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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: firefox: 71.0 -> 72.007:52
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: make-ca: 1.2 -> 1.507:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: vulkan-validation-layers: allow wayland if present to be enabled07:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: vulkan-loader: allow wayland if present to be enabled07:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: vulkan-tools: allow wayland if present to be enabled07:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: opencore-amr: 0.1.3 -> 0.1.507:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: openal: 1.19.1 -> 1.20.008:02
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: obs-studio: 24.0.5 -> 24.0.608:05
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: linux-firmware: 20191022 -> 2019121508:27
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: libwebp: 1.0.3 -> 1.1.008:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: filezilla: add missing dependency xdg-utils, update footprint08:54
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: openal-32: 1.19.1 -> 1.20.009:42
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: nss-32: 3.47.1 -> 3.4809:42
SiFuhIs there a commandline way to remove the crappy theme song from the entire 14 seasons of 'It's always sunny in Philadelphia' ?09:43
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frinnstACTION slaps SiFuh 10:12
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SiFuhfrinnst: Hey I am doing well. I am up to Season 8 but that damned theme song is just aweful10:39
frinnsthaha its awesome10:42
frinnstso fitting10:42
SiFuhand coors isn't a great beer10:42
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SiFuhfrinnst: did yoy ever watch 'The I.T. Crowd' ?10:44
SiFuhthat phone number fpr the fire department has been stuck in my head since that very first time I saw it10:46
frinnstdamn, memory is shit10:47
frinnstneed to read it out loud10:47
SiFuhbut it pisses me off because I never say zero   and in the song the say  O10:47
SiFuhIt is amazing how close you were10:48
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: Doxygen: 1.8.16 -> 1.8.1712:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: fluidsynth: 2.0.6 -> 2.1.012:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: python3-numpy: 1.18.0 -> 1.18.112:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libfilezilla: 0.18.2 -> 0.19.312:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: filezilla: 3.45.1 -> 3.46.312:33
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joacima web developer asked me to move a domain to a different registrar, and they did not seem to care about the mx, txt, and srv records. is this normal?12:55
dbrookeI'd say that would deoend if the registrar is also hosting the DNS12:59
SiFuhjoacim: I'd say your developer needs a swift kick in the but13:00
dbrookeI host my own DNS so the registar only needs to know the DNS server details13:00
ryuojoacim: why would they want to move to a different registrar?13:13
ryuojoacim: and if they don't care about transferring all their records, that means they're either an idiot or they don't need the services those types enable anymore (or similar).13:13
ryuonot sure where srv is useful, but i know txt and mx are vital for email.13:14
ryuotxt (SPF records)13:15
ryuomx (finding mail servers, iirc)13:15
ryuoah, srv is used for part of the email system.13:17
SiFuhthat's awesome13:24
SiFuhif it costs more than free pedja then it is overpriced13:25
ryuoyou couldn't pay me to use a mac pro.13:25
SiFuhyeah  that beats free!13:26
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ryuolol. tells a bad joke and runs.13:26
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pedjaheh. 50+k $ for all the goodies, apparently13:26
ryuoSiFuh: hit and run bad jokes, eh?13:26
SiFuhryuo: :'(13:27
SiFuhryuo: CHCl3 comes to mind :-P13:27
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frinnstjoacim: yes, very normal13:53
frinnstwe had a dev do that because they contacted the customer directly to get registrar login13:53
frinnsti was a fun day13:53
ryuofor what purpose does one change registrar?13:55
frinnsteither from the registrar or from the dev :)13:56
frinnstor price obviously13:56
frinnstin my case the webdev got registrar login and changed the nameservers without telling anyone13:56
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pedjaah, so he was devopsing? :)14:10
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pedjacool, one of the blender developers did the Tex port to Unix back in the day14:23
frinnstdid he port blender to tex? that sounds fun14:25
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TimB_ i bookmarked that some time ago, no idea if they have more content by now as it was just starting when i read about it14:39
TimB_but for latex you have TikZ which is extremly powerful14:40
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TimB_ just take a look at the first page graphic made with it :)14:41
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pedjayou can use in rocket chat :)14:48
SiFuhaˆ \^{a}14:52
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joacimfrinnst: had a customer do it themselves once. was a fun task to clean up15:50
joacimwas a .as tld too (because aksjeselskap...). made it even easier to clean up15:51
TimB_nice new asshole design choice: paypal wants to link to my google accound and fades in the "not now"-button after 10+ secs...15:57
TimB_s/accound/account/ -.-15:57
joacimtime to find another payment agent i suppose =)15:58
joacimbut i guess paypal is the most common option when you dont want to leave your debit/credit card info on every site15:58
TimB_and in my case, i never owned a real credit card before, but i was recently thinking about getting one. might come in handy some day15:59
joacimmy first real credit card i got in october15:59
TimB_but yeah, paypal is very convenient to have15:59
joacimfigured it was convenient to have an extra card, even if it was just a credit card in case an atm ate my debit card again15:59
TimB_lol, happend to me once16:00
SiFuhPaypal assholes complain like shit when I change countries. I often have to find a way to teleport my connetion through the previous country to get access to my account due to nefarious actions haha16:00
SiFuhjoacim: I clone my cards ;-) I have an MSR Encoder16:01
SiFuhso I often copy my card to Malaysian train tickets in the past. Now I just use blank cards. It helps a lot16:01
joacimi had to get mine blocked. my bank wont send out a new card unless i block my old one16:01
SiFuhjoacim: true16:02
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weednixhello, sorry for keeping asking about wicd / dbus :(16:43
weednixI discover that my user id is 100 and users group is 100, my primary user group id is 100 (users)16:44
weednixbut wicd keeps giving the permission error, already logut / login and even rebooted16:44
jaegersorry, I don't use wicd... I remember last time I tried it I couldn't get it working at all16:46
jaegeriwd seems easier and more stable to me16:47
weednixjaeger: I fixed the boot launch with SiFuh help, I added the configuration to the port16:48
weednixjaeger: I had it working in 3.516:52
weednixsorry in 3.4, is just this small problem :(16:52
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SiFuhweednix: maybe add yourself to that file?17:13
SiFuhI actually have seen that error before and people usually just reboot and all solved.17:13
weednixSiFuh: hummm,17:13
SiFuhIf you add yourself to the netdev group and create a new set of lines for netdev in the dbus file   could that work?17:14
SiFuhdbus and polkit are seriously pains in the complicated ass17:14
SiFuhmaybe try this?17:15
weednix:) I don't know nothing about dbus, that's why I'm nervous with this, also found strange being working in 3.4 and fail in 3.517:16
SiFuhadd yourself to group netdev17:16
SiFuhor you could replace <policy group="netdev"> with <policy user="YOUR USERNAME HERE">17:16
weednixdefault seems to be users group, if my primary group is users why it fail ...17:16
SiFuhnot sure  I'd have to look at the other machine but it is busy running the TV programmes everyone is watching17:17
weednixI have to create the netdev group17:18
weednixI will try the above solution ;)17:18
SiFuhnah just use your user instead of group17:18
SiFuhit's the fastest way17:18
SiFuhmake sure you use user= and not group=17:19
weednixthen will I have to change all default configurations of dbus ?17:19
SiFuhthat file from the other day17:20
SiFuhthis one /etc/dbus-1/wicd.service.conf17:20
weednixI know, but there is more files there, was thinking if things are broken for default if will be for others to17:20
SiFuh  replace    <policy group="netdev"> with  <policy user="XXXXXX">17:21
SiFuhno those files don't touch they are nothing to do with wicd17:21
SiFuhlike i said dbus and polkit are seriously pains in the complicated ass17:22
SiFuhif that doesn't work, then remove the new lines and punch something.17:22
weednixreally piss :D don't work with policy user="myusername"17:24
SiFuhI will end up offline when i look into this17:25
SiFuhif I have same problem as you17:25
weednixSiFuh: I have time with this,17:25
SiFuhtoo much time17:26
weednixI also know how to connect using wpa_supplicant, is just if I go to the village and need to quick connect ...17:26
SiFuhok  let me look into it and see if I have same issues as you17:26
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weednixhappy my shity wifi usb got detected and seem to be working :D17:29
weednixit creates a complex wlp0s29XXXXXXXXXXXXX name17:34
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SiFuhweednix: sorry  I can't replicate the error. However to be able to access the wicd-client  (gtk) I had to modify the dbus-1 config17:55
SiFuhcat  /etc/group |grep netdev               netdev:x:97:sifuh18:01
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stenurcdparanoia only ripped white noise here. trying libcdio-paranoia now.19:27
stenurwhat an odysee until here. on FreeBSD and then MacOS you just could use dd on the created file in /dev/.19:29
stenurthe TOC info from cdparanoia and cd-paranoia is also plain wrong (at least sometimes).  But cd-info gets it right.  Oh my god.19:30
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stenurcd-paranoia also sucks white noise only.19:30
stenurEh. need to explicitly request little-endian data. Well, ok,  But need cd-info for a correct TOC.19:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: nss: updated to 3.4919:37
SiFuhheh CD's are still a thing?19:48
SiFuh remember buying a CD 6 months ago. I used GRIP to rip it19:48
weednixthank you so much SiFuh, I changed netdev to users on the configuration file and it just work19:49
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SiFuhwell that is pretty cool19:52
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dbrookestenur: you might want to look at abcde in contrib20:10
SiFuhso weednix installs wicd and he has no access to /etc/rc.d/wicd as root. Then once he allows wicd under dbus-1 system.d to give him access his user has no access and the error was about him not being part of users even though he was. Creating an a line in /etc/dbus-1/system.d/wicd*conf that allows users group to have access it works... hmm20:13
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TimB_show long does dns records take20:21
TimB_damn i wandered off with my mouse :D20:22
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: nvme-cli: updated to 1.10.121:10
weednixhumm, last firefox update complains nss is to old21:33
stenurdbrooke: thanks; but i have a script (here it's perl) overlay for all the other tools myself.21:33
stenurabcde seems to use cdrdao to fetch the toc.21:33
UNIXn3rdIs the latest firefox designed to use pulseaudio or something as there is no sound on alsa but other programs work21:34
dbrookestenur: OK, it's just something that has worked for me for some time so I thought I'd mention it in case you didn't already have a solution21:35
stenuryeah, great.  'Looking into it.  MP3 tags we do ourselves, and we produce a nice text DB which has much much more info than what is baked into audio files, too. :-)21:36
stenurSiFuh: yep; first new one in a long time, though.21:37
stenurActually i cloned the entire FreeDB (to my server VM until i have download limit again), because FreeDB as the last usable CDDB thing goes away by the end of March.21:37
dbrookeUNIXn3rd: as I undertsnd it firefox-bin requires pulseaudio, I build from source myself, though it takes a while ...21:38
stenuri use firefox-bin with apulse.21:39
dbrookestenur: I didn't know that FreeDB was going away 8-(21:39
stenuryeah, me too.  Saw it fly-by on a OpenBSD list. Shit!21:40
stenurI think it is a shame, thousands of people helped, and then it just vanishes.21:40
stenurThey now all seem to use whatever, itunes, -- i have not idea of that stuff.21:40
stenurI buy CDs, then rip them. Some low-quality youtube-dl rips i also have.21:41
dbrookeI still buy CDs and encode to FLAC, not sure about what's available as download/stream21:41
dbrookebut I'm old 8-)21:42
stenurBut once i tried itunes once, years ago, the info that was displayed was far from complete, and using it was an annoyance, too.21:42
stenurI encode to OGG, and hi and low quality MP4.  MP3 no more.  Once i started this re-encoding (i once had it all done, in MP3), OGG was not supported by most players, on Apple, Wikipedia.21:43
stenurOr Vorbis, so to say.21:43
stenurOr Ogg, i always get this wrong.  I mean the codec, not the container format.21:44
stenurOld or not old. I want to have the f.......g CD. Just in case my house burns down, i can rerip it. (???)21:44
TimB_i suppose if your house burns down, all of your cds will burn with it, or will you pack those over your harddrives on your way out? :p21:46
dbrookeI transcode the FLAC to MP3 on a USB stick for my car but on my home system I can sometimes detect artifacts even with high quality ogg/vorbis so just use the FLAC directly as bandwidth/storage in no problem21:47
stenurAh. That was the error!21:47
stenurOh. Not here. I extensively tested fifteen or so years ago, and by then i have chosen to go "-q 8.5" for high-quality ogg. But if storage is no problem, lossless is of course better.21:49
tilmanmusicbrainz is much better than cddb/freedb anyway21:59
pedjaiirc, easytag is using cddb/freedb, so with those gone, it's pretty much useless now22:08
stenurmusicbrainz also shutdown CDDB queries, already in 2019!?!22:14
tilmanjust use the musicbrainz proper database...22:15
tilmanif you use musicbrainz picard ripper, you get support for it for free22:15
stenurHm, ok, maybe.22:15
tilmanthere's plenty of other ripper programs that can query musicbrainz i guess22:16
tilmani wrote my own but didn't publish it ;)22:16
stenurthat thing uses python, qt and maybe even more!22:18
stenuri mean, all i need is proper Red Book lookup on a CD.  Red Book from Sony and Phillips as of 1980.22:18
stenurFourty years Audio CD with Red Book TOC.22:19
stenurMy one is very easy, just perl, [sox], and ogg and/or faac and/or lame, whatever you want.  And, optionally.22:20
stenurWorks for ten years, based on one thing that was born by the end of the 90s.22:20
stenurJust "added Linux support" for this rewrite, did not use Linux for real in all that time.22:21
tilmangood for you22:22
tilmanin 2020, you want to use libmusicbrainz instead22:22
tilman(and libdiscid to extract a 'unique' disc ID from the TOC)22:22
stenurYeah. No, i have cloned the entire database. That thing ends up usin g -- exactly this library i am looking at!22:23
stenurI also opened a bug for cd-paranoia, the TOC is just wrong. And cd-info gets it right.22:24
pedjatilman, console ripper, or you've gone  full fancy gui with it :) ?22:26
tilmanpedja: no, i'm done with GUIs :D22:26
pedjadon't have music to tag/rip, I am more curious about playing with that db dump22:28
pedjaone day[tm]22:28
stenurThere also exists a Perl interface for libdiscid; maybe i write a musicbrainz interface for my one.22:32
stenuractually they do no have CD IDs for each CD entry. They are optional...22:33
UNIXn3rdapulse worked good with firefox22:33
stenurAh, that shit. I cannot go via bluealsa to my "fat" boxes with firefox, because that is the unprivileged user. What a mess.22:33
stenurAnd that bluealsa has a CPU footprint that makes me sweat.22:34
UNIXn3rdI don't really like pulseaudio much either22:34
stenurAnd i loose the boxes once in a while, at least the current bluealsa release can then re-pair.22:34
stenurAnd that one is truly terrible.  But that seems to be one of its merrits, that if the boxes would be lost, the stream would not get broken PIPE but simply continue, i think.22:35
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stenurI am not too confident in cd-paranoia fixes, he wants an issue at github not savannah, i have no account there.  What a mess.22:38
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stenur'night. what a mess!22:57
UNIXn3rdnot used cdp in years22:58
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TimB_frinnst: this might tickle your humor23:35
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