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Romsterdidn't i just update nss...10:11
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: nss-32: 3.48 -> 3.4910:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: allegro4: 4.4.2 ->
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SiFuhfrinnst: Stifler is in Season 9 Episode 511:54
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frinnstcountry mac12:07
SiFuhWhat a life. Spend all day studying Vietnamese, all afternoon watching this Tv series and all night drinking beer.  :-(12:10
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: curl-32: 7.67.0 -> 7.68.012:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: faudio: 19.12 -> 20.0113:07
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: faudio-32: 19.12 -> 20.0113:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: bftpd: 4.8 -> 5.213:15
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tilmanSiFuh: didn't you just recently start watching? and you're at season 9 now?13:21
tilmannice work! :D13:23
tilmanhow many episodes per season?13:23
SiFuhI don't have a life at the moment ;-)13:23
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SiFuhaverages 10 to 15 but season 1 was 7 episodes13:23
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: gtksourceview: 3.24.1 -> 3.24.1113:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: intel-firmware: 20190918 -> 2019111513:31
TimB_how did i miss intel-firmware? O.o13:33
TimB_in other words: thanks Romster13:33
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Romsteri dunno but it's been a little while TimB_13:35
Romsterbiber also TimB_ 2.14 is out but didn't wanna just bump that incase that was intentional13:36
TimB_biber is a different story13:36
TimB_interdependencies with the used tex version and such13:36
Romsterthought as much13:36
Romsterlist of out of date ports is shrinking13:37
TimB_might just be ready for texlive 2020, but not 2019, didn't test it really. But i have used biber in december _a lot_ and it just worked flawlessly13:37
TimB_are you using repology to look through? I feel like we need a rules file, being able to filter through your ports would be nice.13:38
Romstercurrently i am13:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: [notify] libplacebo: 1.21.0 -> 1.29.1 mpv and other ports that depend on this will need a rebuild, check with revdep13:41
TimB_i sometimes checked that and was always missing the rules for crux repos.. but other than that, i don't absolutely dislike the idea of adding it to my "to check" list in regards for crux ports13:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: libidn2: 2.2.0 -> 2.3.013:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: python3-yaml: 5.1.2 -> 5.313:48
frinnstthis is my favourite episode:
frinnst"Being Frank"14:06
frinnst"Excuse me. I'm full of dog poison"14:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libnice: 0.1.13 -> 0.1.1614:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: mpd: 0.21.4 -> 0.21.1814:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libmpdclient: 2.11 -> 2.1714:10
tilmanfrinnst: holy shit :D14:12
frinnst also a gem14:12
Romsterwhat the actual...14:14
frinnstonly fun if you've watched "the jinx"14:15
tilmani've only seen the first 3 or 4 episodes14:20
tilmanthen i decided it's a bit much for me ;)14:20
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SiFuhtilman: It's painful14:23
SiFuhFor me Charlie is the only decent actor in the entire series14:24
tilmanactor or character?14:24
frinnstpleeeease dennis is the golden god!14:25
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SiFuhI actually cannot stand Dennis, Dee and Frank14:26
SiFuhI was just telling the girl how I think Danny DeVito is a very bad actor and she was like "what? No! He is very good"14:27
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: python3-setuptools: 42.0.2 -> 44.0.014:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: python-setuptools: 42.0.2 -> 44.0.014:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: meson: 0.52.1 -> 0.53.014:34
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stenurApparantly musicbrainz/libdiscid does not really need the disc ID, they can "disc ID not found, got a fuzzy match by TOC".  Interesting, thanks for the pointer, i mean, i always looked at the CDDB side of the road.15:38
stenurMaybe i even extend my (text) database format by their ID, and add it for all my CDs. And the media ID (or what it was) along the way, too, as i could search the internet for this commercial thing and had hits.15:40
stenurAnd add builtin flac support; storage is really not a limiting factor no more (at least not that much as it has been).15:41
SiFuhany recommendations for a good screen record program like vokoscreen?15:52
jaegerNo idea here, I just use ffmpeg when I need to do that15:58
SiFuhok cool  will study that16:01
SiFuhwin32-essential-codecs:/usr/share/codecs/ missing library16:01
SiFuhIs that a problem?16:01
TimB_SiFuh: obs studio16:15
TimB_no idea how vokoscreen works, but obs is extremly powerful16:15
SiFuhTimB_: yeah it is what i usually use these days. I was just messing around with it and found a way to record a specific part of the screen.16:21
SiFuhvokoscreen is really easy16:21
BurnZeZI can’t seem to build webengine16:22
SiFuhyou can select  area and slide move the area size my dragging the mouse. I am trying to figure out how to do that in OBS but i can only find arrow keys and numbers   Edit > transfoorm > edit transform and then modify the crop settings16:22
BurnZeZIn file included from /usr/include/qt5/QtWebEngineCore/qtwebenginecoreglobal.h:43,16:23
BurnZeZ                 from /var/ports/work/src/qtwebengine-everywhere-src-5.13.2/src/core/api/qtwebenginecoreglobal_p.h:54,16:23
BurnZeZ                 from /var/ports/work/src/qtwebengine-everywhere-src-5.13.2/src/core/color_chooser_controller.h:54,16:23
BurnZeZ                 from /var/ports/work/src/qtwebengine-everywhere-src-5.13.2/src/core/web_contents_delegate_qt.h:50,16:23
BurnZeZ                 from /var/ports/work/src/qtwebengine-everywhere-src-5.13.2/src/core/web_contents_delegate_qt.cpp:44:16:23
BurnZeZ/usr/include/qt5/QtCore/qglobal.h:86:30: error: division by zero in #if16:23
BurnZeZ #define QT_CONFIG(feature) (1/QT_FEATURE_##feature == 1)16:23
TimB_oh no, he devided by zero16:23
stenurvery neat16:24
TimB_BurnZeZ: have you run revdep lately? qt5 got an upgrade to use python3..16:24
BurnZeZI’m up to date16:24
BurnZeZOh wait16:24
BurnZeZWhat the heck16:24
TimB_doesn't answer the revdep part of the question lol16:24
BurnZeZqt5 is showing up in revdep16:25
BurnZeZI swear I rebuilt it last night16:25
TimB_i hope you have ccache around ;)16:25
BurnZeZI don’t16:25
BurnZeZSeems I did rebuild qt516:26
SiFuhTimB_: you mention that lot. Actually what is this ccache you talk of16:26
BurnZeZSo why is it showing up in revdep?16:26
BurnZeZprt-get: /usr/bin/pkgadd -u qt5#5.13.2-2.pkg.tar.gz16:26
BurnZeZprt-get: build done Wed Jan  8 03:55:34 202016:26
TimB_BurnZeZ: revdep -vvv qt516:26
BurnZeZIt’s whining because I build it while pulseaudio was installed and now it’s not16:27
BurnZeZI reinstalled pulseaudio and found the real problem16:27
BurnZeZqt5:/usr/lib/qt5/bin/ missing library16:28
TimB_ i have this in /etc/profile for ccache btw, got em from Romster himself16:28
TimB_except for the SCCACHE_DIR16:28
BurnZeZI should probably be using ccache considering how often I recompile EVERYTHING16:28
TimB_it _really_ helps, probably why i mention it so often SiFuh ;)16:28
BurnZeZI don’t know what ccache is, but I can guess16:29
TimB_BurnZeZ: just check out the crux wiki link16:29
TimB_ has some more info16:29
SiFuhok this is cool16:30
SiFuhBurnZeZ: yeah same, I recompile a lot too16:30
TimB_crux wiki might need an update16:31
TimB_yeah you are right, facelift ;)16:32
stenurno war, at least for a while. (maybe.)16:36
TimB_(as if.)16:36
BurnZeZTrying it out now16:36
TimB_BurnZeZ: it first builds the cache as you go, so don't expect it to work on the first build using it16:36
TimB_maybe try your setup on something else16:37
TimB_bash dash vim whatever doesn't take a bunch of time anyways16:37
TimB_make sure your env vars are properly set. then you should be good to go16:37
TimB_depending on your setup you might shift the directory where the cache is stored - i share mine over nfs16:38
TimB_and you might want to give it more space - default is 5G iirc16:39
TimB_the only problem that might occur is that ccache calls itself recursively. but most packages that are affected have a fix integrated. for example contrib/mono and libreoffice16:40
BurnZeZTrying it with qt5 anyway16:40
BurnZeZI verified the cache files are being generated16:40
BurnZeZSeems all good16:40
TimB_sounds fine, good luck!16:40
TimB_i praise ccache every so often, really. only a few packages don't seem to work for me - gcc{,-fortran} for example. llvm otoh works great, clang as well16:41
TimB_prt-get search ccache for some additional packages to work w/ clang or gcj16:42
TimB_gnu java compiler16:42
SiFuhTimB_: it isn't a very intuitive page that on ccache16:43
TimB_SiFuh: like i said, could need some work - the wiki in general16:44
SiFuhAnyways I installed ccache and modified the .profile with a slightly modified version trying now16:44
SiFuhhmm and nothing changes16:45
TimB_SiFuh: doesn't work on your first build of the package, but on the next one after that16:45
SiFuhshouldn't there be something in ccache directory?16:46
TimB_ add this minus SCCACHE_DIR to /etc/profile16:46
TimB_and source it ;)16:47
SiFuhI put this in mine16:48
TimB_whats in /usr/ports/ccache?16:48
SiFuhoh wait16:48
SiFuha directory named cache    hold on16:49
TimB_thats /usr/lib/ccache for me16:49
SiFuhahh ok ok16:50
TimB_and OS_CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK from should just perform a bit better because it stores the compilercheck once in this variable instead of probing it every time16:51
TimB_small stuff adds up :) credits to romster like i said - works great here16:52
SiFuhgot it   sorry  I was using .profile and /etc/profile  and I should have used /usr/lib/ccache instead of /usr/ports/ccache16:53
SiFuhstupid me16:53
SiFuhi moved /usr/ports/ccache/cache to /usr/ports/cache and the contents are now16:54
SiFuh0  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  a  b  c  ccache.conf  d  e  f  tmp16:54
TimB_looks good16:54
TimB_ccache -s with whatever user you run pkgmk with16:54
TimB_e.g. sudo -u pkgmk ccache -s16:55
SiFuhwill be good with qt516:55
SiFuhprt-get auto uses it?16:55
TimB_and don't forget to think about maybe changing the ccache. my ccache.conf
TimB_the ccache dir location and size16:57
SiFuhseperate partition ;-)16:58
SiFuh20g for now16:59
TimB_20G should be fine17:01
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TimB_now to build up your cache, you only need to do prt-get update -fr $(prt-get quickdep $(prt-get listinst)) :>17:04
SiFuhdoint already haha17:05
SiFuhI was occupied with something else17:05
SiFuhOk cool, yeah I am running                 time prt-get listinst | grep -v yenjie | xargs prt-get update --margs="-f" --log17:06
SiFuhall my ports are named <port>-yenjie. They are built differently and installed only to /opt  so I don't rebuild them   hence grep -v yenjie17:07
SiFuhall/most   most of my ports. Some are pretty stable so I allow them in the system17:11
TimB_as long as it works for you, right?17:11
TimB_i wasn't joking when i mentioned i never have much problems with sysup/revdep really. i only have crap in opt17:12
SiFuhwith the exception of firefox-bin   all the *-bin ports like virtualbox and seamonkey are in opt. Never to move anywhere else. I named them *-yenjie so they don't interfere with you guys. So if I have a modified ffmpeg i will rename it to ffmpeg-yenjie 'for an example, I don't actually have'17:14
TimB_ah, ok17:15
TimB_i have /usr/ports/overlay/ for that :)17:15
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TimB_it usually acts as a pool of forks and stuff i work on to put in whatever repo17:16
TimB_although it would make sense to split the two to be honest..17:17
SiFuhOh wow, I might have too look into what you guys have updated and see if I can return to your versions.
SiFuhDidn't realize I had so many17:19
TimB_let's see what ls | wc -w says17:20
TimB_180 ~.~17:21
SiFuh34 ;-)17:21
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SiFuhTimB_: I have my own xorg-xdm, it is almost exactly the same as the CRUX but with my theme. Hated doing an update and the xorg-xdm port would erase my theme17:22
BurnZeZI have a ton of random ports17:23
TimB_i have combined 613 ports published.. holy fuck. what am i doing :D17:23
BurnZeZI managed to get agda and all its dependencies17:23
BurnZeZTook a bit of work17:23
TimB_err- not published, my overlay is private for one port17:23
SiFuhwant you guys to introduce and maintain an nftables port :-P17:24
TimB_you want to introduce your nftables port that you will maintain? I love to hear that :D17:25
SiFuhno way, I can't be a maintainer17:25
TimB_listen, you can be anything you set out to be buddy17:26
SiFuhI am not settled down17:26
TimB_don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise :D17:26
SiFuhit is impossible for me to keep up-to-date since I am I bouncing accross borders and often without internet17:27
TimB_i dunno, but you could maintain your own repository? i feel once you got the ports working and upstream doesn't change anything/doesn't rely on flaky code it's an initial thing to get going but then mostly a bumping game (for me)17:28
SiFuhI have nftables port17:28
TimB_i mean, it's still work, sure.17:28
SiFuhfor me but I was thinking of others using it17:29
TimB_so, i can't say i would use nftables. but i want to encourage you to get a repository running and listed on the portdb :)17:29
SiFuhso give me one :-P17:30 if you don't care for the microsoft bullshit17:30
SiFuhyou guys can have nftables and libnftnl17:30
TimB_gitlab otherwise maybe. if you need access to a server i migth be able to help you out with some space17:30
TimB_but i am not taking care of something i won't use. and i believe most other would feel the same way. you couldn't even say that it runs - it's just building.17:31
SiFuhI shall consider gitlab17:31
TimB_the point in publishing what you have is: other people might pick up nftables later on. and they might appreciate your thoughts and work being accesible for them17:32
SiFuhTimB_: what firewall are you using if you are using?17:32
TimB_and i am dearly missing openbsds pf17:33
TimB_but whatever17:33
SiFuhyou know I use nftables because it is the closest thing Linux has to OpenBSD's pf ?17:33
TimB_obviously not17:33
TimB_i am not sure if openwrt has nftables support yet. last time i checked on that topic it was a "can run, still needs work" kind of situation and nobody picked up on it17:34
SiFuhvery simple config for a very basic firewall17:35
SiFuhI am a huge fan of OpenBSD and its firewall. When I first heard about nftables I just scoffed at it. But then I saw how well it works.17:36
TimB_i still carry my maybe 13y/o pf.conf with me17:37
SiFuhme too17:38
TimB_looks good though, might need to check it out17:38
SiFuhmy first pf.conf
TimB_good times17:40
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TimB_you did qos there? I am sure i didn't care to tweak it that much17:41
SiFuhthat was my server in Australia at my home17:42
SiFuhI did qos because my brother would complain like a pregnant house wife that I was using all the bandwidth. He was a gamer and would pull the plug for everyone.17:43
TimB_mine was run out of a shoe box back then, and was mainly for pf and bind17:43
SiFuhMy server is long gone, but I still carry it on my external harddrive17:44
TimB_it was upgrade to something more powerful with netbsd/pf - needless to say, the shoebox was not a very wise decision in housing hardware :D Between moving and changing to cable connection it died and was neglected ever since17:44
TimB_i still have a image of my latest netbsd that i used as well :)17:45
SiFuhheh  mine was killed by lightening after more than a decade17:45
TimB_snap :D17:45
TimB_that's an awful way to go17:45
SiFuhThat's a bosses way out!17:46
TimB_i recently setup an NAS running crux and zfs, i hope it will do better :D17:46
TimB_well, maybe :D17:47
SiFuhI'd like to do similar but the internet here is absolutely shocking17:47
joacimfirefox crashed. perfect time for a sysup17:48
SiFuhfirefox pisses me off these days. Updating every few hours and page crashes often17:49
TimB_reminds me to update qutebrowser :>17:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: qutebrowser: 1.8.3 -> 1.9.017:50
SiFuhupdates of firefox remind me of this
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SiFuhRemember Windows RG?17:53
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SiFuhNeeds flash17:54
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pedjaffs, can't find 2 sites that agree on a format and tone of the 'cover letter'18:26
pedjaand several of them are 'give us money, we'll write it tailored for you'. yeah, no.18:27
joacimguy at work that started in november didnt send a cover letter or resume at all18:28
joacimhe just sent in a couple of imgur links that showed his various projects18:28
pedjawell, that works for white collar jobs, I guess :)18:29
pedjanot for blue-collar peasants like me18:30
joacimi hear about people here that get that kind of jobs just from showing up18:31
joacimnever happened to me18:31
SiFuhpedja: i get jobs with out resumes but visas require it :-P It opens the world of opportunity with what you can write ;-)18:34
pedjajoacim, nice, that one got ported to vulkan too?18:34
joacimi think the nvidia thingy is vulkan also18:35
pedjaSiFuh, the trouble is, even I had skills, I suuuck in marketing myself :)18:35
SiFuhAnyways pedja the cover letter should be a super breif attention grabbing letter about yourself and your goals. Honestly, most people don't care about you and only amateurs only care about your education. The real guys only care about only your hobbies.18:36
pedjajoacim, what nvidia thingy?18:36
SiFuhSo the best advice I can offer is when you write a cover letter, make sure you guide them to what you love and like.18:37
TimB_maybe the best rtx demo there is out there :P18:39
pedjaSiFuh, thanks :)18:39
pedjajoacim, interesting. have you played with it yet?18:40
joacimno not yet18:40
joacimi imagine it wont run that grat on my r9 fury18:40
pedjaI thought you got new and shiny nvidia gou at Black Friday :) ?18:41
pedjagpu, even18:41
TimB_ Quake 2 RTX Remaster - 3 minutes gameplay + day/night18:41
joacimi wish. decided to save my money18:41
joacimthe only black friday "deals" here were just brands or models not usually sold at other times18:42
joacimand given a fake discount so they were about the same price as the usual asus/gigabyte/msi cards18:42
pedjahere there were pretty nice black friday deals on home appliances :)18:43
pedjaon computer stuff, not so much. but I am nearly broke anyway, so18:44
jaegerblack friday generally sucks for decent PC parts18:44
jaegergreat for non-PC stuff18:44
joacimsaw some ok deals on SSDs18:44
joacimwas tempted to get a new one, but stayed strong and saved my money =)18:44
joacimso i could waste it all on way too much beer for christmas18:44
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pedjaafaik, GamersNexus has a video about ram/ssd prices going way up in 202018:45
joacimcomputer accessories can have decent discounts too. keyboards, controllers, monitors18:45
joacimsaw a prediction like that half a year ago18:45
joacimi expect prices will go up again. since we cant have prices back down to where they were in 2013 again =)18:46
joacimdoom looks pretty nice with ambient occlusion18:51
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BurnZeZStill get the same error building qt519:42
TimB_BurnZeZ: same revdep output?19:43
BurnZeZErr, sorry19:43
BurnZeZThe same error building qtwebengine19:43
BurnZeZrevdep output is fixed19:44
TimB_can you post a full buildlog?19:44
BurnZeZgunzipped log19:47
BurnZeZgzipped *19:47
TimB_weird, no idea really19:50
TimB_i will try building it over night on my notebook19:54
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cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: [notify] curl: updated to 7.68.0. Fix for CVE-2019-15601.20:43
frinnstits a windows-only issue btw20:53
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jaegerman, I love when something simple that should be working is broken behind something else stupid :P22:26
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