, wonder if there's some special char not rendering or something22:20
jaegerwith that said, the error looks like one you'd hit if dash were running the script instead of bash22:21
jaegerdo both /etc/rc and /etc/rc.multi have "#!/bin/bash" as their first line?22:22
jaegeras a side note, "22:24
tilmanckrzen: uh, you didn't disable CONFIG_BINFMT_SCRIPT in your custom kernel, did you?22:24
jaegernever mind, irssi doesn't want me to type this for some reason22:24
ckrzentilman: checking22:24
jaegerok, that'd be hilarious. I didn't actually even remember that was a kernel option22:24
tilmani also realize this means i kinda lied earlier ;)22:25
jaegeryeah, same22:25
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jaegerIt had completely escaped me to think about that because I cannot imagine any reason why it would be disabled in a standard kernel build22:25
tilmanalso "Most systems will not boot if you say M or N here."22:26
jaegeryeah. I was about to say that would cause all sorts of other nastiness22:26
ckrzentilman: I think that was it:22:27
ckrzenACTION uploaded an image: image.png (143KB) < >22:27
ckrzenrecompiling now...22:28
tilmanckrzen: tip for later: grep CONFIG_BINFMT_SCRIPT .config22:28
tilmanno need to manually search through make menuconfig22:28
jaegerwow... that's a new one for me, definitely22:29
ckrzenthanks! I feel like I'm doing the "kconfig walk of shame"!22:29
jaegernot a single instance of that in all my IRC logs until today, just checked to see if I was nuts22:29
tilmantbh the original error message doesn't really sound like this is the problem ._o22:29
jaegerindeed not22:30
joacimthink i will complain about pulseaudio this decade as well22:30
tilmanckrzen: do you know about /proc/config.gz?22:30
joacimgot no microphone. only the monitor of my audio output is listed22:30
tilmanjoacim: kill your session's pa daemon/have it restart; might work! :-)22:30
ckrzentilman: yeah...I thought I was a "smart" guy and started my build with "make allnoconfig" ... *sigh*22:32
ckrzenbtw: thanks for all the help and quick attention to this!22:33
tilmani think there's a "localconfig" target22:33
tilmanit's "localmodconfig" and "localyesconfig"22:35
tilmansee README in the kernel source tree for what it does22:35
ckrzendefinitely learnt my lesson on this one!22:35
ckrzenkernel rebuilt in 0m36.560s. rebooting now!22:36
ckrzenACTION uploaded an image: image.png (140KB) < >22:38
tilmanjaeger: maybe the kernel falls back to /bin/sh if it's an unknown binary and CONFIG_BINFMT_SCRIPT is disabled?22:38
ckrzenY'all are the best!22:39
jaegerMaybe so22:39
jaegertilman: nice catch22:40
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: redis-py: 3.3.8 -> 3.3.1123:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: redis-py3: initial import23:17
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