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kiedtllooking to install CRUX, but don't have a spare CD... is it possible to install it from a chroot instead?03:20
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Romsterkiedtl usb stick07:00
frinnstchroot install should work just fine - that's whats used anyways07:09
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tilmanwhat kind of ping times should i expect in my home wifi in 2020?09:39
tilmani'm seeing rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 15.833/62.100/109.181/29.010 ms and it feels pretty terrible when ssh'ing in09:40
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ryuotilman: that's pretty bad.09:42
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tilmani measured this from a wired connection, i.e. packets going to my dsl router and then onto the air09:47
tilmanpossibly wireless to wireless is different09:47
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frinnstwithout any talkers yeah it should be like a wired09:55
frinnstcheck neighbouring channel usages09:55
frinnstI loooove getting incomprehensible service requests from "computer people"09:56
frinnstnow I need to spend 15 minutes trying to guess wtf the user wants09:56
][_R_][Wifi is likely to always be trash09:57
frinnstvery true10:05
tilmani don't see any other network using the same channel that i'm using10:05
tilmanalso the immediate neighbour channel numbers are unused10:06
tilmani suppose i could shuffle the channel # around anyway10:06
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frinnstwhat AP are you using? there might be other inteferences that you can spot10:12
tilmani'm using my isp's crappy dsl router.10:13
ryuotilman: well, since modern wifi loves to spill over into adjoining channels... that doesn't mean as much.10:26
ryuoin 2.4 ghz, only 3 channels are non-overlapping.10:26
ryuo1, 6, 11.10:26
tilmanryuo: good point, i saw that on wp before10:36
tilmanhaha, so number of relevant neigbouring channels is rather high in each direction10:39
SiFuhDoes anyone know how to rename all '.' in a filename to spaces except for the final '.' used for the extension ?11:05
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SiFuhForget the above, the rename command is weird on void.11:08
SiFuhfor file in * ; do mv "$file" "$(echo $file | rev | sed 's/\./\ /2g' | rev)"; done11:23
SiFuhI ended up using that instead11:24
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cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: sudo: update to 1.8.3014:54
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: libpipeline: update to 1.5.214:54
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: grep: update to 3.414:54
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: dhcpcd: update to 8.1.514:54
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Romsterman that still doesn't change the shebang line to python315:44
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SiFuhshebang haha15:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: p5-config-autoconf: 0.317 -> 0.31816:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: [notify] ncmpcpp: doesn't depend on local mpd16:04
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weednixhello, can ccache make cmake fail to build ?18:08
TimB_hey, yes18:08
weednixI'm about to discover, I'm building everything again,18:09
TimB_if it recursively calls itself or something like that18:09
weednixthanks TimB_18:09
TimB_look at contrib/mono or contrib/libreoffice how they set path for ccache18:09
weednixI romeved all packages from opt, contrib and xorg, doing prt-get depinst to everything again18:09
TimB_sounds like fun18:10
weednix:*( If I had a nice computer, I think this will tay days18:10
weednixinteresting even with ccache disable in pkgmk it fails to build cmake18:12
TimB_oh, you mean it like that. I am not sure if cmake is "sensitive towards ccache" or if it's something else18:12
TimB_you know the drill though, post a log18:12
weednixI saw a ld error with "ldap" name on it, I'm installing first openldap to see if is related18:14
weednixCmake problem
TimB_prt-get fsearch
TimB_prt-get fsearch
TimB_prt-get fsearch
TimB_prt-get fsearch
TimB_prt-get update -fr curl18:27
TimB_should help18:27
TimB_ ;)18:28
weednixdoes curl install all that libs ?18:29
TimB_no, but it seems like it links against those libs if they are there18:30
TimB_you removed a bunch of stuff and didn't check revdep is what i am thinking18:30
weednixcurl built perfectly18:30
weednixadded that things to cmake deps, let's see ;p18:34
weednixnow I'm confused with your question, if it fails to build without should I don't add ?18:36
weednixnext time I do the same procedure it will fix by it self ?18:36
TimB_listen: remove those lines you added18:36
TimB_run revdep18:36
TimB_rebuild those ports18:37
TimB_depinst whatever you are trying to depinst right now and it should work18:37
TimB_software picks up other software while compiling without being added to the Pkgfile depends on line. Nothing much the maintainer can do. So if you maintain a bulky system (i do) you need to check interdependencies with other ports when you remove stuff18:38
TimB_...means you should run revdep a lot18:38
TimB_fix whatever revdep is reporting to you, revdep is your friend18:38
weednixI'm doing a prt-get update -fr $(revdep)18:38
TimB_that sounds fine18:39
SiFuhrevdep wants to own my fstab ;-)18:39
weednixTimB_: do you build everything second time, so it picks that deps18:39
TimB_weednix: i maintain a lot of stuff. i build a lot in a clean container and let it pick up additional stuff "in the free wild" afterwards18:39
weednixI see18:40
TimB_for example libreoffice: it will build extensions to use kde libs or qt libs if they are present18:40
TimB_but i choose gtk to be the default since gtk is in opt and most people will have it already18:40
TimB_while qt5 or even kde, some or most won't have it18:40
TimB_lo can use them, if they are around, but won't if they aren't18:40
weednixI was thinking is better to just make dep's so the software pick all the stuff18:41
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weednixbut I got your point18:41
SiFuhweednix: you mean like recompile everything ?18:41
TimB_i think your way is full of headaches :)18:41
weednix:D yes18:41
SiFuhACTION recompiles everything with all major changes 18:42
TimB_i tend to do a prt-get update -fr $(prt-get quickdep $(prt-get listinst)) every now and then myself18:43
SiFuhTimB_: I tend to stay away from sysup. I usually do the dep check with a tree and compile in specific orders. But when you guys mess around with multimedia, I end up doing the entire system as it is easier18:45
frinnstwtf? lol why?18:45
SiFuhbecause you guys fsck around too much :-P18:46
TimB_lol, i dunno either18:46
weednixSiFuh: I write that way in /doc to,18:46
weednixwhen upgrading ... but this time I mess everything18:46
TimB_sysup never fails me18:46
SiFuhoh really?18:46
TimB_i cleaned out my desktop today, only 1143 packages installed now ;P18:47
SiFuhhope it ain;t a super max18:47
TimB_i thought boeing?18:47
SiFuhyeah the 737   mine is 74718:48
SiFuhwhat a relief18:48
jaegerman, 1100+ seems like a crazy number of packages18:48
SiFuhI can't remember the recent port that broke a lot of stuff just recently18:48
TimB_jaeger: we've been over this, no package shaming ;D18:48
weednixfrom where I'm writing is 584, but the builder had more,18:48
jaegerIt's fine, of course... just seems like a lot to me18:49
jaegerDifferent styles, different workflows, different needs18:49
TimB_i even went on this time deleting my old /root/.keepers from pkgfoster and decide anew. deleted ~70 packages I think, nothing more18:49
SiFuhisn't KDE 11000 + alone ;-)18:49
jaegerSiFuh: libffi was a recent annoyance, I think18:49
SiFuhyes  libffi18:49
TimB_jaeger: mainly it's libreoffice, rstudio, steam-native i suppose18:50
TimB_compat-32 doesn't help to keep a slim line18:50
jaegerAny time ABI breakage occurs it's annoying18:50
SiFuhthat ass broke a tone of shit and I ended up doing a recompile before I crossed the border to Thailand and decided to wait till I was back in Malaysia a month later to fix it. Which I started fix during my last week in Thailand.18:50
frinnsthonestly I didnt have much trouble with libffi on maybe 6-7 systems18:50
jaegerFact of life with source-based systems, though18:51
frinnstso thought it would be ok for everyone. guess i run everything lightweight18:51
TimB_hasn't given me those kind of problems either (libffi)18:51
TimB_revdep and that one command to find other crap was enough18:51
SiFuhso yeah, when you guys fsck around, I end up doing a full recompile ;-)18:51
jaegerThat's why it's just an annoyance. Easy to fix but requires doing a little rebuilding18:51
TimB_yeah, i am not complaining about the numbers of packages i have installed, i just need a beastier syste to build them :P18:51
SiFuhTimB_: warmux ;-)18:52
TimB_when does lisa zu finally decide upon sponsoring crux? (you get a threadripper, aaaaand you get a threadripper)18:52
frinnsttv tip: dracula (bbc, 3 ep miniseries)18:53
jaegerI'm typing on one right now (not sponsored by AMD, of course :P18:53
TimB_what does your threadripper do? "you know, running irssi inside screen"18:53
jaegerruns an ssh session to a VPS running irssi in tmux18:54
TimB_even better :D18:54
weednixOMG I'm doing it wrong then18:54
jaegerThough I do a lot of build tests on it in and out of docker, plus some neural networks stuff :P18:54
jaegerI've never run the llvm build test on this box, should do that at some point18:55
jaegerWas interesting on various machines last time18:55
jaegerI don't have all the same systems anymore, though... the ryzen 7 1700x and the i7 6700k are gone18:57
jaegerBut a new set of tests might be interesting18:57
frinnstI need a hardware refresh soon18:57
frinnstModel name:                      AMD Turion(tm) II Neo N54L Dual-Core Processor18:57
frinnstModel name:                      AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Eight-Core Processor18:58
frinnstalas, all money spent on bike stuff :(18:58
weednixme to, I don't make money for some years now, this days I was aproached  by a guy that want a bitcoin fork, maybe I will get money to buy a decent computer18:58
TimB_i am also thinking about something ryzen 3xxx for my old i518:58
SiFuhfrinnst: bike = bicycle or motorbike ?18:58
frinnst my baby18:59
joacimis that from a few months ago?19:00
joacimor do you not have snow now =)19:01
SiFuhSheet music stand with wheels  ;-)19:01
SiFuhhaha sorry dude19:01
SiFuhpretty cool   since when do they make brake disks for bicycles?19:01
frinnst10+ years19:01
joacimseen them around since the 90s19:02
frinnstjust started riding again this summer after ~25 years19:02
SiFuhI grew up on BMX  still got my first one from the early 80s     Redline MX II19:02
frinnstyou should give it a go again, fun as fuck19:03
SiFuhMy personal opinion is the BMX was the greatest invention of mankind19:04
frinnstquite possible19:04
frinnstatleast to the bike world :)19:04
TimB_ how about a big bmx then? 26" for life19:05
SiFuhIt is so simple so perfect and so tough19:05
frinnst26" was a lot of fun but I like the old-man confort of 29" :)19:05
jaegerdon't have a good picture of mine except on the car, heh19:06
TimB_a good saddle fixes everything :)19:06
joacimgot my cx for that19:06
joacimtempted to get a 26" MTB for fun19:06
joacimor try 27.519:06
TimB_i suppose the 'new sizes' can be a lot of fun as well19:06
SiFuhYou guys suck haha19:07
TimB_ this is still in my possesion as well, from around 1985 and 27.5"19:07
TimB_except for the front wheel in that picture, lol19:08
TimB_frinnst: this was indeed to aggressive for me. the frame was so small it was hurting my knees so badly i had troubles walking after riding it19:11
TimB_joacim: sweet19:11
TimB_those tires look fantastic on there19:12
joacimyeah wtb has some nice tires19:12
joacimpanaracer too19:12
TimB_i am pretty fixed on continental, but will prefer vittoria for road bikes19:12
jaeger <-- all I've got of mine right now, will have to take a picture sometime when I have it out again19:13
TimB_ the road bike19:14
TimB_damn, cruxers are all bikers yeah?19:14
jaegerI have a really cheap mountain bike but almost never use it anymore19:14
SiFuhTimB_: I ride motorbikes :-P19:14
TimB_SiFuh: fair enough ;)19:14
frinnstyeah we even have our own model:
joacimwas about to link that =)19:15
TimB_is that the one on top of jaegers car? :D19:15
jaegerNah, I have a Diverge Elite A1 if I remember right19:15
jaegersame manufacturer, though19:15
SiFuhTheo is a bicycler19:16
joacimwant one of these19:16
joacimsomething to pamper19:16
TimB_ wouldn't say no to a nicolai myself :>19:17
frinnstschwalbe has the best tyre-names19:17
SiFuhI wouldn't say know to a Honda African Twin 750cc19:17
TimB_Hans Dampf? ;D19:17
TimB_SiFuh: if i would have a permit to drive, i would dream about anything ducati and triumph19:18
SiFuhor a Honda 1000 firestorm ;-)19:18
SiFuhtriumph   good choice19:18
frinnstI started doing the theory for a bike license. but then I realized i would *surely* kill myself on a motorbike19:19
TimB_same here19:19
SiFuhdon't ride like an idiot19:19
SiFuhI did, broke 5 ribs, a nose and a throat19:20
frinnstmy motivation for getting a motorbike would be that "i can't afford a bugatti veyron but I could afford a really fast bike"19:20
TimB_ just look at that... damn19:21
SiFuhfrinnst: ohhhh  the Bugatti Veyron19:21
frinnstbroken throat?19:21
SiFuhyeah  more than 10 years before I can swallow food without vomiting19:21
frinnstholy shit19:21
TimB_sounds like a thing to try not to archive..19:21
jaegerno doubt19:22
TimB_NSFWish bonus "wear your helmet picture"
SiFuhI always alone in the kitchen and sometimes you can hear me choking to death. It became so common, that my parents would just shout "What is going on?"19:22
TimB_really made me reconsider wearing a helmet on the road, especially when they check your head if it's broken or not19:23
SiFuhI learned so many techniques to force myself to breath or remove lodged objects that I think it is now impossible for me to choke to death.. although I have been suprised a few times.19:23
frinnstjust got my new helmet for 2020 yesterday. mips goodness19:23
TimB_i got a poc19:24
frinnstjesus dude19:24
TimB_:D 14 stitches!19:24
joacimgot my helmet on sale last year19:24
joacimit is so tight...19:24
TimB_nothing worse happend, thank god19:24
SiFuhDudes, helmets. I always wear a full faced helmet.  Had a friend in a tour ride lose half his jaw from a truck in front flicking up a stone into his face.19:24
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TimB_SiFuh: jesus...19:25
frinnstyeah you are not very protected on a bike. even with a full face helmet19:25
TimB_stuff just gets brutal very fast.19:25
SiFuhin Australia we usually say  "Holy F***!!"19:25
SiFuhfrinnst: helmet is the worst when it comes to put you in a wheel chair.19:26
SiFuhIt does make it easier on the family to recognize you19:26
joacimfor me it depends on when and where i'm riding19:26
joacimrandom urban riding, i just go without19:27
TimB_SiFuh: while choosing a full face helmet, try to pick one where the inner stuffings can be removed while the helmet is seated on your head19:27
SiFuhI only wear the leathers when I am on a road faster than 80KM  but I always wear the full helmet19:27
TimB_this way, if you ever end up injured and medics need to treat you, they can safely remove the helmet without causing further damage by pulling it off19:27
TimB_also: Arai :>19:27
frinnstsurely full faced must be a lot nicer to wear on a motorbike? no need to worry about bugs and shit hitting your face :)19:28
SiFuhTimB_: good idea. I remember in SES (State Emergency Service) the idiot newbies removed the helmet of a motorcyclist and his neck collapsed19:28
TimB_i worked retail in a motorcyclist store. had a customer that told me his story of riding in the rain only in his rain overall. it burned all into his skin and was removed in the hospital...19:28
TimB_leather is always a safe bet, but you should also zip together the upper and lower part of the suit19:29
SiFuhfrinnst: dude, I have hit bats, and toads with my helmets19:29
TimB_or buy a 1-piece suit19:29
SiFuhyeah no way19:29
SiFuhtoo hot man19:29
TimB_yeah, i don't have to choose safety over comfort on that level :) I just now always wear a helmet, even for a 5 minute ride19:30
TimB_the ride prior to my selfie didn't last 1 minute so yeah. lesson learned19:31
SiFuhI remember I was in near Bundaberg in Australia putting petrol in my car. A dude came walking down the road pushing his motorbike and he was covered in blood. My friend ran over to see if he was ok. He said that he was fine... but the kangaroo he hit wasn't. He landed on the kangaroo and slid down the road on the kangaroo. The blood was from the kangaroo.19:31
TimB_spares you the kangaroo leather suit i guess19:32
SiFuhskin, kangaroo leather is good. broken bones and bruises, cow leather is better ;-)19:32
SiFuhI choose kangaroo skin first though19:32
TimB_i remember it was one of the more pricier suits we offered19:33
SiFuhbefore we go on any bike rides in groups. I always open youtube and show motorcycle accidents. It keeps our guys alert.19:33
SiFuhTimB_: definately  and it is also difficult to find large pieces of leather from such small kangaroos ;-)19:34
TimB_i am not sure if it wasn't a 2 piece combination19:34
TimB_but dunno. You don't need a full piece because you will always have different pieces sewed together19:34
SiFuha standard jacket uses 6 pieces for the main frame and 4 for fashion ;-)19:35
TimB_but you will need some bigger ones for sure19:35
SiFuhmy most favorite motorbike I have ever owned was the NC30 VFR 400 Honda19:36
TimB_looks like a fun ride19:37
frinnsthmm maybe another beer before ww3 breaks out? I think yes19:37
SiFuhthat bike was lethal... In Thailand it earned the nickname the ghost monk.   It was bashed, beaten, crashed and destroyed so many times and yet, I always managed to get it rebuilt and back on the road.19:37
SiFuhfrinnst: trump shit?19:37
TimB_i haven't followed the news. can i stop studying for my tests?19:37
frinnstwhat else19:37
SiFuhfrinnst: that was just so dumb what happened in Iraq19:38
joacimwas he ignorant of social convention again?19:38
SiFuhIt's not trump19:38
SiFuhthe US is so desperate for war (Not the citizens in general) they are poking at every country and clutching and pulling straws and what-not...19:39
SiFuhI use US lightly as there are forces that govern further behind it19:40
frinnst :-)19:41
frinnstetc etc etc19:41
SiFuh‘Undeniable role in defeating ISIS’: Russian MOD says Iran’s Soleimani organized anti-terrorist fight ‘long before US was there’19:41
SiFuhfrinnst: yeah, what a shame19:42
TimB_that dudes twitter is out of hand for a long time lol19:43
frinnst is quite entertaining19:43
SiFuhRomster:  Thought this one was worthy of investigation19:46
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ryuo"We heard you like reader apps, so we made a reader app so you can read your apps while you app."19:56
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stenuram out for entertainment. shitty europe kept its mouth shut much too long.21:39
stenurThere is
stenurThere is for helm ratings.  The same people who do (a few years back). Not bicycle, of course.21:40
stenurAnd i wonder why in Germany Schuberth helmets win nonetheless.  (Different norms they say.)21:40
stenurYeah, shit. SHIT.21:41
stenurHad a bad crash at begin of November, luckily without helmet and glasses, otherwise maybe dead / could have lost left eye.21:42
stenurBut maybe not, who knows.21:42
stenurAlways in fear of those old-style cycle helmets.21:42
stenurStill pain in shoulder, but luckily - LUCKILY! - am still alive, only concussion and whiplash and wounds.  More fortune than force against evil ghosts doing evil.21:44
stenurBy the way, Royal Enfield comes back. I really like those air-cooled engines a lot. Not super-fast hammers, of course, but nice and tripping.21:50
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UNIXn3rdare you saying most cycle helmets don't save any life?23:25
stenuroh no, and the new ones look great and surely are like that.23:29
stenurbut the old ones stand out at the front and the back, and do not protect the neck. my fall, the handlebar hit my temple very hard from 90 degrees, my head was, well, hammered around, and if i had a helmet (which would not have helped as it does not cover this area) would have stood out at the front likely my head would have become turned around even more. Better not.23:32
stenurI am glad a had helmets for motorcycle falls i had.23:34
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